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  1. MMS for the WIN!! Japan demonstrates ability of chlorine dioxide to combat SARS-CoV-2

    I kinda, stora thought this would be the case. May also want to look a lucine
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    Re: What's up with Trump?

    Much ahs been said but I'll add a bit to this discourse.

    I am expectefly the LAST person on this planet to like Trump...Generally I do not.
    As a member of the LGBT community I am supposed to...
  3. Re: 95 "How To" Survival Videos for Download Growing, Butchering, Water Filters, Bushcraft, First Aid

    updated link!!
  4. 95 "How To" Survival Videos for Download Growing, Butchering, Water Filters, Bushcraft, First Aid

    From another forum (GLP)

    Quoting..."I've been gathering Videos for awhile now on all kinds of subjects before SHTF. I was inspired after the famous PDF thread to gather videos. Feel free to...
  5. Re: Supposed leaked document from Liberal party of Canada (Trudeau) outlining future plans for Canda (and the world)

    I have heard2 things.

    1. We go into heavy lockdown week after election
    2. Confiscation of homes and other real estate has been floated at several caucus level meetings and has been met with...
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    I cannot recall the auithor but there was a journal by a man who fell asleep and woke up in another body in the future.

    Our Earth at that time was run by AI's and everyone lived in floating city...
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    Re: Solutions for preppers

    I am of the opinion that considerable more thought is necessary as well as preparation.

    As we enter into periods of exceptional uncertainty as it relates to cyclical cosmic, solar, and planetary...
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    Re: 13 GB of survival and preparedness books

    Bump for visibility!
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    Re: Solutions for preppers

    Reminder 13 GIGABYTES of books.....yes, it is QUITE an enormous # of books and materials.
  10. Re: Another one of those GLP threads spilling beans

    GLP does tend to get news before most others.
  11. Re: Are there any threads about Billy Carson being a fraud?

    I am subscribed to him on several social media accounts.

    My impression is that he a self promoting marketing oriented positioned as an "expert" it seems to me that he really just repackages and...
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    Re: Operation Dominic

    We may also want to consider that occasionally, but with some regularity, we are bombarded with massive bursts of cosmic and solar radiation. Radiation from a Blazar can tear apart DNA and create...
  13. Re: Dr Mercola being forced to take down all of his health articles from his website

    is there a way to copy his site and make it a torrent so others can host it for posterity?
    Akin to the Avalon library but Mercola focused and very widely distributed?
  14. Re: What does Normalizing Insanity aka pushing 'The New Normal' Agenda, look like? - John Kuhles

    This may not sit very well with some Avalonians but I am going to put this out here for comment.

    There is an agenda to cripple the population by sharply reducing the consumption of animal derived...
  15. Thread: Diabetic info

    by CurEus

    Re: Diabetic info

    I am also pre diabetic but you have not mentioned anything about your lifestyle . Are you active, overweight, do you have access to quality foods abnd the resources to buy them?

    You may want to...
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    Re: Logan Paul... aliens coming in June?

    if "nothing" is real then "nothing" really matters.

    This is an opportune way to delegitimatize any and all behaviours.....the ultimate excuse for anything "wrong" or "bad" even "evil"

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    Re: Covid passports? It's get real time

    I believe Canada will refer to them as "health" passports...I have also heard the vaccinated cannot donate blood. they would perhaps pass "immunity" but maybe not all the other things in these DNA...
  18. Re: Dr Bill Deagle's December 2006 Granada Forum Lecture

    !st generation Dogmen?
  19. Re: The Future of Time Travel, Aliens & The Universe - Dr. Michio Kaku

    then you would end in up "a future" as likely as you would end up in "a past" which may not be one you like....although every consceivable event could alter a future some of them would by sheer fluke...
  20. Re: 2010 Australian X-Factor winner Altiyan Childs exposes satanic freemasonry (Video)

    What I find interesting and compelling to follow is the "one hit wonders" and artists that "suddenly die" in bizarre airplane and other crashes or often with an "overdose".

    I wonder if they are...
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