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    Oh that is interesting. Here's a snippet:

    ... The revised guidelines, issued on May 27, effectively dropped all drugs that doctors have been prescribing even to asymptomatic or mildly...
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    Cross posted from the Food Shortages Soon? thread
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    Yet another independent data analyst
    J Chamie
    Flag of India COVID-19 in India

    The Covid outbreak in the neighbor states of...
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    This graph puts things in perspective ❤️


    From another angle it looks like this:
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    But Tintin how else are they going to cover for excess vaccination deaths?

    The rate of excess deaths after the vaccination in India, which started on the 16th January 2021, exceeds the rate of...
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    India's news agencies report that their health ambassador died one day after receiving a vaccination (more details in this post)

    The spike of deaths in India follows their Vaccination rollout...
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