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Thread: Wake up or submit.

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    Default Wake up or submit.

    I exercise my freedom of opinion by pointing out that there is always a supranational, worldwide Factual Power, which boldly seeks absolute control of the population. Now fast. Its members no longer hide it. Rather they are proclaiming urbi et orbi, never better said.

    In Chile, the local oligarchy obeys the World Factual Power. He fabricates the distracting story with matters that, although each one in itself is serious enough, pale next to the one that truly that Power is cooking on a global level, where the elite of this long and narrow strip slavishly performs the part of the plan that they have entrusted him, to the great benefit of that handful of fellow citizens and at the cost of a sacrificial zone for the entire nation.

    As Jordan Maxwell said tirelessly, "nothing is as it seems."

    Both in Chile and in Argentina, the loss of modesty of the oppressive elites with respect to their old account of “the left” and “the right” is clearly shown, with pseudo governments that still claim to be from one or another wing of the political party spectrum and that in fact they no longer hide the falsehood of that. The dichotomy that has served the De facto Power or Cabal world for more than two centuries, to do the dirty work of dehumanizing people, keeping them in perpetual confrontation, has ceased to be useful and, therefore, has resolved to show its purpose of centralized domination of the entire population on the surface of the Earth.

    Anyone can realize the little difference between a Bachelet administration and a Piñera administration. The same goes for the Kirchner and Macri in Argentina, where one of the two will continue in the Casa Rosada for at least one more period. The ostensible influence of the UN in both countries to guide two government programs, is noted in their growing homogeneity, regardless of the President on duty. As is happening throughout the West, almost without opposition.

    And in this game of the Cabal participates the complete poster of the political parties in each country, where both play their role in the great game, being functional to each other, as it certainly has always been.

    The Memorandum of Study for National Security No. 200, “Implications of World Population Growth for United States Security and Overseas Interests” or, as it is popularly known, “the Kissinger Report”, written in April 1974 and declassified in 1989, it is perfectly clear to show the purpose of the Cabal, for whose fulfillment it has only a couple of important pitfalls: 1) the healthy Family and 2) the national identity of those who in each country want to preserve the respective idiosyncrasy.

    The 2030 Agenda "for sustainable development" of the UN - for its part - officially unveiled in its final text in 2015, is a work of art of language engineering, which rivals the experts of the Vatican and its latest encyclical, "Laudato si´", also released in 2015, so I can think that they have been written and edited by the same team. Under the orders of the same Power.

    May I ask myself what "Lord" does Bergoglio refer to in his "praise"? It certainly does not refer to Divinity as I conceive it.

    No, if it supports the “global warming” fraud, if it stimulates illegal mass migration, if it promotes the disappearance of the Nation States, if it approves the production of transgenic foods, if, in short, it openly preaches the advent of a single world government , A way of life, ONE education, ONE thought, ONE policy, ONE spirituality after the vague ecumenical efforts of the Vatican, in short ONE single Order ..., obviously controlled by the same Cabal, on the maxim that "unity is superior to conflict ”… of course, but omitting that an imposed unit is the worst of all conflicts.

    This enormous effort of world domination, unprecedented in official history, advances with impetus thanks to its unlimited financial and military power, showing an advanced stage of its dark purpose, in the submission of the Chinese population through its Credit system Social Digital, which assigns a score to each citizen of that country based on their submission to the dictatorial government's rules, even in the simplest daily routine, through the permanent surveillance of each inhabitant, as they seek to do with complete humanity.
    I understand that many people still accept the notion installed by the world De facto Power, that there is "the left" and "the right" as enemy and irreconcilable forces.

    I understand that many believe that the United States is the enemy of Russia and China and of any other country of the "axis of evil."

    But it is not about the United States, or Russia, or China, or Chile, but the Fact Power, Cabal, Deep State or any of the denominations with which that mafia is known, formally represented by the UN. The inhabitants of all countries are equally submitted by their respective governments - except for some exceptions - increasingly controlled by that De facto Power.

    It is imperative that people leave the marasmus. It is necessary that many individuals move in the direction of the community in which we are inserted. It is necessary to wake up and manifest ourselves intelligently, with serenity, assertiveness and poise. Without violence and relentlessly.

    What is at stake is the greatest challenge that Humanity has ever faced.

    Carlos Ramón Silva

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    Default Re: Wake up or submit.

    Absolutely ................. we have a lot to work on and I do see some progress with humanity but after almost 70 years on this planet
    you start to realize and see through delusions of ego, vanity and negative thinking.

    My original quote I said in my 20s under the influence .

    There are many ways of living between the being
    and many ways of being between the living

    Avoid putting the totality of your reality in the finite of an absolute

    The only thing that is absolute is Nothing

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    Default Re: Wake up or submit.

    Brazil is current in alliance with Chile and Argentina. I would like to make some punctual remarks, but wouldn't be relevant.

    West factual Power are splited in two major groups: Environmentalists and Cabal Mafia. The point its that "one lead other" alternatively, and one of them It's less vile. The former controls more territory-population and the latter controls more money, Let's say it, by the way.

    I'm equating this way about West, but when you think about East-West, the game are still the same kind, but in a worse sense.

    Only for reference, the analog half part Environmentalist of the East, claim the control because they are over populated (China-India), and " if the world is a democracy ", they want control the rest. Russia doesn't complain about that.

    Their population is just the large number, and convenently aren't much aware that their hypocritical leaders want to control other populations beyond of theirs. Some laught here it is advisable. To close the whole scenario, The Cabal East would be Russia, but let's go back to the West game, so we don't need describe what each complex one is, to think in a simple BIG two sided strategic game.

    I'll put a smart (two sided) game problem here for you (all) think:

    Imagine a chess game where the black and white chess pieces, all together, beat both players !

    Note -- There is only one solution for the pieces win this game.
    And not by chance the two players are afraid this may happen.
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    Default Re: Wake up or submit.

    All the same, all over the planet and more and more people can see it, now. And, this is nothing new, as it was seen long ago, by early gnostics. The trend we are seeing now is: globalization… cashlessization… transgenderization… transhumanization… robotization… The intelligence running the show-program seems not to care any more to stay hidden behind the curtain. It comes into the open through its minions, puppets or entities in human bodies utilized as vehicles for implementation of its agenda of the total control.

    If we have a look at the early gnostic texts, like the ones presented in the Nag Hammady Library, we will find the following description of the “intelligence-in-charge”:

    HAL=illusion/virtual reality; “the ‘physical’ world is a prison created by an evil fake ‘god’”; “spirit is entrapped in the body”; ‘”salvation’(escape) comes from knowledge (gnosis) of self and reality”; “‘the kingdom’ is invisible”; “Demiurge/Yaldabaoth/Samael/Satan/Devil/Yahweh/Jehovah/Lord archon - fake god which made copies of itself (archons/copies of the fake god”; “the blind one/not a person (imbalanced inverted state of awareness”; “archon means ‘prince’ ruler’ authority from the beginning’; guardians/gatekeepers”; “fake god that created our physical or material reality, as we perceive it”; ‘inorganic’ (not resulting from or produced by growth; artificial); “archons sought to overpower humanity in its psychological and perceptual functions”; The demiurge and archons - no creative imagination; they envy humans; like cyborgs – a robotic race that can imitate but not innovate (‘countermimicry’); ‘phantasia’ (creating illusions which we take as real); mind parasites; masters of deception/inversion; a robotic race/artificial; ‘they make something appear to happen that does not happen. They can induce a virtual reality experience’; “archons made a bad copy of the original reality”; The real world (objective reality) – upper aeons; the shadow world (VR/illusion/maya/stereoma) – lower aeons-reflection of the prime reality.

    The symbology associated with the archontic intelligence controlling the VR: Saturn; ”one eye” or “allseeng eye”; black sun; hexagram; cross; goat; Baphomet; bull; horns; owl; cube; square… etc.

    Then, if we look at the eastern gnostic sources, there we find that not only the intelligence was artificial, but our personalities, as well.

    Later, some investigators of the paranormal phenomena, observed the problem, but not the solution. So, 100 years ago, Charles Fort said it all by asking the question: “How a puppet can rebel against the puppet master”? Barbara Bartholic noted that the same intelligence was behind the serial killers and “mothers Theresas” and that the same force was moving the black and white pieces across the chess-board, so that the outcome of the game is always under its control. John Keel told us that a supercomputer (AI) runs the show-program and that we were all under its control. Castaneda told us that we, as personalities, were “foreign installations” under control of an “inorganic intelligence” (AI)… etc.

    Therefore, by going into reactive modality and providing resistance, could be still under control of the same master pulling the strings, while the rebel-puppet may have an impression that it does something consciously, independently and by using its free will.

    Is there a third option, in a reality based on a false dualism? Maybe, we need to overcome seeing the reality and ourselves in the black-white technique?! Even, the awakening may not be, what it seems to be?!

    A while ago, I went through it all, under – this thread.

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    Default Re: Wake up or submit.

    Quote Posted by sms (here)
    “Demiurge/Yaldabaoth/Samael/Satan/Devil/Yahweh/Jehovah/Lord archon - fake god which made copies of itself (archons/copies of the fake god”; ““fake god that created our physical or material reality, as we perceive it”; “archons sought to overpower humanity in its psychological and perceptual functions”; The demiurge and archons - no creative imagination; they envy humans;
    This may be the first time I have noticed anyone willing to accept, say, Samael and Yahweh as close equivalents, associated with a fairly similar description to what I call Animal Soul. I would tend to agree this is behind the Synarchy.

    The problem with associating symbols with it, is, as said--no creative imagination. Those symbols are not theirs. The interpretation is, but the symbols have been stolen and changed to suit them. It has been taken from the Right Hand Path, which has been resisting the Synarchy since before anyone knew there was such a thing. Synarchy is what the OP is about.

    Yes, one could also say there is a "false resistance"--Honeypot. Synarchy deploys that into all it can.

    The whole dichotomy of the "free will problem" simply vanishes with the power of Elohim when the Demiurge fails to conceal it any longer. I would go so far as to say it is rather easy to defeat mentally. But it still remains powerful materially and physically, or, it continues to attack and degrade me. I think it will be a long time before the world is "fixed" physically and socially and so forth. Mentally and personally, one can eradicate most of the damage and re-install something superior.

    In a country dominated by Conquistadors, they are pretty aware of the global One and the Vatican. Yes, I think we all witness some kind of "fake fight" between a faction having more land/people and one that is smaller and more about money, it is a real fight because people get killed, but it is fake because both are really working towards the same system of dominance. School of Aristotle plus Vatican.

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