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Thread: Nothing to Hide (A documentary about personal surveillance)

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    Default Nothing to Hide (A documentary about personal surveillance)

    A new (? please delete if not) documentary in English. Nice one.

    Enjoy if you have time...

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    Default Re: Nothing to Hide (A documentary about personal surveillance)

    what is the video about:

    Publiée le 3 oct. 2017

    NOTHING TO HIDE is a documentary film dealing with surveillance (release: Oct. 2016 Creative Commons release: Oct. 2017)
    Foreword: The film is released on the Internet for free. Its production though has a cost, feel free to make a donation if you want to support the film: leetchi.com/c/project-nothing-to-hide

    Quote Posted by guyres (here)
    A new (? please delete if not) documentary in English. Nice one.

    Enjoy if you have time...

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    Default Re: Nothing to Hide (A documentary about personal surveillance)

    Very illustrative documentary with basic down-to-earth examples. Only half-way through. Good opportunity for people who haven’t worried yet.

    Even in case someone is convinced that they have ‘nothing to hide’ (currently): the governments just need to change a law (nothing easier than that) - and the law-abiding citizen is turned into a criminal overnight, without doing anything.

    Really, doing nothing seems to be the most dangerous thing.

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    Default Re: Nothing to Hide (A documentary about personal surveillance)

    A great, insightful documentary, investigating how the principles of the whole thing work...
    Just a pity the captions aren't a bit clearer, especially as there are several examples not in English.
    Thanks for sharing it, guyres.


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    Default Re: Nothing to Hide (A documentary about personal surveillance)

    I loved this documentary. The guy from the NSA was chilling. And thus far I had only read accounts of Stasi tactics, so listening to the woman who got hauled off by them was a real eye opener.
    "The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone when we are uncool." From the movie "Almost Famous""l "Let yourself stand cool and composed before a million universes." Walt Whitman

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    Default Re: Nothing to Hide (A documentary about personal surveillance)

    Here's a video about "surveillance capitalism." How silicon valley tracks and profiles us. They log how fast we type, our spelling ability, as well as what we buy.

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    Default Re: Nothing to Hide (A documentary about personal surveillance)

    BILL BINNEY: NSA Official Who BUILT their SPYING PROGRAMS explains the SECRETS they hold right NOW! (42:16) [June 8, 2020]

    I got tired of trying to clean up the parts of the transcript I wanted to include. I hope this is sufficient to get people to check this one out.

    MH == Michelle Holiday
    BB == Bill Binney


    MH: Bill is the man who actually created the spying programs that are still utilized today by the NSA. It's very
    important for everyone to understand that those programs were created in order to spy on foreign enemy governments. They
    were never intended to be used to be spying upon American citizens and there is no one on the planet who knows these
    programs better than Mr. Bill Binney and we are so honored to have him with us today.



    MH: I want to focus in on some facts that you have brought to light and they have enormous relevance for the people of
    our country. First of all you have proven without any doubt at all that the claim that Russia hacked into the DNC did
    not happen and that it was logistically impossible because of the nature of the data and you also proved that the
    information had to be downloaded onto a flash drive directly from their computers inside their offices which is
    remarkable. You also tried to present this information in defense of General Michael Flynn but you were blocked from
    doing so which is extraordinary. Both of these matters are amazing and I'd like you to break down how you proved that
    the outside hacking could not and did not take place.



    MH: Bill, it's extraordinary to believe that still 50% of the American citizens still believe that there was some kind
    of Russian hack that went on and the reason they believe it is that they can't believe that they were truly lied to and
    they were played by the entire media, by politicians they trust, by corporations they trust which owned the media. It's
    very very hard for citizens of America to believe that our entire country was played in a despicable dishonorable game,
    and it was only to discredit people they didn't like in office, and therefore the entire American public had to go
    through this for years.



    BB: and by the way CIA, according to Casey, back in the early 1980s, he said that we are infiltrating the media and
    you'll know that we've succeeded when virtually everything is or 70 at least 70% of what is believed by the American
    public is false. That was straight from Casey, a former director of Central Intelligence back in the Reagan years, in
    the early 80s.

    MH: That's a quote from him.

    BB: Yeah, and now you can see the effect of that, is what we've got today. He was director of CIA under Ronald
    Reagan's first term



    BB: There was a final point that they removed that protection by the way so that all the data came in from the filtering
    it was no longer filtered they all came in and all the identities were there and nothing was protected, and then the
    final one was we audited who came into our network to see who went where, what they did, and what they did with the
    data. So for example if they had our program in place at that time, using that audit routine, they could have picked up
    Edward Snowden pulling out data as he did it, you know within milliseconds of him doing it so but they removed that.
    Why? Because they didn't want anybody in Congress knowing what they were doing with the information, or with money, and
    because all those money transfers go across the network too, and we would have all of that data there, and they didn't
    want anybody to know that.



    MH: When did the surveillance programs that you created, when exactly were they turned into a situation where everyone
    was under surveillance? When did that happen?

    BB: It actually started in October of 2001, and it was determined that the core people at the decision to do this were
    Bush, Bush the Jr., Cheney, Hayden and Tenet. Tenet was the director of CIA at the time. Those four made the decision to
    do that and Hayden basically made it possible with the programs by removing the filtering and removing the protections
    and their encryption and getting rid of the audit routine to allow that program to run and collect everything on
    everybody on the planet including starting first with US citizens.

    MH: From October 2001.

    BB: Right, and in fact Mueller in his interview with Bart Gellman in 2011 before he was initially scheduled to leave the
    FBI but it was later extended. He said that he and the FBI had been using the stellarwind program since 2001. Well the
    stellar wind program is the data based collection of all US citizens so all that data collected on U.S. citizens was in
    this stellar wind database and he basically said that they've been using it since 2001.

    MH: And Bill, what was the goal to have every person in the world under surveillance?

    BB: It gives you power over everybody, not just individual citizens, but members of Congress, members of Parliaments
    around the world, members of leaders of the world, everything. You get as much data as you can oneverybody in the planet
    that gives you power over everyone. It's a straightforward totalitarian process, which is why I left NSA, why I kept
    saying that that's what it is since the beginning of going public in 2011. It's a totalitarian state process. We are
    moving to a police state.



    MH: So Bill, this is morphing into a very interesting situation, because these spying programs from October 2001 were
    picking up everything that everybody did and said and throughout that period of time it is suspected that some very
    substantial financial crimes were being committed. For example on Wall Street, the bankers were thought to have been
    involved in naked short-selling, which is selling shares that do not exist, and in money laundering, but there has never
    been any proof so this is a stunning realization that indeed there is proof if that happened, and that it is being held
    right now in the NSA programs that you created.

    BB: Well, it's in the storage that's associated with them. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's right in in for example the Utah
    facility at the at the you know the million square foot storage facility to go out there they also have a 600,000 square
    foot facility built down in San Antonio, and they got the major computer centers and in computer buildings here on Fort
    Meade and lots of storage at NSA and also in Denver and various other places around the world. So in a distributed
    network, they've got a lot more storage than anybody really realizes.

    MH: And it's all been stored on everyone since October 2001?

    BB: Yup, and actually even some people, even before that.

    MH: And some people even before that.

    BB: Right.

    MH: And I know that you have said that you carry a sense of responsibility over creating the programs that you intended
    to protect our country but that were turned and used against the American people, but from what you're saying there's a
    very ironic twist to this because these same programs that were spying on everyone may have been secretly recording some
    massive criminal behavior, because it is estimated at about 100 trillion dollars that belong to the American public
    disappeared on Wall Street.

    BB: Well I mean it's uh all of that should be recorded too. You know all the transfers, everything.

    MH: This is, this has, it has almost a Shakespearean twist to it, because this massive amount of money that came up
    missing and left so many people completely devastated with no idea of what happened, so to find out now that all of that
    activity was being spied on and these criminals didn't know that they too were being spied on, so what would it take for
    you to tap into these programs and pull out that information?

    BB: Well you'd start with the social networks built by NSA over the last ten to thirty years which all of that is
    handled and compiled they're in form of a graphing routine or graphing programs. And so what you would do is need a seed
    there and all you do is use that seed and pull out all that data and information which is also indexed to the content
    and databases and you can pull out all of that content and immediately start analyzing who's involved in what and every
    activity of all humans on the planet is recorded there in that form so you just pick what form do you want? Do you want
    dope smuggling? Do you want money-laundering? Do you want, what do you want? It's all recorded and graphed.

    MH: So all of that activity on Wall Street say in 2008 when all those banks fell and all that money disappeared all,
    everything they were doing, is recorded in those programs.

    BB: Yeah, it's in the form of bank transfers [...] you know that kind of thing.

    MH: So you can go back and find out where all that money went.

    BB: Yup, yup.

    MH: This is just so stunning as an American citizen because honestly we thought, I'm sure the majority of the public
    thought, that money was just all gone, there was no proof of who did what or where it went or what happened and it's
    just gone but that's not the case.

    BB: Nope, no I mean the evidence is still there in one form or another, in one department of the US government or
    another one or in all of them put together, maybe, they just don't know they've got it, because they got too much data
    they can't see it.

    MH: So if it's in within those programs and these are the ones that you built, so you know how to pull out that

    BB: Yeah, the devices they're using to take down and collect data off the fiber network will take down the entire fiber,
    everything on the fiber, so it's not a question of you know whether it was banking data, phone calls, emails, chatter,
    you know, surfing, whatever, the web, all of that's in the fiber, and all of that is taken down by these devices and put
    into storage. You know it's just a, and by the way there's no dark fiber. All the fiber contains light all the light is
    reconstructed into data, so there is no dark fiber.

    MH: What is dark fiber, Bill?

    BB: Well, people refer to dark fibers, things on the web that people don't know are there, so it's like a dark, they
    call it the dark, the dark web or the dark fiber. It's actually just not indexed by Google or Yahoo or somebody, you

    MH: But it's in your program?

    BB: Yes. Because all of the data, whether you call it dark fiber or not, is transmitted along the fibers, in the form of
    light and that is all all the light is transformed into data and stored, so it's not a question of dark or not dark,
    it's all stored.

    MH: I'm telling you this is just a stunning revelation so I'm going to nutshell this one more time just for myself and
    for everyone else what you're saying to us is that from October 2001 until now everything everyone has done has been
    spied upon and is held within programs, the programs that you created that are still utilized by the NSA, and that you
    yourself have the power to go in and pull out that information and see what's going on. Bill would this take years?

    BB: No, it's very short a matter of time. As long as you had the seed that's all you'd need. You know, some indication
    that one person was involved in an activity. That would be enough.

    MH: Oh, the seed meaning the suspicion.

    BB: Right. That's right. Otherwise we could simply graph all transfers of funds of any significant size or of all sizes
    you know, whatever the amount was transferred, we could graph and build a relationship that way and use software to kind
    of sort out what looked suspicious and what didn't.

    MH: Who would have to bring you in? Would it be the President to actually go in to the programs? Who do you need
    permission from at this point?

    BB: I would think there would have to be a a White House directed initiative because the bureaucrats and all the
    agencies would resist it in any way they possibly could. This is the way these bureaucrats operate. You know they make
    it look so make it they make a problem difficult to achieve, you know to solve so you have to anticipate that that would
    be the case, and you have to have the power and authority to push them out of the way, okay?



    MH: Is there anything that I haven't asked that you would like to add to this particular topic?

    BB: Just you know the affidavits of judges in the courts or she appear to be trying to keep this information from being
    testified in federal court I mean there in the public it's in the open and it's documented you know and so in the case
    of Roger stone and the case of general Flynn they didn't seem to appear to care to have the truth about Russia gate and
    read into their court so to me that smacks of the courts a part of this process you know that just smells that they're
    involved in this also and they want to keep it out of sight out of mind you know and that these judges are also involved
    in that.

    MH: It's just so important for the American people as a whole in the whole world as a whole but our country right now is
    so divided and again as I mentioned about you know half of our country still thinks that the president is a terrible
    person and that all of this really happened and he got away with you knows and then the wall street criminality that
    just the things that have been just despicable happening in this bill by people that did it because they were trusted
    and that's the truth and did it because they were trusted and you your revelation that the very programs again it's like
    a Shakespearean twist the very programs that were taken to be used against everyone in spy on everyone picked up
    everything including some things that people didn't realize they were being spied upon doing.

    BB: yeah that's and that's why they remove the auditing routine on the end of our software so that they couldn't be
    audited see but the information is still there. So all we'd have to do is have that audit routine and then go in and and
    we could do all of this stuff with very little very little effort.
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