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    Re: Avoiding the Experimental Vaccine

    The primary rationalisation for making this requirement a compulsory matter, this is based on the idea that a 'Vaccine' traditionally confers immunity, the airlines are of course adopting this...
  2. Re: Twelve Years 1933-1945 vs Twelve Years 2020-2032 (Draft by John Kuhles)

    I have to say here that 'People have the Power' has been one of my favorite Patti Smith productions, it really spells it out - People have the power to redeem the work of fools...what a line!
    We do...
  3. Re: Twelve Years 1933-1945 vs Twelve Years 2020-2032 (Draft by John Kuhles)

    Very interesting work, I think most of us who are aware of the macro shifts in our society are also aware that this is a percentages game, we don't need all of the 'Normies' to experience an...
  4. Re: "I can't keep up any more." The world of Future Shock is already here

    I recall Terence McKenna speaking about the increasing speed of everything, information and 'Novelty', we are at this point it seems to me.
  5. Re: 'Fleeing the Ship'? (Alex Jones doesn't support Qanon)

    Alex jones has been talking against the Q movement for a long time, he views it as being bogus, a hijack of the MAGA movement so he is being consistent with this narrative. He always claimed to know...
  6. Re: Jan 6, 2021: POTUS has called for as many supporters as possible, WHO'S GOING?

    There have been Two major displays of support for Trump at the capitol city so far post election - each of them had upwards of 1 million attending, remember the Antifa attacking the stragglers and...
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    Re: Maitreya - Christ or False Prophet?

    Sounds kind of familiar
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    Re: What are you having for Christmas dinner?

    It has been very hot this last week, it being summer here in Perth Western Australia, my companion and I grazed on:
    1. A heap of freshly boiled 'banana prawns' which are very large prawns, with...
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    Re: New Mutant Virus Strain?

    It seems the U.K in particular is receiving this extreme treatment, it is like a punishment being dealt out by the covert figures behind this Covid fiasco/scam-is it because of Brexit and the obvious...
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    Re: BREAKING NEWS ~ Continuously Updated

    If visiting 'bad websites' is going to impact our credit score, I wonder what building them will do? If you have the audacity to actually publish independent analysis and discussion of current...
  11. Re: MASSIVE FRAUD: Major Lawsuits (update: all foiled so far)

    Despite the very clear evidence of voter fraud, electoral shenanigans to the 'Nth degree' there is a very strong desire to sweep it all under the carpet - Judges claiming rioting and civil unrest as...
  12. Poll: Re: Poll What will happen on 21.12.2020 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 'Solstice Transition Ritual'

    You know as far as Astrology goes I used to be a 100% rejector of any claims being made regarding planetary/stellar positions. However, Arthur Young explains how we can use some of the tools from...
  13. Re: Richard D Hall December 2020 Presentation "Scamdemic"

    Could be that this man has a 'working class' Geordie accent, this can sometimes obscure perceptions-he has a very blunt style of speaking, typical engineer really!
    i have taken a look, this is a...
  14. Re: Presidential Timelines, Trump and World War

    Well, Biden hasn't won yet - so I am thinking we are on the good timeline.

    We can talk time travel and timelines in circles, so as I am always going to be on this timeline I am going to set my...
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    Re: US Election: the Legal Challenge

    Hey, thanks for this Bill, who would have thought Simon would be such a clear decipherer of U.S politics? And of course he is spot on, I have been dimly aware of how the state legislators were...
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    Re: The Qanon posts, and associated US political analysis

    Wow, I am very impressed with this lady's acumen and incisive insight-I mean she is quoting mostly, but her conclusions are revealing.
    This does not sound like fantasy, or hyperbole, this is...
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    Yes, absolutely TargeT! How much faith in SCOTUS is truly justified, the legalese of the desired outcome will look very different to the 'actual' outcome!
    I think we need to pray on some level.
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    Re: Faces of Betrayal

    Such a complex interplay of personalities, and factional 'intersectionality': how are we mere mortals supposed to untangle all of these strands, and nuanced relationships?
    The answer is, we cannot....
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    nevertheless, on the chance she actually does? wish her a very speedy recovery
    (Zinc with Quercetin 2500 vitamin C, Vitamin D, antibiotic and only 1 dose of Ivermectin is the protocol about 7...
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    Re: Ground crew - hold the line!

    You will have to excuse a LOTR tragic, but this reminds me of the odds, Fear no Darkness! The enemy might seem very strong, but you know what?
    Yep, we are an immovable force, our...
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