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    Re: Life and death

    Hi Mashika your post subject made me remember this:

    When you observe a bug try running for cover if...
  2. Re: Amateurs: Hypothesis and Theories re. Evidence

    yes so am I Jim.

    Especially nowadays as there is so much evidence that the truths are being held back from the citizens of planet earth, history is showing us that now (especially history).

  3. Re: Coffee and the Third Eye. Why I quit coffee

    One of the things about saying you/we drink coffee is that we drink far toooooo much, one here and there as a stim not so bad.
    Same with tobacco, was used in the right way at right time was ok, but...
  4. Re: David Wilcock with Corey Goode at The Ascension Summit 2021

    Neither of them are, and definitely not Goode O.0
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    Re: We are the Guardians and we are many

    Happy disappearing Iceberg, safe journey back later :sun:
  6. Re: British MOD response to UAPs...its BS and we know it.

    Hi bogeyman.

    This whole UAP Disclosure or not thing reminds me of this event
    'When Britain Nuked America twice'.
    It just shows how they can do one thing and not tell the public but also manage...
  7. Re: Mass Psychosis - How did they manage it?

    Because "we" as a whole are SHEEP :(

    I have a grown up brother-in-law who only ever believes (to the letter) what the BBC and mainstream says.
    He wouldn't believe it if he saw the UFO's on the...
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    Re: Farewell?


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    Re: Worst President in U.S. History


    Ill dump your words Heart to heart, well said :sun:
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    Re: Ground Control to Captain Kirk

    Thanx for the info Mashika

    have some sun on me :sun:
  11. Re: Divine Intervention - Ickonic Original Film Premiere

    Hi Chris good to see you.
    The Vid has already gone :(

    And yes oz93666 we need to give our higher selves free rain to get involved and work the magic that is all so restrained.

  12. Re: Taking Our Planet Back From Non-Human Entities

    They are the Oil/Grease to our water, the two do not mix and will always separate out, our world realm is water :)

    Water is memory and will never forget what/who/we are.

    If the oil tries to get...
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    Re: Worst President in U.S. History

    I can't face watching that vid mojo o.0
    But if someone can give a rundown of what is being said :)
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    Re: Farewell?

    I like those words Bubu.

    They go to you from me as well TomKat .
    Be tall, be bright, be a ray of sun.

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    Re: George Knapp & "The Summoners"


    With all physic and meditated altered sate practices you need to spend time and devote energies to cleanse and safeguard first.
    Like you close the unwanted energies/doors and then open...
  16. Re: America's Book Of Secrets: DARPA's Secret Mind Control Technology

    Isn't it just an ongoing, continuation of Nazi experimentation, by the Nazi's ?
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    Re: Cruise Ship Captain films UFO

    YES Satori agreed.

    In the vid Mr Salla says the aliens didn't have the Christ moment in their history/s o.0

    How old is the Christian religion? (Seems to have come from the Sumerian civilization...
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    Re: When is Enough is Enough?


    As they so well put it.

    Just keep it up John.
    you will go down as a hero of truth and enlightenment of these days, you are also seen in higher places as well :sun:
  19. Re: Do you think there is a hell dimension....

    Well !
    There are those here and now that try to make this great reality a version of hell.
    Best thing to concentrate on is, knowing who they are and then trying to keep this reality a heavenly...
  20. Re: The UAP Task Force: heating up to some kind of 'disclosure'

    This thread is about UAP Task Force, some kind of 'disclosure' I think your inquiry is another thread Alan.
    Do a search and you will find plenty with the info you are interested in.[/QUOTE]
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