All this courageous German TV journalist did was to sit quietly and allow her guest to speak critically of mass migration policy without interrupting him, and there was a huge positive response from the German people.

Her corporate handlers, however, were very upset by the ordeal, and reprimanded her for not interrupting the guest to insert the party ideology into the discussion.

Here is her experience of it in her own words:

The takeaway here is that people crave free, uncensored expression. The media and the government do not need to treat everyone like babies who need their information filtered to them in order to make the correct decisions. Simply allowing freedom of expression and debate is enough for responsible adults to make the right decision. Those who don't believe this, don't seem to have any real faith in humanity, and are at any rate setting themselves up into a very ideologically totalitarian position that can only cause massive resentment and backfire on them.

This comes after Der Spiegel recently admitted that one of its award-winning journalists had been fabricating propaganda stories for years.