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    Re: Fauci

    Why now?They might be looking for a pretext to ask China for cash to cover the US's covid losses. Also, China and the US are increasingly on a war footing, albeit covert. Why Fauci? They weren't able...
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    Re: Fauci

    Fauci is certainly being thrown under the bus, as pyrangello said. There are more and more stories just setting this up:
  3. Re: Multiple major websites down 8 June, 2021

    Has anyone said this before? Mercury Retrograde...
  4. Recommended videos to introduce UFO/ET/disclosure?

    I'm thinking that, as the whole controlled disclosure process unfolds, and UFOs become (finally!) a subject of polite conversation, many of us who are known to have an interest in this subject will...
  5. Re: The 16 Levels of Disclosure (Richard Dolan lecture)

    And an extension of (13):

    (19) We now understand this technology, can replicate some of it, and have utilized it in classified supranational programs to explore the solar system.

  6. Re: Atlantic Voyages by Europeans pre-1300

    I take your Vikings, and I up the stakes with the Romans - specifically the legendary "lost" Legion 9... you can listen for free and there is a high level summary below

    David Brody, Romans in...
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    Clif's recent series of videos on Woo are really great, can we change the name of this thread to add "we are now in Year Woo" hehehe

    From Bill: Good idea, and done :) :thumbsup:
  8. Re: Remote Viewing The Code Of Hammurabi ( FULL DOCUMENTARY ) from CryptoViewing

    Thanks Gord, this is really eye-opening and I think we should make some effort to make this go viral. The producer (I guess that's Dick Allgire) made the documentary freely available on YouTube,...
  9. Re: Interview - Memory of water, coherent water etc.

    This looks very interesting and I will listen to it but I cannot resist commenting that he says that this interview is "literally the glue that holds all my work together", hahahaha. As a wise man...
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    Re: Michael Salla Get Out NOW!

    I agree, and it is a tragic situation because Salla wrote some great books back in the day and set up the Exopolitics Institute running academic courses on the ET subject - now all his information...
  11. Re: Exogenesis - a potentially more accurate Earth human origin story (by Bruce Fenton)

    I've just read the book. There is quite a lot of scientific evidence of the events described 780,000 years ago in the form of the Australian tektites and the bombardment of Earth by meteors from a...
  12. Re: Questions for extraterrestrial entities: what would you ask?

    A couple of questions that come to mind:

    1) how did you, as a civilisation, survive this long, in particular during the period when you gained the technological ability to create weapons of mass...
  13. Re: Dark Journalist with Joseph P. Farrell, 31 July 2020

    Hi Larry, I agree with you about the importance of Dr Farrell's work.

    The forum has a very diverse population, which is overall a good thing. Obviously that means different levels of awareness and...
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    Poll: Re: An Avalon facemask poll

    I wear a mask when I go outside, I find them uncomfortable for long periods but on balance I will wear them - I agree with Chris Martenson who has many many...
  15. Re: Do we have a Spirit? Do we have a Soul? And where's the proof?

    This is a slightly different point from the other comments, which have been great - I would like to highlight one theory which states that the spirit and the soul both exist, but are different...
  16. Re: Rand Paul speaks the truth: and African Leaders must reject a Vaccine

    The main problem I have is that I'm presented with many, many "interesting videos" from friends each day and I have no idea which is worth my time - or which is MOST worth my time, since I can't...
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    Re: Communism (and China)

    Jane, one thing that stands out in many of your posts is the passive (and sometimes active!) aggression. You're unlikely ever to find another platform of open debate where you'll encounter so many...
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    Re: Mainstream Sportscasters Waking Up

    Hi Jane, I can't resist the urge to wade into this thread and offer my perspective as a long-time Avalon member who doesn't take himself or anything else very seriously (apart from raising global...
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    I wish I had time to read this whole thread in detail, and apologies if somebody has already asked this, but an antibody test should be able to tell if a person has the antibodies from having been...
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    Certainly, MBS is way out of his league (as is Kushner). The main target of the Saudi cuts was not Russia, but US shale - of course for political reasons MBS cannot say that, so he has a row with...
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