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    Poll: Re: Simon Parkes - Genuine Or Bogus?

    Parkes also pushes that "Trump to Biden letter". It is of course (just 'google' it) heavily decried and 'debunked' by the multitudes mainstream media 'fact checkers'. They might be right on this one...
  2. Re: I have a question for people living in the USA

    Linguistic point of view:

    Totum Pro Parte: the whole stands for what is actually only a part:
    Continent America --> USA as part of it
    (opposite would be Pars Pro Toto)

    or also:

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    Re: Are some animals not very magical?

    I try to get all the small critters caught and then gently removed alive out of my appartment. I leave the spiders alone (thank goodness only small ones where I live, big ones creep me out really)....
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    Re: How many languages do you speak?

    I loved watching the "Maus" too. Brings back nice memories. :happythumbsup:

    (Yeah, not surprising this comes from a man with a Cat avatar, I know :wink: )

    Next to German I of course do English,...
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    So that is it then.
  6. Re: Star Spangled Banner As You've Never Heard It

    What makes you think so? There are millions of people around the world on all continents and from all kinds of cultures who would tend to rather disagree.
  7. Re: Joe Biden ... the leader of the world's greatest country.

    Believe me, this isn't just an American phenomenon. 99% of all leaders of states are ... well ... incompetent and morally corrupted. So the US is NOT 'exceptional' in this regard.
  8. Re: 'Fleeing the Ship'? (Alex Jones doesn't support Qanon)

    A few years ago until up to 2018 or so (hence also after the Trump election win and during Qanon times) I used to watch Infowars or Alex Jones Channel on YT and sometimes read on their site. I never...
  9. Re: Most People Can't See Clearly Because They Have the World's Lies Covering Their Eyes

    "Beforeitsnews" is not a source I would trust a lot.
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    Re: Problems with Parler?

    It is time for a CENTRAL free speech platform that all (of us and like us) use and is independet of the MSM and leftist Social Media (Fakebook Twatter YouPuke, etc.) - even internationally for all...
  11. Re: "Biden wins"... interesting choice of words?!?!?!?

    Going local and regional is the best we can do in every country. There has been to much focus on what is going on on the national and world stage level anyway. Can we make a difference there? I have...
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    Re: V (1983) Gone But Not Forgotten

    I saw the original many years ago as a kid and rewatched it or the end of it few years ago, maybe inspired by the 2009 remake because I wanted to compare it and remembered how I found the original...
  13. Re: Timelapse of future technology: 2022 - 4000

    I remember some 'futurist's predictions about the year 2000 and beyond (entailing where we are now) from the 80s and even 70s. My parents had a book called "Future" about this from the 70s with lots...
  14. Re: We will applaud our own demise (Boston Dynamics robotics)

    Someone call Sarah Connor. We need her. Fast.
  15. Re: BBC Publishes Cringe Guide For 'Talking To Conspiracy Theorist Relatives' At Christmas

    Might be in vain. Normies usually lose these discussions if they are based on facts. For them it is only about emotion and labelling or framing so they can indulge in their own cognitive dissonance...
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    Re: "Your truth" v "the truth"

    Avalonians and generally 'conspiracy' researchers or whatever are also called (or call themselves):

    Truth SEEKERS.

    Who seeks has not found yet, right? It's a process, constantly revised,...
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    Re: The Vague Vs The Specific

    It is most important to me that we take a holistic approach to all matters, spiritual as well as concering this material dimension. Holistic means the whole-brained method and not just right- or...
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    I think the answer of WHAT the Holy Grail really was or stood for (maybe not even a cup) could be 'found' in France of the middle ages. Once read this book and of course it is controversial but worth...
  19. Poll: Re: Poll What will happen on 21.12.2020 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 'Solstice Transition Ritual'

    I know I am boring but I miss the "Nothing" option.
  20. Re: European media writing pro-US stories under CIA pressure -

    Yeah. He was one of the really good ones. I was sad when he passed on.
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