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    Re: The revolution is coming

    I can see where you are coming from. After decades of thought, on the subject I can only say when questioned,
    Yes and no. God exists and does not.

    We seem to have a built in need...
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    Re: Food shortages soon?

    Why would any Govt, official go along with that?

    Who is controlling them?

    We have to realize that this is beyond anything we want to have to

    We hear about Reptilian control...
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    Re: UFOs and The Last Hour!

    I'm beginning to suspect that they, the off/on planet entities own us or small percentage
    of us humans. We are in a sense controlled by them.

    That is what I believe is a great possibility.
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    Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    I really feel that he is being told what to do and what to say and can't even do that.

    I think that when Biden goes Harris will go too and with results of of election fraud
    we may see Trump being...
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    Re: Blinking lights on UFOs

    One thing I would not rule out is that they could be from an unknown hidden base in Antarctica.

    Just one possibility to look into.
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    Re: Avoiding the Experimental Vaccine

    This figure of 90% is insane. By their vaccines they do not have to murder billions to save the planet.

    Get a life Gates. I think you should be given a psychological evaluation and as you would...
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    Sticky: Re: The Anglo-Saxon Mission

    Worst news I have heard is that the vaccines are self replicating, meaning that those who have been
    smart enough to not take it may be gotten at through exposure to vaccinated people.

  8. Re: Is anyone else considering moving to another country to somewhere freer of covid measures?

    If you have not been there even on vacation, which is not enough, don't make a commitment unless you can change your mind
    and return to your former pace fairly easily.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Saying and Writing Words Backwards

    I know a guy who was a butcher in London who told me reversing words were used so
    customers would not know what they were saying about the meat and it's condition.

    Liver would be "revil" etc.
  10. Re: The pandemic is the worst crime against humanity ever committed

    The globalists have declared a war on humanity and are systematically murdering us through the use of
    vaccines and depriving us of known remedies. They have made it clear as to what they are doing...
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    Re: UAP is heating up!

    At the risk of sounding looney we need to check out the globalists thoroughly and
    their role in those images in the sky.

    They have a long time, almost unlimited funding for their agenda and are...
  12. Re: Off planet entities: Friends or foes? Negotiate or not?

    Yes, Tommy,

    I read recently someone's hypothesis that the OW Order were behind what we see in the sky. That was interesting to hear
    about and makes a lot of sense. They want total control and...
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    Re: Covid passports? It's get real time

    This is where we should draw a line in the sand and in our psyches and not comply like chickens.
    Have the vaccines worked that well that we accepting this crap.

    Do not comply should be our motto.
  14. Re: Off planet entities: Friends or foes? Negotiate or not?

    How would we determine if an entity or a species of some off world aliens were to be trusted?

    It would not be like checking to see if a group of humans were to be trusted.

    We would have to...
  15. Re: Off planet entities: Friends or foes? Negotiate or not?

    [Quote] ... reasons why our farmers push so hard to poison us as quickly as possible.... [Quote]

    "May I ask why you say that"?
  16. Re: Off planet entities: Friends or foes? Negotiate or not?

    This post was not by me]


    Mods: Please erase!
  17. Re: Off planet entities: Friends or foes? Negotiate or not?

    Over population is a myth.

    Depopulation is for a different reason.

    It's the globalists solution to their agenda of control of all people.

    They are afraid of loosing their status as top of...
  18. Re: Off planet entities: Friends or foes? Negotiate or not?

    I believe that it is possible for highly intelligent and knowaligable entities to be fair and benevolent
    when they are superior and not endangered in any way. Soul might not be a part of their...
  19. Re: Off planet entities: Friends or foes? Negotiate or not?


    How do you know they have souls? There are countless types so
    maybe some do and others don't or maybe none do.

    But it really does not matter. If they are benevolent, meaning the...
  20. Re: Off planet entities: Friends or foes? Negotiate or not?

    I think we have been stymied at every part of our journey through our current civilization and never
    really known enough freedom to be creative in a way that would accelerate us to greatness.

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