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Thread: Russian General: Secret Tech, Antarctica, “Escape” of Hitler, book translation summary

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    Default Russian General: Secret Tech, Antarctica, “Escape” of Hitler, book translation summary

    Top General Leonid Ivashov Reveals Russian Intelligence Documents: Secret Technology, Antarctica & the “Escape” of Hitler.

    This IMO is one of the most important books that sheds light on this subject with supportive evidence that I haven’t seen with other ‘claimed’ material.

    This is a summary translation of Russian to English. There is no translation of this book in the west and only one short interview. I have left out details of relationships with some of the people in it with a goal to reveal the most important parts of his book.

    Leonid Ivashov, one of the best-known geopolitical commentators in Russia. Ivashov is a former four-star general of the Soviet and Russian military and has filled high-level positions in the Russian military command.

    At this time, he is the president of the Russian Academy for the Study of Geopolitical Problems. Ivashov is the author of several books, including his autobiography entitled “I am proud to be a Russian general” and a book on the last Soviet defence minister, Marshal Dmitry Yazov and the abortive putsch against the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in August 1991.

    Ivashov’s latest and most mysterious and controversial book in Russian entitled “The Inverted World: The Secrets of the Past and the Enigmas of the Present” and subtitled “What is Hidden in the Secret Archives of the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs (NKVD), the [Nazi secret society] Ahnenerbe, and the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht.” This book was published in early 2017. See Ref. A.

    Ivashov’s main thesis is the strong link of the political ruling elite and esotericism for secret ancient knowledge. This is kept away from the public eye and only a very few ever get a chance to witness the archival evidence to prove its existence. This is exactly what Ivashov claims is in his book. His book claims secret documents of the 1930s of the secret ministry of internal affairs later becoming the KGB.

    In addition to the documents of the Nazis secret society Ahnenerbe and the Wehrmacht supreme command that the Soviets had retrieved in Berlin at the end of WW2. Most specifically Ivashov argues the following:

    Hitler’s Nazi regime was interested in obtaining secret Tibetan knowledge about the existence of ancient civilizations – including a civilization hidden under the ice of Antarctica.

    The Nazis got what they wanted by paying millions of Deutschmarks to the high level soviet intelligence agent Yakov Blumkin. Blumkin was sent to Tibet by the Soviets, befriending the Tibetan lamas to obtain information hidden for centuries. Based on a certain defeat at the end of WW2, the Nazis used this information to relocate there personnel, resources to Neu-Schwabenland in Antarctica.

    Hitler did not die in Berlin in April 1945, but was relocated as well. All subsequent pursuits of the Nazis submarines by the Allies were unsuccessful.

    Ivashov has backed up this archival evidence. In examining the evidence, Ivashov first became aware of the falsities of the official historical accounts was when as an officer to the staff of the Defence Minister Dmitri Ustinov. During the late 1970s Ivashov was asked by the director of the Soviet History Museum to obtain the permission from the Minister to allow the skeleton remains of Hitler and Braun to be examined. This was when the Soviet Army in May 1945 were to display them in an exhibition celebrating the Soviet WW2 victory.

    Ustinov refused to give his permission, when confidentially asked why, "those skeleton remains are not Hitler or Braun’s". Soviets have no proof that Hitler and Braun died in Berlin in April 1945. The recent DNA analysis was known by the Soviet leadership, but not the public.

    Ivashov provides authentic documents showing the Russian secret intelligence report to Stalin. Some months later in 1945, Stalin signs off a document commanding worldwide soviet intelligence to search for Hitler knowing that there was no proof of his death.

    Interestingly enough, the intense atmosphere of the putsch in 1991 in particular Israel intelligence behind an organization paying off key figures because of the interest in these valuable archives of the secret department of OGPU, an earlier agency of KGB . The OGPU was the super secret department of the Russian secret police, dealt with the study of esotericism, Tibetan mysticism, parapsychology and altered states of consciousness. See ref. B. All the documents were relocated before any foreign interests got hold of them. This was supervised by Yevgeny Tuchkov. This old documented information had previously leaked to the west during the 1930s through Trotsky’s connections and was now a subject of intense interest linked to the western intelligences. KGB officers friends of Ivashov provided additional information.

    Blumkin was paid 2.5 million Deutschmarks during the 1920s by German intelligence to provide documentation and maps from Tibet. Blumkin was caught by the Soviets and interrogated in 1929. The interrogation dossier had a specific question for Blumkin from his interrogator. What did he learn in Tibet. The answer received and documented in the dossier described “hyper technology which was hidden under the ice of Antarctica”. “An underwater city which was left behind by an ancient civilization from thousands of years ago. The technologies are inaccessible from our every day understanding of life. Their exists flying objects which can fly noiselessly with extremely high speed and weapons that can destroy big cities in seconds”. The document is initialled by Blumkin and a signature by the main interrogator Leonid Chekhov. Copies were sent to the top Politburo leadership according to Ivashov. The intelligence document also showed that Blumkin had passed the intelligence information to the Germans.

    Ivashov shows that the Germans organized three expeditions to Tibet. Ivashov also shows retrieved German documents of 20th January,1940 expedition to Antarctica with the discovery of the underwater territory with references to the internal Sun. Hitler previously had claimed this territory called Neu-Schwaben land. The documents showed a secret mission of five thousand volunteers were sent to make preparations before establishing the new territory.

    Ivashov insists of the authenticity of the documents. Although the Germans had access to the designs of the flying objects, they were not able to develop them to be used as weapons against the Soviets and American armies during WW2. Ivashov does state that the Nazis tried to use a similar technology as an observation satellite during the Soviet battle of 1943.

    Russian submarines in November and December 1945 were attacked by unknown types of objects and had to turn back. Ivashov is not allowed to name names that took part in the expedition as the personnel swore to secrecy. Russian intelligent officer Pavel Pippin had chronicled documentation of hundreds of Germans established on South Shetland Islands with a German Governor heading the German population of South Orkney Island. Additional islands were populated in the south Pacific Ocean near to Antarctica.

    Ref. A.
    Publisher: Knizhnyi mir (2016)
    Language: Russian
    ISBN-10: 5804108026
    ISBN-13: 978-5804108022

    Ref. B. The Joint State Political Directorate (also translated as the All-Union State Political Administration and Unified State Political Directorate) was the secret police of the Soviet Union from 1923 to 1934. Its official name was "Joint State Political Directorate under the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR" (Russian: Объединённое государственное политическое управление при СНК СССР), Obyedinyonnoye gosudarstvennoye politicheskoye upravleniye pri SNK SSSR, or ОГПУ (OGPU).

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