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  1. Re: Do you cook with teflon/what do you use?

    I invested in a set of stainless cookware years ago during one of Sears' yearly half-price sales. (does Sears even exist still?)

    But I also have a small teflon pan for my eggies...don't change it...
  2. Re: Can Corporatism and Nationalism co-exist?

    Corporatism is a dictatorial top-down economic design that very much resembles China's ideology in terms of national leadership.

    This is the reason that corporations and China are in collusion to...
  3. Re: Harnessing kinetic energy of rotating mass.

    The Casimir effect is a good example of the precision required to coax an influx of electrons out of the vacuum.

    The plates would have to be very close together, perhaps to tolerances of a...
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    Re: FBI agents raid Trump's Florida home

    And so we keep holding our breath, hoping now people will see the dire straits we are in...
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    Poll: Re: Do you believe in God ?

    God is not a concept. God is not an idea.

    God is not merely the quintessential and ultimate gestalt of gestalts. God is non-local, non-temporal, non-spatial, non-imaginable.

    God is All There Is...
  6. Re: What is the meaning of our life and what we can do for better Mother Earth?

    The meaning of life is to die to the idea of life on this planet being a privelidge, right of passage, or any other meaningful description.

    Life is death on this plane of existence.

    For what is...
  7. Re: Conspiracy Theory playing cards/trumps

    The 'racism' card.

    If you're white you loose a turn. Any other color, burn down one square on the board...

    Second card: 'systemic racism'. Reverse of first card...except unburn one square.
  8. Re: Harnessing kinetic energy of rotating mass.

    There are many ways to approach this problem. There are ways to 'cheat' or 'game' the system. Ways where a savings or gain in one aspect of the problem overcomes the losses from another.

    There are...
  9. Re: Biden's Mysterious Earlobes, need your help!

    The angle of the head and the lighting is different. Maybe it is enough to explain the differences?
  10. Re: The real Jesus, the real Mary, Gnosis, the Archons, and the world's first major smear campaign

    In my world, Jesus is the penultimate rebel.

    Both deified and vilified for that same reason.

    He literally and figuratively broke the mold, in terms of the destiny and fate of the ensouled.
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    Re: Jesus Christ, Superstar

    I bought the LP set of the original concept album.
    It was and is amazing!

    There was a time I listened so often I knew most of the lyrics.

  12. Re: Can Corporatism and Nationalism co-exist?

    This is the Ted Talk transcript:
    Bill Gates: Innovating to Zero

    If you read this talk carefully, you will understand what is happening in...
  13. Re: Dr. Zev Zelenko's Final Message To The World

    Doctor Zelenko gave me the information I needed when I needed it to protect myself and those I love from the biological attack they call Covid.

    Thank you for caring about our health.

    Rest in...
  14. Re: Can Corporatism and Nationalism co-exist?

    The word 'minority' is misleading because it is a word that has been hijacked by the globalists and given a negative, racist connotation.

    Minority is the opposite of majority, and has no other...
  15. Can Corporatism and Nationalism co-exist?

    Can nationalism survive the onslaught of rhetoric and lop-sided policies that favour 'minorities' and advocates for a New Liberal World Order?

    Lead by 'multi-national' corporations and directed by...
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    Poll: Re: Do you drink?

    I don't like to drink at all.

    It fogs up my mind for days after.

    But, my friends drink and I like my friends. So I drink to get along. And it's fun while drinking. Getting home is always a...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    I got a bald spot on the back of my head. It is perfectly round about the size of a silver dollar. Otherwise I have a full head of hair. Don't know exactly when it happened but I noticed it about six...
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    Poll: Re: Do you believe in God ?

    I prefer to believe in the truth...
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    Poll: Re: Do you believe in God ?

    My relationship with god has changed over the years. If I had to describe it in a few words I would say it has been a very one-sided affair.

    For the first forty years of my life I thought of God...
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    In the beginning there was the void.
    And into this void came the Word.

    A vibration so perfect it organized the void through the creation of a conscious membrane, an ever changing fractal...
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