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Thread: Iran just Accused the West of Engineering Drought for the 2nd Time

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    Default Iran just Accused the West of Engineering Drought for the 2nd Time

    Markab Algedi
    Jul 5, 2018

    (dynamo says" more pics and tweets in the original article from here: https://themindunleashed.com/2018/07...-2nd-time.html ")

    Iran Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, the man in charge of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization recently came out and openly said Iran’s clouds were being “stolen” by Israel and another nation in the region.
    He said that they were altering the clouds before they pass over Iran.
    (Image credit: Metro)

    He described the exact same thing that others in America, specifically California have observed about drought: the skies are sprayed, and then the rain doesn’t fall.
    Photographic evidence can easily verify that the skies are sprayed over Israel and Turkey, and if they tested the rain like independent researchers did in California, they would probably find the signature geoengineering materials aluminum, barium, and strontium, like California.

    Photographic evidence of stratospheric aerosol injection above Israel (Image credit: youtube)

    For years, Iranian leaders have been painting a picture of geoengineering over the Mediterranean. They have described technology being used to make the rain clouds passing over Iran not fall. They seem to be describing a situation in which the skies are sprayed just West of Iran over the Mediterranean, and then the rain does not fall in Iran, until it skips the country and rains or snows further East.
    People who know about geoengineering, sprayed skies, and drought don’t find this description to be difficult to understand. In contrast, this is how the mainstream is reporting on it.
    At a conference, the general said “The changing climate in Iran is suspect. Foreign interference is suspected to have played a role in climate change.”
    He went on to say that a scientific study in Iran was performed, and it confirmed the claims made by Iranians, including former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2012.

    Former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Image credit: breakingisraelnews)

    Will this study be released to the public outside of Iran? People aware of sprayed skies and geoengineering can only hope that it is released.
    “Israel and another country in the region have joint teams which work to ensure clouds entering Iranian skies are unable to release rain,” the general continued.
    “On top of that, we are facing the issue of cloud and snow theft,” the general continued. He cited a survey which shows that above 2,200 meters, all nearby mountainous areas between the Mediterranean and Afghanistan are covered by snow, except Iran.

    The tabloid mainstream media were the primary ones in the West to pick this story up. If they belittle it, you know it’s probably striking a nerve.

    A Metro article from the UK found an Iranian meteorological service figure to counter the claims. “Iran has suffered a prolonged drought, and this is a global trend that does not apply only to Iran,” the head of Iran’s meteorological service Ahad Vazife said.
    Yeah, and the Iranian scientists and government officials are boldly not backing down when it comes to figuring out why it’s a “global trend.” It’s a global trend because in certain areas, spraying and weather modification seems to be happening, on every continent. Iran has obviously been hit much worse.
    Dried riverbed of Zayandeh river with Khaju Bridge in background, Isfahan Iran. (Image credit: ft)

    North Korea also just happens to be facing several year long, terrible drought.
    This issue goes so much deeper than the drought in Iran, or the drought in California: that is, the issue of the skies being secretly sprayed with aluminum to modify the weather, or even openly sprayed with aluminum as part of a public relations campaign to “stop global warming” with ulterior motives.

    (Image credit: University of Leeds)

    Persia, in modern times known as Iran, has been the number one enemy of Western power since the birth of Western civilization. The longest conflict in world history, at least recorded history was between various Roman and Persian empires, and due to Persia’s protection provided by the mountainous region of Afghanistan and several other factors, it has remained unconquerable yet.
    Many understand that drought is being caused in locations around the world with the spraying of the skies, and as it seems, facilities on the ground that beam a type of electromagnetic current through the stratosphere to guide weather systems, or make rain not fall in a particular area.
    Those who have diligently studied the skies being sprayed over them, and the things that happened in their area after that, all notice that drought immediately follows a period of time where spraying is increased.
    You can smell it, you can test the rain and find the known, proven components of geoengineering material, aluminum, barium, strontium, and the evidence can be examined closely here in this free PDF version of a book critical to this issue.

    However if you’re skeptical of this being real, please do keep reading and if you care to do so, research all of this. Check the evidence for the existence of this entire field of science, geoengineering, in this book and check those sources.
    This may become one of the worst problems of our time in the next several decades. For the next several decades, our health may decline worse and worse as governments start to spray whatever they want on us, in addition to the geoengineering materials.
    (Image credit: SS)

    Being as real as I possibly can writing this, I just hope people see this situation for what it is as soon as possible.
    We’re being sprayed. Every day you can smell it on your clothing when you go inside, difficult to smell while it’s in the air, but easy to smell once a person who has been outside enters the room covered in it and there is contrast between the odors.

    What you’re smelling on people when they come inside, the stuff that smells like a mix between a wet dog and an aluminum welding shop, or a plastic slide at a playground, a static electricity or plasticky type smell: that’s aluminum and barium mostly, and a few other things. It’s being sprayed in the US, across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, Oceania, it’s global.

    Some find it difficult to believe something can be sprayed on such a massive level. A nuclear physicist in San Diego believes they may produce the material to spray from coal fly ash, an abundant waste product.
    Weather modification seems to be the entire reason why so much talk of global warming remains in the media, and under the guise of stopping global warming, scientists (and the ex-CIA director and others) are trying to raise public support for openly spraying the skies with aluminum to “reflect the light back into space.”

    For over a year, we’ve been writing articles about how Harvard scientists were about to spray the sky in Arizona as part of a geoengineering “test,” as if they aren’t already spraying, to justify a paradigm of weather warfare under “stopping global warming.”
    Now the study is being performed in Arizona. They’re inching closer to openly spraying the skies every day, with greater quantities of aluminum and toxic materials than right now.
    (Image credit: harvard)

    Truth is, they don’t want to reflect light and cool the planet by spraying the stratosphere with aluminum, they want to openly do what they’ve already been doing for about 2 decades constantly.
    They want to alter the weather across the entire planet with sprayed aerosols and ground based technology, letting rain and drought hit whichever regions they prefer, while everybody believes it’s some altruistic necessity to protect us from global warming.
    (Image credit: phys)

    The above diagram claims that aerosol sprayed into the stratosphere will not fall onto clouds. How would it stay up there? We can already clearly observe it falling down after being sprayed, clearly smell it, clearly experience symptoms from it after it falls down, and we can see it mix with the clouds and cause rain to not fall.
    Within a few decades, our children might be growing up with an outlook that if we don’t have the skies sprayed every day, the world will end due to climate change.
    In a few decades, people could easily be in a state of fear to where they don’t even want the spraying to stop, because they’ve been so indoctrinated and manipulated into believing we need sprayed skies.
    Please share this with as many people as possible.

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