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Thread: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    The last quiet place on Earth

    Why is location the key? Why is peace the impenetrable ocean in the sense of life?

    The days we count in the deserted beaches of time, record an amplified success in our spectacular evolution, time occurs in thunder of existential rocks while we try to define ourselves.
    In all the astronomical graphics and the wonderful hypotheses in the relevance of science, philosophy penetrates in the sense of today the complexity of the deepest analysis in full existential comfort in our admirable existentiality.

    Enthusiasm shines in indications of the future, in an apparently seemingly reborn age. The whole complex mechanism of ongoing influence denotes individuality in every score in our reaction to the present.
    The heartbeat in the ominiscient narration of daily life, resonates strongly in the complex circularity of the action plans, resonates in the voice of synchronicity, attracts in the condensation of electromagnetic jelly, the forces of an entire universe that simultaneously beats the date with us.

    The domino effect in the flexibility of our freedom degrades, builds and detaches, reassembles in orderly chaos, improvises, defines and stratifies glorious uniqueness in individual pixels of human evolution into one. Destiny manifests itself in a wonderful continuous epic event.
    From the perspective of the introspection of our own facts, thoughts, actions, monologue and dialogue, expression of senses, we determine the narrative character of life in extensions of attraction when we profile the focus at zero point and the vision as a whole simultaneously.

    The wonderful story of our inner feelings through the showcase of the consciousness of others, disambiguates our way of understanding in a wider spectrum the whole hypothesis and conclusion in solving new challenges.

    The voice of the earth is the voice of our heart, the event of beginning and end in the synthesis of the feeling belonging to each of us, discards the monograph of our natural source in the need for collective homogeneity, sanctifies and justifies the status of human beings here.

    Emotional discipline in the rigor of managing and organizing feelings will one day begin to flow freely through the intensity with which we understand and facilitate the positive understanding of the feelings of others, good things we could do simultaneously, always in the spirit of giving.

    The genius of every reason, would perfectly combine the needs of each of us, will save time and will effectively lead to an creative emotional life for each of us.
    The indulgence at least, of hoping for such a future, can create in a relatively long time fund that can even become a part of our good future, much earlier.

    The quietest place in the world is perfect, it is in the ambiance and resonance of our pleasure to exist, and the short way to the idea is the art of exercising in full force of sensitivity, attention and care, love and devotion walking in grace to perform an act of art in the definition of peace.

    Our only fortune today, here, is the passion with which we manage to happen, confessing and completing the entire creation of the real work of existence in the wonderful commotion that the nonchalant time overflows.

    The quietest place on earth is the destination itself to which we each go. Every step you take must make you happy, quiet and calm. Every step forward brings you back to the moment of the present, which is the only time you can be alive.
    Step as if you want to imprint your foot on the ground, saying: This is the imprint of my peace of mind! "

    Do not imprint your suffering and anxiety, but imprint peace and tranquility on earth. You have to walk in such a way that you cannot find any trace of anxiety and suffering, but only peace and joy. As you take happy steps on earth, it becomes pure earth, it becomes your dream destination, the greatest oasis of peace.

    The concluding outcome of the events follows the anticipatory route of yesterday, committed uncontrollably today in human instincts, thought in stages of evolution and learning in betrayal, influencing and capitalizing on a possible future, constantly following our reason from a noisy place of soul.
    Famous creativity has no limits when the wind, in the breath of life and beauty,
    it defoliates our branches of truth from the universe, when the ancestral roots of our being illuminate their lasting voice, shaking the earth and when the imagination is no longer the limit, our heart will beat in the wave of will in billions of valves, our silence will be heard in billions of voices and desires.
    It will not be easy, it is not and it has never been easy to hear the voices of billions of souls, it is as if you know what happens between the first and second breath of each person.

    ...it is as if the sound stops only to be able to hear all the voices of the hearts.

    For many, loneliness means sinking into the synchronicity of chaos, keeping their peace in the noise of what they feel in the next phase of the space between silence and noise, a continuous antidote.
    For others, dizziness in the speed of the propagation of life always leaves them somewhere on the surface in exchange for the overwhelming interior in the vast heartbeat of the soul in front of the beautiful and the unknown.
    The space for everyone to step into their own spiritual intimacy is a generous walk as a symbol of welcome and to come at peace with the dance between breaths to feel, to feel a space in which we are alive for the first and last time in the millions of times we will be happy again forever.

    The last quiet place on earth is our very challenge to find our way to it, what is the way for each of us through which reality can fulfill or overcome it?

    The passion with which we want to find him tells us that this is the way we have to run while we are still waiting to give ourselves a start.
    While we are still counting in ascending order, at the speed of dance and in the voice of earthly life, the countdown has long since begun, passages of life in stages of hope pass over us as we run among them and flee from them.

    An entire run in the emotion of time passes gallantly over our desires, fulfilling the beauty of a route in the era in which we are the heroes, in the era in which we feel we have done the impossible, in the era in which we believe that the beginning of a new end continues without knowing why.

    Where the gods have descended, where the walls of the world have become transparent in paths of time and space, where there is no Moon or Mars and the distance between the stars is so great, the echo of a miniature world of a single unfulfilled dream will resonate deeply in the eclipse of a meeting with the quietest place on earth, our soul.

    Stand up again in waves of resilience due to the genes of the human race unique in the universe, be different and the same with the needs of the earth, merge your desire for unification in the tears and joy of an entire humanity, unleash the most beautiful sky in your soul in you, step proudly into the life extension of the earth!

    The legend of an environment of belonging, the belief in the order of duty in the plants poultice of healing a whole world, the universe within us raises us in a background of surrender, the difference of the resurrection of the force to give up the fight for greatness, the planet rises under the protection of the most beautiful mantles of our soul.
    Follow the inspiration, believe in the incredible You, stretch your arms in the wavelength of the only miracle that composes you in this world, vibrate above the most feared life story that changed you, listen to the dream, follow the passion, Live alive.

    I am proud of the smile of humanity, I am proud to be a human being, I love the wonderful features of our fundamental ability to give, we are perfect in inner quintessence and outer greatness, we are the most sensitive warriors in a superficially superimposed era, our gaze to heaven speaks loudly in the essence of our creation as a human race on this planet, we rise in the justice of our soul singing a lullaby of an entire universe.

    We will win the ineffable, the one who created us, the one who preserves and composes us, we breathe in the supreme freedom of our territory of life, we will meditate the mediation in the afterlife present on the page today, and we will regain our future.
    We are the only human race with this power, we are in the service of waiting, in the center of an initiation ceremony, just for that.
    Our territory is vast, the future is bright as well as an endless timeless prayer.

    The paradise of our soul in the anatomy of our own world is the symbol fulfilled by alms giving that conquers anything, the most impenetrable source in full accessibility.
    We can rewrite the stars, we can step into the reimagining of another world, only with the power of a single blink, we can manifest the primordiality in the genome of the melody of our soul.
    The will cannot be killed, the thought cannot be restricted, the motivation becomes the prelude to inspiration, in the proclaimed theme of works of life, the similarity in synchronicity in the power of truth and the hope of good, devotion and love, will last in a second when we could finally say:
    "This is the quietest place on earth!"


    Ludovico Einaudi - Primavera(7:38)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Kindness covers and beautifies everything like a wide expanse of white snow falling from the sky.

    In the middle of winter, our soul snows every day over the lava of inner knowledge.
    Every day is special in years of treading snowy white paths of life, but time wakes up in a mad rush to fulfill ambitions and is always aware of what will never forget in our haste. Instinct does not stop time in place, and what we let it be understood most of the time, unfortunately it is that we are cold in the middle of our own winter.

    Attention in return is the first glance of an innocent child who wants to see and understand what his first snow means by joy for no reason through the reaction of a simple smile.
    When the first snowflakes we see spread lightly over the crystal of our soul, kindness is reborn in dedications of white air in the serenity of our full goodwill, and despite the cold outside, in the bosom of our spiritual fulfillment we will always feel warmth.

    The celebration of awareness of the true meaning of snow is among the first choices, to recognize that life also means people.
    Maybe the sparkles on the surface of a white snow are alive and maybe it means lights that elevate our happiness through the goodness that emanates from the eyes of our soul, eyes through which we can see a whole world in the hope of every falling flake.

    The white atmosphere of goodness means a threshold that we can cross against us sometimes but to empower others in their hopes, a beauty that signs the entrance in to the book of human nature, a perfection in inner flakes of sparkle, that will always linger in the soul just for others, no matter how cold it will be.

    Paths made in the snow are difficult, but the goal is always to get closer to each other, because no matter how snowy we are, we will always look for a human smile, a kind word and a hug at the other end of the path. We are destined to always look for each other.

    Under the snow lies the earth as a moral support, from the cosmos the connection in white flakes of consciousness snow lightly over our foreheads, while the snow covers the diamond of our soul.
    In all the vulnerability of our goals, dreams and hopes, we grind the facets of a diamond saying in an inner voice in full echo of camouflage of the atmosphere of white down: Now, or never!

    When we say that life is a struggle, we define ourselves without wanting to be somewhere between being victorious and self-defeated, and when the fulfillment of being vulnerable in both circumstances is leaving the ring for a podium occupied only by the infinite possibilities to sketch the courage to discover them, we leave smiling also the podium and we enter in the empty hall where we can be the spectators of our own life.
    While we get up to applaud believing that the play has ended in a favorable conclusion, the show continues infinitely, in stages of great stays of fulfillment.

    From one moment to the next, throughout the story, we realize that we are looking exactly at our time and we do not know exactly if we are only spectators or the teachers of your own innovation of existence, sometimes silence is maintained during each exam in the theater of living steps.

    When we realize that everything is important and nothing is impossible, we respond to the challenge that we have never known, we have a place of honor in front of the only play where we bought a ticket that says:
    "We will not give up"

    Mud cannot soil a diamond as long as we see the beauty of the snow that cleans it in all its brilliance.

    The grace with which we always remain in full suspense is the happiness that surpasses whole chapters of regrets, the wonderful moment of emptiness, captures the beauty that caresses the deepest awakening sleep.

    When things take a big turn in our life, it's the perfect time to smile and whisper to our souls that: "There's always room for more."
    We train every day to be better with ourselves, we are curious in the perseverance with which we believe we always deserve what is more uplifting and we are complex when we make small mistakes, but the course does not take note of our urge: "Let's go more away "and does not facilitate our overcoming when we say:" I can no longer "

    The story is sketched in pre-existing complementary fragments and there is never a greater risk of not understanding the story of a draft of notes ever written by us, than to just make it happen.
    When you have sketched your story, make sure you are ready for some "drafts" to appear. Like what we already know: "Happiness without risks, does not exist!"

    I sit and wonder… We, today! What do we live for now? What are we fighting for in this existence? For whom are we important and do we matter when we say we make a difference? All the answers come down to a simple and clear "We".

    We do not exist through the consonance of appreciation or depreciation to impress the world, we exist to feel life reinvented through good goals to protect the simple will of good people, we live unprepared to enter the state of self-transcendence of kindness.
    But while,
    Every good thought is like a white flag against the biggest wave of indifference, it means to be ready to sow the seeds of good wind, when the bullets break your chest on the field of challenge.
    It is not a sacrifice, it is not a struggle, it is not the victory of good or bad, it is inherent that takes us on the wave whether we are ready or not, in the perspective of a rain of joy.

    Joy, because today, we tie, smiling, on the left arm, the white banner of goodness, and we advance against a storm of chances, shouting in silence in our soul:

    "Today I will claim kindness through the kindness within me!"

    Victory can be a well-deserved memory, or it can surpass the rhythm of truth in the future, failure is zero in the waltz moment on the melody of freedom over whole fields of circumstances, but the definition can be essentially the beauty of kindness, something always accessible in the present moment of today.

    As for me, the kindness in me has always lost before the term "loser" and I fell like every human being believing that I would not get up, I paid a whole life story believing that I was indebted to something, and although I appreciated in time, people, ideas, dreams, my whole acceptance always found me stumbling and falling, later I learned why falls, are part of the dance. I think I will always be in a position to apologize for being just a human being, but with a twinkle in my eye and a smile too wide for many, I will entrust the character of each answer to the question we war all born with.

    Kindness is when we make sure that the experience we learn every day was intended only for us in the breadth of the definition of value for others, the quality of happiness that surrounds it can be a maze of life.

    Sometimes the labyrinth we enter, obstructs any way out, so the only occupation among others, becomes loneliness in wonderful forms in the declaration of need for love, as we have seen many times, sadness goes in tandem with happiness and foreboding in the mirror of one's own personalities always realizing the taste of our actions and feelings in vivid shades.

    How much can kindness cost us when we see the whole picture of a world painted in warm and cold colors?
    How long will it take us to get out of that painting, integrating ourselves into the cosmic ensemble of reality in which the painting has been painted for too long?
    How much do we want to embrace the presence of a rose when its thorns threaten to sting?

    Butterflies in their flight, count seconds in an infinite time of chance, they, in their flight accept any good or inappropriate greeting, flying happily and time seems to sometimes wait for them so that they can contemplate each flower.
    What is the grace of kindness in the whole Universe that accepts us,as we are?

    The clarity of the turbid water in our being takes shape in the infinite speed of the universe, when we have the same waves with it, when evolution could be the reason, the right time goes forward to allow a certain space for propagation.
    The vitality of visualizing the true and wonderful spread of events will someday conceptualize our intrinsic goodwill of goodness, when naturalness will precede acceptance, at the beginning of a single step in the wonderful distance in miles of promises in the wisdom of simply being good. .

    Simplicity competes with kindness, and the flame in the delicate movement of light, exercises our gaze and smile for those around us, when we ask time, to give us some more time.

    It is never too late, if we manage to count the infinite in steps of indulgence, in skills of goodwill and if always what is important chooses to remain, just as important forever.

    The collection of kindness is not written in the stars, it is the vocabulary of our own character in the overflow of vitality to learn.
    For me, small details make the difference not in how many breaths I learned to give to life, but on the contrary in how many dates I learned to hold my breath to absolutely understand

    I learned that I can draw life, in the absence of the eraser that stains the drawing sheet, the story only of the outline of the deepest naturalness to give with every step of life, lies in us all.
    Trial is deed, success is exaltation, exaltation is due to trial, but authenticity recognizes a thousand times more each beginning to be tolerant of ourselves and others.

    Simplicity is the most expensive perfume kept in the wonderful bottle of kindness, the essence is to to offer it all the time.

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Childhood - a regained Paradise

    The homeland of our souls is childhood.

    The fabulous land of fairy tales, from where our dreams come from, from where we come from
    Wherever we go in the world, the sky will always mirror our place of birth, as if something always draws us there towards protection and the miracle of the birth of life. There seems to be the circle of the first experience, the miracle of life, the mystery of continuous joy, reliving the incomprehensible joys of life, there, our roots do not perish, there, subsequent identities of experiences are built, there, innocence breathes with us.

    Our world today should be our childhood of yesterday and our childhood of tomorrow should be the certainty of the innocence of a better path to the near future. A good thing is that whether we remember or not, childhood is like a password of our return to the past towards a better future, a kind of dream about the future through the prism of the innocence in us, taken to a level of maturity in full childish amazement now.

    The story of the tumult of life seems to end many times at the beginning of a new path to childhood, a kind of vulnerability declared in deep steps, when and where every day is a celebration of the truth of our existence.
    The day when we are born again, a new beginning of life, a day when the sun's rays lose us in smiles, in seconds that count the time in our time, a special day, maybe even today, it can stay that way forever
    I think with innocence how beautiful it would have been once in the future, for all our good thoughts to come together and declare the moment when the Earth is our friend, when the Sun builds us and the Moon protects us, called the moment of friendship between all good thoughts.

    The moment when we no longer care about everything that seems bad and at the same time we see the billions good things we can float through. The moment when we can all merge with water, air, Earth in the land of free good thoughts, is the day of joy in butterflies reborn from innocence, it is the day of the entire planet, the day of an entire civilization of one human race, a wonderful day.
    "This" is not an essay because philosophy cannot really define innocence, it is not a composition for children in the "little ones" section, it is just my way of being today, it is my childhood day and I share it with anyone today.

    I can easily speak, but my pleasure is to write, so in the most honest to me, for the theme and inspiration way, I will simply continue...

    "Childhood is the heart of all ages" someone said,
    ...and age is the station for transposing an entire childhood of life, I would add.
    From the experience of the life characters whose character we play today, often in our dreams, we fall into the depths of stories in which our joy runs cheerfully and freely as if it had its own life, so maybe, we just have to look at it.

    Joy is one of the keys, friendship is what binds them and the keeper of the keys is the law that keeps them in perfect childhood balance.

    If I were to describe the importance of childhood, then childhood would be a fifth permanent season. The warm season of joys in vivid plasma colors, where the soul gives birth to flowers in the scent of raindrops of life-giving light!
    In the season of another time, where life gives pure life in oceans for millennia of infinite time, just so that we can always find the moment of childhood!

    Let's not forget the importance of the real game of innocence!

    Is it as if in this special season, we carol special stories, in which time seems to prolong dreams !

    Some would say: Meet childhood! A preface to the volume of your life in how many life metaphors you can include... (ok, you can smile, I said that )
    Maybe if we can understand that the world we are in, is really a playground ,
    just because we don't invite bad into our playground, just because the bad guys don't like to play with such gratuitous and free innocence!
    And because I somehow know that a childish hug in all the innocence of giving our love for the wicked would "transform" them enough that the light really hurts for them.
    Balance only provides.

    We recognize the characters in the story of our life game only when we are in the vulnerability to say:... today I am just a child and my sensitivity exceeds today's game!
    It's fun... because when we're kids, sometimes we get upset during the game and we say with a certain and apparent maturity: "It's just a game, and I have nothing to be upset about!"
    although we may be upset...
    Just as when we are in the "world of mature people" (with all the functions of the whole built system) we say when we meet real life with the same apparent maturity in the voice, that :"this is a childhood!".
    I think that somewhere in the middle is the work opera of the whole transcendence from childhood to adulthood and vice versa and maybe at another age or sometimes in key moments we manage to add to this the patience to understand the whole picture.

    Childish imagination can be the most effective way to our own indulgence, a successful adventure of the soul in full intelligence of laughter and wonderful games, the destination of pleasant play events in which we can always grow and develop in large areas of consciousness.

    We can't lose childhood, it's the most precious escape paradise, and the most authentic way to learn, the red bow that binds the whole effect is always perfect.
    When we hold in our palms a fluttering butterfly thirsty for the water of life and the joy of flight, we find in our eyes, inscribed in the colors of its wings, the whole passage and secret of living life, a living and bright tunnel in a wonderful setting of living hope.

    Thus, when we hear ourselves thinking aloud: "I want to be a child again!" - imagine! All we want to be is to be children ... we remember with remembrance how many life plans we made when we were little, how many adult professions we will wanted to have ... and plans just come in a society that it really outlines our options.

    Just a little story:
    When I was little, during communism in our country, the whole class of students, after classes, was taken to the fields to collect medicinal plants for the drug factories, it was a kind of group trip, where everyone received a norm to collect a quantity...quite small and more symbolic perhaps, but significantly quantitatively multiplied by the number of students.
    We were all happy, because we were together in the bosom of nature, we did not know anything else and I wanted then, in the third grade, to become a real collector as a profession (but the profession does not exist and later my life outlined other options).
    But I always return to it with passion, gathering plants that I know and knowing plants that I gather, believing in their healing power...and in the power of the Earth to sustain us in the wonderful dizzying speed only for us, under the oxygen vivid dome of awakening and in the call of Nature that nourishes and teaches us at every step with a good plant, the miracle of water and the abundance of its acceptance, Mother Nature, who accepted billions of species that she nurtured and grew spiritually in what we no longer know how to count as time.

    Anyone can enjoy our childhood in all the blessing of patience and indulgence towards anything (even when we are arguing about life or an inappropriate fate) at some point,
    ... so let's be ready to just offer it, because the impressive gallery of creativity is in the realm of the good will to smile when we feel compatible in the area of a single age:

    That of time in us!

    Remember that memory requires nothing in return but the better future of other memories. We can love the unmistakable reality but on the occasion of celebrating the formidable childhood in teachings.Values surpass any teaching, in just the simple imagination of a child!

    Even if playing without "children's toys", can become somewhat frustrating in adult hypotheses of the need for tools of existence, but the simplest return to childhood is just to draw the whole paradise, in the air under the sun and under the inspiration and innovation of the clearest sky, with your empty hands and with a soul full of creative games of spiritual evolution, an idea that belongs to us individually in the greatness of the widest and most beautiful diversity possible.

    You can see the stars shining in the sky among the branches of a tree and in the most disturbing wisdom of a child to say, "This is a star tree!"
    Sometimes the wisdom of a child removes and frightens away fear, so all we have to do is smile looking at that wonderful tree. To me, this sounds like a ever return home to Earth where fireflies caress our hair with their lights, where the grass grows for the sake of childhood, just for us!

    A beginning for all of us, a natural continuation in the metaphor of flying over this world in colorful dimensions, a permanent kindergarten where we can decipher the secrets of the world much easier, a permanent vacation equal to the most incomparable wonderful experience as a human being!
    We can take this vacation, it's ours!

    We can take childhood by the hand today,
    we can go through wonderful experiences from memories to the future, to hug the first and last toy we have - Life, we can always climb the fabulous autobiographical scene of an entire universe in our hearts, just to say:
    "Childhood is childhood !"

    My urge for a better future is to age beautifully in the creativity of a child heart and the innocence of angels, to become children again just when we feel that we are finally and truly mature!

    With love and in the barred spiral time, in the spectrum of sunlight, in the times of our childhood,
    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

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    Anca ... you are like the universe 💖

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Thank you Stephanie!

    I dedicate this day to the friendship of all human beings of tomorrow

    We are all embroidered by the grace of a drop of pure water that reflects the light within us in full gratitude for life.
    We are the best source to start another world, we are the guardians of the world we still maintain. All of us.
    We define the beginning and divinity of the richest beauty in the area of ​​human nature that we embody. Relativity is born in concepts made to forget them, but Nature excels any form of life as a whole of universal living.

    Our meeting with benevolence at a normal level inscribed in the genes of the human race, is the greatest blessing, the most divine character to shine in the realm of the power of one-dimensional perception essentially equivalent to the miracle of life.

    I believe that all of us can choose in the simplest quintessence to feel love, the gift or the intention at a deeply significant value in order to unify the sacred promise of some principles thanks to the genius of integrity.
    We are our own wisdom in the vision of the rigorous potential of awakening in the full escape of spiritual freedom!
    The virtue of a fulfillment lies in the contemplation of clarity, the self-sufficient merit of clarity is the constant guarantee of flowering in life permit.

    The unspoken resolutions in the sound of writings and the unwritten words in the tumult of today's world, are the proclamation of the usual in clear forms of awakening.
    When we say that life is "on" the settings of the heart by virtue of axioms in the wonderfully ordered chaos of the Cosmos, it certifies itself. It is no struggle, it is no purpose. It is.
    Relevance? it is the resonance of endurance embrace.
    Our resilience, crosses in seasons of timeless time, our entire construction!
    Let's exclaim what is usual! Do we want to?
    Elements of uniqueness embrace, will find us, without knowing how, all embraced once.
    The creation of summoning the primordial grace, the one we do not know, lies in extremely simple things, is to always offer something we do not have.
    One phrase is enough: "Hey, man, I'd like to help you, I love you, you know? All I can offer you is me," if that phrase had a symbol, I'd light the sky with it, just so everyone knows at the same time, that WE ARE!
    I see light and grace in every living being, and all I can do is evoke it, as if I were living for it alone.

    We can all do this, as if as we read this, and I as I write it, the moment unites the spirit of what we truly represent that emerges from within us in a joyful and ever-joyful run to the beings of the world. which we have not yet met and have not yet embraced. Imagine our joy!
    We can be divided into billions of soul chips, just to be able to embrace the whole world, the way to our home!
    Billions of puzzles float in the infinity of good possibilities!
    When we say that the stars are the end, we find ourselves here, on the playground of all possibilities, even among the stars!

    Variety means true awakening, awakening begins to accept it as it accepts us. Everything is accepted, it only remains to be able to recognize this on an absolute level.

    Our declaration to bless this world is our only mission.
    Our mission to tread on ethical paved roads brings us the glory of being here every moment. We cannot search in search, but we can respond in full response through which we breathe.

    All we can collect from the celestial transcript is the measure of our will taken to the metaphor of feeling it, a remarkable inner perceptibility of life alone.
    We do not have the strength of any debt or fighting intentions when we remember that we were born to live, the integrity of channeling good emotional intelligence in the evolution of universal exchange in consciousness, is just the beginning where nothing begins and nothing ends. At the center of a balance, its equivalence with itself, is almost non-existent and ubiquitous in the space of knowledge, we can feel it right around us.

    The angles of life of subsequence impress and it dimensions by itself, and the essential privilege of dimensional reminiscence builds new times, but the connection in order to pour love into vibrations of plasma colors over time, is awesome and it belongs to us.

    Unity, in the night of our playground, is the day of all possibilities, and when we believe that we have just begun, an astral envelope of abilities spreads easily over us.
    When we exclaim by expressing humility in our own creation, our evolution becomes precious through our thoughts in the souls of others!
    When thousands of souls involve the sky of our own consciousness in one creation, then we will all sing the favorite song of an entire universe, in which the rhythm of the drumming beats, beats forever, as now.

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    When we hear our voices

    We meet again in the art of a single glance, under the dome of so many sounds in the breeze of so many words to say, especially when the voice of the eyes speaks.
    In hurried steps on the general background of a society in its own way, billions of voices pass through the world, in the longing of some for others, a vibrant noise.
    One in search of the other means billions of colorful parachutes in words that fall from the sky just to meet the earth.

    We are in love with the immortal spring velvet dessert of our souls, but we walk like sleepwalkers in the waterfalls of dreams.
    What else can we see in front of our hearts? Everything!

    The most beautiful month of the year tells us about how the most voluminous Moon of every night grows in magnetic love every blade of grass of our soul.
    The voice in billions of stories like letters floating in the sky through the clouds, resounds in billions of sounds of hearts beating on this wonderful planet called Hope.
    If we put our hands to our eyes, we can read all the letters of hope of an entire humanity, knowing that we will never forget to speak, just as we will never forget to listen to the same extent.

    Under the effect of love in the full unconditional grace of the greatness of the Sun, we wake up looking around not finding anyone and everyone. We are all here!

    In a night in the middle of the morning, the moment when the buds of desire in the branches of our life will crack, the moon will protect us under its guidance in the rain from waves of melancholy, where the memory of a hope of sun to which we all say good night and good morning , the clouds of the future will invest the light in the living faith of life, there the sound of the voices will stop in the silence of the voice of a single planetary heart.

    The reality of an appearance comes from the travel river to which we all once subscribed. When the water flows too early, the vacuum left behind by the future will be the flow of our will.

    The first letter that is born from the ashes of an existence lived by us in the parchment of a mystery, will write about how sleepy we traveled the tunnels over wider distances than any time could count, will find us still reading the last letter. .
    We have caressed the walls of that tunnel for so long with all the senses in the dark looking for light, now that we believe that the tunnel actually lights our way, we still walk and step on it, without knowing that we can be the tunnel ourselves through as many senses as we want to experience them by recognizing them.

    A distant voice said that we have been looking for our skills for a lifetime and we can't find them, but I say that the skills are actually looking for us, even while we are looking for them, so let them indulgently find us!
    Then comes the question of whether or not the skills will actually have to get used to us ... often because we are here we only have a feeling in full capacity to explore suspicion, so this spins endlessly knocking down any creation of ability, but abilities are providers of immense exploration of silence that will teach us what it means to hear all we say, someday.

    There are so many billions of ways to satisfy a good life, that even if we wrote tattoos on our skin on top of each other, we couldn't mention them all, but we could feel them through tattoos.

    In a beautiful waltz on a song that we like so much, spinning in our own room, we rejoice in the pleasure of thinking with ourselves, but what if we all came out of our room outside in the street where to sing and dance of joy because we met? It would be the most fantastic center of joy in the Universe and the planet would vibrate with us, waking up from its snoring maintenance.

    Now the silence is still closed in too many spoken words and too few heard words.

    On what planet could we ever believe that we can look at each other in fright through a fog of forced density before us? Under the symbol of whose human nature do we build the urge to let each other die alone without hearing each other?

    When I say that we must hear the voices of all mankind, it is not an easy task and I do not say it easily, but somewhere under this expression that I support through all the good deeds I do every day, lies the endless blue of the metal rock of to a single hope, something that will not melt, the nature of the metal out of my desire and goodwill, I wish I could have it for others as well.

    In the sky of our desires inscribed in floating white clouds, always the wind in the breath of time will manage to blow them easily, giving way to the world that fulfills the moving clouds of life flow. The event can be the story of a dreamy experience, and the experience in sleep steps in the summary of unfinished chapters, above a moving world of speech, can be the poem of a long moment in the history of an entire human civilization.
    We must be careful how we can read in the clouds desires for shades of blue to white, the voices of the people around us.
    Something of the power of a single desire of a man, can never be written all the time as a complement to a sound of voice that when we hear it we can not forget.

    How many times have we not looked at people walking down the street and "heard" the voice of their heart in their eyes? How many similar looks have we not all met ...
    The gaze, the experience, the breath and the allure, is the divinity in the voice within us, sometimes the slit of light in the repair of what we all call the relevance of Nature, nature as an inner process in the middle of earthly Nature and Cosmos nature in full creation, something dimensioned to truly say that it traverses Nature from time to time.

    Our struggle to find perfection dissipates identity, identity instead is a good waste of time in the full happiness of the energy of a perfection. Those who value beauty with a price, will pay that price, those who beautify a simple value, will win the only price for which their values stand in front of beauty.

    Now that I have said this, I feel like the billions of voices that want justice in values too simple to be desired, are reconstituted among known and unknown elements.

    The modesty that loses us among the acacias in the flower of words, blossoms with the spring of our souls about which I, at least, speak of a life time, when the spectators of our own good will, will give us bee wings to carry out our mission to gather the tasty honey of life.

    The consistency of our life in a future of a certain evolution, will give us the strength for example in the most beautiful form of friendship, through which the transfer of our words to others will be in fact their desire for good for all to another.
    The success of an even better escape brings to the forefront the library in letters of goodwill to each other, in a place where others read aloud to their souls and others learn as they pass on the sound.

    When we all speak so many different languages, ambiguity can become a culture in itself somewhere between contrast, suggestion, punctuality and dreaming wrapped in a permanent success of human beings to integrate exactly into their allure of simple people.

    We are faced with a fulfilled fact, the weight and ease with which we speak and feel at the same time is not a conclusion, when we say that life starts tomorrow then the ideas take a beautiful generous outline but we must balance the voices of others in the whole scene life here on Earth, and there is more to be done here than the universe itself has to do.
    In the twilight of our evolving adolescence, we always hear ourselves say, "All that is bad goes for good," but this statement seems a rather austere statement in the midst of all the possibilities we have at hand.

    We are looking for the compass of a whole universal spectrum while the sphere of balance is here on earth, as if in the triumph of the best thought, the personal time spent as heard voices precedes any level of hope fulfilling the deepest wishes for good.

    In full feelings of images and under the eyes of many voices, to let unconditional love know infinity, to hear the invincible voice of humanity to shake the world, to accept the caress of every good thought in the fullness of giving a thousand times more than we can receive.
    Let us hear the future in the light of this present by mastering this silence in the comfort of the connecting grace of speaking and listening.

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    The color of the sound of an entire world
    A spark of proclamation in full declaration to the one and only one. One in All.
    (Just something I wrote in the kitchen today, when I was cooking but, with the thought at the future.)

    What is the color of your soul?

    Nothing compares to the connection between people in a chromatic meeting sensitive to anything that can be called EVERYTHING.
    The spark of our sovereignty in individual petals of spiritual colors, writes burning and floating in the air, a miracle of refuge of a wonderful refrain that we all sing right now! ~

    We possess what really builds us right now when we weigh a waste of time lying in a millennial melody of stories superimposed over interfaces of life that we also choose. Memoirs covered with the name of our soul, about entering in a birth of choice and the only choice that belongs to us is a future "sworn" identity of fulfilling new and new missions in sequences of light transposed into billions of colors of our voices. We. People.

    I believe in two synchronicities in simultaneous accomplishments of at least two sunrises, when I say that the future will be good. We are fine.
    I now address to you "Uniqueness" with a question: "When will I be able to see you again?", wherever you are, the answer constantly precedes the question.

    To the question of where are you, I answered with a "how" answer to the question "why?"(?)
    You are what is my heart, in my soul, you are in the dreams we all have, you are in all the love that humanity can share, far in our presence, from where we all come from!

    That's what we're all waiting for! The sequence menu that prepares us in the vibrations of light how to be the perfect conductors in full description of fullness.
    The resources are particular, the aspects surpass any measure to define "good" in the most glorious awakenings of the world.
    The truth is that we will never give up on each other!
    If you think you are looking for the love of others, you are wrong, because you already have it. Try to "give in" to the idea as if billions of color temperaments in good thoughts were writing this in the sky in front of you.
    Accept ALL characters, it is not an easy task, but it is not difficult either, because no one and nothing will ever separate us!
    Our journey, one to the other has already been made, we are already together. We feel our presence next to each other more than ever. We are here. We are alive. We just have to take a few steps, or just turn around and find the first form of life we are so close, the world is so small, so few people.
    All we ever wanted was without the need for words, words are "manageable" the living experience of indulgence towards all beings, it is not discussed, it happens,
    enjoy "silence" in the loudest vibrating voice in billions of character shades in the frequency of a single dream. The illusions of "everywhere" tell you every day that this is not a reality, it is the most "correct" form in which we can appreciate the mission, also given by us, in the first instance. It can be fun in the way we can find the "corners" of the world in which to hang our "keys" to every secret of awakening. We were made for each other, we can't dispute that, and no matter how much we do,
    we will always end up saying out loud and with a tear of longing that easily extinguishes us in memories we don't understand: "I adore you, you human race."
    Sometimes we write unwillingly from the wounds of our heart...

    "I only have a longing in my soul where I write words that I miss and it's not easy because instead of love, I receive delusions"

    But, the promise that we will be here tomorrow, for each other, is alive!

    Let's take the first step in several steps, it's not the will sometimes, I know, it's pure courage, some would say pure "madness" ...
    ... but when we can't stop crying because of the nature of the attacked facts from all sides, everything hurts us only and only from the lack of each other!

    Let's finish reading here, remember the "first day" and have a cup of tea, lift it up for the sky, from the balcony of the highest goal of love, in the wind of our courage, and say: "Goodbye fear! " and instead of saying "Goodbye" to everyone, let's say "Hello People!" there is no distance between me, you and the whole world!

    Even for a moment, we can look at each other, in the eyes and truly feel what the other is "saying," remembering that we can see with the eyes of our heart in the colors of the most beautiful eyes of the wonderful human race that we are.

    Now shout as loud as you can: "I miss you !!!" I miss all humanity from wonderful human beings sometimes!
    It burns and hurts any longing, when we walk with our eyes closed on the street with our arms outstretched!
    Embrace every day at least one form of life and you will miss more and more to embrace the whole Planet every second!

    When you feel that it is a "waste of time" to reach out to the other next to you, remember that you have two hands, on the other hand you hold a whole humanity in deep vibrations of hopes held on the threshold of a simple desire for centuries of history long gone during the billions of ancient seasons! You have two responsible hands along a soul large enough to understand each other's hopes in detail!

    Time is the relativity of the most beautiful feeling of admiration in the warmth of every ray of sunshine, in the breath of every human being, in the grains of entities that cross our planet honoring it!
    Time is the transport clock inside us, we are the transport resource with integrated "content" for the colors of each sound passage in the vibration of our consciousness.
    We also "provide" time in locations where we can search for an entire world in expectations, we can organize "trips" in full access to original sources of colors, as sunlight will always be white, just as our expectations is, everything will be (is) unlimited.

    Where the sound of billions of galaxies and planets drawing symbols, speaks in multicolored footprints of life, about our evolution as a human race, let's "recognize" this in terms of their expectations in the light in which we were created.

    An entire humanity looks at the sky, an entire humanity says out loud in the silence of their eyes, "Speak to me as if human beings were talking."
    The stars fall to the desire of billions of souls and we all at the same time, watch the most beautiful heavenly spectacle, right here on Earth, in colors of joy in the vibration of the highest terms of peace.
    Once each one sinks into the ocean of his soul of stars, he will drip with him once in the rhythm of the creation of good.
    The stars will never disappear, they will have the patience for all of us to be able to find the connection between them in the highest degree of love in its own dimension.

    The Moon tells us: I am here, if you need me, I will look at the stars with hope only for you!
    So, hope that you will never let go, with an outstretched hand to the others who are still waiting, the silence of an entire humanity speaks in your loneliness with which you grow, learn to walk in hasty steps towards the first man "in your way" and reach out saying : "Let's see together how quickly we will find happiness!"
    It's much better anyway, to be all here, at home, the "radio" connection in full love broadcast, can change the axis in energy connections like we have never met before!

    If one cannot connect to words in all their simplicity, then it may be more viable to connect more directly with the whole tide of feelings we all have, in constructive emotions that speak to our ability "to be right" to speak about the family of an entire human race.

    We are the strongest people, of all the "people" in universes superimposed by connections to which we have signed so many times!

    WE ARE, the strongest people united in the heart of one Man. Do you feel that way?
    It is extraordinary how a drop of love in areas of wonderful elements through the eyes of a single human being is enough. It is not a secret, on the contrary it is something we all do not need to know. Because we are human and we do not need reasons for when we ask "Why", especially when the effect of our good will is built on answers that bear the symbol "Because".

    When you are with yourself now, when you know that you have long since begun to believe in the story of your life, time passes and we feel so strongly the need for colorful dreams that take us far, no, we do not need to understand ourselves.
    We need to hug ourselves!

    Embrace yourself now, in the most sincere dialect of an entire humanity and try to close your eyes, to kiss billions of meanings and expressions in all the languages of the world!

    Let's go, in love with us, in the childhood of the best faith, we don't need fairy tales, we have to be the way we are now, to be at our fingertips near everyone when we need to climb.
    Perfect strangers in achieving the same goal, to realize that if you run out of no reason, cause and effect will discount all our lack of effort. Try. Sing in the same color with me ~

    I do not want to know where you have been until now, or where you will go, because YOU as a human being have so far gone hand in hand with me, a single walk ~ Now, and then, and always, "I" have given as I give now the future in the presence of those many "me" for all those many "of you"
    When we feel that any place is completely better than where we are, let's lead our connection by desire itself, let's learn not to dream but to catch our fastest resources exactly in the idea and feeling that every person is someone!

    Don't ask yourself "who" will lead you to the door of the stars and "how" you will go through the colors of your own resonance of living being, or what will wake you to life in a good morning of dream life. It's not me.
    IT IS, the whole Universe contained in our beings all contained in the greatest dance of guidance.
    Look up at the stars today, and if you have seen the stars, then look once more, we go up, where we will reach the euphoria in the wise rays of solar construction, where the Sun will be grateful to you.
    When you think you are talking alone and being able to see this in the color of speech, it is not a responsible task it is easy especially when you speak "thinking" with the permission of an entire nation of people, because the Nature of Freedom guides you, but you must thank Freedom because she doesn't ask your permission to exist.

    Put your heart where it can be seen, freedom is always there at our fingertips, only we used it as a concept in the term "Freedom of" ... something for which time was lost somewhere in us ...

    When we say "We want the lights on" and "We don't want to run anymore" we are looking for secrets in the truth that builds our expression in our own search.
    When we talk about freedom, we are saying the name of an entire planet of what for us might be a universe, but for all worlds it is certainly our home.

    In the sound diagram of this plane dimension, the sound waves of the freest love colors are obvious.

    In an open field of open opportunities in fulfilled good spirits, we will always find the landmarks of interpreting the most certain function we have and we can demonstrate this in full vitality, to recognize the sound of love.
    "We no longer need to dance in the dark, when we have so many billions of possibilities in shades of opportunity that always lead to definite probabilities" (an idea that belongs to a friend).

    In the warmest composition of light, the radiation of the best positivity for today, will refract in the spectrum of the variety of future souls in us, will propagate entire galaxies in plasmas colored by sonic hopes!

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    The journey to tomorrow's land,

    We are all the peaceful creators of tomorrow's land, the journey in dreams and hopes to the world drawn in billions of heavens, as many as no one can count, where millions of blown suns rise in the sky, where night meets day forever, where light is the grace of a wonderful form of gravitation through the meditation of time and space.

    We are too young to understand and let ourselves be caught in a dream, but how long do we have, will we touch the Earth or will we find ourselves in the starry sky? because we live here on a planet of billions of stars, a good planet to visit and stay.

    All I can do is write and I'm here at some point on the way to our journey together, but please don't wake me up when it's all over, wake me up every second to find yourself in myself.
    Our promise when we were children, we still have it in our pockets and every time we want to dream, we take the promise out of the pantry of our soul.

    My exhortation today for tomorrow is to never hide, to stand tall in view of the present, so that the future may see us well.

    If our promise of tomorrow's land would be a meadow between the sky and the earth, then the atmosphere is being built even as we "speak" right in front of us, somewhere in the distance and near.

    The toy of time is in our hands, we do not have to look for it, and when we want it very much, we have to count the stars in the sky while we find it in our arms.

    If tomorrow were today, then today we can change the whole future.
    Every drop of love, every look of ours towards each other builds the moment of tomorrow.
    If we all had an instrument in which to sing our hope each in its own breath, then the longing of an entire humanity would have the same sound simultaneously with our greatest desire.
    If we all find ourselves together, we will also find love as an element of unification at such a high level that there will be no need for definition or explanation.

    Say good morning to your soul and it will open to you in more and more daring hopes, wake up in the morning dreaming of continuing a dream that we all have.

    I know we have so much to say and we have no way, in such a digital age we have become extensions of our desires never communicated, somehow silence speaks incessantly through digital environments and waves where we meet in the fiction of the other's dream, wishing us his wish.
    But about the search we need that one, a one that we talk about a lot like heroes of something that could be possible just a click away and in our immediate vicinity.

    We melt in longing for each other and instead of shouting as loud as we can that we are alive to live for others and for this world, society hides us in its underground dungeons and forces us to say every second: And another love is lost in the past!

    We seem to be just poor, shieldless souls, we complain when we are trampled on and we can't fight back individually.
    When diversity in society and in the even wider area of our soul imposes individuality, we are prepared to accept this, without knowing that flow has two paths, without knowing that individuality defines diversity in spheres of infinity, so wide that the whole life stream cannot contain it.
    Individuality in the measure of the inner self only through the prism of all the life forms in the universe and near us, transforms us into the vessel of transport to the future of a better universe, where
    energy has been carrying us for a long time.

    The transformation of tomorrow's territory gives you the opportunity to do it without baggage, when the solutions are not defined and there is no guarantee and no security, the territory becomes ours!

    Responsibility is not a theory, change is not a promenade of choices in hurried recruitment, and if clarity will mean disturbing the waters in a continuous vacation, and even if we have the feeling that we are not accompanied, utopia becomes a clear sign that we must reinvent each perspective in migration always good, saying: I can only be pushed so far that I will not be able to reach myself but I will find everyone else.

    By nature, it means living in the story of those around you, stepping into the journey of tomorrow's creators, becoming one and feeling the resonance of creation distributed in the unique heart of the Universe.
    An answer would be too simple, especially when we do not know the question and we need to know it.
    When we manage to believe that we know everything, it means that we have not actually discovered anything so far.
    The setting in which we serve the search for meaning is magnificently simple and extraordinarily complex and at the same time, important.

    Everything we think is precious and of colossal importance, is recorded in an effect in the diary of a huge plain that we think we can step on without being careful, but when it becomes scary to pass, we look down, and the plain with flowers it disappears and we wake up walking on a very thin wire that sways between life and the light of life with the naturalness that it, imposingly, demands of you to walk.

    It's as if we can't have a single choice in so many billions of choices, the satisfaction of finding a problem together with the Solution and the solution is just the beginning that it never ends, everything is packed in the complexity and convenience we understand things, a package mailed, along with our wishes, with the above address to tomorrow's land.

    The whole struggle and debate becomes a souvenir that we can keep, or maybe not, linked to the ancestral land of humanity in search of truth, or detached from the truth in its application, far and near in cultivating the only sense of freedom in light that we have.

    When we feel orphaned by any law of the universe and beg for the future to bring us something better, we sing in a very powerful song actually billions of laws of the universe even without knowing it.

    When we trust each other, and we know we need each other, we make up the largest group made by an entire human race in the universe, a unique and special race, in a special place that will be even more visible throughout the cosmos. .

    The day of Today it will take by "assault" a hundred days to come and a hundred days to pass, through which we will pass if we feel at this very moment that we have come to this earth in large groups souls.

    I step by writing on a common and straight asphalt also poured by all of us, to facilitate our passage here, at least I tried.
    I know what it means to be human, and I am an unimportant person in the face of the sufferings of other people, I know that the steps are enormous and the eyes are full of tears, but we continue to move towards the future, because it is the only option, to go straight ahead and the culmination is that we have no way to stop, if every step hurts when we pass barefoot, then let us try to pass victoriously over any suffering with angelic steps.

    I always said, if we fail to carry out our task as human beings then we will certainly carry it out, like angels, so we have at least two options. If you cannot be human you can certainly be an angel, or vice versa. It is not a title or a grandeur or any difference, it all lies in the simplicity and ease with which we feel that we can offer our love to those around us at the level of love beyond any feeling, at it's true level of divinity in all of us is the evidence.

    How many times have we not all said: "Staying is so hard that you have to constantly cry for help!"... but also to leave is so easy, so whenever we run into these two possibilities, we can always choose to grow with our own forces somewhere in the middle.

    Every day, we melt under the only oath that recorded us as human beings, we live with our eyes open and see how over our oath it rained with gunshots.
    Words of encouragement for us and others, are said in a whisper, are said, but are said very rarely, and courage becomes a story that slowly(maybe) disappears.

    We talk about ourselves as if we were at a distance, but we are all here and I know for sure that WE ARE, although we do not seem, but we are heroes.

    Billions of stories are born when we lighten up and feel the weight in almost 30 grams of care for others around us, where we run in the way of others between more sunrises than we can count, up there, where the earth laughs at sunset and in the rising of tomorrow's land in the explosion of a sky of billions of suns in the full romance of Nature in the night of an entire Universe just for us, in the moment of a minus and a plus,
    where our longing for love receives an answer, we will smile.

    When the wind of hope blows warm and gentle, trying to tell us that we have received a gift and failing to see it, we feel that our chest is lighter with a ray of light that we hold in both palms easily and give it to others who need it...

    We already read the hope of an entire humanity in promises that awaken our souls and as if our only reward is what we have left behind in our history embodied in the senses, in deeds and words.

    We'll never know if something or anything around us turns on the light in his hope that he'll meet you! regardless of any situation, regardless of the diversity of spirit.

    Kiss the inspiration when you look for it and it will bless you, you bravely go beyond any rules, say something without a title, fill the gap with an even wider space of escape and through the atomic imprint of something great, you will find yourself between us.

    We live everywhere imprinted in our own belonging to the truth of ourselves, our heart belongs to the heart of the planet which with a single movement of perfection, can throw us into the distance of consciousness in fragments of the seed that built us.

    Always look the one next to you in his eyes, be forgiving with the morning of his awakening, hold your breath just to give it to him, hold him almost tightly in your longing arms and say: "I will not let you go, only if you leave with me in your heart because all I have to give you, that is what I lack! ”

    The practice of the present lies in your source of reality, stand up and initiate your most valuable presence in this reality, ignite the most dense spatial consciousness of your divine nature of being, bear the symbol of your heart's journey to the creation for tomorrow in crafting the art of flowing with life.
    Love is aware of your presence, consciousness is one, but in billions of experiments all at your disposal.

    In a way, this wonderful journey is a reckless revelation of indescribable beauty, of despair in untouched peaks of happiness, of rising clouds just for us, and of the collapse of the Universe in love for us ... just a wonderful discovery called the human being.
    But more than anything, it is about love as a transcendent path, as a spiritual path, as salvation from interpretable platitude.

    It was love that made us abandon the masks and pretensions, prejudice, and rusty armor of the ego, and finally open the great doors of our solitary United Being so that the ancient memory of the Soul would burst into this linear reality.
    With this opening, the deep contents of the deep craters of love in the heart, began to flow through us in this dimension, and thus was born a world that we called the journey to the land of tomorrow, a world in which those like we, regain through themselves a deep awareness of what they are in the millennial phases of ocean travel that we have all subscribed to sometime, maybe even in the future.

    The description of my writings can only be a gift to anyone or the path of my desires and the action of all or vice versa, the equinox of the awakening season always gives us the boundless space of consciousness in the center, without borders, of our balance here and everywhere.

    If today is a mantra in full revelation, then pronounce in silence "We" in the echo of the most immense enchantment of light through the voices of the whole world, bless the path you have not yet found, remember the magical value and the sacred formula of confirmation of life and joy, the one you will not know yet, understand in the divine essence of a water lily, be the most peaceful fighter in crossing a surrender, synchronize existence in a positive wave and breathe with it and together we will find the land for tomorrow!

    Secret Garden - Nocturne (Lyric Video) ft. Anne Takle(3:45)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    The boundless limit of freedom in the sound of love

    The passion in the color of life tells me that we can reach the highest field of love we have now, a field that I know we all build every day, but with each passing day, we emit a wave in passwords of life and we bring the binder in billions of breath of light, the nobility that can prove in fluctuations of love unfolds wide areas of dedication and the art of crossing eras of time, something that only we in the symbiotic wave can build.
    The total humanity in me and we in the totality of humanity in you tells us that we are here to create and sustain this with and for an entire humanity.

    We are here, ready, waiting to stand on the tops and looking into the distance, waiting to enter the era of the greatest synchronicity, we are waiting with emotion, to be able to fly to the eternity of us humans in a whole passage in the work for Well, where the script of the whole story was maybe written by us long before we could see each other in any form.

    Now the light of a clear moment when the light is lit in the frozen fog of an already changed world, I am writing a postmomentum after it has unfolded in the past close to the future of a present.

    Just as we hear ourselves say, "I miss paradise," the key to self-esteem opens wide horizons of awakening, as if we were born again, a kind of vault in the image of our hearts belonging to this time.

    Yes, our heart, our millennial awakening, where we write in the emotion of life with threads of golden memories from the immortal present of the brightest past of our future, belongs to us but maybe only a fraction of the moment, I am just the artist behind the painting , the painting contains another dimension in the vision of billions and billions of interpretations in effects that sometimes do not weigh only the purpose. No filter will be able to erase or measure the gene of creation of the birth imprint in the image of that wonderful painting!

    The leap that loses us in the interpretation of the painting, gives us the symbol of wonder and admiration when we are already caught in its entirety a huge leap of belonging, which gives us reasons to rejoice saying finally: here is our home!

    Today is the right time to create one of the billions of possibilities in which you can surrender to the beauty of this planet and its inhabitants!

    Do you hear the signal? There are the rays of the sun in the moonlight, open the door and read in your soul as if you were reading everyone's wishes, lost among the stars!

    We all lack the paradise of our soul, desire burns as if we were born with it, the first chapter of life in which you stepped is called Love of life and the continuity of the story can easily be written only in the breath and smile of a single reminder : Let's write the continuation with the living life in full feeling of love for everything.

    When we feel rejuvenated by the last ray of old age, the wisdom of old age rekindles the flame of our youth to be able to see the truth we once knew.

    In our solitary road we see our eyes in billions of eyes, we feel sighs, and we are aware of so many tears that flowed only for us, the road is so long that sadness is useless, it is the longest way to experience life next to each other, in love with everyone but in a strange way it seems we never meet.

    The proverb "Everyone with his world" is still written in apparently capital letters, but someday we will know the whole world from each one.

    We are all waiting for that dream to wake us up in the morning, we are all waiting for that wonderful voice to tell us that the dream has ended in the victory of a last reality in which time says its last words to continue a future expression.

    Let's not forget that we are all awakened in that dream, and the voice of the water we dreamed of in the pleasure of the idea of ​​awakening, is ours!
    So let's start, to the horizon of awakening at hand, where the switch is the signal to turn on the light in the explosion of truth.

    Awakening in the explosion of falling by rising through and from the crater of a light in the lava of hope by confirming the certainty of impossibility is a contradiction of cosmic spaces of synchronous reflection in interdependence of plasma vibrations of sound and life force in continuous transport in complete motionless motion. … So I would describe only a sequence from our awakening, the words would be too little though ..

    It takes us so long to have the courage to admit that when we say Hello we are really saying goodbye in an infinite category of rhetoric in an answer to which we are all looking for the question.

    Although nothing compares to the question, however, we all form an answer here and then, we live the hypothesis every day.

    This is a symbolic gift for the day when we all meet, a still unfinished painting ...one day maybe we will complete it

    In the desire to talk to each other, we always write something in our minds but we never really declare our love for each other, then we must always find stereotypes and statements that circumvent the truth that screams in us:
    "I want to love everything around me and be valued in the same symbiotic form!"
    Now that time no longer gives us time, we come to say that time does not exist and we want to stop it in place to have the power to recognize what we can recognize in less than half a second, when our world becomes so simple and small.

    The root of our birth takes root in the goodwill of a single moment that speaks of the continuation of our work in the desire to be good to all of us here together.

    We have too many questions and in the second sunrise, immediately after the first, we need absolutely nothing and in the same way, we need EVERYTHING. We need every sun.

    We are just people, we are the most united strangers on a planet that accepts us, let's receive this in our souls as if it were the most precious last wish.
    It's magic in the air, the end and the beginning are still running together… do we feel that?
    let's look each other in the eyes for the last and first time, let's arrange a rebellious strand of hair in the wind of change, let's be silent in deep tears of perfect good mood of indulgence that we finally found ourselves.

    The triad of speculation no longer follows the same rules when there is no longer a known picture, so let's have the courage to meet the magic there on the new playground, where we in the grace of goodness no longer need to know any rules, where The motto comes with the intelligence challenge of good inspiration of the moment when and where the truth saves us in the mission to declare that we are truly a living force when we no longer need to fight for good, for "good" has become us.

    As for me, I accept to learn from any possibility to fall in love with any end of a beginning in order to enjoy the journey in it!
    Until then, I will write as if I were writing for the guide of an entire humanity in the small chance of the probability that meets me in a drop of love fallen at the end of each beginning, something that always tells me that
    A direct appeal will lead us generically to our cooperation.

    Dance with me, courage is not an option now, but the option is courage and regardless of the appearance of any future perspective, let's feel safe with each other in the "little" of our soul, in all possible ways known and unknown, where words are no longer needed.
    The beginning is always a permanent love for beauty, waiting to feel that you have touched it and be satisfied with just that.

    The dialogue is born from a synchronicity on the waves of a future where we will hit time in a bottle of memory.
    Expanded experience will not escape us, but every moment is important not to draw a line, not to structure something we do not yet know or to condense something that does not yet belong to us.
    Miraculous living in the center of everyone's emotional peace is a vital necessity.
    The miracle of vitality will once again dare for us to conform to balance, so that we can grow directly by learning and maybe this time not the other way around.

    The reality of the summer months confidently enlivens everyone's spirit, the fabulous potential of human resources is untouchable when we create for us new waves of awakening.

    The electrifying detail in the enthusiasm and joy of getting closer to each other, is at hand, you do not need consistency or ingenuity to really see how close we are to each other!

    Alchemy takes place beyond any experience, the dynamic inner impulse moves us with verve, forcing us to move and forever borrowing discernment in the greatness of our heart.

    and respect,

    Secret Garden - Greenwaves (Lyric Video) ft. Karen Matheson(4:47)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    For Anca, in appreciation of all your wonderful posts... pumpkin flowers in the rain
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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    If only I were the rain ...

    Dear Sarah, thank you for dreaming with me in raindrops under the song of love for beauty!

    I wrote an unnamed poem for this moment so that the inevitable future registers the present in an interstellar and intra-dimensional vision, where maybe someday philosophy, science and religion together will form the singularity of the inter-dimensions themselves within us. Maybe it's just a beautiful dream, but it's worth dreaming about

    I hear the blessing of a soothing rain
    The hourglass that slowly raining in a second of a sweet refrain
    The sand of souls through a whole wide universe into a sand of grain
    I'am here to sing the love of life for every single being that share the living chain

    What kind of life it was before I said goodbye
    My spirit wander singing ever in a lullaby
    A thousand times or more the world is turning in a butterfly
    I keep you safe and guide you in my overfly.

    I stretch my wings through outer space
    A silent night that kept me reaching for the world wide race
    It move me from a solid base in plasma times of timeless place
    I'am counting bullets in my shield of wide protection in a form of grace
    I live in restless aching of my heart for blessing an entire world in one embrace
    I made my house a home, a vivid world in which I have no face.

    Our world is living in unspoken dreaming fantasy
    I hear the voices of the world inside my poetry
    The wishes of a human race are shining in a rhapsody
    So. take me home into the hope that cradle my anatomy
    The torment in a world that chose us to fulfill a dream of human race in destinies of dynasty
    It takes us back and forward in dimensionality in segments of a ladder in between the galaxies.

    There, where the sun it rises in more many suns our wish will be
    Will conquer all the evil only sleeping in our goodness life under the Tree
    A life, a thousand words, a will, a dream in love of live in linear symmetry
    Will bring us peace and light in our perennial sphere of an eternity
    In distance all is close, we close our eyes in deep and far serenity
    We have a soul in life within, we live the key, we are and we will be a big universal Family
    The stars are healing by more stars in movement and vibration of a legacy
    We say good bye again and ever an Hello between the you and all and me
    Just sing a long with me a lullaby for happiness of an entire precious wonderful humanity!

    Enya - Echoes In Rain(3:35)

    With hope and love, for all of us,
    and for the strength of I will all!!

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Between the heights over the sky and from the gift of Earth

    The story of loyalty and courage in a dimensioned vision called existence, where we all dream while we claim the sky.
    We all sway in the throne of a fantastically beautiful World where the truth swings us on the wing of a wind with billions of birds always traveling to welcoming sunny and warm lands of our desires.

    Include yourself in a community that sows and builds on its own, finds the healthiest resource for a rich conscience, obviously an illustration of a thought that includes the hopes of others, a life rich in experiences to share, a new human attitude generating substance from the place of living of the best decision of life value, a form of investment suitable, accessible, sustainable for the certainty of the present moment. That community is you among the rest of the others.

    In the meditation of a wait, the dynamics of facts flow into waves of stillness that pass by us as we run in amazement to look for them somewhere, but they are here with us right now and especially when entire galaxies revolve with us. in speed.
    What exactly fixes us in a relationship time and space, now knocks at the doors of our awakening and we must open them wide, but precisely because it is a relationship, we must perhaps measure the absolute in balance and count the difference, sometimes our presence in front its own open door, gives us a certainty.

    We are heading for the target of a place called the World while we are in it.
    In the speed of dripping a single raindrop of wisdom from the clouds that binds our relationship with the sky of an entire Universe, endurance personalizes with time in us everything in its path.
    The division of good deeds and the guide of the best rules of awakening are manifested in a clockwise direction in moments of relaxation in the realization that,
    the creation of a permanence in accessing a fundamentality is perhaps the sensation of total absence from the path of anything, and our fulfillment in the path of the absolute everything. It is not complicated, it is only depth and uplift.

    There are no criteria, we are just everything and always in us at the same time timeless, wonderful human beings

    The stone has long been thrown over the luster of the water and its continuous movement of touch over the waves of the awakening history of mankind, goes through factors of destination along with the effect of knowledge in us and the irreversible effect at the open door of the future.

    (Maybe) we are there and here and in velvet vault and on earth beyond, in the full reality of the transfusion of the good in us that creates background in our expectation for a future present.

    Many times we feel living in the location of a world that gives birth to people between people, a continuous and active birth in the static kinematics of the whole movement that conspires on our awakening. We are so few and so important that every atomic particle dispersed by our presence contributes to a major balance of evolution of an entire universe.

    In the tension of liberation in full existence, we always give in easily, by breathing cleanly in the air and the light of hope that builds us.
    We want it and that's how it often happens to have results when we don't expect it,
    we are so forgetful and so attentive to the importance of our details of desire.

    When we feel that the morning sun is building our awakening and we trust that it will always be there for us then we feel the beauty of the truth in full action that connects the earth to the sky.

    It is like the wonderful drawing of the vital instinct of a child's soul from the people within us.

    Always in that drawing will light the sky and the earth, the tree, the mountains, the ocean and the animals, and us humans in an atmosphere that completes the rest as we know it, the drawing of the World that fulfills the goodwill of a child's eyes.

    Maybe in the future we don't need to meditate to find beauty, its level breathes through us and around us in a kind of incantation that starts nature from us and flows into nature from everything and vice versa.

    There is no need to find a place to say this, the sky between there and here does not make a difference, the feeling is unique in both places when we manage to remember that we are still sitting in the seat of eternal contemplation somewhere reading in a book about the wholes chapters of revelations with the same name all, an unnamed title in the name of life in every possible way.

    If being human seems like a complex definition then being 1 with other people seems to complete the idea as a whole, it is richer than any zero.

    If we manage to read about those around us more than we hear from the sound of their hearts, then we can say that we can connect to the whole definition of beings around us in the full beauty of exploration that becomes in time,
    a passion to build good connections in the infinite variety of premises.

    Just as the sky builds the radius of a connection with the ensemble in essential details of EVERYTHING, just as the Earth strengthens it, all are in favor of a future connection that builds the moment, the difference lies in the vitality with which we recognize this interaction connection.

    We speak with the voice of the stars being the stars in us, we are born from the stars for the stars of others, we are a different constellations, valuable, wonderful, talking, in the vast catalyst of galaxies with which we evolve together. It is not an apparent chance, it is our construction and imprint.

    We are not the projection in black and white on a sheet of white paper, we are the reference point that brings the paper from space links very far into memory references in proportion to the overall predestined to this connection as in heaven and on earth.

    When we say that we offer, we must feel that we add to our amount of soul and never by giving do we end up missing something.
    The energy of our creation in contemplation and dreaming seems to be untouchable when we look for it in the diary of our souls.
    We search with the instrument of remembrance and all we find is remembrance, just as we left it.
    But if we see the diary from the outside without looking for the memories that build us new options in the premise of the symbolic contemplation of the diary, we can always sign only the happy inscriptions.

    If we were to describe only one of the relationships that build the water of the statement "as in heaven so on earth" then it would be like the first step we take in the morning when we wake up to bless the place where we step by never forgetting this!

    When we say good morning and confirm that the morning is there, implicitly we must give life to the feeling that it is really good!
    The vertigo in which during the day we manage to stumble in confusion of time and space in a mixture of options and opportunities, will always create the conclusion that we should have the opportunity to enjoy and be happy.
    Because we have chosen with open-hearted love even if sometimes it hurts, maybe it's not about choosing or maybe choices don't choose us, that's just the relative time-consuming part of options and we'll never be alone in This one.

    Under what conditions should we change our point of view in frozen times in their sense, in the conditions in which the changes happen only and only as much as they can themselves?

    I would easily say: Take me to your heart, if you can, from where we all started the journey to the stars on our own, but I am struck by dramatic concepts and definitions.
    Let's take the first step that will go further than we would have imagined, from the line drawn with white chalk on the asphalt of our change, from where, looking into each other's eyes we said without words in 8 billion wishes the same thing: "I'm here for you, I know you're here for me!" So let's start as in heaven and the earth still waiting.

    We have come so far, you and I, that while we both enjoy the 8 billion hope of latitude to people, in the sound of good influence in transforming the future into a better one, the verticality of our souls beats with the beating of our hearts with every step taken here, barefoot in this life.

    This is just our reality, the illusions are scattered over our common faith. It is a dream in the reality we all play. The question is: "Can you take me to where in the explosion of birth of planets, I will hear for the first time and last time my name?"

    I miss the happiness of others, my happiness is proof of the longing I have for every form of life.

    "Where are you?" We were all wondering.
    You are the name of the time since I have been waiting for you here, for love, it takes more, so, on a planet full of souls in full hope, I always ask, without wanting to: Where is everyone?

    With our eyes closed we still feel quite resilient and confident that loneliness is the way, the culmination sometimes is that we complain about the very path we have chosen to walk alone.

    If you feel lonely enough to continue, then how do you complete the definition of loneliness in doing virtue, justice, and freedom for the rest of the people around you, and what have you done for it today?

    What will you do tomorrow when you know you did that yesterday?

    Dried petals fallen on a closed book remind us how much loneliness burns.
    I'm down here, I fell and I hit the asphalt of a society where the longing for evolution was created on its own, in reflection of this longing for each other.
    How many kilometers do you spend walking, thinking that you forgot to count the strangers who passed you, or maybe you passed them… who knows? It is important to at least look into the eyes of every stranger,
    ...tell me once what you found ...

    I will never stop until I make every stop worth volunteering to stop at the moment of my own moment of awakening, and I will continue to move on, just because I love stopping in opportunities to continue, a “possibility presented in billions of probabilities ”in the certainty of a clear mission.
    Our cry that still grows with the loneliness of a world full of people, loneliness that hurts more and more, decreases while the amplitude of love increases the very value of existence.

    We are not transparent to everyone, we have always known this, as we all know that we are not without everyone together, so often we hear the same word shouting in synchronicity, maybe it hurts because of the lack of each other in a world where we think we are alone, with everyone right next to us.
    It is not a contradictory tension, it is a truth, maybe even the one we think we sometimes look for, sometimes we find in our exact absence from each other.

    Many times we "wake up" in a journey of awakening, a kind of "awakening in awakening", where we get lost so many times in a notion of "search in search", but we still find the strength to say to the one of next to us "You will never be alone", proof that we are all here, at home, already awake.
    Between heaven and earth our house is built in high pillars of talking stone of the witness mountains of the planet, their lava teaches us about the constant need for change.

    An entire planet of Nature and the living life force can heal our belief that we must discover the power ourselves and others can discover us when we manage to understand what is more important: We must trust that we will succeed together, a trust born from our authenticity.
    As for me, my world is enclosed in the walls of the nature of everyone's soul, precisely because I am just a man like everyone else, I need a wider space, to be able to breathe and grow there, together with everyone.

    The solfeggio of light is caught in the wavelength of the longest journey, awakened from the sleep of an eternal whisper of lost thoughts, but born of hope that encompasses the enigma of this wonderful certainty of life between sky and earth,
    in the most magnificent paradox we say welcome to Life, here between heaven and Earth, and never goodbye


    B.M.G. - Time Of Love(6:19)
    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    The box with white butterflies

    A prayer of a whole world writes our conscience of all.

    Maintaining the expression "what a wonderful world" is the light we all hold in our hands and pass it from one to another, keeping the joy of living and the grace to guard our true nature.

    Our endeavor of all is an assiduous resistance in the field of heart and soul in which we must resurrect the joy and gratitude towards this wonderful mystery called Life.
    Events must show us the light, they must shorten our struggle in prayer when we sing in the canon of society, we must read during rest and bodily work to do only good, to think only in the hope of good, to be able to go through this provocative daily "everyday's" with the endurance of an old and wise soul, with the celebration of looking towards the resurrection hours of the good times in which human beings create together with the consciousness of a whole world.

    Joy is prolonged when we find the essence of life in whose masters we are with the good deeds we feel, calling for the healing of the world and the solemn call to peace.
    As the conscience speaks to each of us, the Word speaks the password of life for all of us in this world.
    Every moment measures the joy of shared change, foreshadows the virtue of a reality that we bless by building it with each journey.
    The grace to have more indulgence and forgiveness for other human beings discovers us differently from the first hour to the eleventh. Let us receive and share the simple and promising joy of the sensitivity of our goodwill, to fulfill with care, the obedience of all the problems and worries of the world, all of us together for each other.
    The tear of humanity divided from the infinite light in our universe that keeps the inner sensation, of the correct disposition of the soul,
    carry for us, the box of our white prayers in billions of butterflies flying to the inner stars.
    The constellation of the harmony of consciousness in the light deserves us with every breath and we must recognize the white freedom of the butterflies of hope of an entire human race.

    The altar of the beauty of this world can be seen through the window of our souls, where the light heals intensely in fragments of life, where every story receives a house and every human smile receives a sunny morning!
    The box with prayers in verses as moments of spiritual rest is at the window waiting for us.

    The daily living ceremony through the living reality keeps us in the house, and we want to run barefoot to kiss under the Eifel tower, to tie padlocks of promises on bridges that connect hearts, to embrace nature in the living environment of wonderful overflow while swimming in its waters, as we fly in the gentle air, drink the living water of springs and sing merrily to the rays of the sun! We were born to raise colorful balloons to the sky, to sing in the starry sky, to sleep in the shade of a tree, and to fulfill our nature with the Mother of Nature.

    Destiny seems to tell us about a love story told differently, a love story for the stranger next to us, one in which we get up, dress nicely and go to follow our dreams!
    You are a miracle! Forgive! Love the love! Rejoice! and don't forget to write this moment in your travel diary!
    It is almost impossible to be just a character in a book, you have to fight with honor when you write as a volunteer in your journal, you have to fight to the end with dignity, with heroism, with love full of attention and devotion, being grateful to the one who put the pencil in your hand, that's just you.

    Put the pencil of a grace to wish the light of good for everything around you and write with the hand of the soul through the sacrifice of the responsibility to transform the lives of those around you into the most beautiful fairytale worlds.
    Be aware of the supreme value of consciousness when you share your white Butterfly with the world! Ask for depth of soul when you want to learn from others what it is like to fly and write down the joys of the image of an entire world.
    An image in which we will remember people who cried with us, who rejoiced with us who fought with us for every beautiful part of our souls.

    The small pieces of white paper torn as if from our souls, revive our hope when they rise to the sky in the middle of the divinity of this wonderful planet that revives every expectation for every writing that proves the love of our soul in the midst of the soul of the other next to us.
    The glory of writing only for the other souls gathers the hopes in a living one, rewrites the future and proves fragrant our merit to have the highest truths that we all deserve!

    Let's try tomorrow, when we talk to others to reach out and shake hands with those with a pure heart, to express wonderful sympathy for them as living beings and to break pieces of words from our soul just to make them feel loved and understood, the energy is endless and the box with white butterflies in flight, is like magic always full.

    One step is a single journey in perfecting thoughts in contrast and color with beauty, paint the clock of your awakening in sharing with an entire world, wake up to be awakened by awakening an entire world, dance in the steps of awakening of an entire world.
    Place your morning marathon in two-second steps in the middle of everyone's morning, smile in the wake-up space with the sun's rays in your heart!
    Compare unique movements and mood swings always, filling in landscapes of amazement of the dream of intense life in the light of joy in simple being only human.

    I will take the joy and elegance of the waltz in the morning of this evening, in the series of inspiration of a thousand heartbeats for half a second in the emotion of the freedom to develop beauty on the fields of life!

    Let's wait and see how it will unfold in the end, the first step is made in the sound of every breath in the hope of good, with every light on, during the transcendence of life the next steps become very lightweight, expectations are intense in the dance of spiritual freedom from our rediscovery in the durability of the journey of macro-synchronicity and we finally find our twin dance partners who attract us as a supreme force of the universe in the genome of the waves of extratemporal explosion in us.
    We all created this dance, we are all born from the endless countdown of a cell here, in us and in the universe where the cell counts time and space, where the connection flows in fractal sound creations, we just have to take its good vibration.

    Everyone and absolutely everything that can exist includes our journey beyond the universe, the beauty of the smallest part of us creates the magnificent enigma of an entire universe.

    The intrinsic and extrinsic therapy of capitalizing with our presence the whole art of life, gives us the highest values in simple expansive emotions that contribute to the vitality of the universe near and from us, we only need in an inner space that belongs to us to find, an infinitely multiplied sense of reference to the superimposed origin, in all the beauty of the relativity of truth.
    It may sound complicated or it may be easy, but the most important thing is the implacability of our own responsibility to feel.

    In the quantum of poetry, the experience of some might even be the sensation of tasting the Universe, but in the portrait of humanity we are the memory of every detail of imagination.

    The invitation of encouragement in these times, and as long as we live, remains open to our journey in star birth visions that it will miraculously size us, in steps of butterflies and fragments of free flight, where any synapse meets inspiration and and receives the signal of the love of life, where the impossible is interconnected to the grace of living the truth in balance.

    In the spirit of painting a multiverse in every soul and from the nature of our human spirit united in a single consciousness, from sharing a single thought in billions of masterpieces of all good thoughts,


    Only one conscience and one love,


    Max Richter - On The Nature Of Daylight (Entropy)(7:00)
    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Surprise yourself!

    Drops of love knock slowly on your window and in a dark jar the hope of a firefly lights up your room!
    If you are wondering why so much love is needed, the answer is still a question: "Why isn't it forever?"

    We look back on our lives and feel no regrets. We look into our soul and all we see is the beauty of our scars.
    We look in the mirror, at our face, but we do not see the wrinkles but the depth of our gaze. A lot has been said. Many lived.Many felt great.
    We learned from our smile and tears.
    We have fought battles with fate, with others, with ourselves, but today we have emerged triumphant because we have learned to proudly bear every trace of the present.
    Of all the paths you will take, this can be the hardest and at the same time the most correct, feel the novelty of the free man inside you!
    I know that you have never complained more than you could feel the pain, but the wounds will close even when you close your eyes and move on, every moment will only pass in your favor!

    Approve every move forward, decide to fight only to the extent and while you find your own story in the destiny of others, just rest.
    Face any fear of really knowing yourself, accept any possibility and then life will surprise you and maybe even then, with a trembling hand of emotions you declare the signature of your love for each of us. You will succeed and you will be amazed in the shock of simplicity feeling that you are already close of what you always wanted!

    It's a long way, we will often get lost, and most of the time we will feel scared and maybe eager to give up. But we will be able to grow together and even if we are not able to overcome the lie, the wickedness or the injustice now, we will know at the end or maybe sooner that most of the time we suffered from minor things like we wanted to be warriors with a heart so true and that from the lost battles we have all learned, we will be ready for the future knowing that now we are ready for, in fact, anything.

    Be yourself!
    Live in harmony with your Creation of spirit when you want to end the suffering of those around you! Write the names of all the stars that revolve above you!
    Live in harmony with yourself and give harmony to the high rank of the art of giving, it is easier to give than to receive, and it is simpler than we might think. Write down all the clouds that pass over your thoughts.
    Keep your heart open, always open, the power of good thought does not lie in much talk, but in the sincerity of the sigh of a single prayer.

    Smile when your heart smiles, remember the peace and nourishment of the soul! Count all the fallen leaves from all the trees in this world, for each has a story.
    We feel when the heart increases its beat ... forgive also by awakening the victorious feelings of peace and relaxation in the presence of the beauty of freedom.
    You will grow with the towering mountains towards the universe and strong in the steadfastness of time.
    Breathe consciously and stay awake with the breath of your life and that of others and wait for the moment when you can say: "Now we are free!"
    The sun will open our solar construction, our chest will "explode" with health of light and oxygen, our mind will "melt" in the beauty of the sun's rays.
    Love when your heart loves, there is no hierarchy in our spiritual perfection, splendor is the only purifying principle! Learn the poetry of magnetism in the bright moon from the tide of knowledge that will draw us into the comfort of knowing before we can ask.

    Be happy when happiness floods your being! Catch the art of life by shaping the clay of existence with your eyes closed, enjoy the water of your soul when it floods you and floods your work.

    Breathe in the texture of an ocean quantum, with each wave of evolution.

    Follow the lighthouse of inspiration through every drop of light that has built you, we will never leave each other in this marathon, the only surprise is to boost the hearts of others in our souls and recover the good emotion of our heart from the love for other souls!
    Pour your compassion on human beings in a festival of varied interaction and suitable for each of them, the strategy is to the advantage that you can just listen.
    Give love, happiness, smiles, without expecting to receive back! Resources govern you if you try your happiness in the smile of others, surprise yourself without charging the free impulse, let your imagination run wild, you have "more eyes" and infinitely many "wings" when you feel the intensity to give, no it has no name, the courage reflects your ability to try now something you never dared to try!

    Be YOU! Now try sovereignty in the principle of coordinating with the orderly equality of other life forms, everything is alive

    Let us gather in our hearts the meditation of the sunset and the endless explosion of the awakening of the sunrise.

    Between yesterday and today we will always see the beauty of the moment, to live each moment as a birth under the inscription "in honor of the future", to give each moment the opportunity to bring you that sublime beauty with which it was loaded.
    To be able to live life fully, in the light of the spontaneity of your own creativity, by virtue of that force of good, which is and will always be triumphant in its own vitality.
    Let us go through life, making wings of beauty for others, only from love and faith in them, in spite of anything, any aspect, any event that seems to be insurmountable, perhaps insurmountable by its apparent difficulty.

    To have the pure soul of a child and never stop believing in miracles, because miracles happen every moment, only the eye of the soul is necessary to perceive them in our smiles of all.
    To have a soul full of that light of love, beauty and longing for the absolute is the magic that fills every void in life, a warm touch in the dance of consciousness covers our fullness in the manifestation of emotion in motion.
    Let's not look for clues to expect, let's collaborate with the unknown in terms of positivity, let's take a deep breath when we are in the first audition of our emotion and start without training or motivating investment, to take part in any adventure that may surprise us!

    Let's challenge the importance of something beautiful that we don't know yet and taste the refinement, meet the expression of unexpectedness in a relaxed state, find the passion to "arrow" freedom without looking for its role or purpose, build a wonderful fireworks relationship with the new ability,
    to pierce with inspiration from the circle of will, and to reinvent the moment in an inevitable reminder of joy, to bless our style of giving by personifying the whole archive of positive emotions,
    only to surprise our universe with the miracle of the joy of others!

    Enya: Dreams Are More Precious(4:23)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Welcome life

    In the purity of a void, so huge and yet so wonderful, we can find only the right way to say: Welcome! What else can we say?
    In the afternoon of our goodwill to accept everything as it is, dare today and tell me a true truth, isn't it supposed to be a wonderful day today?
    Why we always need new perspectives to find clues in solving stories moment by moment, how many times we accepted a momentary impulse and went to the most unexpected places, for no reason, and how happy we were, doing so?

    The source of good manners leaves behind a dream called forever, "life".
    A deep immersion that gives you strength and exalts you is when you meet life, a terrible and fascinating privilege that we all frequent, sometimes we manage to control it, other times we only manage to love it.
    The surprise is when we manage to become friends with life itself in the most wonderful way, simple, mystical and real at the same time, an adrenaline and exceptional meeting combined with the magic of your existence between the meanings of a sky full of bright stars and the connection with the heliacal myth who called you "the human being" in the specter of your own vision, here.

    The station in a kind of clandestine equivalent, builds our identity more and more, in an increasing importance, a kind of "perennial" factor (as a friend calls it), and the testimony of the event is reflected in a captivating way in everyone's life story.
    The refinement of wisdom always comes before we can draw any final conclusions, the territory is always marked by fairly intense testimonies of life, the criteria are as if intertwined in complex and powerful adventures from which sometimes it seems we can not escape, sometimes we do not want to escape.

    Incredible experiences that facilitate living, build essential needs and strong sense of purpose, but in this powerful phenomenon either very real or in transit, we find perfect examples of creation when we meet within us the invincible power and will to go through a kind of the process of death and rebirth in meditation, the ability to risk everything to accomplish a good goal, and the extremely positive emotional intensity in a near-survival efficiency of a pure nothing.

    Always in a glass of enchanting emotion, we will wander through dream places and conscious destinations in a substantial initiation and continuity of the most beautiful illustrations of the spirit places.
    We can meet our own footsteps in all directions, where we fall asleep in the morning in the labyrinth of clocks of a still unknown night.
    But everything is clear when you can imagine
    when you don't know whether to leave it to chance, to make a wish or to see a story, the dream gives way to a rain of dandelions that fall towards you, rising easily to the sky. You try to choose a moment to weave the journey, but there, time is measured in songs you do not know, you just hear them and the dance of the dandelions forms the atmosphere in which you float while walking.

    In a meadow, upstairs, you meet your personalized will in the high shade of the trees by looking into the hollow of the sky, the birds write with star dust what you are going to do next and looking at the grass you realize that you have got there to plant your grace in every gram per one wish, for the good of every living being in the Universe! You feel your heart beating in the bells of huge flowers, and while you recognize the mirror between black and white, a blue curtain of stars flows on the path of some moving blue algae that shape you.

    Between self-realization and self-loss in such incomprehensible areas, the itinerary is wide and wide, we do not need to know anything about shadows, we do not need them even if they define instead the light of things, harmony meets any horizon of expectations, set in terms of the manifestation of reality through play and of creation through logos, through one's own unique spiritual discoveries.
    The embrace of the whole inner light is an incomparable beauty contained in an invaluable necklace that we hold close to our chest close to the heart, on the way to our awakening, knowing that love is true, we will know that the sky within us is always clear.
    Unspoken love but attached to good faith, opens the door to the power for listen in the journey of a unanimous sound of goodwill, the first step before any action is to sit on a chair and listen.

    The thorough usefulness of learning, whether we plan or not, tends to try to discern the melodic joy of freedom in our spirit, this can be a grain of eternal truth, if we manage to learn the refrain.
    An enormous power of creation lies in us, through a dance directly somewhere outside any cosmic boundary and polarity, through the outside of such a wide interior of pure coexistence of vitality, emerged in sacred force of the very long story of the heart, knowing that you are in the graceful extension of life, here, at home. When you say: I will find my way home, the way can find you.

    I am just an individual consciousness but the comprehensive key is actually in the expansion of the collective consciousness into something that we will find out together what definition it could have, maybe there will be no need for a definition.
    A dense and sonorous Sun, shows us today our shadows singing in the art of gravity through evolution, exactly as we each feel it and in the measure of our understanding, somehow from nothing that we find, good and grandiose events are born, precisely for the justice that the stars are not the end.

    The quality of waiting carefully in the dynamics of exploration, makes us dare to dream big, the sublime merges when art sits around us everywhere , there is no filter without exploration resource and when sizing in many infinite ways, the spiritual grace, the absolute can amplify the root of essence,
    but for the most part our own experience, sizing always redefines the value of our own lives.

    Evoke the beauty in you, cultivate goodness as in a new morning with a new invitation to life!
    Look clearly at a new invitation to leave the old luggage that no longer serves us. An every new invitation to give up the limiting beliefs that surround us is a new key to breathing consciously and having the strength to smile for others, today, now.

    Even in the traffic in which we all suffer under the guise of aggression repressed in endless threats, we can smile.
    Smile right now and feel what is going on in your body, if you keep the smile for a minute ... I know you can smile!

    Every morning is a new invitation - if we choose to see it that way - to feel our heart longing for beauty, truth, love, you can not choose just one, only if you feel in all three united and more.

    Say "Beauty" and find out how you feel in your soul. I know it's hard for you on any inner journey, but I also know that you are thirsty for beauty, just remember what you see in beauty ?!
    Choose to let yourself be embraced by what you dream, you deserve it!

    Let's vibrate with what we serve the world we live in, carefully choosing how we spend each moment to grow with each other. I know it's a dream, but it can be an initiation into the present to overlap a better future!

    But, don't pay attention to me...
    I'm just talking I think the video below speaks for itself how we can all welcome life!


    Beautiful Planet Earth - Vangelis(11:03)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    An adventure chained in freedom

    Where is the true myth of each individually developed consciousness? where is the story of awakening in each soul? We should have maybe 8 billion wills to be able to route together in the transcendence of a single wave of awakening, or maybe not.
    But to which galactic scale of union in the full password of life will we ever adapt in favorable times arising from the origin of the awakening?

    All species of creation accept the source of freedom in the living realm to explore the spirituality of the dreamer in us, when we participate in the whole act of the play, played in the work of universal laws.
    In the sympathetic exuberance of the known world or not, we find ourselves each as actors in the deed of things as in some celestial sound pieces on the sky, from the promise of life.
    It has never been easy for the perfection for which we have given fragments of the soul, it has never been easy to express modesty in the passion of a strong impulse of rebirth.

    Freedom in an evolutionary dream vacation has always built us up and rebuilt resources through analogies of identity to our liking.
    Our predestined endowment as partner of life, offered us moments of happiness we did not hope for, a whole natural way of expression speaks of the need for an immaterial and especially collective individual transformation in the full rebirth of spiritual freedom and more.

    Our heart sometimes forgets the addiction of the present, and dreams alone on the beech of love that it will always choose, for, the grace of being authentic in self-consciousness is only the beginning, the end, always gains in the inevitable predestination of a beginning.

    Sometimes, the awakening extends into a dialectic of inner ignition, through the grace of giving artistic thoughts shared to render the quintessence of living, for the blessing of all living hearts, it seems to be a dynamic discernment in a reality of life and at the same time, a freedom to offer in becoming everything.
    The gift of the most successful unleashing of freedom, is perhaps the strong collection of all energies from all extremes and from the center of the heart in truth temple of creative resonance of life.

    Alchemy in vocation destinations, always glimpses freedom at the level of our expectations, what we inherently roll between will and assumption is the call of our creation to understand one of the access ways of the flow, from a river of freedom that flows in the stamp of necessary probabilities.

    Quote your emotions, choose your feelings, freely set the statement between acceptance and encouragement, read in the value of your freedom, eclipse existence in the light blessing of simple grace to give your freedom to others, breathe the harmony of daily blessing in a spiritual reminder for all others together with you, declare your life story in the certainty of a clear answer, that you are simply a human being among others.

    Freedom should not awaken the future by rolling the dice over the cultural or economic firmament in fronts of development under the rule of the so-called progress, it must easily release the natural need of the soul, it must meet the desired creation in moldable parameters in which to rediscover always, this is the beauty in creation.

    The involuntary reality in which the contexts catch us in hypostases, apparently necessary, forces us slowly by the nature of a fluid source to play the game of freedom in the morphosyntax of our own level.
    A kind of wonderful, almost instinctive symbiosis that awakens us by merging us in relation to evolution through sensitivity, in deciphering the sum of all values in any hypothesis, collateral with the symmetry of the centuries of waiting in awakening, brings us the news of consciousness in proportion to an increase in energy completely within malleable templates.

    Sometimes we are captivated by the idea that freedom has involuntarily detached itself from being subordinated to beings and constantly struggles to rise in value to the standard of primordiality, but this is just a relentless record of a simple taboo and its charms, as well as its artistic values which intertwine depending on the play and the scene in question.

    The freedom as sensitive and beautiful, as strong and cruel in decisions, in desires, in feelings, which externalizes them through its natural gifts of source in our subjective affective plane, remaining instead a kind of impenetrable task, with many soul doors which close and open with the time and space of evolution that pass over it.

    Controversial, judged and always internalized, freedom, subject to emotional and social pressures, always caught between culture and choices, always more or less in the shadow of the choice within us, it indulges in the weakness and strength it produces in our character and her interest.
    The human being has in its symbiosis, desires and needs of knowledge and continuous openness, in experiences that include standards divided by unification of experiences.
    Freedom, in its great complexity of structures and vitality, is alive, in its integration of values or non-values, in attitudes that, often, put it in critical hypostases,
    it knows how to assume the role of integration in the values that it opens and lives in a complex way, sometimes even without our choice, exactly in our actions.

    Thus, in the ideal of her values, in the sum of emotional and subjective feelings, freedom is always conquered, but she, victorious in its strength of good, always leaving the impression that she is led, while she leads the man silently and very subtly wonderful.

    Freedom has the power to draw its sap from vice and virtue at the same time, making it controversial in all values and circles of philosophical understanding ... that is why it is a diamond with many faces, which self-perfects and grinds incessantly, in a magnifying glass of seduction, always placed in the position of attribute of sensuality, in critical hypostases,
    with tendencies and desires that produce concepts and reasoning and, even if it is unmasked, she knows, through her own interests, to bring out in the exterior the values and non-values from her unbridled inner desire to lead.

    Wake up now, freedom in this world is as real as it can be!

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Resistance to life

    "The one who seems to be standing still, be careful not to fall." and he that falleth, let him be sure that he falleth into the stillness of wisdom;
    the balance of endurance to life has weights in our hands.

    The most direct way to our hearts teaches us how to put the best weights in the balance of life, so as not to be heavy with them.
    The algorithm in the step of life is a call to healing, for some it is too impetuous or difficult or even scary, for some it is nothing in challenge or limitation and for some it is just vitality in full transcription.

    The "tyranny" of this world seen through the characteristic of those who think they suffer, is exactly their suffering still unassumed in a rebellion of questions and insecurities that makes them run even harder with all the weights in hand and tears in their eyes, until their souls become to hard.

    It may be sad, but the joy comes from the wisdom shown right at the end of the marathon (sometimes right at the beginning) in which the road through suffering sometimes seems to show the truth from which they learn to change,
    the idea is maybe that in vain the running style changes, while the route remains the same, they can't even stop, so maybe the truth runs in rhythm with them in their step, in proportion to the understanding of the environment in which they run.

    Someone was asking
    Why do people learn only through pain and suffering and not through pleasure and joy? "
    Someone was answering
    "for pleasure and joy accustom man to be content with the things given by this world, while pain and suffering push him to seek a deeper happiness, beyond the limits of this world."

    And I say that it is more than that, somewhere, maybe in the middle, the combination between the definition of liberties and spiritual escape for no apparent reason, saves the source and virtue of several truths, somewhat, at each individual level, our helplessness contemplating the virtue of eternity by patience much deepest, beyond us, for endure the truth even as we do it

    Maybe it's not about acting, taking action (for me it's certainly not), because between finding the inevitable moment by moment and looking in the past just to forget it, it is a disambiguation of several philosophical implications, which do not find their place in the wonderful and to profound individuality of each one person.

    The moment someone says "start the fire" and the other says: "don't start the fire ", another comes and says: " just let it go out ", another comes and says:" we have to keep the fire going " and maybe many wonder " what is fire?! "while others explain condensed" what is actually fire "... and there are more...
    There are those who "play with fire", there are those who are "burned by fire" and there are those who have never heard of fire but ignore it anyway, or there are those who will never find out about the existence of fire.
    Diversity maintains and kills at the same time the fire of knowledge, just as we cannot "set fire to an entire world" but without fire we are cold, just as the light from the flickering flames speaks to us in what it renders, while we just use them to melt the structure of other living materials, without being able to listen to them, easily as a pie, everything comes easily and at hand when "we want", but not in the balance of balance.

    The ability to contemplate the "whole view" may not bring any comfort, the "great view" in the great eternity endures continuity as if now we all sit in a huge armchair and try to count infinity in minus terms and plus definitions, does not seem easy but it is certainly interesting no matter what we believe or not.

    But we can endure anything if we have felt compassion at least once, not at the level of pity (this is close to ignorance, at least for me) but at the level of deep suffering with those around us. Have you ever tried this? The culmination is that you can help a lot, through your suffering along with the suffering of others, you can heal.

    When compassion embraces us to the "burning" of the heart for all creation, for humans, for birds, for animals, for demons and for every creature. Only the thought and respect for their way of life brings tears to our eyes (not of suffering or joy, but of eternity),
    ...perseverance in this conversion of "giving" to the high rank of life, masters the heart in full patience, invites the truth, gathers forgiveness in a non-speech, bears the piercing of eternity in the pure value of life.
    Have mercy today for the one next to you, in the fullest way in which the vitality of your existence clings the altruism of the last times and the true good rebellion of the soul, in the regiment of unarmed struggle but under the armor of good wisdom, bear the truth! It is yours. Look for peace in the eye of silence, listen to your joy of being calm, honor the sensitivity and vulnerability to compassion to say and fill : We are all human beings!

    Let us wet with the tears of our own suffering in the will that whitens our souls and the souls of others, let us wish for the peace and joy of the human race more than anything!

    Close your eyes, close them again and as many times as necessary you close them more over the "closed" ones, let the spirit take you where it wants, you are in a pleasant suspension of vitality (you are the spectator), you keep the light on the will to do good, any good (even one you can't think of), breathe freedom like fresh air, let yourself be healed by the beauty of that journey, for diplomacy to feel the beauty will be the mirror of your next acts, because you are an inexhaustible resource of beauty and you can offer just endlessly love and creation, including "what you don't have".

    Accept the dissolution of the struggle, accept the creation of a new birth of your own world, in which you rediscover yourself as you did not know you could be, learned the little mistakes, you already updated the challenges in all probabilities, felt the resistance of comparison in heavy wars and infinite love, you have felt the formation of difference through clarity identified by the ability to trust yourself, you have learned to keep the benefits of harmony in the quality of the depth of life,
    what else do you represent now, here, at this level of yours?
    Now, offer this as comfort and relief to an entire world!
    You can at least try
    Let us carefully and carefully put the signature of our soul only and only in the catalog of the viability of the good, especially when we write with ink from our own existence in the measure of language and life in the diary of an entire humanity.

    To seek power in the depths of some kind of "helplessness" but through the ability to find the individual form of great patience is more than an opportunity or detachment in an event, it is a spiritual cataclysm of healing experience,
    our "immunity" in the process of healing the soul and correcting things that can still be corrected (as far as our contribution and ours alone) does, bring refuge to the most beautiful "purpose to try" in strong effects of consequence in the consciousness of facts and expectations.

    I cannot feel the pain of the one next to me from the outside, but I can sink into the depths of his experience and I can feel this impossibility more intensely than his own pain, it is a prayer workshop through which the grace of creativity chooses only healing elements, and maybe a project in stages of experience not of challenge or effort, but of level of dedication and passion in the joyful sacrifice of just helping.
    We are naked in front of such a project, without methods, without knowledge, without effects, and our suffering together with the one next to us seems to be at hand, but a balanced amount will always catalyze our will in a fair and sustained responsibility to do peace with the value of life in the spectrum of her freedom.

    Maybe the healing of the one who speaks but does not hear, by the one who does not see but symbolizes, is balanced in the balance of the one who offers but cannot speak, or maybe everything is just an interdependence of multiple factors in processes of a shaking call to unite all good skills, in one, who knows, just maybe.We must all gather.

    The grace to receive the testament of beauty in the choices to negotiate the good in this life, flourishes again and again as a healing substance over the times of our soul, reducing the distance in the little absence of our awakening, delicately identifying evolution in obvious elements of the human being in the Universe.
    The question follows: "Is it necessary?" Attraction speaks for itself, vibration confirms every step, the opening of the Universe only fulfills and we feel all the beauty through the secret of reflecting.

    The good word to celebrate life always brings us the first chance to simply be happy, as it is! Don't be afraid to try it yourself.
    Kiss someone today, cry for those in suffering together with them, travel through time in you reading something, read again something more, feel the music as time escapes from you and you through him, breathe time in the purest air and write your experience together with him, it should be magnificent, especially since you feel living this!

    Write your life experience today, here, think in writing of your good contribution in this world, billions of souls are waiting for your good intention, write this in memory of the heartbeats that wrote the history of this earthly civilization. Name something that can recreate the future, do not withdraw from life, give free rein to life to create beauty through you.
    It's just life, enjoy!

    Hans Zimmer - A Way of Life(8:03)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    The source of the most spontaneous and creative energy can now go out to play with us.
    When security is unsecured, then the pragmatism of the deepest human nature comes into play in the true element.

    The movement in the good whims of the imagination, configures the scheme of the best level to succeed in becoming human, is a cooperative process that supports the wonderful and necessary variety of value of beings in us. We need beautiful and healthy games that confirm our imagination, all we need is to optimize them to the rank of evolutionary art in progressive good purpose.

    The blessing of the place from which we send positive intentions to the universe, is a special moment, a path to the foundation of our good work opens when we launch into the sun multiple kites traveling in desires.
    The symbol of our hope for the better, lies in the responsibility with which we still hold all the strings of the kites of light, tightly in our hands, guiding them in the breeze of the metaphysical wind.
    Above the universe of infinite sky's, our high vibration floats with the paper dragons, carrying hope and passion for life.

    Human history has written billions of letters in wishes for peace, the present has remembered them and we today from tomorrow will wrap them in colorful kites and raise them to the sky running along with them

    Our common agreement to run on the plain of freedom, promised only to life in threads of light like living grass, signs through the rays of the sun and the smiles of our solar heart the entrance into the age of peace, that of the past into the near future.
    With bare feet, we run happy, energies in vibrations and emotions in flowing connections, colored powders flow through our veins in the attraction of the passion to ignite an endless sky of colorful stars!

    A cry of joy, as a reward for our dignity in the wave of life, rises in the melody of the last frequency to the sky, from first-rate vibrations, in the exercise of the best and most extensive in the good light multi-purpose galactic intention.
    The multidimensionality of the art of gliding, invents new protective forces, interprets the love for kites in a pacifying flight of change in the crater of all times.

    A happy old age in the most wonderful youth of our soul, takes us to new heights in the pioneering interpretation of a new love era.
    We are the living statues of music on the edge of consciousness, from the century of awakening to the vision of the most perfect path to creation, the ring of connection naturally unites our wills in the home of love forever, in the permanently called edition: "Together we build a planet house "
    The transmutation of any good intention behind our words into magnificent creative forces, lies in simple positive affirmations, lies in wind changes that admire the treasure and the rebirth of consciousness, raised in the joy of a single kite created by us and raised up to the sky.

    Stay in the realm of joy, look at the other children playing, is funny and honest at the same time, keep good emotions close to the epicenter of awakening from your heart, feel the alchemy of existence in a process of inner "neuro-growth" with intermediate stages of positive transformation in rhythm with time.

    Read in the glory of your secret steps of change, exponentially with the propulsion in your own story called destiny, because only you know yourself so well that you access your own talent to take inspiration from every moment, and that is a happiness.

    Your plans find you when you roll up your sleeves and set to work in clear sequences to recognize the invention of your creation in the success of every good accomplishment.
    Draw in play on a paper, a map of destiny, throw in the bait of inspiration and wait.
    Motivation, significance, evocation of the following life sequences come naturally anyway, allocate a lot of time to all questions, pack the enigma and architecture of the inexplicable unknown, in shades of joy, look for the state in perfect alchemy with what you know you like the most, forget any definition, invent names for everything you have not yet experienced, dream, realize, feel. There is so much to do and I, a stranger, have so much to tell you!

    Self-creation is the rarest action of art, it accepts the fruit you are about to know, it recognizes pragmatism in a special reality of crafting patience, it guarantees us the beauty of perfection of the only chance placed on the highest shelf of what we feel we represent for us and for others alike.

    The strongest quote that fits in the simplest morning when we wake up and say to life: "Good to find you!"
    ...it is the most iconic avant-garde of our feelings, when we look for the meaning of a break in the beauty of the necessary storm.

    Before taking the initiative to do what is "right", before looking for differences of change, before signing personal competition in contemplative guidance, before breaking the example in "it is always a law", we must feel the meaning of any compatibility in the impossibility of exclusion and relatively functional introduction below the essence and above any blind spot in guiding the work of an art of living.

    You can't define a race on this planet without saying humanity, you can't say human without defining a source, you can't define a source without building the functional reason, the chronicle of an entire "championship" to become "human" in the structure of the Olympics created by us, has the vitality of currently defining our evolution in the already created society, but one can never comprehend and see the whole of a society kneeling, if viewed only from above, it is simply too far to understand and kneeling before all you learn greatness.
    The passion to catch the ideal of a society at the perfect lapel of this planet is endless choices , and the instant response in such a project comes naturally, art in a whole "Life as a career" requires permanent "asylum" in the protection of our hearts, the dome of a single world raised by 8 billion arms speaks for itself out of desire to be better, what are we waiting for? rhetorically asks for patience in the consequences of living.

    Let's unleash the secret of mastering life today, with attention and consideration in full gratitude that we will serve a better future, I listen to the birds sing, I look in the clouds that stretch above the water, I develop positive emotion writing a greetings cards in symbols from the air, when we write the most wonderful declaration of love in the trust fund of inspiration for those next to us.

    The offering of cosmic existence raise to the sky the scent of the star dust that builds the universe of all the universes in us and the galactic kites of our meeting there will complete the call to our awakening!
    With , Anca.
    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Mirror of the Art of Writing

    The present in a show by honoring a gentler future, expands the sacred dimension of life, beyond the ugly and the beautiful, the good and the bad, the self and others, superbly profiled in the show, it is explored, stretched, twisted and worked in as many ways as people feel and more.

    Where the mountains tremble in springs of new ideas, where the spiritual mystery is in the transcendence of Nature, where we forget to evoke but feel the simplicity of the deepest innovation, when all the genius of life in this world, in its entirety, from each grains of sand in part is speaking now, just look dearly to every leaf, to every ray of sunshine only for raise our awakening.

    Love the forms of life and the unspeakable Nature and the blade of grass, love everything inanimate but with the friendly force to feel the gift of joy as it is perfect and all-encompassing for all the knowledge that will be!

    Write a secret letter to yourself today about how you feel by completing love for an entire world, then ask the world in the future how they felt when they read it? because everything you leave behind in the future will be read now.

    If you want to love people, then love their awakening, if you love any living species, then "fly" in its play rhythm and you will rediscover joy.

    Imagine you are in a teahouse or a coffee shop, and enjoy the best moment of relaxation in taste and thought calligraphy.

    When you place the cup back on the table, following the pleasant taste of peace, the mirror of a global perspective appears written on your bill note as a kind of narration of human history awakening in just a few words. The literary supplement that sits next to the cup is still untouched and you don't know if you want to taste it and what the consequences are.

    It seems to be an avant-garde story between space and time and you don't know how you can broadcast the manifesto together with amazement in a connection of surrealism at the beginning of your own life truth.
    It's not complicated, but it's reading your own image, in the fascinating mirror of the whole world, as if you were part of the whole editing design, and maybe it's important.

    The identity that, inventories personal signals, the correlation and combination between legend, knowledge, and the ignition of the awakening release, is the rear-view mirror of the reverse transposition in capturing the evolution of conscious reading all the time in the band of good vibrations.

    Write a letter today just for you, in which the writing does not have to be elaborated (only if necessary), write something from your own feeling, with the force of the first utterance, write something equal to the memory of your soul in words of liberation, it does not have to be perfection in the correct and legitimate ordering of terms, must not be precipitated in acute sensations of feelings, is somehow the dynamic course of breathing quietly by virtue of waiting between two high-speed trains.

    It seems frivolous and full of passion at the same time, an good extempore context in a short visit but it is the purest exercise in understanding the origin in the source of the status quo of life.

    May the potential meet the future in us in full nourishment of happiness!

    Ludovico Einaudi - Run(5:33)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    The miracle of uncertainty

    We have to make time for our lives, there is no price for it and no gratuity. The line of our choices loses us among the milestones that unevenly outline what we want, so in an eclipse without consequences we must update our true ideals .

    If there is a real balance between effort and relaxation, then release on a balance sheet comes at some point as a compliment.
    When there is nothing to adjust in stages of evolution, creation and continuous experience and we become our own teachers, maybe at every piece of advice we seem to be sure of, we should feel the conscious certainty of a wonderful uncertainty.

    Nothing is excluded and everything is denied, we can accept everything when it can be wrong and we can make mistakes by accepting biases, without costs, without summons, only in terms of free transposition and transformation into opportunities for possibilities of truth.

    It is impossible the greatest possibility to have the opportunity to recognize a balance in everything. A friend, he told me last year: "There is no way I can establish something certain in the discussion with you, you are like a priest in speech " And that affected me beautifully in a continuity of what I might call exactly the wonderful miracle of uncertainty,
    often helpful for many of us.
    I would have liked to say then, but I did not, that every argument is the public of my reason for "being", it is the construction, the vision and the verticality in the most beautiful possible discourse of evolution.
    It is wonderful when people become the dialogue itself, in the process of enjoying evolution in safe stages of awakening.

    Each chapter of knowledge ends with the transformative tracing of an experience, but not for everyone, some remain in the wonderland of the asphalt universe of their creations and will never capture the direct experience of Nature when it lives harmoniously in our home inner soul native vital natural own construction.
    A sleep with our face lying on the ground, in the smell of grass, is more precious than any idea of relaxation.

    The melancholy of the aspects of life, we walk from one side to the other, until we manage to catch the thread of accommodation that provokes our omnipresent instinct of education and power to understand the meaning of each remarkable encounter of moments in life.

    When we are the host of our soul, we are lucky, it is something directly related to our very deep personality form, without any ideographic ballast, more abstract than any philosophy, a kind of legend in the non-existence of existence, improperly said but correctly administered,
    but the most,
    It is important that we may be able to live our idea almost without identity in this evolutionary "anemia" that is present in the built society. A contemporary society that exists and that upsets and disappoints but is charming through the substance that can save it at any moment.

    The myth of unitary connection between civilizations must not be adored or usurped but must be constantly revised to find the perfection of communication, of course this on a background where we must not favor the all "general" or complete it, but we must balance the determinations.

    In general, it is good, in a non abstract manner to see everything, and sometimes is good to become the environment of an idea before trying to generate it in an environment, above the pretext of a personal theory, above the concrete existence, avoiding utopia, but love the idea.
    The uncertainty of a work of life is the role of a man in the success of what he leaves behind as a personal knowledge, less the consequences of a tragic formative vacuum of existence called maybe destiny.

    When we meet a man in a discussion, it is good to be informed about the certainty of his profession, but face to face, if we can look people in the eyes of their soul, we will always see more than an identity, we see the content of an unmanifested attitude.

    We can see in all the "choreography of character reflexivity" of a man, the good mood to "be", the most tonic optimal smile of connection with adhesive of consent in receptivity and dedication, this for me is the most suitable reception of connection.
    Because no matter how uncertain, good mood is, an ideal medium between exaltation and neutrality works, but the cynic is the most opaque and erased colloquium of frustrations, and good mood is the fundamental state of beginning in the acceptance phase of the will, something fabulous but indeterminate real.

    A proper settlement in the space we compose in the world must first and foremost be full of goodness in the best sense. To be very well placed is not a coincidence in the most fertile "geography" of understanding the world.

    Being in a good mood is a disposition to be very well oriented, it is a culture of uncertain performance in pure relaxation, practical, but perhaps uncertain is the placement of our agreements in a less rigorous way and rather our friendship with all possibilities , in this case not needing an instrument or a methodology, it is a discipline and a living expression of good manners, a kind of general politeness towards anything that inspires us in the territory of the spirit.

    Good mood, brings the will to contribute in a clear discourse, the expressiveness of the sentence, the expression in a sincerely individual style, overturns any uncertainty of a possibility, something that has more to do with the transitivity of the idea than its solitary autarchy.
    The virtue of good mood must be balanced with optimism, without dislocating certainty with perceptions or placing uncertainty in concepts, it is just the magic of philosophizing, perhaps even out of a lower need for consolation or perhaps for a certainty of happiness as a whole, an indescribable miracle.

    Just like a joke, related to my "mumbling"

    A psychiatric nurse advises the patient: "Try to have more dialogue with yourself! The patient's answer:" That's what I've been doing for a lifetime, that's why I try to talk to other people "

    To be "spiritual" does not mean to have a critical spirit, the verticality of permanent youth is when you have nothing to lose in relation to the certainty of an uncertainty, because we are teachers and disciples at the same time for ourselves and for endowing with love for others. .

    Sometimes, when I drink coffee (it shouldn't, but it's the most beautiful "survival" with whipped cream and a piece of chocolate) I have a piece of paper and a pen at hand. Only if I have a pretty good mood, (it's a game): I quickly write something, anything (before I can decide), without having any idea, you can always imagine something when you do not have any concrete element, for example:

    "And what deliberates me only in a trance
    The flame of recognition of subtle a chance "-

    ...it is the probable beginning of a poem, which I will write another time, because now I drink coffee in the ideal of a perfect taste, it simply evaluates my momentary happiness, and that seems certain for sure now in the uncertainty of a monumental moment or it is just simple plain coffee.

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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