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  1. Re: Discovery Of Massive Bridge Crack Forces US Coast Guard To Close Portion Of Mississippi River

    The top of that beam has been purposely cut, it seems to me. Once the load bearing strength of the beam was compromised by the sabotage, the remainder of the beam sheared off. The difference in the...
  2. Re: The AltRight is NOT the whole of the Alternative Community

    Ever since Babylon, and even before, people have found labels useful as a fast and effective means of characterization. Everyone needs to know their place and labels help to delineate. But since a...
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    Re: Are some animals not very magical?

    I am afraid to open this thread for fear of what horror is the new wonder of the day...
  4. Re: The pandemic is the worst crime against humanity ever committed

    Hard to feret out the pertinent facts, isn't it, Ewan?

    It hardly makes sense to make a non-lethal virus only to get people to take the gene therapy inoculation. Why not just have killed them with...
  5. Re: The AltRight is NOT the whole of the Alternative Community

    The violence of the left has no justification. Nor does the silencing of the right via gaslighting tactics and the illegitimate 'me too' movement. Nor does stealing the election. The left is full of...
  6. Re: Are you saying Yes to life? Or No to life?

    I see this thread has touched a nerve with a lot of people. Me too.

    I am also quite unimpressed by things these days. It is hard to take seriously, this impending doom we all seem to feel. It all...
  7. Re: Can a 'vaccinated' person pass on a jab ingredient to an unvaccinated person?

    A messenger RNA sequence a few hundred lines long, especially in binary notation, cannot possibly destroy the intelligence the body has accumulated over countless millennia. The coding is...
  8. Re: Why humans are unintelligent: it's all about belief

    As far as being successful in this world I believe intelligence has almost nothing to do with it at all. It is almost entirely who you know and who you b***. The people who are successful know how to...
  9. Re: The Coming Earth Crustal Displacement/Axial Tilt (Within the next few years?)

    A very apt saying would be: What goes around comes around.

    In regards to the earth, and the solar system in general, catastrophe seems to have been a regular occurance.

    Take the planet Uranus,...
  10. Re: Imagine A Real "Sanctuary Country" for Millions of Conspiracy Researchers!

    I agree we need to come together, in a way we never have before - or at least not for a very long time.

    I want my time to be mine and my best energies to be expended towards my interests. I want...
  11. Re: There may be three different kinds of people on Planet Earth

    Some future post might have expanded on the topic, perhaps. It is pertinent.

    It would be nice to know the deeper dynamics involved in the terrestrial turmoil we witness. But like the water...
  12. Re: There may be three different kinds of people on Planet Earth

    Another thing about biased perspective, which can lead to making connections where no connection exists, is the generational aspect of life on earth as we know it.

    Life is more like a mighty...
  13. Re: There may be three different kinds of people on Planet Earth

    It must have to do with an aspect of our beings that is difficult to cognate while immersed in this reality, let alone decide on the distinctions made in the op.
    But when enough data comes in and it...
  14. Re: Is Alternative think rooted in Genetics ?

    In reply to the above post by Amor:
    The prevailing sentiment, from my neck of the woods at least, is that this entire pandemic is a global power play...but those pulling the strings can't be trusted...
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    I have many note pads filled with automatic writing. It was an exercise suggested during a year long course that I took involved in inter-personal relationships. The writing took me down a very...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    Oh nice! You are lucky.

    I had a person I know who had to go for a covid test to be cleared for work - they made him wear goggles over his eyes, then a face mask AND THEN one of those face shields...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    I can happily report that normality and sanity still exists in the workplace! At our work site no one wears a mask and no one believes the crap hysteria over the China Flu. We work away side by side,...
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    Re: How Capitalism will Destroy the World

    It is hard to imagine another way.

    The reason is always the same. Pick any topic. It does not matter what topic that might be. It comes down to the same thing every time.

    We value this material...
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    Re: Cancel Culture (Examples)

    It is the perfect communist tactic.

    Never forget, Mike, this is a wilful move by one of, if not the most, evil totalitarian regimes on the planet - the globalists. Aided by the CCP and Xi Jinping...
  20. Re: Looking for the single best video to make a loved one think twice before getting jabbed...

    I could not read the last part of the title. The 'before getting jabbed' part.

    Because the first part, the 'think twice' part is my entire focus with those that do not do their own thinking but...
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