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    Re: Your go to book (can be your fav)

    I read all sorts of books but I am rereading, Stephen Gould's The Mismeasure of man.
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    Re: Can Eggs Make Us Sick? I gobble my fried egg breakfast! I get my eggs from a local farmer....I can never give up eggs!
  3. Re: Earthquake Swarm Cumbre Vieja, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain.

    I can't help but think of Mount Saint Helens when the side blew out.
  4. Re: Extreme Covid Measures in the United States

    More erosion happening. Soon if you want insurance or social security you will be required to take the jab.

  5. Re: How Did We Arrive In A World So Full Of Hate And Division?

    I don't think I agree with that statement. We used to be able to have different religious beliefs and different politics and opinions but no more. There have always been wealth and race differences...
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    Re: Animals vs Humans

    I have loads of animals and for the most part I prefer them to humans. They don't lie, cheat or steal. I have the courage and the ability to connect with people but I prefer not to.
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    Re: Pineal gland activation

    Thank you, that is lovely to listen to while I am working on a challenging project.
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    Re: Gary Larson (The Far Side) - Legend.

    I have been laughing at Larson for years!

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    Re: % Vaccinated

    I heard yesterday that the Biden people plan to get hold outs through their health insurance. If you don't get the jab your insurance will triple.
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    Re: Farewell?

    Good to hear from you TomKat. I am keeping you in my prayers and healing thoughts.
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    Re: Covid-19 Treatment and Prevention

    I too have come back for all the information to use for my self. I am pretty sure I have it. I certainly have all the symptoms and I will not be tested. Right now I have the nasal issues, sore...
  12. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?


    I think many people have had enough, others look at Kamala and weigh the two evils.
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    Re: When men were men & women were feminine

    Gosh Mashika, I am so sorry that happened to you. One day I hope you are able to let go of the anger for that one horrid person who entered your life. Then you will be able to open your heart to a...
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    Re: Favorite time travel movies?

    I need to watch more TV I suppose, I have never even heard of most of these! :o
  15. Re: Armageddon: Who will be allowed on the New Jerusalem?

    Congratulations, but I have to plead ignorance. I had no idea that the tri-Deltas were connected with any specific religion? I thought they were into philanthropy and supporting women? Or do you...
  16. Re: Armageddon: Who will be allowed on the New Jerusalem?

    When I was teaching a group of tri-deltas asked me if they could come witness to me. I told them of course, but if they intended to insult me I would make them cry because you cannot insult someone...
  17. Re: Vaxx is creating a HUGE divide among families / friends

    I am feeling this division in my family. My oldest sister told me I am no longer welcome at her house, well until I get the shot, which I will not do. Even after our brother died from the shot.
  18. Re: Armageddon: Who will be allowed on the New Jerusalem?

    It is my understanding....and I could be wrong, that if you ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus, even the Liars, Idolaters etc will get into heaven.
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    Re: Manufactured food shortages?

    I live in Texas and the last time I went to the store I noticed the same thing. I seem to have a time finding sugar. I noticed on the paper goods isle, zip lock type bags. There were very few...
  20. Re: The migration crisis on the US-Mexico border

    It makes me sad that the people from Cuba who really SHOULD be allowed into the US are being told not to come here. If they could get to Mexico, they would be welcomed. Unbelievable.
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