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Thread: Social Media - Problem Reaction Solution?

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    Default Social Media - Problem Reaction Solution?

    Hello Friends,

    I hope this is the right place to start this thread. I intend this thread to be anything about covert operation within social media, in this case, YouTube. But not limited to that platform, please post anything you like related to the title of this thread.

    So many “truthers” (whom I see rapidly morphing into white nationalists) whine and moan about “j**- tube”..see, even I’m scared to write it and I’m J**ish. Ha. Anyway, I understand the layers of disinfo, and I usually don’t even get offended, even at the really foul stuff which I won’t retype here, I’ll just give one example “Talmudic slime that slithered out of Babylon”. You get the idea. I’ve yet to see any of these hate threads censored, and they go on and on. The longest one I’ve seen is 217 responses, 200 of those from the same person. Been there for months. I’m as anti-Zionist as any other sane person, so..I don’t get offended by ignorance. My interest is more understanding what’s going on with the viewers and how they’re being manipulated by people they think are leaders and heroes, on platforms that technically have “community guidelines” (another Ha!) Like, cointelpro type activity.

    As an experiment - I responded to a “it’s the jews” comment humorously. No insults, no threats. Self-deprecating humor that included the words goyim, chattel, dreidel, bagel, smelly fish, monthly Jew meeting, and dancing around like loons to out of tune music. And Zionism. I get to say this stuff, and in my mind, everyone does. Who cares? We have to laugh at ourselves.

    Anyway, interesting results from the experiment. My response was deleted immediately, as in it never made it past AI. Then I posted the exact same response without the aforementioned words. Showed up right away. And it’s been there ever since. Every other response I contributed to the comment thread has shown up.

    So, first..”j**-tube”. What joke. Antisemitic stuff is endorsed. Regular talk from a Jewish person’s perspective, especially humor, snagged and censored by AI. Second, forget the community guidelines about hate speech and known false information. A presenter just posted a ridiculous video portending that UN troops had invaded the US, were going door to door confiscating weapons, and rounding up citizens to herd into concentration camps. Complete with an out of context voice clip of our potus, DJ Trump, placed a the start so as to imply he was announcing the deployment. All of this was clearly to prey upon the sensibilities of the scared stupid, w/re to events in Virginia. Thousands of comments all saying “this is war! It’s a call to arms! It’s happening, I can’t believe it, they’re doing it! Patriots, take to the streets with your guns! Come out shooting! Aim at blue helmets!...” like it was actually happening. Of course, none of it was happening (video is 2 weeks old now) but how easy it is to manipulate and trigger people into creating the right PROBLEM for msm to spin into a REACTION in order to manipulate the public into requesting the SOLUTION - which in this case could be the UN invading towns to confiscate weapons and herd us off into concentration camps. Right? And these poor scared ignorant people see the instigators (in this case D Tavares) as their heroes! Other comments include ‘thank you D” “ without you, we would never have known” you’re our patriot angel” “ so brave..” OMG as the youth generation says.

    I didn’t put this in the Tavares thread because there’s others who do it too, she’s just an example. I’m more interested in widening the scope of understanding. My conclusion is that YouTube encourages those who work tirelessly to manipulate the dumb into creating the perfect storm of a Problem, which could be otherwise totally avoided.

    Your thoughts? Other examples? Maybe you agree, maybe you disagree. Please respond but no ethnic hate stuff, my personal request. Personal hate? I’m all into it, although I don’t hate Deborah Tavares anymore. She just scares me. 117k subscribers, and growing rapidly, and 20-40k total views, comments plus “likes” per comments and video. She’s the leader of the alt-right turned aryan brotherhood/neo-fascist movement and yes I think antifa is stupid and a psyop, same as what I’m describing here just targeting a different segment of the population, who are just as scared and easily manipulated.


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    Default Re: Social Media - Problem Reaction Solution?

    One of the biggest crimes against humanity is divisiveness.
    When you realize where you come from, you naturally become tolerant, disinterested, amused, kindhearted as a grandparent, dignified as a king. -- I Ching

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