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    From the Hindustan Times article. (Which, in my opinion, defies all understanding)

    The revised guidelines, issued on May 27, effectively dropped all drugs that doctors have been prescribing even...
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    Is India Seeing a Wave of Deaths and Injuries following COVID-19 Shots?

    Here's the...
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    From Mike Adams of, at 6:28 in his 3 May 2021 interview with Dr Lee Merritt, here. (Recommended, btw.)
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    Delight, many thanks — that Times of India newspaper image is a little hard to read, but I tracked down the original digital article. The text is the same, and only the headline is different.

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    There may be aspects of this that are not yet understood. It was established 9 months ago that people could get Covid twice, even just two or three months apart.

    So the body's immune system, even...
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