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Thread: Understanding UN population Migration Agenda

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    Default Understanding UN population Migration Agenda

    The first half of the video touches upon the issue of 'sovereign' Nations being coerced by supra-national institutions into signing up for The Global Compact for Migration:

    Quote What are the aims of the Global Compact for Migration?

    The Global Compact is framed consistent with target 10.7 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in which Member States committed to cooperate internationally to facilitate safe, orderly and regular migration and its scope is defined in Annex II of the New York Declaration. It is intended to:

    address all aspects of international migration, including the humanitarian, developmental, human rights-related and other aspects;

    make an important contribution to global governance and enhance coordination on international migration;

    present a framework for comprehensive international cooperation on migrants and human mobility;

    set out a range of actionable commitments, means of implementation and a framework for follow-up and review among Member States regarding international migration in all its dimensions;

    be guided by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda;

    and be informed by the Declaration of the 2013 High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development.

    Allegedly, certain French Generals are saying that Macron's ratification of this is an act of treachery.

    What do we think? Is this more right wing alarmism? Should we not respect the Human Rights of ALL migrants?

    Many on Project Avalon will have detailed perspectives and well-researched positions on this....

    My take is that fundamentally this compact is yet another example of a power grab, whereby these supra-national institutions seek to assert ever more legal power and control over the Nations.

    The problem with the idea of eroding the sovereignty of the nation state is that it effectively erodes the sovereignty of the people within that Nation state. Their control over their own human rights-what happens to them, and whether they can facilitate improvement. IT IS UP TO THE PEOPLE TO DECIDE TO WHAT DEGREE THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THEIR NATIONAL INSTITUTIONS IS HANDED TO OTHER INSTITUTIONS.

    Collectivising the power/sovereignty of multiple Nation States is not inherently undemocratic, but for concerned voters, the question has to be HOW DEMOCRATICALLY ACCOUNTABLE ARE THE NEW INSTITUTIONS.

    And there's the rub (for a paranoid person) We repeatedly see our elected leaders cosying up to these groupings (EU, UN, Multinational Companies, IMF, Bilderberg, etc) without bothering to get any democratic mandate. They do it because they know that it is unlikely , after open debate, that such a mandate would be given.

    Migration, yes, but subject to transparent control from the electors in recipient countries!
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    we have subcontracted the business of healing people to Companies who profit from sickness.

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    Default Re: Understanding UN population Migration Agenda

    When ICD-10 medical coding was to be implemented which included even greater details (specificity) of who, what, where, when type of data details of inpatient and outpatient diseases, illnesses, and injuries, there are certain people-groups whose birth defects, and short life-span of females, was going to be too detailed in medical documents with such precision that dirty secrets being kept to hide the reasons for these early deaths, and vast deformities would be impossible to hide.

    The reason for the increased detail of the ICD-10 coding over the earlier ICD-9 coding was not for the purpose of revealing a nations embarassments, but it was designed to help universalize medical coding and find epidemic trends sooner, and for preventive care. I personally don't think some of the added details of ICD-10 are necessary. But some groups take it personally, in my estimation, and here is why:

    A. inbreeding has been causing horrific numbers of miscarriages, infant mortality, and extreme birth defects
    B. wife-beating, and child brutality gives way to earlier death, and illnesses
    C. bigomy and child molestation which are both smiled upon in some cults cause inbreeding defects

    In orchestrated panicky-looking immigration out of specific countries known for inbreeding and brutality toward women, into Western nations where infant birth defects is near non-existent, these immigrants wish to hide, by dispersal, how their religious beliefs CREATE their illnesses.

    In fact, this same people-group have a historic and cultural way of hiding these defects: They steal children from other countries, they steal human eggs, and human embryos, and are currently trafficking these stolen human fetuses from teens, and women. Women and young females have been abducted, and their eggs harvested for implantation into these sickly and deformed Koranic females, to raise as their own. This new supplement of DNA into their family will quickly become inbred as well, and further abduction and stealing of eggs will have to take place in order to resupplement. An endless predatory cycle which they have been practicing, and apparently don't regard as unethical.

    This has been going on for decades, even hundreds of years, and even thousands of years by inbreeds as the natural progression of inbreeding requires supplementation of outside DNA in order to survive. It is the most cannabilistic predatory thing that any human can ever do to another.

    HISTORY: The first documentation is in the Bible, and it happens in Babylonian countries over and over as historically documented in the Bible the Babylonians would steal the brightest and healthiest Jewish children.

    CURRENT EXAMPLES: We have so many current examples within our own time: Recall from this past decade how many times Islamic gangs raid whole school-busses of little African schoolgirls to supplement themselves with DNA outside their own group. Again and again hundreds at a time.

    HERE AND NOW: Is Western Europe immune to these abduction raids? It is already happening.....it is simply done more covertly. One way is the stealing of fetuses from abortion clinics, unwanted forced abortion of abducted pregnant females in their first-term, home-invasions into newly pregnant women's homes and the taking out of tiny embryos and implantation into their own females, drugging junior high girls with human chorionic hormones and subsequent harvesting of 20-30 eggs at a time with noone's knowledge in just a few hours of time with her remembering nothing while she was supposed to be at the park. It is happening. It is being done guerilla-style, as the monstrousness of the crime is in order to hide the monstrousness of a self-destructive religion.

    The percentages and numbers of inbreeding deaths and defects seen in certain religious cults which inbreed have only been seen in those vast numbers and horrific percentages on small islands which were isolated and remote. That was a locational situation which forced a result that otherwise would not have occurred, as natural human instincts are repelled by the concept of inbreeding, and once inbreeding has happened and begins causing the first signs of DNA deterioration and distortion would sensibly and logically cease the activity or outlaw it. But why have some refused to embrace what is humanly sane, what is healthy? Why do they continue a self-destructive breeding path? Why do they fearlessly rape while on live camera on Facebook and Youtube? Were those rapists actually impregnating for the purpose of harvesting an embryo? It is being done in that very way. I have seen it. It has been done to me.
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