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  1. Re: Russophobia: why do so many people in the west hate and fear Russia?

    Thanks for posting this Bill. My favorite art and classical music is Russian, Rachmaninoff my favorite composer.

    I play Ice Hockey with many Russians over the years and still do. All of them...
  2. Re: Describe "Freedom" in no more than 3 sentences

    Freedom to be able to choose my own destiny in life style, occupation, religion, travel, enjoyment and leisure within the laws of a free society such as the USA under its original established...
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    Re: BREAKING NEWS ~ Continuously Updated

    I do not believe that Musk is who he projects himselves as. He is a front for the usual agency.
  4. Re: Project Looking Glass reloaded: Can we save the world?

    After listening to the video above, you either have to go with it, or dismiss it. Its the kind of thing that offers so many variables , that it cant be held to anything.
    one good sign, no one is...
  5. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    If I had words sufficient to describe my daily thoughts on all this, I would offer them, but I cant formulate them.
    Consider this blank space below my comment. You fill in the space


  6. A NDE testimony in 2011 that is coming true today. Amazing!!

    I find this remarkable. I confirmed with the site owners that this testimony was recieved by them on 12/26/2011

    This was...
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    Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    2 min on the clot shot damage in the military
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    The Biden regime’s DOJ on Tuesday announced they will appeal Monday’s mask mandate ruling for commercial air travel if the CDC decides to keep the mask mandates in place.

    White House reporters...
  9. Re: Project Looking Glass reloaded: Can we save the world?

    So April 18th has come and gone without incident in NYC as of 7 30 pm est.

    What would you conclude from this? The entire Looking glass thing a fake?

    or ??
  10. Re: Obama's Murder of Seal Team 6 to be exposed

    T SMITH/ totally agree. nothing matters anymore. About 5 months ago I saw undeniable evidence that Obamas Birth Certificate was forged. It was quite scientific and proved it beyond what most...
  11. Re: The God Paradox, explained by Sandi, NDExperiencer

    SPIRAL I so agree! Its a best an understanding as I have ever come across.

    Yes Tyy1907, pure gold
  12. The God Paradox, explained by Sandi, NDExperiencer

    A woman tortured and beaten by foster parents since a child had several NDE,s
    Her name is Sandi and posted her complete story here
    She explained...
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    Re: Only Communism Can Save Mankind

    to be honest, I dont care about saving mankind. i care about living free.

    It could be said that a prison works fine.
    your cell opens, you come out, get fed, go out in the yard for exercise and...
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    Re: Barefoot Running

    best wishes!!
  15. Re: Some are "Woke", but others are Truly Aware

    EXO, this is such a stupid battle for Disney to be taking up. Is it about the kids ?, the children? , or more about the adults selfish agenda?
    what constructive thing could take place here for...
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    Re: Billy Preston

    Thanks catechism
  17. Re: Comedian Gilbert Gottfried has passed at 67

    Even for the families, it will be hard to admit the reality of what most probably happened. Its complex.
  18. Re: Comedian Gilbert Gottfried has passed at 67

    Thanks Bill. well Im not surprised. They got quite a game of plausible non accountability with this clot shot. Of course, its always possible, they will claim , a coincidence. Same happened with...
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    Re: An Exhaustion setting in

    Olam I understand it may not be enough for you. But your story isnt over. Your helping the homeless is monumental because its real giving, not giving for whats in return.
    And it all may be good...
  20. Comedian Gilbert Gottfried has passed at 67

    Gilbert and I were friends for a period if time. in fact , we still are, we just havent crossed paths in years.
    Gilbert was one of the funniest people I ever knew. Funny loud obnoxious and yet...
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