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    Re: hoax killer brings own baggage

    In converse, the motives of hoax birthers are equally important to observe.

    I'm surprised I haven't found this here yet, but the Tengri 137 puzzle is a cicada level rabbit hole where the motives...
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    Sticky: Re: Surfing with Wind

    A poem in slam style with no deleting:

    Ode to ye, honoured guest (browsing the Personal Freedom section all alone). This song, not simply from my being.

    My being itself.

    May these words...
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    Re: Depression Cure ?

    I'd highly suggest 20 minutes Binaural Beats therapy when depressed.

    Simply dedicate 20 minutes to this site with the timer. Set the hz to around 7, crank up the volume, put on some headphones,...
  4. Re: Vortex math and sacred vortex geometry: Romain Carreno

    Another lovely lesson of vortex math at its basic 1+1 level.

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    Re: Where can I be free?

    Try a Tent City. I just found myself living in one and it is exactly what everyone is talking about here in this forum-- a community. I got hella lucky with this place, but I am coming to realize...
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    Hillary: "can't we just drone [Assange]?"

    originally found in wikileaks twitter.

    This is just a tip of the October Surprise iceberg coming Tuesday, article claims,
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    Nearly 111,000 CIA documents released

    Everything from Hitler psychoanalysis profiles to 1700 MKULTRA files to STARGATE remote viewing data, there is a lot to read through. Time to get to work, eh?
  8. Thread: Dial-A-Thread

    by Fanna

    Re: Dial-A-Thread

    I would like to dial up a thread on how to legally reclaim land from the powers that be.

    zeronet is awesome!!
    The govt is not going to decentralize the dns protocalls to something like this that...
  9. Re: Standing Rock, Dakota Pipeline Protests...Who's gonna participate?

    Definitely second that motion.

    Also, "boots on the ground" is a way of saying it that is both appropriate AND ironic. <3
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    Underwater Agriculture and Sustainability

    Full Article
    Italian diver creates undersea domes for growing food.

    Every place in the world is different. Every...
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    Re: HAARP is b a c k , well sort-of..

    playtime: 9s

    The transfer of technologies is all part of this massive interplay. I find this an encouraging move. Yes, it is demonstrably an evil technology, but so is my knife. ...
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    Re: Just another 9-11 thread, move along~

    Dr Steven Greer, The MuscleWolf of DC himself, is here to to make it 4 cents.
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Washington state is the home of Starbucks HQ; a mecca for all social experiments with coffee. There is a coffee stand in every supermarket and a drive-thru kiosk next to every tienda mexicana. The...
  14. Re: Standing Rock, Dakota Pipeline Protests...Who's gonna participate?

    Together, we are always enough.
  15. Re: Standing Rock, Dakota Pipeline Protests...Who's gonna participate?

    That is what is UP!
  16. Re: The Thrive Movement : Documentary and Recourse page.

    Love this documentary, thank you for sharing. I especially like the solutions page.

    The people have to stand together and truly create something new. We need MASS defection. In order to...
  17. Re: Standing Rock, Dakota Pipeline Protests...Who's gonna participate?

    These forums just need to be built. Build it and they will come. To give you a resource I try to drop as often as possible, check out this worldwide map of intentional communities to help get you...
  18. Re: Standing Rock, Dakota Pipeline Protests...Who's gonna participate?

    I made that exact mistake last night.

    We have gotten into the 'bad habit' as Paul so succinctly put it of Fear. I have absolutely zero idea of how to change it, but I think you DO here...
  19. Re: Standing Rock, Dakota Pipeline Protests...Who's gonna participate?

    Being without a home has its advantages at times: can technically go anywhere!

    Being without a home has its disadvantages though: I have no substantial money to provide. Just myself. If anyone...
  20. Re: ♫ Thread for the Trance/Techno/etc umbrella of music ♫

    Keep up the love train, Basho. Your name means "feeling" in another language. Anything you feel is sure to be perfect for this forum.
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