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    Freedom Airways

    James Corbett talks to Professor Delores Cahill.
    The Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance seeking to create travel options that don’t require travellers to submit to vaccination, face masks or...
  2. Re: Recent Pfizer Covid19 vaccine data - an applied failure

    Tom Cowen explains in this video the basic premise of the gene theory and the mrna vaccine and it's process in the body, as in genetic engineering.

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    Re: What happened to the WEBB report?

    Hi Mojo!

    Here's a twitter link/December/2020

    Happy New Year!
  4. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Global Technocratic Takeover w/ Alison McDowell

    Alison McDowell is a mother and dedicated researcher studying the working parts of the World Economic Forum's declared "Fourth Industrial Revolution"...
  5. Re: We will applaud our own demise (Boston Dynamics robotics)

    Reminds me of this Bill Nelson/Red Noise song.
  6. Jesuits, Black Nobility, and Ascended Masters

    Interseting video on the power of the jesuits, their ties to masonry, major politicians etc, and the global reset and covid 19.

    Love peace and...
  7. Re: Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum talks with David Icke: - Vaccine & Mass-depopulation

    ‘The Covid tests are magnetically tagging you and the vaccine is designed for mass depopulation and the synthetic transformation of the human body’

  8. Re: My new Musical HYPNOTTA. sharing for the first time here on Avalon

    Wow Doug! Beautiful! Thank you so much, listened to all the tracks, I love it!

    Love peace and joy to all!
  9. How you can lawfully disconnect yourself, your family and your business

    Well worth a listen, especially now!

    Love peace and joy to all!

  10. Re: The Matrix. Are we in one? If so, how do we get out

    Thank you so much Trisher! "Portals to the Absolute" ties in so beautifully with a book i'm reading now "Beyond Mind-Beyond Death, excerpts from the TAT forum".

    Love peace and joy to all!
  11. Ritchie Allen with David Kurten and Ivor Cummins

    Richie is joined by David Kurten and Ivor Cummins. David Kurten is a London Assembly Member and the founder of The...
  12. Re: The Planned COVID-21 and the Confiscation of all Personal Property

    covid roadmap for

    Love peace and joy to all!
  13. Nazism, COVID-19, destruction of modern medicine: An interview with Vera Sharav,

    Stand for Health Freedom recently had the honor of sitting down with Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav and capturing her personal story on film. It’s...
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    Re: Food shortages soon?

    Washington State has been stocking away millions of dollars of non-perishable food -- so have other US states, and the federal government -- in...
  15. Re: Gregory Joseph Hallett, the real "king" of England. Explosive Stuff!

    Regards the bank of england, the queen, and the british currency, This document from the "Chartist Movement" is interesting!

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    New Normal - an Occult Initiation Ritual?

    Truth-stream-media link the new normal rituals with the occultic.

    Love peace and joy to all!
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    Urgent information on Covid Vacc!ne.

    Dr. Carrie Madej
  18. Re: Help me decide my treatment (3 July update: sadly, Warren Light has now passed)

    May you dance with your beloved in the true light eternal until!
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    The Collapse of the COVID-1984 Narrative

    Gary Null interviews James Corbett for his radio program on the dramatic collapse of the coronavirus narrative. Now that the major institutions pushing...
  20. Media Blackout: The Federal Court Case To End Water Fluoridation!

    In this interview, Spiro is joined by Dr. Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network to discuss the current court case against the EPA and water fluoridation as the first week of the trial has...
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