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Thread: Mario Buildreps - Antiquity Reborn

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    Default Mario Buildreps - Antiquity Reborn

    I read an interesting article Seven or more human types inhabited the planet before homo sapienson SOTT (from Discover magazine). In the comments, I read about a researcher Mario Buildreps
    Antiquity Reborn
    Mathematical Holistic Orientation-based Dating Method

    I think his ideas warrant a new thread. Below is the Discover article which highlights the long history of a Variety of hominids on earth for long periods of time. Then I will post videos from Mario Buildreps.

    Quote Seven or more human types inhabited the planet before homo sapiens
    Bridget Alex
    Discover Magazine
    Mon, 08 Jul 2019 13:12 UTC

    Cave Painting
    © Jannarong/Shutterstock
    Long before this cave painting was made, our ancestors met and interacted with multiple types of ancient human.
    For the past ~40,000 years, Homo sapiens — modern humans — has been the only Homo species on Earth. But for most of our history, there were close evolutionary cousins of ours, human but not quite like us, coexisting and evolving at the same time in different regions.

    Some of our now-extinct relatives, such as the Neanderthals, are well known. Others, like the recently-discovered Denisovans or Homo naledi have hardly made it into textbooks yet. And hints of even more human forms have been found in incomplete fossils and genetic patterns, although these relatives are poorly understood. Modern humans were just one of many variations on the Homo theme.

    Now, as cutting-edge techniques uncover new evidence and reassess old finds, we're closer to knowing how many types of humans coexisted with our ancestors

    Making the Count

    It's well-established that modern humans mingled with Neanderthals and Denisovans. DNA convincingly shows the three lineages interbred in every combo: modern human/Neanderthal, modern human/Denisovan and Neanderthal/Denisovan. And if anthropologists' interpretations are correct, we also shared the planet with Homo floresiensis, H. nalediand H. luzonensis as well as perhaps some late-surviving H. erectus. Fossils of Homo sapiens and these species overlap in time, but were geographically separated by vast distances. It's unclear if our ancestors actually set eyes on them. Lastly, genetic patterns suggest a few more lineages in the mix (here, here), which have not yet been linked to physical fossils. For now, they're known as ghost populations.

    That brings us to seven or more types of humans since the dawn of our species, some 300,000 years ago. As a matter of convention, I refer to all Homo species as humans.

    Now, some caveats.

    I'm confident that number will increase in the coming years. Denisovans, H. nalediand H. luzonensis were just unveiled this decade, thanks to new excavations and — in the case of Denisovans — ancient DNA (aDNA). This relatively new technology has tremendous potential for discovering extinct lineages. In the past, anthropologists would debate if a toe bone or tooth looked similar enough to our own to be one of us. But a DNA can place fossils firmly on the evolutionary tree. For instance, the first Denisovan find was a mere pinky bone. No one would have guessed that unassuming fossil came from a previously-unknown branch of human evolution. But that's where its DNA landed: on a lineage that diverged from modern humans over 520,000 years ago and then from Neanderthals roughly 400,000 years ago.

    Next, I'm counting Homo varieties that inhabited Earth after the time when Homo sapiens actually became a species. The earliest bones widely accepted as members of our species date to 315,000 years ago from Jebel Irhoud, Morocco. The next-oldest come from the Ethiopian sites of Herto and Omo Kibish at 160,000 and 195,000 years ago, respectively. Consistent with genetic studies that estimate when all living people shared ancestors, ~300,000 is a solid back-of-the-envelope start date for our species (if, like me, you make evolutionary timelines on scraps of paper).

    Before Humans

    But human origins began long before modern humans. The ancestors of chimpanzees and humans parted ways over 6 million years ago. Since then, the branch that modern humans are on has included many species called hominins. Some continued evolving to become present-day people; most went extinct.

    Early hominins, which resembled upright walking apes, included Sahelanthropus, Ardipithecus and Australopiths like the Lucy fossil. By 2.8 million years ago certain hominins had sufficiently large brains and modern-looking anatomies for anthropologists (somewhat arbitrarily) to classify them as members of our genus Homo — or as we call them, humans. For millions of years, Earth sustained numerous coexisting types of hominin, and then human. So the question, "how many contemporaries did we have?" depends on the timeframe.

    Since Homo sapiens emerged, seven or more human types inhabited the planet. Today, we're the only ones left. It's an odd time in human evolution.
    Quote Awordinyourear commented on the article on SOTT

    "look at Mario Buildreps video on the timeline of the orientation of all the ancient sites.

    The logic suggests that genus homo has been making monuments of significance for three hundred thousand years. Although modern dogma disagrees strongly with crustal displacement theory, as in Hapgood, the evidence clearly is hard to dispute. Mario also points out the event horizon for iron is 1500 yrs and Bronze is 3500 years which is how long these metals take to oxidise to dust. Because it only appears in these time frames we wrongly assume that metals were not worked before these times.

    There is clearly no Stone age, Iron age, Bronze age except in the minds of the dogmatists. Did Neanderthal, or ten feet tall Denisovians provide the muscle, maybe modern homo sap was good at the mining, which is what the gilgamesh legends clearly state. Could we mean Denisovian when we refer to Anunaki giants."
    His research looks at taboo topics including the idea that the earth as a living planet may be expanding?

    The Secret History of the Living Earth

    The Earth Expands While Life Shrinks

    Lost Civilizations: Greenland, the Geo Pole, and Ice Ages (Part I)

    Lost Civilizations: Pyramids, Atlantis, and the Shifting Crust (Part II)

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    Default Re: Mario Buildreps - Antiquity Reborn

    One of the most interesting ideas I have believed in the past is based on pictorial evidence of the way that the continents would fit together like a puzzle on a smaller earth. Also I think it makes sense of the ability for giants to exist (if gravity were diminished). My POV that an expanding earth could well be the case if earth is a living organism herself and also if matter actually is derived form energy in an inexhaustable manner? I want to add a video here that is good and from 1982

    PA has at least 5 threads concerning the expanding earth theory. There is very interesting discussion there The last post I could find had this interesting experiment

    Expanding Earth and Pangea Experiment (real 3D Globe)

    Quote The Growing Earth Model by Mario Buildreps

    We are working on a model that merges the growing Earth hypothesis with our own hypothesis and method. We have found encouraging correspondencies but we are still finalizing our own details. We are reviewing the works of Samual Carey, James Maxlow, Jan Koziar, Klaus Vogel, Hugh Owen, and others. Their work is original, profound, and easily verifiable to be 100% true.

    Academia remains unconvinced and prefers to stay in its parallel fantasy world of papers, fundings, and careers. Contemporary scientists say that there is no evidence for a growing Earth, hence no evidence for a lower gravity in the past. The evidence is in fact so overwhelming that it is next to impossible to claim that there is no evidence for a growing or expanding Earth. The fact is this: the Earth is inexorably moving away from its birthplace, the sun, and in doing so, it grows.

    Our research results are intriguing. We have found proof that our ancient history is far older than scholars claim. But we have also found proof that the Earth, as we know it today, is far younger than geologists believe.

    Expansion is not Constant
    NASA’s observations that the Earth grows at a rate of about 0.1 mm per year seems unquestionable. This growth is measured by using all kinds of advanced techniques like: satellite laser ranging, very-long baseline interferometry, and GPS. The Earth’s radius is not really growing over a period of two decades. This might appear correct, at least for now.

    The very limited time frame that scientists had to measure a possible expansion was too short to draw conclusions from. Extrapolations based on too less data or too short time frames are not very scientific. The Earth has periods of tranquility, and has periods of severe changes which are caused by growing pains in combination with a high eccentric orbit around the Sun. During these periods of turmoil grows the Earth at a rate of a few meters per year, while in periods of tranquility and blossom everything seems to be stable as ever. Nothing is more untrue.

    We cannot extrapolate these measurements just like that into the future or the past. Especially when we look at the map of Fig. 1, many of us will immediately understand that this has severe consequences for, indeed, a growing Earth.

    The same scientists say that the geographical North pole did not move over the last million years, while we have delivered 100% proof that this assumption is incorrect. The geographic North pole moved significantly while the geographic South pole hardly changed its position. And indeed, Antarctica is as the only continent surrounded by a ring of expansion, suggesting that it has no mechanism to rapidly move its position.

    Expansion is a Fact

    Geological Ideas Are Obsolete
    When we look at the map above there are a few interesting things to discover: colors and stretchmarks. Colors stand for age. The stretchmarks shows us the way back how to join the continental shelves together. In most cases the shelves fit together. That was the original idea in the Pangaea theory. Most people understand intuitively that stretchmark paths do not just result coincidentally into matching continental shelves. The likelihood that this is the right approach, in order to understand a much deeper truth, is very high.

    We also need to join the continental shelves at both sides of the Pacific. Because there is no reason to leave these expansion marks out of the equation. But when we do this the Earth is about 50% smaller. It is easy to understand there was a significant expansion over the last 150 million years, although geology stubbornly denies this. The ideas of geologists and their own data is obviously conflicting. They have a paradigm problem, their believe systems conflicts with the facts. A typical problem that religions also have. Ideas lag behind on facts.

    The Earth expanded from a diameter of about 6,500 km to a diameter of 12,750 km in 150 million years. On a sliding scale that is an average expansion of only 4.25 cm (1.67 inch) per year.

    This expansion is hardly noticeable on a short time scale. And when these growing pains are not constant, but go hand in hand with crustal deformations cycles like we have proven with our method, it is very likely there are cycles of sudden growth.

    More Constructive Zones Than Destructive Zone

    read the rest here

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    Default Re: Mario Buildreps - Antiquity Reborn

    Hi Delight, very interesting.

    I think you could add the web site link:
    I'm a simple easy going guy that is very upset/sad with the worlds hidden controllers!
    We need LEADERS who bat from the HEART!
    Rise up above them Dark evil doers, not within anger but with LOVE

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