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Thread: My Operation Conducted By Aliens

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    Default My Operation Conducted By Aliens

    Hi, One of my experience back in the day.


    Back home in the UK, in my little cottage with my baby boy. I Just put him down for a nap and I was pottering around when I developed a severe pain in the tummy. I went down like a bang of potatoes. I couldn't stand, the pain was so painful I thought I was dying. All I kept thinking of was my son and who would love him and care for him if I'm not here. After a few minutes, the pain went away, as quickly as it came on. However, I contacted my doctors to book an appointment to check what was going on. My doctor examined me and my tummy was tender, so he sent me for an endoscopy, which is where they send a camera down your throat to have a look at what is going on.

    A week before my endoscopy, I had an amazing experience which Ill never forget. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt a presence in my room. I slowing shrugged it off and started to fall back to sleep. However, I became aware of three child like alien beings on my bed. I didn't feel scared and I stood up and I held hands with two of them, one on one side of me and the other two aliens on the other side of me. My bedroom wall then started to spin and turned into a porthole and all four of us walked through. We came to an massive room, with lines of computers and a large computer screen on the main wall, very much set up like a NASA mission control centre, but instead of humans at each computer there were aliens. The room was white, everything was white and on the large screen on the main wall there was a famous male celebrity and I knew they were studying this male celebrity. I then looked down at the aliens that I was with and instantly knew that these three little guys were also studying me and that they knew far more about me then I did about myself. They had been studying me right from the beginning of my life on Earth.

    My next scene I remember I was lying on a medical bed and there was another alien, which looked exactly like the child like aliens but she was tall and adult like. I knew she was female and she spoke to me using telepathy. She started the operation and I started to scream and I mean scream and she stopped what she was doing and told me off in a very stern way. She said the pain wasn't real and that I actually cant feel anything and to be quite. I did what she asked. She pulled two worm like creatures out of my tummy, they wiggled and looked very much alive. I was shocked at what came out of me and disgusted. She said there was one left in my tummy, but for some reason she left it in there.

    The last scene I remember was being outside, sitting at a table with the three child like aliens having a cup of coffee. There were aliens walking to what seemed like work and I was drinking coffee. I found it hilariously that they also had coffee and drank it like us humans. What I also found strange that even though I was the only human there that I could see, no one gave me a second glance, it must of been common for them to see humans I suppose.

    I went for my endoscopy a week later at my local hospital and they just found inflammation of the stomach. However, I feel that these beings helped me in someway and maybe even healed my stomach. I'm not 100% sure, but that is my conclusion at the moment.

    Even though this was my first conscious memory of being invited to an alien world , I feel I must of been there many times before. I'm not sure why I was allowed to remember that experience, maybe to help with the healing process. I would love to know what those worm like creatures were and how they got into my stomach. The worm like creatures they extracted from me reminds me of the scene in the first Matrix movie which I find interesting.

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    Default Re: My Operation Conducted By Aliens

    Hi Chillax, thanks for sharing. It sounds like you had interactions with tall and short greys. These aliens are notorious for inflicting pain and suffering on abductees and planting false memories in their victims. I believe how it goes is their first line of covering their tracks is inducing amnesia, then planting false memories, then deeply seeded fears. You can apparently work through this to the truth with help. And indeed, these aliens have probably been following you since birth, and quite likely through past lives. TrumanCash has interesting research on this topic.

    For instance, I wouldn't believe for one minute that they are your pals. Why would the surgeon leave a parasite in your belly unless they are using it to control you. Secondly, grays don't drink coffee, that, I believe is an example of a memory plant to make you feel comfortable. Abductees consistently refer to them as cold, cruel and heartless.

    I have one conscious experience with a bluish gray. I woke up while feeling excruciating pain in my left knee to see this gray jabbing something in down there, when it noticed me being awake it squealed, leaned forward and I went unconscious. I woke the next morning seeing triangular scars on my legs (still there) and needle hole scars on my genitals.

    I think that these loathsome creatures have a very high tech but very draconian morality. It appears we are used as a gene pool and possibly worse. I don't know how to defend from them, but resisting them is the best option.
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    Default Re: My Operation Conducted By Aliens

    During my college years, I dropped out of school on two occasions and returned to live with my parents while working full time to earn money for college.

    One night I awoke suddenly and sat up in bed to see someone at the foot of my bed.After a few seconds, I laid back down and went back to sleep. After thinking about it the next day, I realized that while I was sleeping on the top bunk of bunk beds for me to see this person at the foot of my bed, they wold have to be eight (8) foot tall or floating in the air.

    Also, I can't explain why I just went back to sleep.

    I have no memory of anything else happening that night, but that event still puzzles me.

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    Default Re: My Operation Conducted By Aliens

    Once observed through the wonderful clarity of binoculars what looked to be an open area of a deck of a large craft that had the ability be stealthy in seconds. At least 4-6 small beings moved in unison to another area of the deck, they dressed in dark nondescript clothing. They seemed to move as a group and be extremely fast. They moved faster than humans could move, it seemed like they phased into solid form from one position and moved quickly to another and back again and disappearing again just as fast. Also observed and filmed in what can be described as a light energy body that also solidified into something that was transparent but also moved at incredible speed. In my early filming days missed many clues because of the speed they happened at, in fact many of the recent uploads are analysis slowed down to reveal the clues. Of all the UFO related cases followed I have not heard of anyone else describing of testifying about fast speed... maybe someone else knows??? But do believe others have observed these types of visitors.

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