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    Re: Cancel Culture (Examples)

    Traffic signals are now racist. (Yes, really. This article is serious.)

    The Unintentional Racism Found in Traffic Signals...
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    Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    This, about Johnson and Johnson, seems important:

    U.S. investigating woman's death after she got covid...
  3. Re: Professor de Mahieu: The Viking/Templar Presence in South America from c.1150 AD.

    A real huge Thank You for this. The entire thing is just way more than fascinating.
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    Re: Cancel Culture (Examples)

    I'm [largely!] going to sit on my hands with this one — the 100% non-issue of race discrimination in climbing.

    The best female rock climber in the world is Japanese.
    The best male rock...
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    Re: Cancel Culture (Examples)

    This is quite a long and meandering post — with some entertainment. It's all about how the world of rock climbing might be hit by Cancel Culture.

    It's not really happened yet. But it might. (Who...
  6. Re: Chaos in the Suez Canal (Ever Given container ship, March 2021)

    Who is Kaan Sariaydin? Anyone checked the accuracy of the subtitles? Or that Beyaz TV is even a real channel? (The channel is a real National TV channel with offices in Ankara and Istanbul. As for...
  7. Re: Let's celebrate the first human in space by pretending he did not exist

    Yes. Here you go. It's interesting to look up the many articles about this. I'm reasonably convinced the story is true, and that the reason why Ilyushin was never paraded to the world is because he...
  8. Re: Let's celebrate the first human in space by pretending he did not exist

    There's quite a lot of interesting evidence to suggest that Yuri Gagarin wasn't even the first human in space. :) Rather, he was just rolled out as the USSR's handsome poster child. (Short on time...
  9. Re: THE TEMPLARS IN SOUTH AMERICA from the 12th century

    Good! With the PDFs, of course, you can copy chunks of text and paste them all into These days, the auto-translation (especially of European languages) is often really...
  10. Re: THE TEMPLARS IN SOUTH AMERICA from the 12th century

    I found all these books (but none in English!) — now added to the Avalon Library:

    Jacques de Mahieu - La Geografia Secreta De America (The Secret Geography of America) (Spanish).pdf
  11. Re: The Global Financial System Explained, Kim Goguen, LifeForce, & the Assemblies

    The entire circus seems to have more and more similarities with the impenetrable and illogical, years-long, claims-to-grandeur Dan Burisch saga. I wrote in November: (extracted)


  12. Re: Targeted Individuals: experiences, problems and solutions

    Here's META's SSP reference, from this transcript. (I don't have access to the quote from Michael Fitzhugh Bell.)
    Host: So maybe if he wants I’m going to connect you with him, because well that...
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    Re: Staying Alcohol Free

    A story from 30 years ago. :)

    I realized I had Candida (from overdoses of antibiotics when I was a kid), and included in the treatment regime was a totally sugar-free diet for 18 months. No...
  14. Re: 10 REASONS TO BE VEGAN: Why people make the change

    Yes, many thanks. :heart:

    Now in the Avalon Library: :thumbsup: (838 Mb)
  15. Re: Another vicarious adventure, and another Avalon Cairn (for the Wawa Grande, this time)

    Hello, Everyone (and particularly to new members, who may not know about this thread).

    It was originally about Ecuador's Bigfoot, called the Wawa Grande — it does exist! — and my various...
  16. Re: THE TEMPLARS IN SOUTH AMERICA from the 12th century

    And the sequel:

    Edit to add: I've just learned that the above two documentaries (Holy Grail in America and Who Really Discovered America?)...
  17. Re: THE TEMPLARS IN SOUTH AMERICA from the 12th century

    An hour and a half documentary that features some of this fascinating ground, presenting a strong case for early transatlantic trips by the Templars and Vikings.

  18. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Well, here's one possible answer. Search on the internet (or here on the forum) for The Dzhanibekov Effect.

    Vladimir Dzhanibekov, a cosmonaut on Salyut 7 in 1985, observed a phenomenon he could...
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    Re: Vaccines and Mind Control

    Yes, and maybe not just a joke.
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    Re: Covid passports? It's get real time

    Yes, and for yellow fever (which still applies to enter certain countries, and a paper certificate is still needed). Website here.

    But smallpox and yellow fever were/are fairly serious things,...
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