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Thread: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Chains of the future

    We never believe in the title of an event until we read the event, and often during the reading we realize that the title has more resonances.
    If life were a whole event, what a coincidence!... it is!, then its title seems to sound too pompous at first, and when we think it is just a craft to capture the image that will follow, we are maybe wrong, because through different times and different space we remain the only teachers of our lives regardless of title.

    Usually what I write is hard to understand, which is good news for me, because the weight of the words assembles the vision proportionally through my experience and awakening. I never write with emotions above the value of my understanding and the simple desire to restore the beauty around us.

    The way of calling ourselves good-doing beings, logically leads us to become volunteers in our own lives, by our own nature of always being able to give, to be gentle with us and with the rest of living beings.

    When I say, "Be the beginning of what is to come for you," it means that our attention in every step of understanding life, must be focused and distributed as such.
    It's a good start to everything we're going to do.
    We can always tell our story to anyone, in the most impeccable way, in its unfolding as a history of events, facts, feelings, aspirations, often when we are sincere in the story, we receive the truth when we do not expect, sometimes we can not see it in totality, because it is difficult to adopt at least part of the truth, especially when he is already adopting us.

    We are our observers at the most favorable moment, when we manage not to confuse the perception with morals and arguments that we do not know, but we often use.
    The symbol of offering what is the best in us, teaches us to be able to offer the whole in any situation and before we bend we must to stand up respectfully and to listen to those around us out of our own need to know…

    When we say "it is", the power of nature places the facts as they should be and the flow of life is made in the condition of nature itself to be.
    The silence of life tells us about the silence of its lack, and we will acquire it by silencing every step, we just need to know that before we set a goal, we are the goal of conquering wisdom, walking with our own nature, simply, in our pocket all the time.

    We accompany ourselves on a road almost built by us, looking for the companion that we cannot easily find, but it is important to properly manage the territory that we pass, because our pilgrimage guards the essence of fulfillment within fulfillment.

    The mystery of the vocation to fulfill the mission, means to protect our own dimension of discovery, so that to make an enormous contribution on the route, is not demonstrable, it simply true.

    The cosmic vacuum draws our attention to the weight we have here to carry in this wonderful gravity, but every time we wake up we go on tiptoe to the soul elevation to contribute something more substantial to the natural course of things, we realize of the significance of what it means above and up, but we must not be afraid of the honor of mineralizing ourselves here, the elevation never dissolves, it only evolves.
    It is normal for us to pull up, the undercoat component fulfills its naturalness, the importance is the dimension of connection and the contact with our own creation in perfect harmony.
    We cannot talk about life outside of it, just as we cannot talk about something by attributing a value or non-value to it, because we exclude ourselves by logic.

    The categories of life and the cardinal points of the route depend on our concerns in forms as comfortable as possible with the whole action or inaction. The joy of being able to appreciate the road is not childish at all, the fascination lies in the innocence of a consensual knowledge in everything.
    We must not confuse a new understanding of the world with a meaning of life in general, the complexity of the composition draws designs in the widest diversity, but it matters how we position ourselves, in the accidental collateral and less directional contrast.

    Life and destiny do not seem to be synonymous at all, the limit does not lie in elements, determinations, somatically sophisticated funds, in fact, it can be a banality that we were born in the place where we were born,
    but by the reality that we are born into an ability to choose for ourselves further, it says a lot.
    The side of predestination says a lot about the radicality with which we get bored of finding classifications, the scheme is not real, anyway it is not funny in any extreme.
    Accidental, dialectal, mysteriously combined, I think we have the direct component of a rather intimate background but not identity, nature marks coherently beyond any discussion or norms, the exceptional always goes so far as to contradict our own creation.

    The guarantee of a new knowledge, nourishes any hope and is not arrogance at all depending on manners, but I believe that the simplicity and innocence of not closing the door of any opportunity, saves any evolution made by ourselves.
    The inexplicable, the unthinkable, are open doors and we must leave them like that, just because in the room we live in, the void causes us the need to choose the widest beauty.

    The construction of feelings is the freedom to understand any circumstance and especially the clarity without identity, to see the narrative dimension of things,
    if we feel "narrated", perhaps the role that we play in the story of others, tells us that we must be patient to understand our own story maybe differently.

    Fragments and connections have been written and will be written all the time, the pencil of awakening lies in the power of our goodwill to write, to declare life written, happiness is seductive and traveling when we see written words about us,
    choices can be the portrait of a true hymn if we are honest with the representation of life in useful statements of understanding, arguments are the magic of freedom if we get them but do not manifest them, the peace of writing something today, is the territory of tomorrow's wisdom.

    Eternity has no time, the thirst for life gives us the pleasure of drinking from the smoothest and purest waters.

    Maybe and maybe, the sunset is just the sunrise seen from behind. Maybe we will learn happy to see the sunrise in our souls, admiring two sunrises in one day.
    Let us not get lost among the memories we have not yet lived, let us admire the dynamics of the present, and we promise ourselves that we will see each other again sometime in the future, before we were born, in the rains of the universe once, now.
    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    The courage to say YES

    For what exactly do we say "Home" when we feel life unfolding?
    To practice the power to say YES, is maybe to learn to win with Yes through the ability to give and receive love and understanding because there are no priorities when courage serves us with the highest quality, the experience of "being" is a representative experience for the path in life.

    Remember when it was so easy to say yes to good natural things? It was simple. The possibilities to say something positive were then unlimited, now we see everything in the versatile color of time capsules, but the sound of life sounds the same and is the same.
    What is the true culture who manages time of true natural facets that we benefit from, not the one that everyone knows, not the one that we ourselves use, but that inner culture through which nature manifests the creation of a character? What do we see in this?

    A well-known proverb says "Water flows stones remain" what is the solid part that we know that will not separate us? because maybe we have nothing to lose if we have a too good opinion for the world, and maybe we lose too much if we have a wrong opinion of the world.
    How happy are we when we meet a stranger on the street? Do we smile broadly and affectionately? Do we reach out to pat him on the shoulder and bless him just for seeing him again? And how often do we do this with strangers who need a hug while in real suffering? How often do we express and not repress the beauty within us? Because when we express beauty, calm, happiness, understanding in ourselves for others, we grow and heal ourselves, healing others.
    Let us always think positive, optimistic in our thoughts and well-being, because others also depend on our beauty and quality of being human.
    Should we believe that our landmarks are assumed choices, authentically true? Well, if we do not accept any abuse of line and contour and if we know that we do not depend on anything and nothing depends on us, and it all depends on everything together, then evolution propagates itself. When the spiritual plan develops on its own, we no longer need the list.

    The distance between a YES and a NO does not matter, the reason why we choose to say a yes or no does not matter, the determination for which we fight to say yes or no does not matter, because,
    when we rise by falling, and when we fall by rising, "Yes" comes in response to a choice we have not yet made, "Yes" it is a wave that you feel you do not characterize, it is an honor, it is the courage to wait for anything, is the power to offer anything in exchange for preserving human nature blessed with beauty.

    Nature reflects back the nature within us and in each spring of knowledge expansion, we experience from one will to another, unique moments of abilities that we must recognize.
    The intelligence of nature can discover our vibrational sensitivity of amazement and love, the connecting hemispheres through the natural process of evolution to recognize Nature, invites us to write our scenario of awakening with each event that completes the image of creation, we just have to step forward choosing life positively.

    Nature has said "yes" for too long, it has conquered us for a long time, and while we seek to understand it, it already accepts us by living through us. At such a high degree of acceptance, trampling on the grass , feeling the earth, feeding us with water and minerals, spiritual perfection should be just a journey to the intention of creation to complete the interior, to say yes to every step.Our resources are in fundamental principles well known to ourselves, we have the opportunity to access them, understanding the fundamental elements, and going through life is an unlimited potential to build the most poetic wonderful chaos on the principle of centering wisdom, you can place your opportunities at your choice structured, symmetrical, instantaneous, but nature will always give birth to continuity.

    Decency and honesty through the example of most of humanity, makes us live in the development of non-random stories, takes the story beyond joy and peace and brings the comfort of vitality to confirm a better existence further for us all. The courage to draw freely, the synergistic effect of the most informational and appropriate moment, when we remember to laugh, dance, enjoy others, is the art of the most complex, integrative, extensive and fundamental awakening process, both simple and reflective that it even works at a genuine impact.

    The right measure motivates every heartbeat, we do not owe more than we can give, although we can give more than we can owe. Forgiveness is worth nothing more than forgetfulness, and even if forgiveness blesses us, forgetting forgetfulness motivates hope to the end.

    Raise the flag of your positivity in the infinity of reconnection with all resources, cross the adventure by assuming every limit, look at the sky, follow the natural law, reflect the decision to accept, connect with the most intimate awakening you feel, experience the courage in truth and choose voluntarily to follow the guidance of the heart, for the propagation of our unaltered primordial authenticity in humanity.

    To say yes to the future does not mean uncertainty, intimidation or danger, to say yes to any possibility does not exempt morality from anything, it conquers it, to have a continuously confirmed positive status, consciously, in a therapy encyclopedia of spiritual freedom, is a perfection for the unity of the change with the beneficial part of a transformative revelation.
    The word "yes" in my language can also mean "to give", it is also a verb and adjective, a statement, preposition, and other intercalations of meanings in 378 definitions, it is a simple and strong word with constant awakening value, being often used , called "da".And I say today”da” for a better future!

    Journey of Light (7:31)/ A visionary tour through some of the most spectacular landscapes in North America.

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    “Be there now”

    So much "in the past" of the moment that was already present now,
    it no longer anticipates the future we are already breathing and building.

    The package we come with, is wider than the universe in each unit of universes in part in each of us, in countless millions of assigned eternities.
    It is a wonderful mystery, which we cherish and possess, we must not call the mystery a barrier, it sounds more like an invitation to reflection.
    We must see life when we create the experience, not see the life already lived wondering where it went (?) We cannot "sabotage" time and we cannot conquer something that may not exist.
    Sometimes it is not the genes that matter, but the behavior by learning and transmitting the most ethical solution on the part that we believe is good, it is not a choice, it is a responsibility.

    We cannot engage in behaviors that can compromise consciousness, we cannot explain an unmotivated involvement, it is an arid philosophical field and an occupation devoid of music.
    Cooperation with our own job is the most representative for a continuity, we have to find maybe what is our real mission here and dedicate the present moment in continuous login with the effect.

    We do not need the camera to record every pleasant moment of success in accessing the interior, we must take the moment and integrate it into a new image deeper and deeper, of course the exterior cannot be denied because we have need it, it is useful, but in principle we must ask ourselves:
    What exactly does our presence here need, multiplied by what exactly does our lack need ... usually, equivalence is not an answer but also a question, of which many, one could be
    What do we really want to experience? not by desire, but by the certainty that we can obtain it? What is our irreducible plan and “in the way of” the spirit for this?

    What is the wonderful risk of being human, a beautiful touch of life without warning, for me this means more every day the comfort that there are many people who like this "risk", vitalizes the strength to manifest in a skillful adaptability pacifying consensus ... it doesn't work all the time but it's a wonderful escape in the same show.

    I drink a glass of water, that's what I want, I know you drink a glass of water from time to time and I know you want it too, so we're water drinkers, if we can understand that clearly, we can we work together on a reasonable understanding, it's simple.

    There doesn't have to be a negotiation, there doesn't have to be compromises and we don't have to play a game about who gives and who takes, we don't have to institute a law for water drinkers, we don't have to colonize complex ideas and concepts around an act so simple, we must not open prayer ceremonies for something we need, we must not be afraid of something that seems to have at least common sense, the presence of water is to nourish any living organism, we must cherish this common sense which accepts us and let us be satisfied, because the future must mean water.

    The imaginary tension is wonderfully sprinkled with reason, when we say: "I do not know for sure, but" there is a small certainty there that the method does not corroborate with the effect, the discipline of looking for methods is wrong, the performance of the method lies in updating the method, living by adjusting living from experience, sounds strange, but it's like unlocking the padlock inside it.

    If we get to a point where we know we have no reason to escape and no reason to monopolize, then the reason for the reason would be pre-seized by its own way, it no longer exists. And we can't get this easily, it's an absolute and sometimes infinite short circuit process. If we want to interrupt the question, the illusion asks us "why", if we want to interrupt the illusion, we must remember that our covering does not exist, a point where everything dies and is reborn continuously but without these two concepts at all.

    When I hear people say "the future sounds great or the future sounds bad" I always say "I've made it this far, the rest should be easy"

    We are all different and we are all the same, this is a new day, the clear sound of life is heard in one drop falling into the ocean of our continuity as a special human race, there are no islands realms without the gardens of our souls, the indestructible truth lies in the secret force of life. I bow before the mastery of this miracle, my words are the song of the end and beginning of this wonderful passage.

    If we become children again, our innocence emanates the energy of the sun, opens the heart of Nature, magnetically transcends the warm light of the moon, the first step we take opens the universe of stars in us, we step into the rhythm of life with life, the most beautiful miracle we have we could relive it someday.
    It is different, stepping will not be an action or a practice, it will be a dedication imprinted in one, a bell ringing in the vibration of all the planets that will feel the step we take.

    The fruit of the tree transcends the passage of any concept, the universe is already open, springs will always rise, and water will always purify, light certifies darkness, billions of identities are unique and different in so many ways, uniqueness or normality is abstracted when identities disappear by appearing, penetration understanding from the heart transcends even the wonderful concept of the cosmos.

    There is a calm of the joy of culture to access life, there is a wonderful stability of it and I would emphasize this because life is the only joy we can offer ourselves, but this enriches and amplifies other joys such as beauty.

    Just look at beauty, illusion is all that is, but beauty encompasses it.

    All the respect,

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Two decades in one breath

    Your summer vacation in two breaths of relaxation, calls you, try the box with things that detach you, gather your pleasant memories in one piece of luggage, put on your cloak of joy and embark on the journey of a single moment in two breaths of meditation.

    Gather in unison all the beautiful things, gather the essence of joy in two immortal souls that conquer you, get on the boat with one way, easily touch the waves of quantum honey, feel the ease in the symbol of virtue, live your words in the goodness of your presence to accompanies you along the way.

    The generosity of the view that surrounds you gives you the simple vitality to look carefully and carefully, listen. You will hear the beauty, a chance to live the emotion in perfect balance of awakening.

    Start in the waves of childhood, where the whole world can be "bought" with a cotton candy! Where a little yellow foot scooter fights all traffic and pollution, where the stars read in our wonderful naivete to be happy.

    I read in the luster of a lake in my corner of my soul, I saw the world between the reflection of the stars in the water and the sky, I drank from the dew of the mountains to feel the aroma of inspiration in the sweetness of wild strawberries.

    How deep in nature are you?

    "Deep Nature" 1:52

    Fragments of uncertainty met in the middle along with the joy of receiving them, just to remind me of the emotion of happiness traversed in a single image imprinted on the retina of the soul, the morning smile in an image lit by the sun's rays in my heart and watered by good thoughts in the dewdrops of light.

    We all live in the dimensional park of our childhood, guarded by small white star flowers, and among an inexhaustible delight in the spectacular frenzy of the universe.
    Our roots in a tide of colorful leaves, returns again and again in a lush spring full of renaissance adventure.

    The fragility of our habits is impressive, the nuances of bright events are once again gained in unrepeatable cycles of metaphor in the scent of life.
    Chestnut-scented chandeliers watch to keep the light on, guards swaying lovingly in the melodic tremor of the cosmos, drops of melancholy wipe away our big children's tears, the dreamy encounter of the open eye watch the torrid noon of awakening, the night train stopped on the platform poetry station, inspiration by expiration of fields of love and unconditional exaltation,
    all lead to our roots of presence, eternally traversed in just two decades in one breath.

    This breath is important in the place where the years do not gather in the ages, where the age has colors in dimensions, where the numbers count the spiritual development in floating flowers, where "the sleep" never sleeps, where the thought is charisma and intelligence is the intuition of the heart, breathe in between 2 soul parts in the awakening that is written to you.
    Try the youth in each starting point, because living you will reach, to grow so big, by becoming smaller and smaller.

    Let us not seek success without the respect of giving up before and let us first of all miss what we really like to like what we are missing, let us not look for example without feeling our own attempt at trial, alive.

    To animate the symbol of regeneration, to nourish the animus in the eternal mystery of the call to revelation, to guide the vigorous personification with the flame that transcends purity, is the expansive and light-filled pleasure of devoting all our strength to the protective miracle of life.

    Positive energy fertilizes everything in search of beauty, my initiative begins and continues from the point where I do not own anything,
    but it is an eternal prayer, always saying with a smile born of our heart, we must have a maternal attitude towards any living being, we must offer protection, stability, warmth, permanent care for others and romance in every impulse to seek beauty in every human nature.

    We must have the discretion to learn and share properly, we must have the patience to understand the dynamics of our awakening, we must have intuition in the calm of subtlety before imagination.

    We must have the wisdom in waiting and the median guidance of the inner life in contents, and extra contents, we must have the call to prophecy healing endowed with unconditional love, to have the stability and clarity to maturely initiate an intention of a good constructive thought, we must to sway and hold certain the miracle of balanced force in crossing the spirit in the depths, naturally unexplored to higher spheres of awakening to propagate the skill and spontaneity deepened in the potential of knowledge.
    I don't own anything, I don't know anything, but I have the preparation, to linger at a slower pace with myself at a fairly simple level where in a way, sometimes, meditation is my life during the day, a kind of nuanced adaptability depending on the integrative poles of the inner values but in the vast inner structure that each of us has.

    Honesty, truth and sincerity in the deep original rooting, can accompany us in one step towards the fundamental harmony of rhythms in phenomena of absolute evolution.

    There, on the horizon is the world of aspirations, of ideals of goals, our hope favors any appearance of sunlight, space at the limit of knowledge inevitably causes the reality of our existence as distance, but far or near forms the antipode of the first close intuition we benefit.

    In the conceptual abstract sky, correlativity must be something intuitive, morality becomes a given circumstance and not a spiritual evolution, definitions and concepts cultivate the sublime and the abyss of study but miss any meeting with the "immediate" through experience, we must correlate the metaphor of beauty with the statement of its importance, in a word, we must feel on a personal level how we can adopt the trajectory of a huge spiritual leap but without losing the naturalness of walking by walking.

    In the proximity to wisely understand each stage of awakening, from close to close, bypassing the polarity of the field of ethics blocked between good and evil, we must have a transit universe, an uneven one, in a living ineffable exaltation of traversal.
    Proximity is the first step and it is our extension, our absolute partner, we are neighbors with any kind of interval, the symmetry of correspondence speaks in nature.

    We can choose who we want to be inside, but instead of setting goals, we just have to feel how we want to be more often for others around us, how we want to introduce ourselves to nature, what we are happy to let go of .

    The future starts yesterday, what we had to do we will do as much as we can today, here and now it means patience and beauty, we can take any weight off our shoulders, everything will go by default depending on how much pause we give to reflection, but to we take this break in the future of a new inspiration and expiration, let's not forget to write today how we spent the next future.

    Marcus Warner - First Flight(4:49)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Quote The future starts yesterday
    So True
    “To develop a complete mind: Study the art of science; study the science of art. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else” – Leonardo Da Vinci

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    When one realizes what the future is:

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    My goal is to feel good.
    I want clear guidance from my inner being, guiding me to alignment with Source.
    Alignment should do it.
    I want to be a conscious deliberate co-creator with my thoughts.
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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Time tropic words

    Your diary in the drawer is waiting for you to write something in it today.

    The proximal point in the flow of the degrees of equilibrium quotation, is reborn in the time found in us.
    The most important balance point is in the vicinity of the world we are in.
    In all our soul mapping about the world we live in, I sometimes see balance in a theory related to a sum of perceptions like a huge hurricane that attracts and expels spontaneously, in the emerging remnant of identification with living.

    Maybe while words give birth to new words, we should put them aside for a good time, for when the words are ready to be written, for when the writing can confirm them, it is important to write, because as a Latin proverb says Verba volant, scripta manent.
    When we humans speak, it should have the natural and autonomous impact in the greatest decency of expression, it should have the power of thunder, precisely because speech through the effect of speech records, points, integrates and evolves.

    The diary of our soul is written in holo-words, the intimate diary of existence sits somewhere on a nightstand, sometimes too secret even for us. If we spread the most intimate thoughts among all of us, we would be able to reach other resolutions faster.

    When we write in our diary, the expression belongs to us, naturalness writes with the imprints of the heart, the hand trembles with emotion, the thought breathes with us, tears of happiness or sadness record the moment, ideas come and go, helplessness mixes with hopes, we are in our world , the expression is personalized with us, we are in our true nature.

    When we step outside the world of the "diary", we wipe away our tears and look for different adaptability masks in exchange for something.
    But when we completely lose the permanence of adaptability by masking in false events of experience, we begin by weight, of course, to become.
    The power to let go, the power to move an entire known world into another time and space of understanding, does not require a period, it requires indulgence and detachment through involvement.

    In my case, as I detached myself from things, I attached myself again in a different way, from a no-target perspective, a kind of leap into a new stream of energy, and out of respect compared to any form of life, I have never built shields, I have built every day my emotional exposure in the most natural awakening and approach of the soul, a vulnerability of which I am proud, a living ferocious sensitivity that protects me and others.

    We all run every day, wasting wonderful opportunities to feel peace and love, and then paradoxically conquering any desire, we want to become immortal.
    We cannot suddenly become a fir cone if we have not grown every green thread of wisdom in the light of nature that has blessed us, because every fir thread has its story and its importance in becoming.
    Eternity was born in us, there was born time, freedom, our humanity, there inside, time passes so hard that it does not exist, genome cells are friendly, blood flow is not rushed, energy flows smoothly, there is earth in us it breathes the cold air in the morning and the brightness of the stars at night, the imprint of the water reminds us of old traditions and customs of light and nourishes us with blessing.

    We are as we are called people, we are here graded in a synthesis of the finite, halfway to the infinite kept in our hearts.

    We play the last cards on our judgment and conduct, in a game offered by nature through education and the extent to which we respect the nature within us through the nature next to us and vice versa in a rollback, the present reminds us that we still have the cards in hand, the future shows us the chances we bet, the important thing is that it is never too late to say it is too late.

    Early can mean old age in all the wonderful whims of youth, and youth in an archaic world asleep for centuries of wisdom, over time.
    It is as if we carol with the greatest modesty the time and space occupied within us, for a fulfillment with the help of the fulfillment itself.
    Unfortunately, the called evolution today, conforms to a nature of terms and rules that restrict true freedom by expanding only the image without content, we had to be born here, with the planet inside us already evolved, and we evolved in all natural simplicity, if it rained it means that we have to get wet, if it snows it means we have to be cold, Nature has raised so many species and they have all adapted.

    The company of a human being next to you means the naturalness with what you were born, not the conversation itself, but the energy emanated, something that brings the unexpected smile, something that gives birth to emotion and rhythm of intelligent heartbeats, something that everyone feels so individual and wonderfully impenetrable, something we can offer and receive, that's why we were born.

    Let's take out words with the importance of the most honest emotion, place memorable expressions of words that build other paths in people's lives, run barefoot through a field of ripe wheat, in the path of the first living being, find the first man and embrace him at least with words of blessing, you don't have to know him for that, you don't need his identification data and criminal record or medical record, it's a supreme sacrifice for a good deed meant to build bridges of evolution, something that remains inscribed in the annals of the universe.

    One small effort to be kind with each other, can build huge leaps of energy that can not be stored and marketed, it is so simple for me to say: "I have been waiting for you for a long time to give life to the hopes in my soul with your longing for love of life! " This cannot be quantified in Nudis verbis, this reveals the secret of my soul as petals of longing unfold from the branches of waiting in the scent of the morning and the blessing in 7 billion drops of dew from the other souls.

    Meeting our steps with the earth means one civilization, touching the same rays of the sun on our hands means one awakening, drinking the same water means the same source and birth of life.

    The spiritual emergence of kindly auspicious goodness that founds a moment of brilliance in which the birds of our wisdom lead good luck on a path patented by our will, can meet us in the middle of many paths,
    -where the water always comes to the surface in springs of time, where the water reflects the love in our eyes and the ocean in our thirsty soul;
    -where, the heat is the passion in the fire of knowledge and the spark of change, where hunger and sleep conquer us inside giving us a common sense in the middle of the flames of the mission to breathe;

    - where the storm of nature in us spreads sand in four lands, and the desert gathers it to the sky, where we can fill time with memories and shape the land of the future with present histories, where all the earth's crumbs become and re-become magical ingredients inexplicable in new and new tropic dimensions, where the oak of our presence grows with roots in the universe watered on this earth with the tears of our soul;
    -there, far and near, where the air is not foreign to us, because we float with our heads in the clouds, looking for happiness, still breathing in the grass how sweet the oxygen is, still touching the ground that hangs hard on our bare feet, singing with joy,dizzy with joy from every breath, the earth breathes with us.

    - where the wind unites the unknown elements of the nature of the planet and the planet within us in the nature of our manifestation, it speaks in celebration of a smile in memory of eternal continuity.

    Where the wind joyfully urges happy children on the flowering plains to run and laugh only for the purpose of joy, where the forest is caressed by the silver breath of life, where the mountain tops lost in the clouds crack alive in nature and only the wind it soothes their transformation, where the tides will stop sandstorms and the lowering of the clouds will extinguish the flames, there the wind is alive and speaks in the trembling of the woods and seasons of life.

    - where the curtain of stars flows diaphanously in angels of night caressing the poetic history of survival at the fragile but necessary border of human interaction, they leave wonderful poems, obviously hanging in the beams of the tree of our life.
    Where our souls, consumed by the longing for birth, keep every ray of sunshine with sanctity and where the kiss of the moon pierces with light the warm rain of our hopes.

    There, we will offer ourselves as a prey of love, the roots of our springs will flow from the tumult of life in the high mountains, our wings grow from the seeds of plants from an air dough in the spontaneity of light, there we will comprehend the infinity.

    Our words formed from the heart, bless every step we take further and in the vicinity of others, they must be a natural confession, which starts from the substance of a spirit seeking light and longing for life.

    Our words must be a space known to us and familiar to others, with streets full of benevolent opportunities, with grass and flowers in acts of good will, with trees with nests of light and fruits of life for healing of others, a verbal vibrant sunshine in encouragement, light snowflakes in care, falling leaves colored in sensitivity in seasons of indulgence that do not have a clock, in unseen areas of being able to understand others.
    If your heartbeat has stopped somewhere behind the words, let them go now, build the most sincere diary of life in your words and give it to the world right now, there is still time, the future has always waited for our hesitation.

    To love something means maybe to give it a rather special and unique name, just as words have untouchable value, a name, a word as thin as air, it can also be a shield or a gift, whole fields of words waiting for the entrance of our good will, share them with attention, care and love, tomorrow, because today it's already over.

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    You give me the surety humanity will live on, Anca. We will continue to grow and evolve forever. It is truly an honor to feel who you are. Have a peaceful and lovely evening, dear Anca.
    "The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone when we are uncool." From the movie "Almost Famous""l "Let yourself stand cool and composed before a million universes." Walt Whitman

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Quote Posted by Valerie Villars (here)
    You give me the surety humanity will live on, Anca. We will continue to grow and evolve forever. It is truly an honor to feel who you are. Have a peaceful and lovely evening, dear Anca.
    Dear Valerie, thank you and I wish you good health in the future, happiness and my good intention in lyrics for you!

    "Clear water drops of Valerie"

    The mother of the Earth, the mother Nature, has come for poetry
    We are all sprung from the celestial seed of nourishing in drops of Valerie
    The goddess of the oaks, she's whispering in whishes of the alma mater galerie
    She’s celebrate the after words in light of a mimosa wonder tree

    The future in the aesthetic realms between the worlds
    Has left the footprints of the sand of time in flying of the birds
    Expressed in stillness, expanded in the human nature, the Life goes on
    Is late where native glorious humans prospect the wake in dream of dawn
    The world contains us all, escape is verses in the holospace of knowledge in exon
    The nations find the path in Out beyond the twinkling' stars
    Trying' to keep from falling' from between the asymmetric bars

    The caterpillars in twilight of o single chance explore the Universe
    The river of the Life is blossom in the mirrors flight by intersperse
    Love is the Country of the floating sky's of souls
    The future and the past is written in the Natures planet sea scrolls.

    A beautiful day for you too Valerie! and a wonderful life for all people!

    A thousand poems

    The sound, the rhythm, the meaning, chose today the poetry from us, we are all poets of life.

    Poetry chose the soul, love raised a thousand verses in flight of the metaphor of life, a heavenly body that illuminates the empty sheet of our soul, renders beauty, and beauty writes with it. We are caught in the delight of light, caught in the tides of ancient questions, climbing into a work of Sisyphus in retreats and uncertainties, making solitary stops in the lights of interrogations, finding ourselves in the luster of a water counting the stars that reflect, building new constellations in the depth of the water in a mirror of time.

    We stop for a second in the eternity of a single moment, without observing the portal of light, we pass taken over by deep thoughts of becoming, we count so many lost and found worlds as a constant delight in a permanent remembrance, we run in a the millennial rush to contemplate a flower from another world, asking us something we will forget about, forgetting before the question, the answer we know.

    In the middle of a solar greenhouse in the absence of time of a wonderful planet, we declare ourselves lost, substantiating things we did not really feel, we seek the power of life in transient energies with the energy already full of us, we carry with us heavy fields of transformation but we look for them elsewhere, we look for solutions motivating and motivating and the results cause search in solutions that already exist, you can't find anywhere a more appropriate and wonderful expression to complete a world lost in the song of eternity.

    We have the wonderful culture of dancing the famous solar dance, we have everything that exists and we have ourselves, but when we talk about ourselves, we must raise at least a thousand souls to heaven with every word, like a wave of lighted planets raised in -one body, ours.

    The heart catches waves of light, the light spreads in the mysterious flight of the giant birds that draw in the sky the symbol and the trajectory of a new portal open towards the center of infinity.

    People gather raindrops from the clouds when they look for soap bubbles of thoughts that slip through their fingers when they want to write them, the cells in their wisdom take the direction of the wings of imagination, the longing for something revolves around us in the speed of hope, we use regrets to erase the traces we walked on and make silver keys for the imprint of the soul that is open.

    In all the caresses we seek through fire, we will burn impatience, in acquiring the expectation in the water of life, with gaining knowledge, we will master the moment in so many parables that the story will never end.

    At the first sigh, we call the moment when the moment calls us, a convergence of divergence of wonderful attraction, caught in endless journeys in dream lands, embodied in the real login in the labyrinth with a thousand exits.

    From the summoned years of memories that I have not yet lived, I call the unfinished story of the future in me, the target has long since disappeared along the way.

    The natural signs of the soul read with wide-open eyes metaphysical poems, in erudite search for meaning, a search with search, in love with the pencil of the reality of today from sleepless nights, exposed in our retreat to explore sensitivity, we somehow attest the idea that no matter how much from above one can ascend and no matter how deep we may descend, we never forget poetry as an extension of life, the melancholy of the mystery that lives alive in us.

    In the solemn brightness of the day we fall asleep in the passage of time, and in the mantle of the absolutely melting night, we wake up.
    Blocks of ice write under the eyes of the stars in hot verses that melt the heart, flames contained in radio news wandering dried in the oblivion between night and day, the wind of our heritage, honors the moment of modesty captured in the treasure of our soul.

    The poetry in us tries to free us, we are all poets of this world, the poetry of nature transcends through us, gravity elevates us when we seek distance, distance brings us closer to the natural nature of the mission.

    The glare that something is missing, certifies a wonderful drop of uncertainty that we can leave the window wide open in the fresh morning air and in the cool of the night, for clarity.

    The green of nature guide us in elegance and eloquence at first sight at birth, the spirit is worthy of the power of life before emergence.

    Diving into the tender sunset and falling asleep in the shade of a cedar, makes you tremble when the stars wake you in the dizzying rotation of the planet, writing in the shadow of youth, memories of old age as if images write their own history, meeting the lost silence in the sky in a break the smoothness of not breathing and of looking with the eye of the soul, the magic of poetry without stanzas.

    A thousand lights sporadically invite beauty one by one in the treasury of dreams, time passes in infinite series of beads and star dust fallen on the unseen path, colored nebulae from cotton candy bless our rest, horizons of blossoming almonds share the same language, love is a single thrust of fuel, the soul defines escape.

    A thousand butterflies rise to the sky, a thousand poems fly with them, a slow rain melts the paper in the clouds, a light wind dries the words in the metaphor of light, a ray of sunshine mirrors them in the sparkle of the water, the air I breathe is my soul oxygen written to the piece of a sky in a corner of the universe.

    The elliptical projection of the lyrics in the transcendence of metaphorical elements, makes our lives interesting, bears the class signature of the director in us and teaches us to earn a living through a beautiful play.

    We are free and we have as a chance freedom not as an opportunity but as a responsibility to beautify the world within us and around us.

    The adventure of a dandelion seed that climbs a mountain is a beautiful event and a thrilling story, you can write about it, the mountain is already proof, the seed will come off anyway in its journey, we just have to catch the moment with a stanza in honor of this beauty .
    And the moon on an infinite wave ridge, mirrors the Sea in the depths of the eternal Earth, Nature in its glittering bridal adornment, lost in the threshold of winter, tries to freeze the wave, the sky like a groom adorned with stars descends and kisses the bride and they both dance to the sound of the wind in the labyrinth of a sweet violin.

    The silk of the clouds and enchanted shadows form a bridge over the air portal, the dream goes back in time under the aura of evoking beauty, colors adorned in layers of leaves detached with learning in them, lands on the floor waking me from the dream of dreaming, snowflakes fall over the ashes of my white sheet, on which I once wrote a poem…

    Disclosure of the life enchantment grace, is standing at the door right now between the home of soul and universe the fence.

    song of the sea - Amhrán Na Farraige - selkie song(5:25)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Love by default
    A few words for "Why be hugged".
    In a circle of words on the stage of a paper mind, the entry is free, but the cost of the ticket is our "mind" for five minutes.Nature lights up, the sky goes out, everything becomes stars in the glittering luster of a circularly falling ice mind collapsing by lifting, in front of the dignity of the heart.
    The sun never rises alone, and all the time on both sides the moon looks with closed eyes and senses everything just like us, its supreme loneliness sees without equal everything that is left in us humans.
    The wind separates pieces of the universe and the mountains tremble in the lava of knowledge, the planet rests its shoulder on what is left of the universe, the absolute nothingness.
    We, hardworking little feet, we remained completely and nothing in our stillness of motion, immortal in our small unimportant pretensions.

    Ours is the pain in every segment. The healing could be only absolute.

    We strive to make the most important impressions, demonstrating to others how beautifully we have arranged and prepared for a new change while waiting hurts and makes holes in the soul so deep that we sink with every lack of embrace in them.
    Perfection does not come with make-up, only if it manages to destroy us in the loneliness preached by intermediate means with the world we claim it.

    The bus of emotions stops in every station of our existence and we climb in it by chance, counting the stops in the past, forgetting about the trip and forgetting to observe the wonderful landscape on the window of the soul, the route we dreamed of in an unreal and uncertain future, read in the map of our soul, without us understanding the route.

    We are touched by the stars of childhood and expand the universe and time at our fingertips in a continuous story that looks alone in the eyes of the soul without us seeing anything.
    Who we are? We are a continuous diary of rewritten thoughts only to recompose the impossible, unknown and indeterminate universe of our deepest hopes.
    The burden of unspoken words has come to an end, they have reached the limitless maximum, now the emotion consumes its own silence in the call of the heart, echoes are heard on the street of hopes, they follow like the sound of footsteps made without love.

    Tomorrow's happiness is felt in today's melancholy, walking on the street every glow in everyone's eyes clearly says the same thing:
    "I really needed a hug at the exact moment that it just passed!" it is practically impossible and counterproductive at the same time, to want to embrace someone in the last second of his need, anticipation requires greater will and "violation" of one's own limits, sounds like the end of a beginning in the fewest attempts I have seen.
    Instead, we map helplessness with strength of soul, we confess the echo of our retreat in front of a simple hug, it seems perfectly explainable in a world where we seek love as a common term, not as beauty.

    Contrary to what we think can heal us, far from our thoughts, the imagination also escapes the helplessness of three words "time has expired"; even when we try to break the petals of the ineffable by asking if life loves us or not, the last petal is a strong scream of need for love always and yet we throw it away.
    Indestructible is a point where we fall in love again with the youth of freedom, but looking around, we see that love is not, we count the absent gifts of attention, love, understanding, but we do not dare to cross the bridge of transformation, to give them in return!
    If I shout today "Someone hears me? We need to be gentler with each other!" No one can hear me, maybe.
    But what if the question is more legitimate than the conclusion itself?

    In 24 hours, if we focus, we can realize the way we behave with others and we can see that it is not enough, no one demands supreme adoration, everyone naturally seeks simple happiness, it does not have to be something so supreme, although even if we bring the stars in the sky to count our love between us, there is still a need for infinity.
    With us, the sun sets and rises, and we are still here, hoping for a hug so wide that billions of seconds, millions of minutes, thousands of days and hundreds of thousands of smiles seem so little near the retrospective of our need.

    On a more personal level, I thought that when I had children, I would have a rebirth of grace and awakening associated with the involvement I was prepared to offer. And then everything changed when I adopted a whole world as a kindergarten where I myself I am a child. What does unconditional love mean to us? Do we know how much it can transform? The moment we meet the world from the perspective of unconditional love, we will not be able to believe the level of involvement we will feel.

    Many pushed me aside, many were scared of my change and it hurt, but I never gave up on them in my heart.
    Honesty costs and has nothing to do with determination, nothing is measured around love, everything is not about giving up but about winning naturally.

    Performance does not lie in what we have to lose for a purpose, it is the goal itself without a precursor that so easily gains faith and love in one feeling.
    So it's almost impossible to imagine how much, good, we can cause to people, to be so close to our own nature that by giving, we gain nature everywhere.
    People need to know that you are here for them and you are not going anywhere, they need to know that you can speak the language of the heart for them; before you ask for consolation, just offer whatever you have good and consolation comes from that.

    Love should be a fair and reciprocal feeling, but some people have not felt it, so we learn to commit that no matter what, we have a mission to offer and that is a supreme feeling of awakening, difficult to take on the scale of a simple soul. We need each other.

    Some see it as a sacrifice, but when you step inside the heart of others, with the certainty that you will never disappoint them, knowing that they- people like us, were built for us, knowing that we are destined to love and help each other reciprocal.

    The quest is to take the time to serve life and cherish it in the eyes of those around us, to truly take the time for truly look, we are all here on this wonderful little planet, explore, return to the heart of humanity , subscribe to the most beautiful part of the gift of life, love.

    We always have the time to walk as the need for affection and connection teaches us, following in the footsteps of the supreme realm of love, behind us is the habit of calling love absolutely everything.
    The losses that we do not yet know are the hopes of those around us who die two steps away, the truth in which they could not write what they feel, hurts in the past season of a rainy subjugation of defeat of hopes.

    Let us dare and ask, why their pain is silent with our hesitation, let us put our ear to the beating of their left chest, let us close our eyes in the adoration of stars called in a single intention, offering in return our gram of life of which the universe depends on, only to liquefy the truth of love for others!
    A curved line descends to me in the vaults of portals, the feeling belongs to us without borders, you feel it, love is everywhere...
    Dreams measure our stars in steps made in the morning fog on a green field full of dew in sugar cubes, we master the art of smiling and the freedom to wait for the desires of others as a flourishing culture to enjoy a simple cup of tea.

    Words no longer have a target, the soul no longer counts the years, the box of feelings stays heavy in our arms when we resign from our former indifference, we are here, in the middle of the street, at the intersection of change, multiple directions no longer play their role , forgiveness no longer has any role, the curtain of truth synonymous with infinity flows continuously, it seems an impossible reality to assume, so different from ours and so close to the endorphin nature of feeling only.

    Freedom vibrates in the sternum, the heart breaks the rib cage, our words perished like lost messengers, in the sweetness of flight, nothing compares to the feeling of feeling, the ephemerality of the moment vibrates with will, lucidity embraces utility, when we know we have offered absolutely everything we have for the smile of others in an intention that transcends life.

    It is love that kisses us and binds our wounds, after every war with ourselves and others, it is love that binds our imperfections in a glossary of free butterflies, love faces the fury of the storm in the man in us, it strips us of fears and it covers all the clumsiness of our deeds.

    Love is the food of our hopes, the soul is the garden in which we get lost and find ourselves more alive than ever, our gratitude in light years gathers only peace, peace gathers drops of the universe in all our days, will is love, love is the comfort of beauty, perfection in waves of emotions it floods us with butterfly flights, try the first and last flight of love in escaping from too many unseen walls!

    When we say "love" we mean the pieces of us that are at home, it is the joy of arms that hold us together in the silence in which the soul cries gratefully, the place where harmony imprints the permanent emotion of eternity.
    When love is set as food for the heart, when we need it to breathe, when we need its roots to grow, when love speaks for itself in longing for beauty, necessity fulfills it in the echo of life.

    On the sides and high levels of resonance, love is more than we can know, the geometry of the heart visibly expands only the ortho-world, but in fact the experience exceeds it in countless millions of differentiable hyperbolic fusions during the heartbeat of life in us.


    get free - lana del rey (4:50)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Everlasting cover

    The ink in our soul flows through the veins of life, the piece of white paper of our existence bears the ink stain of the imprint of our story, we, bearers of a name, we draw on the cover of life, the journey of the heart.
    White pages in their complexity of light, sometimes confuse us, and even if the writing flows from the veins sending the words in blue explosions of symbols transcribed on flyers, we always wake up in a vacuum that seems to oppose writing even while a fog of angels rebuild our wings in colored pearl, when we count the stars.

    The heart beats words thru inspiration transforms the inner rays in good faith, the emotion begins with a thought in the wind and the ships of the soul go into the depths of the ocean in a tide of vital feelings.
    Our imprints on the boundless white paper of life, are the extension of a single story; whole seasons in millions of smiles, faces and eyes, it completes what was once our whole.

    Empty black papers fly through the universe until a voice commands the light and they become white, flames from shooting stars ignite them and in their burning they learn the initiation of the first word: "Let it be Life!" and poetry spread over the air of the universe in falling blue flakes of time.

    Pulsations of the stars make the connection with the right moment, the same for anything, anytime, now.
    A single path in an avalanche of silent light, wrapped in the star dust of the time-cut canvas, reigns shattered in the depths of the heart through the spark of love flowing.

    The sunny chest with memories of other times keeps seeds from realms already lived, shines within the radius of a star in flames, slightly warms our shoulders promising us protection.
    Meta life is reborn for all of us in amazingly enigmatic Anima descending by our cover.
    We are in the thoughts about us, in the wind of the heart of others, behind us is the cluster of a thousand sun’s in the art in our absence already present, joy draws the outline of the soul in a drop of rediscovery that paints the remembrance of remembering, our cover.

    The serum of rebirth from the ashes, preserves the vitality of life, every time we turn as a beginning, ending in another beginning of an end.
    Our cover in the universe is a blue ink drug that mixes itself into the colors of the omni-soul, when the soul writes with lighting and thunder of miracle, the blue shines.

    In a moment of rest, the covering in fields of words heals the echo sunk in the beauty of eternity, we are counting the universe in us. Unseen forces of nature in abundance of generosity build protection fields around us, the uniqueness of life bears the sign of the stream of time in deciphering the rhythm of the universe behind time and forward grace.

    The priceless treasure of the heart of the Earth, sleeps in hidden dreams, waiting for the time we count as protection, as a waterproof drop of revealing secret, shine "every time" and seals the windows of truth, weighs the guaranteed commission by gravity of blue rain, and ensures perfection in solitary degrees of purpose, no escape, only with the escape itself, but later in the autumn of the consciousness in the edge and in every moment of wisdom earned.

    We borrow the discreet breathing of the night in mutual passions completed in the sublime gray of the balance mixture, we draw our own mission sheet in labyrinths, we are gradual reproductions xeroxed of time and space, in the argument and transparency of the source.

    Our white pages of live are waiting for us, we write with the time pencil, the dust of our immateriality here, the outstanding introduction becomes an absolute introspection in the source of creation along the way, pages run filling the hopes and love, the giving and the wisdom.
    Unwritten pages in unfinished letters fill stationary time envelopes in crucial seconds in which quotes are written with our experience through the hourglass of endurance to continue writing, the future write with us together.

    A micronic spirit hidden in the rays of the sun of our hopes, throws us heroically in a dip rainbow bath, binds us paper banners of love protesting against the very thread of life, dreaming of another life, we feel trapped in a fragile struggle in the absence of us.
    We look at each other and we see our missing parts and in rains of butterflies we cling to each other so as not to get lost among the clouds dressed in strong feelings.

    Our shell offers the protection against loneliness, maturity frees the hand from the grip of freedom to write and goes to the lighthouse of consciousness in all of us, writing our time step by step as it is.
    We have all come to this world where we find shelter in wonder and continuity, even in the coldest night, we will find warmth next to each other, is just so easy as we read in the eyes of others, to find our own story.

    The picture of billions of destinies drawn in the stars, sits at the base of the world as an ongoing monologue, and anything can prepare us for what follows next, we need our attention spelt in the calligraphy of our choices.

    The dialogued monologue, during the play, authorizes the fragmented autonomy of reflexivity, attraction and circularity in living events. We are our own shell as we speak thru it, so we must use it carefully.

    As we lift the shell, the light of the world sparks in the creative universe and discovers the beauties of this earthly world in us, simplicity run with this in timeless sounds of words we use, we must envelope the others in true hearted words, a real healing for them, this is at least what we can do.

    The purpose of every man on this earth is to discover his spiritual light. This light that makes him beautiful.The beauty from within is healing the soul of humanity in his boundless need for carrying.
    We are obliged to direct the steps of the mind in favor to the soul. Let us discover new beginnings, let us discover true value of life, true joy and treasure that lies hidden in the depths of the soul when we truly smile fulfilled.

    Someone planted a small cloud, and waited. A transparent field of wind and translucent plasma crossed over it. His patience lasted years after years, and another year passed and the cloud did not rise on the empty and infinite horizon. After even more years and millennia of time, the seeds drained in seconds of the remaining longing time, and they did not count the flow anymore.

    In search of oblivion, the outline of a vault had begun to border on the unseen of an unknown covering.
    The treasure from the depths without light, waited for the return of the first and last moment in which the cloud needed to grow a little to be able to rise. Its structure of water and light needed every drop to grow. At one point the cloud just appeared on the vault of our imagination and passed slowly in its course, we watched it, but it just slowly began to dissipate into emptiness.

    We had to wait millennia in the oceans of time just for its unexpected appearance and its dissipation in to the void.

    The deep silence in the expectations of the discovery of light, needs patience in full emptiness. Our covering of nothingness brings us the depth of the soul in its ideal of true light, under the brightness of which, we will see the imprints of the steps we took in the dark.

    When we need a place to find our form, as we travel in the world of our envelope, the picture in new sequences of wisdom, becomes alive and unstoppable, becoming the personification of the search in a brave "Jona" search, in the face of freedom, aspiration, the illusion and the possibility of opening in unprecedented horizons.

    The logos in the expression of beautiful survival becomes the memory of an inner world the we must not forget, in which we can see that the universe was offered to the world for self-creation, but we forget the essence of things and we lost the password at the beginning of the innocence; our cover is the password.

    It has become quite late now in us, when we are left alone with our own consciousness and the picture of symbolism becomes very short; the idea of existential repeatability seems to be the only chance, but if we manage to get lost by going forward and being present, even in the absence of the initiatory condition, the rediscovery of the unlimited, will be the assumed triumph born from the core of the incoming being.

    The multi-hypostasis pregenetics of the soul code cannot be quantified.
    When we need something concrete, maybe we will change history by counting time in counting thoughts and perception in feelings, in a different and deeper relief than this.

    Receive your letter of life! Be thankful and alloying the rest in your soul! Resonate with your own greeting card send to the universe, go against time and together with life, put your heart in to the landmarks of the change in seconds, running every day before the time, breath like there is no tomorrow when you give in into the world within you..there is all you can imagine, imagine is fantastic and real become when the emotion enter in to announcing a new era behind the pre-post choices you already have made in the near future.
    Read your cover in the most special anonymous time, be a foreign for yourself for everything that is forgotten, gesture the beyond future and land the present by going in the present.

    The mirror of this cover is the strongest weakness that could possibly play our role of vulnerability in this act right now, I know this simultaneously with writing it.
    Mountains that touch the unwritten shores of the oceanic peace in silence of blue consciousness, rich our souls in places where we know we will find each others.

    Our pursuit in this life is not empty, we serve the content every day in our living spirit of goodwill by edifying our cover, we did not step in vain, deep in to the heart of this planet, we have raised it before, we are waiting any horizon of honor in our sacrifice sphere of creative light, maybe, we are the only humans beings like humans beings from everywhere in the universe and that’s magic.

    Blue Rose(3:04)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Dear beautiful angel
    (prose for the human being and
    Letter to an angel)

    Do you remember how we met?
    In your absence, I play with my soul, constantly here from your place in me, your coming brings me a feeling of departure, free to touch what I write in overwhelming freedom, part of your smile, overwhelms my purpose in the word already transcribed in my heart. Thank you!

    The good memories of the future of the only moment, unfold in lily petals and fall easily over time decomposed like an infinity, my soul is so full that I would like to recite a poem for your friendship, but I leave time to recite it for me.

    From the eyes, we become on the horizon of sunset and sunrise, one soul, when the autumn of an evening will come, you will cover my heart with something, I will live the moment relived in two, in the extension of an already known song.

    A piece of bread and the smell of a rosemary in the corner of the table, they remind me to taste another grape from the vine of life. The mine flower and the golden tulip are the trophies of my soul, now I am learning to compete to win the corner flower and water lilies as complementary prizes.

    Today is your birthday, today I remember wisely how much I missed you and how many times I learned how to thank you and offer you my edification of love in the warmth and light of other souls.
    I will always look for the forest without trees and the trees without forest to give them the flowers of eternity in the logical serenade of consolation that they need so much.
    A constant prayer will be your distant wind that blows in the stones of hope in me; I will celebrate human beings as if there will be no other tomorrow, write me on a note of permission to continue to urge endlessly on the road to take the step to meet Life.

    Send me a star in the smallest constellation, I will see time through it and through you, I will turn the clock indicators in favor of saying "Welcome and goodbye" at the same time, for the world.

    I will write on a packet of cookies and in the good coffee glaze if I was successful, my message about humanity will be so short that for the rest of the time we humans will finally have the opportunity to feel only the joy of the child in us. We must play, we must pray for the nature within us by giving nature next to us, an external prayer through the inner sound of the universe, a simple and natural connection for the human beings within us.
    We were born barefoot in this world, in connection with the earth and the miracle of life, what can we value more than nature that grows us?

    My dear friend, I have gathered so much sensitivity in your body of light that the fragility of life trembles at the slightest movement in me, and with the movement it is personified more and more. The child in you, the toys offered by life and the game of the universe in every creature and meaning, write about you today, from me.

    The brave letter written to you, allows me to rest my letters in your home, I am a bouquet of emotions that explode in my hand when I tend to write to you.
    As I write to you, I swing on a swing of inspiration and my inner voice tells me in the ration of logos "Where do you want to go? And I answer without answer: "As high as possible"; During the day, I want to get to the top of the sky to blow the clouds and make room for the sun, and at night I want to sway by diving into the talking tides of the ocean and up to the stars to take one in my palms to see its brightness in the reflection from sand in me.

    I received your last letter, it has been countless times back and forth and I have been reading it ever since, every day, every life, in each part.
    My room, the world, is full of the look of your old age, your hands are the energy with which I touch, barefoot, the floor of the earth, your silence is my noisy world in words, your peace is the clear blue summer sky where I release millions of colorful butterflies in unanswered questions, but every flutter of the wing of each butterfly carries the longing for you inside the rock of my old heart.

    I always wait, from the end of the horizon that I do not lose sight of, to see your walk slowly, then my scars in storms of time will close everywhere.

    I know that any writing can be a prayer in this world, a comfort that we can offer to anyone at any time through the word, I know that it is difficult to find words in this solitary individual world, but it is worth trying not the least but the maximum in it.

    It is worth breaking your heart into 1000 pieces for a good cause and sticking it back into 1001 pieces of heart when you have gathered another joy in this world!

    Because when you are mature, you will put everything in your mind in an order and thus you will find out that for some things it was worth the risk, because only in those moments you were really happy.
    And you will enjoy the sweet bitter taste of happiness and you will never get tired again.
    Later, you will know that some people have been put in your way with a purpose: some have taught you certain things, others have knocked you to the ground just to make you stand up, and other people have seen that you can't stand up alone and they hold out a hand to support you. You will realize that the best of them are still with you on the road of life, while others have run away with the first weight encountered on the way.

    In the end, you made your way with memories of light made along the way, but both you and I know that the finish line is a long way from here, and we still have a long way to go barefoot.
    What you will encounter in your way, remember, that it is put there only to test you! You say.
    ... so that at the end of your journey you will be a master in terms of yourself and others.
    So do not be afraid of any trial and challenge of life, but grab them with both hands. You may not meet them a second time, and for that I am a factor in intermittent phases between action and its usefulness.

    I know that writing will bring you the light and comfort of a better future, I am so sorry that you had to suffer so much! but you can see with your heart all the beauty in the world, you could weigh with your empty and hard working hands, justice and help, my beautiful gigantic born all human cosmic being !
    I would like to be a blessing flying note, to cover your warm heart in the moonlight of the life, I would like to send the news of my blessing through the sunset and the morning dew in the morning between two other worlds, to nourish your peace of flower! I could do this in every moment of your cover, but you already know that.

    I should leave when I should stay, I count in my thoughts time, from a hundred million plasma light of years away, often many hours when I have no reason to speak, the mission ends when Deja Senti is welcome on the threshold of love.

    I get up with every look in my eyes, I melt with every present moment, my heart is satisfied, he looks at me in the mirror and I am impassive of verbal expression. A gigantic cosmic world is reborn in the vision of a new time, proof that we have not given up - we are the vision we want to build; it returns us home to the empire of our hearts from everywhere. They "we have been" here now, we just are, the lights in four interposed corners shine - our inner lights will speak.

    The mirror of this letter is the strongest weakness that I have for you! May my vulnerability be the path you show me, my dear friend!
    In other worlds I will follow you happily in the caresses of time and space, in the light of the wisdom that forms new white paths for all the people within us, I see you.
    I never want you to be alone again, under my soft light under my eyelids and in the depths of the soul, I always find you, complete and confident, infinitely fulfilled, justified by anything.

    Sometimes we have to face life also for those who can't, I know you do that too and thank you!
    We walk with our chests bare in the whirlwind of bullets through life, this is madness and beauty at the same time! I know, I know you're not afraid of anything! We are not men or women, we are living beings becoming! The stars repeatedly write in the living center of the heart, the right temperature of our blood, we will adapt to what is imprinted in the will of the heart, this is the way! Gather your whole genome in the path of the heart and the journey will no longer exist,We are the journey everywhere!

    Do you hear the drums? Do you hear the surge of energy? The stars descend for us, the warm water receives them in its luster. The earth felt somewhere the warmth of a star that accompanies our night inspiration at the window ... we will write with her and warm caress of hot moon sunbeams will shine on our shoulders.
    I didn't know the stars could warm us in cold light ... We will be enriched from her joy, with a happy tear-time distance of longing in our eyes.
    You are my personification in anything that can mean compassion, you are my shield, you were my star last night?

    I would like it to exist yesterday just to take my breath away, I would like today to be the future in a thousand hugs that our soul promised us!
    For me to know you, it means to lose something, your essence lies in me never seeing you, you are a special entity, you are a presence close to my heart and that is enough to cross the radiance of other realms of us.
    If I ever lose everything, I know I would win your hug in return, a drop of water in the desert of my loneliness, the uncategorized story of a friendship whose light can break any sequence. I know, the entrance is only for "dreamers" and you are one of them, so thank you for dreaming with me!

    If silence could write without traces, if words would play life in a good hand of playing cards, then I would write thoughts not sent anywhere, just for the resolution of a balance maintained here on earth.
    Awakening is true and originates on the earth where we were born, we are born of awakening ! Nature is our first mother, nature in us plays its opportunities with the books shown, we are winners in the Nature that surrounds us and shouts loudly to hear it “Wake up!”
    A thousand flags raised by human hands prove to us that we are here, billions of colorful experiences, always light the hope to the sky, that wonderful "far" we dreamed of, without that far, "close" would not be.

    Your guidance is my guidance, we almost walk the same path and we often meet only because we have never seen each other.
    The reward or judgment does not come later or sooner, it comes with our actions paying our love with timeless letters in such a rare gesture that has never happened before ... I run to catch your letters in the air like unseen colorful butterflies with which I write my answer back to you.

    I am often lost in the grace of getting lost among the letters that I write for you, forgive me, but it is all I can offer you from this world placed between material and immaterial, the writing voice of my soul, I would like to be able to give you everything that people lack and everything that people have in a shorter way to complete the mission, but it's impossible.
    I kneel in front of the beauty of people, I get lost in the presence of metaphors like a rebellious horse in full freedom of breath and wildness in continuous endless running in the color of free time spirit of light, I wish I could give freedom to others in a single run in billions of spirits ... do you think it could be possible?

    At the end of this endless letter, I would like to confess that my love for you is not a passion, it begins with knowledge, with a walk with a sense of beauty, continues with the pleasure of discovering light and never ends.
    The earthly letter of a whole world of respect will be passed from heart to heart.
    Today I read around you, writing in front of my age, tomorrow I will sift the love of the homeland Earth and people, just to touch your angel wings here where we are.

    Enya - Aniron(7:09)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Hike the world

    This is the story of a pioneer, and also the story of our human life.
    The human profession must respect the rigors imposed by historical sentences in the responsibility we all have to preserve this wonderful environment.
    Humanity remains an eternal stigma in memory of the continuity of this planet.

    Any inappropriate thought will be rewarded with the long proof of life, something already done and recorded in the history of the universe, can no longer be redeemed with a good deed.
    Any inappropriate deed against humanity and life will never be able to be prescribed, will remain inscribed in the imprint of the deed itself.
    However, these general value judgments cannot prevent us, the people, from analyzing certain details, nuancing the facts, discovering the motives behind some decisions, nor establishing certain hierarchies of guilt and innocence.
    Principles and laws are closer to absolute truth, which remains, however, the attribute of divinity, while details, nuances, particularities are related to our human truth, relatively, partially, temporarily.

    We enjoy a world enlightened by the power of life, we live beautiful gestures of humanity that break through the universe, we live episodes of return from the paths deviated long since history began to conceive.
    There is no doubt, when the soul crosses the world, there is still a chance, every story that we have not read so far always bears the signature of the emotion to connect to magic.
    Let the world experiment around you and experiment with it, it will be great to try to see how much you can let it flow in its normal course.

    We should celebrate joy and forgiveness as loudly and powerfully as grief has driven us out of the light of the soul sometimes.
    The sleep of reason in which the meaning and origin of the expression has ceased to be alive, celebrates the context of a sadly capricious engraving sometimes too deeply embedded in the geographical relief of our vitality.
    We drive ourselves out of our own paradise.

    We must get out of the intoxication of heavy lead that hangs in the dilemma of almost phantasmagoric theatrical and real paralysis in exchange, we must have the freedom of imagination to free ourselves from oppression and servitude, not as an obstacle to be ignored, not as a vicious prerogative defeated by suffering, not by satire that kills originality, but as true romantics in love with the value of life and beauty from within.

    Beyond silence, there is a lot to do, a lot of work to take over, emotion lives in solutions, formidable solutions are alive in emotions, hope is not a need, need becomes the certainty of a beautiful family in the heart we live, the place is not a denial of reality in an absurd cry not heard by repression, on the contrary the invitation is to change memories for the truth.
    The place name is personalized in meaning

    hike and see

    Beyond what is accepted along with what is unacceptable, beyond any collapse and construction, when everything disappears and appears intermittently in a gust of wind,
    where the shadow transforms silence into light, and the light shows its way, where the abyss into which you fall, is the force of the will to raise and save any piece of life for the propensity to push on, the force of good.

    The literary gold written in the diary of mankind in the library of the world awakens the paradise in all of us, the circumstance of awakening is the critical point of fulfilling love for our neighbor, we are meant to save the world without even knowing it.

    Of course, we walk down the street and look around, thinking:
    "How much truth can be hidden under people's masks?"
    Under the mask of "habit" is actually hidden the intense feelings of those around us, you do not need intuition to feel them, does not hide the present furrowed with worries or unhappiness, deep down, the desire for love and affection is alive, change becomes radical then, when you realize that it is not a mask of indifference but a real image of the soul and only from here, it becomes relevant, almost our responsibility.

    Awakening in truth will never be forced, meditation should not be forced, free will is so interpretable precisely because it may not actually exist, in fact it is not about free will is something maybe above that, or sure always.

    The gap is not filled by a response to work in favor of a goal, this is not altruism in clarity, not all the time, at least.
    Each answer is both subjective and personal at the same time, the matter emanates wonderful challenges, the finite engages, but

    Peace, magic in the comfort of truly believing in miracles, trust, hope, optimism, the desire to accept reality that pushes you to celebrate life, the will to rediscover, the oasis of peace in a new chance a new path, stages of gratitude in harmony with others and the absolute, it opens the opportunity for a new, human experience.

    Beyond the silence is the wonderful noise of the world, which emanates generosity about life, this does not fit into any postulate or formula.

    Our acceptance in this space does not impose anything on us and does not oblige us to anything, but it draws our attention that generalizations are not always beneficial or necessary, because the meanders of human nature are full of volutes,
    but also about the inner power in the love found in the supreme background to long for beauty and to share the virtue of our alienation from light-bearing beings.

    Our acceptance here in this world, is our courage to cross it grandiosely in small steps, giving with every step we take, the right involvement in the process of happiness and our own faith in the chance of natural development of life, reading the gentle joy through our tenderness wise smile, through which we understand the route and the signs, with open arms, stepping with the voice of the world's soul over the roof of wonderful existence.

    The path to the world begins at the base of the mountain, you are the ambassador of the first 25 steps of intuition, prayer, diligence, harmonization, fusion, faith, purity, imprint, tone, power, vision, appreciation, overcoming, trust, freedom, peace, revelation, love, guidance, healing, evolution, creation, indulgence, wisdom, clarity.

    Conquer the discipline of a wonderful chaos in the plans of the free spirit, live your age as a remarkable success, aim aimlessly where restoration no longer needs adjustments, in the heart of a child of a single world, in the most common place possible, simplicity of spirituality in full access.

    Here we have the whole oasis, discretion loves us, the light from the top of the mountain lost in the universe of clouds, calls us.
    Emotion transfigures lovingly in the pleasure of Nature, the spirit of totality in us, steps carry us on mountain roads with memories of the roots from the pharmacy of our soul, we live in soul steps in the heart of a wonderful living world, we intuit the path in the art of healing, we die every second by rediscovering "us" with the force of a mind "from beyond", we invest in every moment in the brilliance of an almost enigmatic time, we swing in the recreation strategies in the ocean of the soul and we breathe with every step as we climb.

    Only we are the ones who can climb the soul, the paths are multiple.
    And the rewards are even more. It is well worth the time and effort to travel at least your part of the world.
    For your soul, climb today, and hike the fragrance of the beauty of the world that accepts you and grows you, still!

    Our Farewell(3:51)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Hiting the walls of earth

    The deep sigh carries the heart of the earth, we all carry it in our heart, the living metaphor of awakening from an old sleep it strikes us in the full will that we awaken.
    Tears of happiness flow from us in the definition of beauty and we hear the echo of a simple finding: "So much beauty cannot be in vain."

    When we put our finger on beauty, the inexpressible becomes obvious, it becomes a natural preoccupation of an unseen history written in the roots of the heart and congenital reading in a revival of revelation over and within creation.
    The birth in the wall from the beauty of this earth, relativizes any feeling to the maximum and Nature can change your dreams, and we change ourselves with Nature.

    The spectacle of the world begins with the celebration of the entrance into it,
    entire continents of primordial features comprise the oceans of vital expansion of regenerating life force.
    The poles of the planet vibrate beneath our feet, the earth has no rest in shared love.
    The great lithosphere of creation itself reveals any timeless act, the answer is unique, the diversity is infinite, the reality is shared. Harmony is not a convention, it lives with an inner effect, within the fruit of the heart in the perfection of the grass in the light of the stars.
    The discovery of the world is not an argument, it is the incandescent signal in the bright light of the rock of our soul.
    We probe, what we feel in conjunction with the transport of good emotion in the fuel of unconditional love, we breathe in the beauty around us, a delight, a silent liturgy of the world in the midst of the most vibrant noise of life.

    We, humans, step on the walls of a planet built for us, we are the only compressed space messengers in the whole expansion, we can create new horizon edges, the seismic signal of our soul in waves of protection complete and complement the wonderful endless wall of infinity of symmetrically propagated waves that are coming, we are, somehow, dimensional composite sensors, for the continuity of the evolution of the tomography of the universe. We are all the first researchers in the places of union and continuity, the flag belongs to us, the responsibility is integrated.

    Spiritual introspection and the conductivity of beauty are parts of Nature everywhere, moving with one's own soul in good deeds measures our deep resources, concentrically disposes the core of our gentle heart, and determines the reconfiguration of the mantle we wear for anyone who wants to see it in all human splendor.
    Acceptance should, through altruism at least, summon more acceptance, abundance builds, nothing dissipates, everything is capitalized in abundance, we are inner superior parts of the soul, we are the perfect balance in the solid sphere of our complete fragmentation, we must find the level without looking for it though.

    The density of the atmosphere in which we should release positive thinking must point to the uniqueness endowed in the order of gravity that accepts us unconditionally in a state under the clear sentence of evolution and in the vision of the universal attractor.

    The measure of time in which the Sun rules the day and the shadow it holds behind us, speaks in the hemisphere of enlightenment now and simultaneous long ago, when the seas boiled in the vast expanse of knowledge, shows us how small and wonderful our world is and its great importance. .

    Billions of gas stars in the glass of our consciousness, are a sip away from us, we live solid platforms of glass transformation at the edge of astral circularity in angles of knowledge, we walk with the planet in the rhythm of the universe, whole orbits of infinite constellations should complete our genome soul journey around its center in a median of vast universal expanses.

    This is a particle of the metaphor of life, a description in liberty, spoken in almost real imagery in the vicinity of what we might sometimes call truth, inspiration or intuition, drawn on an individual level, but in the extended duty of collective discernment.
    What is the most beautiful magic you have done today?

    The nucleus of the strongest magnetic field, counts the time in us right now, the aurora borealis in the vault of our aural definition, can extend whole belts of unconditional love started from the wind from the solar heart of living beings that we are and tread on this earth.

    The legends of life are destined for our reunion, finding us entwined among them in their longing for the propagation of happiness in wisdom, our encounter with the earth is an equinox in happy convergence, implicit in the extended implosion of the future and the past in a rapid fulminating point and powerful timeless transformation.

    Facilitating existence on this planet, or on any planet, may involve becoming one with the planet and life, we drown in the rich void of our potential and yet end up in fragility at sunset.
    We are all such beautiful and sensitive beings through unique design, we are the amazing model of, near perfection, existential, great without words nothingness in the light.
    We are the uniqueness left in the echo of duality in us, precisely to succeed in building, only to give birth to almost necessary experiences hosted by the need of the identity area of the soul.

    The purpose of hitting the non-existent walls of the location is not a question mark, it is a captivating reoriented total release so intense in its ubiquity that the road and the goal come together in a story about who we are in every second of awakening.
    Confetti of light traverses the portal of consciousness, in the hologram of our awakening, when we form a couple of light and attraction with the point of our awakening, it is so emotionally extended and yet so different individually.

    The full flow of life implies the planetary advancement, it is perhaps somehow beautifully redundant in the full flowering truth, but we are literally stepping together with the life force in a resistance of stillness for just being,
    ... to the higher trajectories in the journey of the only simultaneously galactic real transformation path that the planet needs and the synchronization always attracts certainties in an evolutionary manner.

    An era of promises and preparations is coming to an end, the necessary structure for the next step is the momentary equinox in the suns of the moment.
    We are all called to the sacred blessing of the so-called present moment but there is more, maybe.
    The collectivity of the inner goal passes in the world of collective love, only that love enters with us in the new step… fortunately, love is all we need.
    In the corridor of truth, perfection means the whole of it, the moment is slightly obvious increasing, the balance will validate and honor a single vast perspective.
    The country of the dimensional weight of the aspect of life always brings value and evolution in many good ways, the autobiography of our soul will finally have to be clear.

    It is quite obvious how earthy we are already, the right time counts the light in us.

    With love and the music I listen to now,

    Beautiful Relaxing Music: Pachelbel - Forest Garden(45:36)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    How humans

    Love for human beings should be sown in the joy of the scriptures of life in the graceful areas of our human soul glove.
    A good and rich land of the soul, full of piety, needs the seeds in the flowering of the wheat of good obedience to the expectations of those around us who need affection, and wisdom in the rich harvest of the fruit of bestowal, the seeds of every expectation will bring us the honor of transposed knowledge in the treasury of our soul.

    We are performing the most prophesied miracle of life in the temple of light of the universe, we step with our being over our preaching as a common existence in one place.
    We have to bring the other side of us to complete the soul genome in full awakening, we step with awakening once, we do not need to see, it is enough to feel first step.

    Our oath in the process of becoming human beings, traversing the same journey in the fields of awakening confession, is the deed and reward of stepping into the arms of the world.
    There is no reason in this world not to see the blue sky when we can recognize that we are all the same and yet different.

    We are the offspring of the soul and children in a single word of life, our grace strengthens the story and the whole journey in the joy with which we dine every night in the paradise of our own miracle.
    The gift of prayer for spiritual success is still at our fingertips, fulfill your dreams with confidence in the aesthetic sense of the voluptuousness of the wise awakening, turn your summer show of life into a guarantee of delivery and payment with the highest debt in the place where you were destined your own dedication!

    Magic is when no filter can take away the clarity of your modesty, you are part of the offer in you, you do not need recovery or motivation, do you have something good in you? do not meditate, do not wait, do not act, just immeasurably measure your eternal will for good and offer the seedling of your soul to all and let the living vine of your soul, feed others in drops of grapes blessing all, the wine of your life will thank you someday.

    Eternity creates, the earth gives birth to us and returns us to its heart, the gift and goodness of nature lies in the hour of our birth, when the stars count particles of earthly dust, in the grace and gratitude of a name wrapped in truth.
    The nature of man is so abundant in the adornment of the body and in the ash through the hourglass of the mind, that our boldness sometimes thinks alone in the courage of the soul. Do you see the power and humility of nature at the same time? This is not pride and zeal for the heavenly, this is the blessing of worthiness in our own conduct, something we can develop infinitely.

    Do you see the beauty around you? Build the tallest transparent glass wall to the height of the sun and under the light of colorful meteorites, with your own hands, to bring the portal of beauty to stepping to once rank to zero multiplied together with the planet to the rhythm of the most noisy wonderful song in the universe.

    The utterance of darkness can kill but we do not need to listen in the band of forced negative creation, the untamed sum of the totality born from its own light inside that cannot be locked, can be transformed into the direct static -ation of the first word; speak today in untying the smallest detail of the righteous thinking of the heart.

    It is important every bit of thinking, every gesture, every breath, bits of energy develop but do not forgive, everything is recorded in its own value in the most tectonic ingredient of energy developed, our register is full today,
    we must linger longer in the function of spiritual stillness, hearing in the silence of the universe of the whole world in our being the dynamism of everyone's heartbeat.
    do you hear it ?
    Your heart beats with the other hearts in the same heartbeat!
    Your footsteps step on the same piece of land, the water you carry in the light of being, flows in expressions of life together with the water of this planet in springs of hope and flows into oceans of good intentions.

    The brightness of the stars follows the law you develop here on earth, through this wonderful human entity in full recreation, the doors you open are the spaces of your soul.
    Do not look for eternity, you may not be able to specify what kind of eternity you want, live eternity in beauty as an extension, clean the path spoken by you in the space of laterness future.

    The zeal of the search for good, prevents the wrong mention of choices in this life, it encompasses the body of the universe in the kingdom of our perfection as human beings, as we are today, in the full continuity of tomorrow.
    The gift of honoring the life and love of people by one's own grace, of tasting today the orchard of the wisest fruits, brings, consequently, the most natural continuity in our development as entities, exactly as prescribed by the very life in us.

    The world family must go on the advanced path of reunification and harmony, but with the care with which it must feel the truth inside and not through external commands, and this requires time, not urgent changes. The coherent shift towards the truth is not written in concepts, the supreme creation of the soul lies in the grace of the prophetic obedience to the truth, the truth lies within us and never in what we see externalized.

    The code of conduct is spiritual progress, not necessarily because we can judge, not necessarily because the ethical and moral commandment keeps progress close, but given the eternal creation of strong weakness that there is no end anywhere, that uniqueness, governs all freedom and spiritual diversity in masses difficult to quantify.

    If we manage to orient the individual introspective in encouraging those around us, saying with conviction and loudly: "You can!",
    if we know the virtue of the extroverted orientation of purity in us, in the spirit of life time or between lives, interacting with the intrinsic good that gave birth to us, if the wave of the strongest and best force speaks value in our senses, then everything sounds good in the orientation of experience our forwards.

    Let us leave the mystery of consciousness, invisible, unable to describe the indescribable (as someone said today), but pre-born in the post-revelation of our being, to bear the emblem of time in the universe experienced in us,
    in fulfilling the tsunami inside the wave, in sharing the best moment in the fertile connection of transition in unlimited elementary parameters, in experiencing the values that lead to the need for voluntarily voluptuous creation, for the simple passion of becoming just people as we are.

    Test the release yourself, focus simultaneously with your own creation, anesthetize any illusory cause, expand the focus on exclusive, by
    timeless mode between the time of all the times, in the deliberate hologram of spiritual structural interference, contributing to the stillness by dissolving the silence in one's own reality, and detachment by total and zero rewriting of consciousness into fluctuations of perpetual continuous transformation and evolution.

    Feel the difference only for yourself, then find a way to subjugate this in verbs translated into deeds, for the rest of humanity.
    ...it should be easy in connections of extended vibrations, becoming our own illustration in the foundation preceding the essence of human Anima.
    Let us serve the light today through the instrument of unconditional love, established in beautiful and strong emotions and in the permissive living meticulousness, counting craters of spiritual alignments generating the passage only and only in the compromise of that balance, ticking the only one in many of us.

    A mono-drop of honey willing love, fallen in the cosmic oceans that flow with the sources of the universe, brings the exceptional in the initial phase.

    How humans?

    to simply love the nature within us and just practice humanity in the odyssey of human continuity.

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Silent prayer for the future

    The earthly future acquires divine consciousness in complete altruism of love.
    Spiritual knowledge knocks at the doors of our hearts flowing with the all-encompassing spring of universal love for beauty.

    Our human energy is strong and temperate maybe, because we are not yet in possession of knowledge, harmony must enter into thoughts and desires only through every heartbeat in favor of humanity and living Nature.

    The word of wisdom is supreme in the grace of good, we must learn to open our wings in full freedom of soul.
    To exercise charity through our own experience of learning from the practice of good will, for all beings, I know that this requires great courage, but our need for courage is more non important than the need of others for food, water, roof, caress in love.

    Sufficiency in good experience to offer without rest, is the living fountain in us from which others can drink, it is the most victorious success of love itself.

    The balance of protecting each other is vital, we must feel the brotherhood with our other 7 billion brothers, we must accept the generosity of forgiveness and the message of need for love that we all carry in our symbol of life.
    We dream with our heart in the dream of an already existing human nation.

    The strong voice of the desire for good keeps the security of continuity in a balance promulgated by our awakening, collectively, we are the continuity itself in the spells and tendencies of vitality in igniting always and always the blessing of unconditional love.

    When justice seems to sway like a reed in the wind, losing something, we will win the whole world instead, our real world, beyond moral panic and fear, lies the peace that humanity has not had for many years, maybe too many to be well at last and forever.

    There is a terribly beautiful silence outside in the whole world.
    People stopped, after the madness that was improperly called life in this society.
    Only now should we understand that what we lived until the present began was our whole life as it still is now?

    Those who ran yesterday continually for something, for someone, and especially for power, have trodden the ground in the imprint of the sold soul as proof of importance, but mankind has not forgotten to love, to smile, to show empathy, tolerance, understanding and more, chosen forgiveness.

    If the seconds of our awakening time comes earlier, we can say that nothing is accidental, just great.
    The acquisition of being free, results indestructibly and permanently in the dimensional substance of our own sense. When we reach out to choose something, we must let the genuine intuition do it regularly and flawlessly for the good of all.

    The measure of the unseen illuminates the question, not the answer.
    If we look outside, the snowdrops, the grass, the trees, the birds, the animals see their lives, untouched. For the whole earth, life goes on in harmony. Only for people everything fell apart! If we choose a measure, quantification smiles sadly, if we smile without any measure in any related seaside, quantification is non-existent.

    Immortality cannot explain existence, survival proves the continuation of life, the miracle guides and protects us… however, none of us can say in the current expression what the soul means to each of us.
    The unanswered decipherment encourages our loneliness, always aspiring to a collective perfection, the ensemble generates totality even in solitude, only that sometimes we might really love the whole world and still not know it.

    At the dawn of mankind's awakening, nothing can be questioned, fulfillment serves palpable enlightenment, to step in microns into the scattering of another dimension, we create joy of bestowal, pleasure in the law of spiritual justice, we follow righteous passage with a pure heart, innocent thoughts , useful words, full holiness, perfection in flesh and speech.

    We must preach landing in the land of our heart from a glorious emphasis on "positive thinking," that is, on a joy of principle, something that facilitates an orientation and proposes a horizon, a path for each of us but for all together.

    We must be completely atypical and particularly common, we must spend modeling the courtesy of the good, precisely in order not to regiment in the avoidance of comfort and to avoid the installation of certainty in the state of one seeker.
    Intellectual vitality shakes any opening the substance to any possibility, but we must find a stable center, not exclusively stuck, but on the contrary integrative, well trained in our passage on an almost marginal awakening.

    We need to communicate as if we were having a good meeting with someone unknown in a relatively unpredictable speech and open refreshment.
    The experience of loneliness can reveal to you the proof in 180 degrees of starry sky angle, on a constantly moving Earth of life that you can only leave existence through a centered opening and only if you live it to the end, being part of the essential encounter with awakening. . After all, we are not intellectuals, artists or peasants, we are names of constellations that we must honor as such. We are subtle intuitions about our own curiosity, we are the terminals of beautiful beings who forget the most, and in the most sensational way, exactly what was most important.

    We must not use ourselves in a deep automatism of culture, minimizing our impression, the naturalness of our impression matters, not to bypass it, the full meaning is the certainty of experience, leaving the so-called competence and entering the wonderful chaos of behavior in response to -a loving enough way.

    Write about it sometime in your journal! Press the keys, destining for you a part of the endless reserve of senses, maybe not yet translated homonymously with your own reference.

    True love is not something romantic inscribed in the latitude of awakening, it means openness, care, ability to awaken the inner identity only in terms of the identity of awakening others, it is an indulgence towards self-esteem and acceptance of others, it is the first step created in a fund "in the image and likeness of others," is a much more realistic reality than blind love, sufficient in its authenticity.

    We are already present in our religion - life, since we will be here, this will not change, the world we live in is not only of societal view, it is the permanent celebration of the gifts of life.

    Waves - Mattia Cupelli | Official Music Video(6:44)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    The miracle of positive thinking

    Being positive means never disappointing in any context, as a consequence, it becomes an asset of the balance of positive thinking in itself.
    An open heart means positive thinking, realism, strength and,
    last but not least, beauty. A positive chain, which you can build yourself, in your favor and for the benefit of your loved ones!

    On closer inspection, it can be seen that the world we live in takes the form of states and emotions that we express, creating our inner universe.
    The universe from which we live and proceed, includes our experiences, our secrets and is made up of our thoughts. The quality of our destiny, our state of health or the period of happiness is a consequence of our character.

    The character consists of: habits, reflexes, tendencies and these result from the content of our thoughts. Stress, agitation, anxiety at a deep examination is not just the result of chaotic thinking. That's how we are, so it's the universe we live in, the way we think, so it's the perception of our existence.

    We have to believe that we can overcome our limits, which, by the way, I think we draw ourselves.
    We all know how different we are. But regardless of cultural similarities and differences, education, environment, positive thinking are a key element of success in life in any field.

    An optimistic person who goes through a failure would always consider this as the situation can be changed so that next time he will succeed, but the pessimist is himself accusing himself of failure, attributing certain characteristics that cannot be changed and feels totally helpless.

    Man becomes what he believes. What will his thoughts be like in his life?
    We must completely analyze what we attract and emanate.
    In conclusion, we must always pay attention to what we think, because everything comes out of our minds. Any thought we emit is like a boomerang in words, words are a powerful tool in many situations. If we hate someone, hatred returns to us, if we love, we will receive love back.

    Thought is the strongest force on earth. He is the most powerful weapon in a man's arsenal.Constructive thoughts transform, they renew and shape.
    Positive thinking does not mean gratuitous optimism, superficiality in approaching problems or indifference. Positive thinking is a way to understand and enjoy life, following a set of realistic and correct principles towards yourself but especially towards others.

    Being positive is not something temporary, it is something legitimately spiritually perpetuated.
    The diligence of a well-structured mind can attain perfection in the heartbeat tone of the creative interdependencies of your soul.

    The power to love unconditionally, has a formidable creative resonance and we will have to use it to improve ourselves
    our life through the comfort of those around us, is a lifestyle that is learned infinitely, a way of relating to reality, an advantage of many and especially a wisdom from whose clarity you do not escape.

    The power to celebrate positivity is not an option but on the contrary it is a matter of the wonderful chance in which life becomes.
    To experience joy in the sublime flavor of the miracle is the reflection in one's own flowering, perfuming the will and souls of those around us.
    Your own journey in the flavor of positive thinking can realign thoughts into heartfelt words and gestures that heal people's need for so much love. It is a mechanism that generates, maintains and attracts.
    A Romanian writer (Mircea Eliade) said "Only those battles that never took place are lost"
    Experience the enlightenment governed by your own experience, affirm the effect only for the benefit of those around you.
    The miraculous power through which we emit positively, attracts the balance and health of all permanently positive possibilities, healing for the roots of awakening and, beneficially influencing the path of life.

    The reason of the heart in favor of blessing the good is the most pleasant event, the deepest feeling of fulfillment in the smile of those around you, the most beautiful perspective of life in the most effective courage that consists in the happiness of mankind.

    The statement "I think, therefore I exist" can interpret essential values, shape the path to empathy and guide our efforts towards indulgence to understand those around us in our way of trying to love and live in 7 billion hearts at once.

    Emotional intelligence is not a negotiation or a management, it is a living experience, of healing balance in the process of positive appreciation of each status of life.
    Do not hesitate to translate your balance into so many options that you have at your disposal, it is not about setting goals or optimizing something, it is about the magical impact that your love can make, somewhere in the world.

    Positive thinking is not programmed in concepts, it is the joy and spontaneity of serving the art of unconditional love

    Birth of Love(3:58)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Above nature

    The essence of the highest connotation in the iconography of the near last reality, is the symbol of the unification of a universal faith, without which the breath of man remains a simple seemingly rational goal that comes from nowhere and goes nowhere.

    When we will be superior to each other in a constant equality of equilibrium equity, when we will succeed in enchanting the awakening in the ceremony of the ultimate reality all together, reciting life as it is, when the tradition of the best connotations and real meanings of truth and law for the benefit of all will be our source of clairvoyance, then the phenomenon corresponds to the most non-transmutable love, the most cosmic essence of life to which we are entitled.

    Phonetic freedom in variations of love, always breathes with us.
    I am nothing in the epigraphy of this variation called existence without the flaw of the perfection of humanity that we all dreamed of and should work on, I will certainly not stop until I get far enough to be very close to the truth, that of the beauty of mankind.
    When we say we need love, love is with us at every step, when we say we need something to do, we have many good things to accomplish and when we say we dream of something, hope surrounds us at every step.

    The spectacle of symbolism unfolds before us, when we proclaim expressions of freedom, it must refer to the freedom of all not only our individual, when we are in pursuit of liberation we must carry in our arms the whole of humanity, nothing must be left behind.
    When we speak with desire in voice, words take the form of thoughts or feelings, but we must know well the nature of our knowledge in what we emit for those around us, this complements everything, especially if each syllable has the energy to help the one next to us, our beloved brother is waiting ... give it a try, be spontaneous from the creation of your birth from where you acquired the whole essence.

    Knowledge begins from the place where you distinguish and serenely take the form somewhere between our food as an almost immaterial change, our growth gained in body and soul near the water within us in the rays of the moon that bless the crossing, in the richness of the intellect of the heart, to look open in lingering dynamism among the intense rays of the sun, where the mind pays for every breath in an indestructible habitable, impenetrable but exercisable place in the introspection marked as a name, soul.

    And knowledge continues as a wonderful impossible self-sufficient event, in the perspective of a fulfillment, in the attitude as a formless instrument, in the eternal cause that transcends beyond the non-existence of time, in the non-objective cognition of non-concepts, interpreting raindrops as a urge and it never ends.

    When we say we have nothing to lose, only to gain, beliefs still weigh too heavily in the balance of the unseen balance of truth, so it is important to fraternize with people not as a necessity but rather as an act of benevolence.
    It's always a good start, it depends on how we manage the goodwill along the way, especially considering that people shine the most in a self-enlightened wake-up call network.

    Nature is beautiful in people, discipline through awareness does not have to be like a goal setting, we live the goal in us from birth, we can not set something already set, we can only recognize it, maybe.

    Of course there are hard times and difficult people, in the border of fear it is difficult to only until they manage to learn, and then even harder to overcome their own condemnation in foreign needs and vices too deserted, for only one soul, it is a lot of energy expenditure, for a train so seemingly derailed where good ideas die unreservedly covered by the cloak of great nothingness. Beauty, however, lies in the manner in which they manage to lose, the end can always be a great beginning.

    Philosophy of individuality can become a chance that does not deceive, the archaeology of facts can show us that we are quite recent in our own change, but the appearance at the end of it, plays an important role to live and experience the acknowledgment in an almost divine moment confirmation of something called almost human in the connection called "like"

    The world is a formidable apparently game to live, happiness leads, character tends, paradox explains, regime perpetuates, consciousness is a common past to the future, discovery catalyzes, alienation into oblivion perfects, higher agreements often meet the extraordinary of life, the occurrence of a value becomes commonplace, training deals with dreaming, what you manage to offer, you manage to receive, if this implies satisfaction through the great absence already present.

    Between the condensation from a statement and a reference, there is a long way to go, especially because absolute reflection indicates creation and because any invocation does not simply release grace into a finitude.

    The right to the truth also collides with the coalition, almost in accordance with the right to freedom and life, citing the enlivening of the flame of consciousness in the genius of unconditional love, something we humans may still need to learn, maybe.
    When we talk to time, he learns to sit quietly and walk with us, ensuring his life and happiness at the expense of our existence, so we can define our good deeds, from where humanity begins with people.

    The fragile victory of all nature, thinking of what we do not know through definitions that grow within us, above all in the universe, is humanity (at least for most of us) efficiency makes the difference when we truly agree "to be".
    The factual utility of discernment, writes little, living builds bridges of love over the universe, experience laughs and cries, honesty lies in modesty, innocence is the miracle full of life, culture means the planet back, the cosmopolitan will miss his chance in the end, enthusiasm will return the capacity of myth power, talent is the deep real and positive smile over the hardest test. We will succeed. We are built just for that.

    Self-memory alienates the future in an illusion of the present, anchoring in the present knows defeat and the struggle with loss, change with each step means constant meditation through the nature of being.
    The essence of desertion seems imaginative also, the impossible requires a lot of philosophy, but the privilege of not giving up is validated by simplifying the constant fall in perpetual uplift.
    We must be humble in front of those around us, lost in respect, beyond any trial lies the indulgence, and beyond more, our own happiness enough for everyone.

    Above nature? Sometimes it is the product of our thoughts, man and his condition can show a single dreamy face, a single freedom in the "face and likeness of the heart" we see with a single pair of eyes, we take into account the facts created by us,
    we resemble the whole world as a whole, which cannot be judged.
    In the end, maybe it's not about how we look at what we do, but about how those around us feel about it, the pleasure remains if you remain undiscovered in any good deed.

    We have enough attempts to be human, genius is when the present in our own existence becomes the future, the key, the veracity of the habit of being human, frequency uses the impossible, unity is so distant that it lies in our own nature within us.

    Borrtex. Snowflake(4:30)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Stand in front of madness

    I often hear around me, "I'm on the verge of survival" or "I'm nervous." The immediate gesture I feel the need to make is to take him in my arms and protect the "survivor." I say to myself, "I'm a good man, and you have a golden soul."

    The world is moving, reality is running. On one side or the other. With or without purpose. Often, the pace is close, for some it is wonderful. The world we live in is often brutal, harsh and ruthless. It scares us and confuses us. Is there hope when the cycles of change are getting shorter and shorter? Some don't care.

    The pressure of reality sometimes becomes unbearable, or bearable in exchange for traded fear, freedom is negotiated for no reason, dangers are hard to anticipate, and our adaptability is put to the test in even the attempting in self.
    Individuals, professional categories, communities, organizations withstand with great difficulty the shocks and upheavals sometimes unpredictable, sometimes spectacular, they face. We live on the edge, we walk the wire, we survive… Is it?

    Do we really know what it means to "survive"? As far as I know, many of us (most of us, in fact) don't really realize how much we still need this. Maybe because we forgot a lot. Moreover, we leave, even outraged, our "survival" to others wrongly developed multi factors charge. There are not always options, perhaps, but we can certainly be vulnerable to other people who feel and understand sensitivity, when we sustainably build an emotion in the family and home of our true human soul.

    We really feel protected when others seem to complain about pity, is that really control? , we must learn the huge discrepancy between pity, and real active compassion. Efforts in both directions sometimes speak for themselves. We must carefully observe the usual in control, the lack of positive emotions, it is interpreted by rigidity in the immense fear of controlling everything that will be in fact impossible to do, it can be an unnecessary task in the end, but very difficult anyway.
    It is not at all comfortable for me to be assisted at the limit of the compassion of a law that brings me poverty just as conveniently, the mishandled responsibility misinterprets the virtue of my rights.
    I have been going against the bad wave for two decades in many ways, so that it has become the experience of the quality of an activity in itself even today, and certainly forever.

    Where is the instinct of the need for self-preservation? because in the face of an apparent extinction you are, either you are or you are not. It is not necessary to be aggressive in facing danger, it is not necessary to have a certain faith to form the name of hope, survival is not the responsibility of another or others. It is an "experience", an eminently individual fact.
    There is no fun or upset whether or not we can change reality. Climbing a stone-by-stone mountain, and paragliding from there, brings as much responsibility as how much self-control we can manage in crossing the ropes of the soul over the suspension bridge of existence.

    In the end times, we will have to learn how to look at the sky, we have to know the way we get lost there, it is very important.
    But salvation( not as a concept but as an experience ) lies in our passionate, trial with independent spiritual substance, independence in life identity, individuality and personality in the mirror of appearance, loaded with breath in favor of others and more.

    The icon of the "TV" ringing the bells will rise above the world opening the gate to "a reality" that takes place in a device that still has a button, but we will not be able to consecrate a "food", under the urge of the few commandments, taken from our very freedom, and we will not leave the position, not before putting the seal on the "TV" button.

    Hoping for the nature within us, I will draw the symbol of bread on earth and sing in the fiber of each leaf to feed us in the light of fresh water that will enrich the mineral of love in our structure, the deeds recognized by individual passwords in the center of every good heart, will undermine wrong reason and feed with love any enemy trap, beyond goodness, in peace, we will find how to proceed.

    Every story has its tears in its eyes, the methodological approach of social needs directed toward a space of a war, abolishes, but in the end also disavows, there is no appropriate or inappropriate tactic to make the natural approach happy, this is the madness and beauty of the facts, the tenacity kept in the heritage of the soul not only saves but also builds.

    The age of peace will awaken the urgency of the accumulation lake in our soul, the household of our existence will adopt the courage with humanity and kindness in reaching the world and beyond.

    In the fall of each stone we will take with us important roots and we will spark in the other hearts, we will be full of emotions, human, as tears spring from the eyes and emotions spring from the soul, so human that we will not need to overdose efforts in the standards of perfection, control of evolution, achievements, we will not need a name to become something we are already.

    Against love, inner peace of mind, kindness, goodness, gentleness, there is no specially prescribed law, deeds of goodness should fill the abundance of surroundings, we do not need a leadership role for that.
    We are truly born in a spiritual way, the mistake of the obstacle is completely existential, but that is the nature of the trial.
    The update does not necessarily bear the sign of evolution, free will does not lead to efficiency or minimization, apparently.
    The tenderness of truth speaks with the opening of our heart, endowment builds the mystery of the purpose of our mission, the inner child respects the law of nature and guides the interior by outsourcing the beauty that surrounds us.

    Connection with the foundation of emotional and mental health and comfort in support of others always, cohesion in a code of honor, the partnership of our choices in the capacity of self-discipline to bet convinced on the fulfillment of good ethics, the commitment to follow your heart with love, forgiveness, compassion, devotion, inspiration, trust, healing in the diaphragm of healing others.

    Survival? We do this from birth, however, we should have at least some experience. What is perhaps commendable is that those gripped by the good anxiety in times of holopersecution, will wear to overcome by fully entrusting themselves to the care of an entire world, not just a part.

    The fundamental power in the ability to skillfully and consciously evaluate the reception of inspiration, should lead us intuitively to a form of survival in the enlightened discipline of the self but in the attribute of the great act of intuitive emotional creativity in full devotion to sustaining good human spirit.

    We are born in stages of many fears and freedoms at the same time but we must always resonate with the source of purity and mysticism in living the moment, tastes are often refined and the need follows the pleasure of taste in survival, this is a stage of introspection, accepting the idea of concepts but we do not necessarily have to conceive of any idea as a validation.

    How strong are we in the face of the wave? this tells us the discipline of the old soul, impartial, balanced and peaceful in our appearance, where enthusiasm develops, trains, advances, resonates, the prosperity can be uncomfortable but effective of the spiritual presence.

    I speak in similar tones of the same message, in ages already past in number. My massage is not a goal at all, it is the power of example in the direct manifestation of a source and it seems incredible to say the same thing, but the beauty is that every time it is a new lesson.
    The message is simple so that its banality covers the whole aspect: "Love one another, and love the earth!"

    The fullness of this message is an old story known to all, and yet the most sought after resolution on earth. Beauty becomes irresistible when thoughts and deeds of love are born in a resemblance to nothing and a mirror of everything.
    Times speak, but the heart never forgets, there is another chance not to remain just amateurs in such a generous world in the scent of a necessary sunrise before sunset.
    The trial, does not have a goal, it is said. We could have common revelations and enjoy the natural transformation, preserving and betting on its own identity and integrity despite the difficulties and the bad chances around it, the novelty of an intuition in a solution can no longer create failure, in a last threshold, we still are.

    The courage to master survival as a consequence of coexistence must orient the concern for dignity in front of the good of all, above all, but under the complex lesson of true love of life.
    Good manners fall in love with us, even in this wonderful land of a gentle beginning of a summer, the unhindered charm will carry the power of our soul further!

    Ghostwriter Music - In The Presence Of Light | Epic Powerful Uplifting Orchestral(2:42)

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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