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  1. Re: Discussion on the reliability of alternative media sources and personas

    Marking in red the interviews I personally think can be disregarded. All the others are good, and a few are pretty important. :) (And I'm not really interested in anyone else's opinion! :P I know...
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    Re: You're watching a movie?

    Good point. There are so many things indicating that events are scripted well in advance, even appearing in films or TV shows like the Simpsons. Whether it is a game or an occult tradition I am not...
  3. Re: Let me Introduce myself and my work: ATMA GAIA

    I am playing it now. Love it!
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    Re: The Arecibo telescope has collapsed

    Joseph Farrell did a blog about this a little while ago after the first suspension cable broke in August. A close-up of the cable looked like it might have been sabotaged, since there was no tangle...
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    Re: Conjunction: Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn

    I read that there are 4 conjunctions involving Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter this year, the fourth and last one being 21/12/20, Jupiter and Saturn conjunct with Pluto also conjunct these 2 and Mars...
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    Re: My Upcoming Course in Astral Projection.

    hi Jake
    I am interested to have a go. I am not sure about how long i will last with the 3am thing either, but will give it a try. Thanks for the generous offer. I guess you will be in touch re next...
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    Re: Extreme Covid measures in Australia

    Agree with you tigger. The nazi -like behaviour of the government and police is bad enough, but I am also more scared that there appear to be so few people who protest and most fully agree with it,...
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    Thanks Bluegreen for that overview of both key details and big picture of the planned and/or underway ceremonial destruction of America and all its agents and allies including my continent. Homo...
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    Re: Protests in Serbia

    Good to hear that people somewhere are taking to the streets over all the lies. In Australia, this sleeping nation, it was apparently ok to go out and protest in support of BLM (!) and threaten to...
  10. Re: The things that go off the edge, your NWO Magicians.

    Hmm, pretty creepy youtube pollution. Message sending, groupie behaviour and perhaps favour currying I can believe, sad though this stuff is. Effective spell casting would be a little more...
  11. Re: Head of MUFON arrested for soliciting sexual activity from 13 year old girl

    It seems a little unlikely to me that senior people in what I would assume to be rather wide awake organisations would fall for this kind of sexual entrapment. Is it possible to fake someone's...
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    Re: Nexus Magazine free articles and downloads

    Hi all
    I am a current subscriber to 'New Dawn', have also been a subscriber to 'Nexus' as well (I tend to alternate), and recommend both highly. Their articles are usually really good, and they...
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    Re: Surveillance Capitalism

    hmm, geez I have been avoiding looking at this one, maybe tomorrow I will feel up to it.
    Zionbrion thanks for the suggestions about changing browsers etc - I have to do something about this too....
  14. Re: Nietzsche Uncannily Predicts Current Events

    Thanks for those excellent references. I find it hard to fully understand how people can give up their common sense in such huge numbers, submit to and support the inversion of reality all around us....
  15. Thread: Leunig

    by Violet3

    Re: Leunig

    Great laughs, thanks. I love Leunig. When I used to get depressed by life I would pull out a couple of his books of cartoons, my favourite being one called "Ramming the Shears", which hhas a takeoff...
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    Re: Out of Shadows | A documentary

    Unpleasant but good information, much of it well known here, about media control of populations as well as movie and music stars and politicians, and the unsavory ways the control is maintained. Good...
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    Re: David Icke on 5G and Covid-19

    Agree with you Luke, very well said.
    I thought David's presentation was extremely lucid (as well as deeply felt) and carefully argued rather than dangerous. I tend to now think that there is...
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    Re: All about baking soda

    I use half a tsp bicarb soda with one tsp ascorbic acid a few times a day to ward off colds/ flu or as part of a treatment for anything at all. The bicarb reduces the acidity of the vitamin and gives...
  19. Re: The true and lost history of the Tuth De Dian people

    Love this topic. Thanks to Angel for starting it- looking forward to hearing more. Thanks also to Aoibhghaire for the learned commentary. I agree that Dark Journalist's discussion is fascinating and...
  20. Re: Economic and Financial Prognostications, Trends, and Data, 2020

    thanks Dennis, you seem to be doing a good job hahaha
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