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    Re: Texas Members - How can we help?

    Sorry to hear that many are suffering from extremely cold weather and power cuts in Texas and other places.
    Scotland has also had its fair share of minus 23c this last few weeks. Luckily the...
  2. Re: Scott Wolter, the Kensington Runestone, the Knights Templar, and American Indians

    Templars in America, part 1 of 3. 1hr .48mins.

    Forum Borealis interviews Scott Wolter.

    YouTube does not allow me to copy descriptions under videos for some reason? Can anyone...
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    Re: More recent photos of Mexican artefacts

    I took this screenshot from the video in this link posted by Bill on first page. ...
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    Re: Kazakhstan Anomaly - flash freezing animals

    A stunning ice volcano forming in Kazakhstan


    Quite refreshing seeing folks outside having fun :bearhug:
  5. Re: MASSIVE FRAUD: Major Lawsuits (update: all foiled so far)

    YouTube has also taken down the video. Mike is hyper and very excited with the information he is sharing.
    One to download :sherlock:
  6. Re: Natural Homes: techniques, solutions and beautiful images

    I found this today and I am very impressed :clapping:

    3D printed houses constructed with locally sourced clay. ...
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    Re: Sharing these snow photos

    Yesterday with my grandson.

  8. Re: Could a 'vaccinated' person potentially pass on a jab ingredient to an unvaccinated household member?

    I googled the question. Do vaccines have a shedding period ? (I know the flue vaccine has a shedding period)
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    Re: Are some animals not very magical?

    That so intrigued me that I had to research the issue. :)

    It appears snails can actually move as fast as 1 meter per hour. (Who knew? :) ) So...
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    Re: M 7.2 philippine islands region

    7.2, ouch.
    Hope everyone is ok ?
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    Indonesia’s Sriwijaya Air loses contact with passenger plane.

    Aircraft with 62 people on board is missing after flying out from the capital, Jakarta.
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    Re: Current Wikileaks and Assange News & Releases

    UK judge refuses to allow Julian Assange extradition
    The UK's top court ruled whether the WikiLeaks founder should be extradited to the US for publishing hundreds of thousands of secret documents...
  13. Re: Covid-19 bill started a 180 day countdown for UFO disclosure....

    President Trump Signs Bill Giving CIA & FBI 6 Months to Reveal the Truth About UFOs
  14. Re: Happy New Year, Avalonians. Post a wish, an observation, a rant, a resolution

    Made me smile. Happy new year :heart:

  15. Re: Happy New Year, Avalonians. Post a wish, an observation, a rant, a resolution

    A blessed New year to all from Scotland. Thank you for being here :bearhug:

  16. Re: MASSIVE FRAUD: Major Lawsuits (update: all foiled so far)

    A very informative news update from NTD news. Thank you Chris for introducing me to this news network.

  17. Re: Corey Goode Sued By Ex-Lawyer and Business Partner

    Part 2. Guest, Adrienne Young blood, I have not watched it yet and not sure if I can stand listening to Matthew the host again. I will give it a try.
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    I am not convinced either. Why would the Templars leave treasure after they survived and lived on ?
  19. Re: Corey Goode Sued By Ex-Lawyer and Business Partner

    At the end she said something "along the lines" that Corey told her she was stupid for not having a contract with himself. She also said that she gave Corey all the copyrights to all her maternal....
  20. Thread: Why Trump?

    by Billy

    Re: Why Trump?

    Hi everyone :bearhug:
    I watched this video a while ago now and have been hesitant to post it as it is from a Catholic website therefore churchy.
    But the information I found very interesting, so...
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