There have been occasional reports of Erik and his Boys working for the Chinese over the last few years .

Busy guy , particularly as he has a reputed minimum 300 actively 'supporting' The Trump .

And we think we know that he recruits heavily from Africa to have them trained outside Grozny in Chechnya , before they are mainly shipped back into African hot spots and US development countries .

And , believe it or not , they had a special forces international competition in Jordan in 2014. The Russian team won and the American team were not even in the top 20 ( !! ) '
Chechnya and Jordan ? You could not make up such stuff .

And what was the full list of competing teams ? Who paid ? etc

It seems remarkable that there are now International training centres across the globe .

And though it is a subject rarely touched on by the CIA ( sorry , MSM ) it is as though a

large number of countries are almost working as one company with big money no doubt involved .

So how does this apparent picture match up with the other one floated by many ?

That Trump and other good guys ( wherever they may be and whoever they are ) are

trying to overthrow bad guys who have these labels , among others --- Globalists ,

Shadow Governments , Elite , Illuminati , New World Order .

Are they playing us all for fools , and in case we become too interested in their games , they create deflections and distractions like QAnon and Pelosi to name but a dozen different cartoon characters ?