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    Re: The Borax Conspiracy

    Best to keep the borax-thread separate, as it dates back to 2013, and it covers everything that is related to inflammation.

    Another thread (a suggestion is "Ways to deal with imposed...
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    Re: The Borax Conspiracy

    Interesting information about Borax!

    I did find a website (supplier) which has been mentioned before on the forum here, but (most probably) not in the Borax-context.

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    Re: Conformity

    In Dutch there is a saying: "Hoge bomen vangen veel wind." Translated it means "A big tree attracts the woodsman's axe."

    Many if not most people on PA are "high trees", are hardly adhering...
  4. Re: Give me your opinion on astrology, thank you

    Lunesoleil, I haven't practiced astrology for a long, long time.

    Sometimes, I may still use "Astrodienst" to have a quick "peek" into someone's horoscope, but that's about it.
    It's not that I...
  5. Re: Give me your opinion on astrology, thank you

    Thanks Peter UK for that text by Seth on Astrology! When you read it (several times by preference), then you can understand why astrology seems to "work" for one person and not for another.

    It is...
  6. Re: Give me your opinion on astrology, thank you

    "Astrologia" used to be the science of astrologie ànd astronomy together, till somewhere in the late 17th century.
    Sadly astrology became known as a "pseudoscience" (by many), because a.o. of...
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    It’s true that there are already lots of threads about Covid-19. The reason I posted the thread in the “Personal Development and Self-Empowerment” section is because my intention was to talk about...
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    It is a beautiful, sunny afternoon here in and walks in the setting sun are often inspiring. This subject for a new thread came up.

    First I wasn’t sure where to put (in which section) this thread....
  9. Re: Mind Blowing Experiences, the Unforgettable, the Inexplicable and the Weird.

    Thanks for telling that experience Anca!

    And what happened to me, 31 years ago, is so “close” to your experience that it is incredible (well, this thread is a good place to relate these events!)....
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    Re: Do you know about organic portals?

    “Bonjour Lunesoleil! Comment ça va, en Alsace?”

    Best to continue in English… but I know some French too. Living in Flanders, Belgium, I am pretty close to the border with France.

    You touch...
  11. Re: Sirius, The Star of the Maltese temples, interview with Lenie Reedijk.

    Great job Billy! Well done! It brought back so many memories from the time we were together with our little PA group in Malta.
    Very glad you made this video!:clapping:
  12. Re: My Upcoming Course in Astral Projection.

    Hi Jake. Great idea to create a Group.
    But you forgot to "count me in".
    Not sure if others are in that case.
    Looking forward to get the invite!:happythumbsup:
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    Re: Do you help the neighborhood kids?

    Pyrangello, your lifestory reminds me of a very positive movie, "Pay it forward".
    What you have accomplished is amazing indeed.

    Is it possible for one idea to change the world?

    With your...
  14. Re: My Upcoming Course in Astral Projection.

    Thanks Jake, for taking this initiative. Looking at the number of interested participants, there was and is a great need for something like this.

    As for my personal experiences, I had 1 important...
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    Re: Do you help the neighborhood kids?

    It is not so difficult to understand your predicament Strat! Whether in the US or in Europe or in many other places in the world, your question would most probably be answered with a very quick "no"....
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    Re: Wetiko


    More than 4 years ago, the last post was written in this thread about "Wetiko".
    I believe it is worthwhile to bring this subject back to the front, as it is more than ever present in all...
  17. Re: An ancient language phrase: what does this mean??

    Welcome here at Project Avalon Tupelo!:flower:

    You'll meet a lot of like-minded people here and quite a few of us have some experience with past lives and regression.
  18. Re: An ancient language phrase: what does this mean??

    I will give it a try... via a total different approach.
    We don't know indeed - as Edina mentioned above - what the context is of the phrase.
    So, I did my best to be creative... and saw it as an...
  19. Re: Social media as a control mechanism -as deep as humanity itself (study)

    I have seen it too, and it is definitely a "must see".
    Glad to see that others value it too.
  20. Re: How Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Amazon decide what you're going to see

    Interesting thread!

    Has anyone watched "The social dilemma"? If so, what do you think about this documentary?

    And has anyone here read books by Jaron Lanier? If so, what are your ideas about...
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