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Thread: Community Groups During an Emergency/Disaster

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    Default Community Groups During an Emergency/Disaster

    I have been thinking how in an emergency or large mid-long term disaster event it would be essential to be able to work with people in your immediate community as everyone would probably be needing help of some sort. This led me on to wonder about establishing a community group NOW in my own area, my reservations are around a high prospect for failure and further confirming the view I am a nut!

    If I do manage to off those reservations then the community would be formed with one goal and that would be using the available local resources to produce and maintain a self-sufficient existence for all it’s members, this output is of course dependent on community input, and most communities have an abundance of available resources.

    For example, on my street alone I know there is at least one doctor, multiple teachers, a lawyer, builders, engineers, an accountant, a nurse, a childcare professional, people in their 90s who need help at the best of times, families with young children, people who keep chickens and grow some food, a lot of gardeners, we even have a house of retired nuns ,

    …so the available combined skill sets and knowledge bases that are available make for a potentially formidable community tool for survival and growth during/after a major emergency or disaster, it would seem to make sense to organise now to be able to activate the group if and when needed.

    I can see the inaugural meeting with just me and the weirdo from number 10 and maybe the retired accountant from across the street!…

    Community Group Outline

    Short Term Goals

    1. Get people to join the Community Group, set up database of names, addresses, contact details, skill sets and resources they are able to share., number of people, any particular needs etc.
    2. Identify weaker individuals/groups that may need immediate help.
    3. Survive initial phase of whatever excrement is currently impacting the fan blades of doom.

    Longer Term Goals

    1. Become self sufficient with community based agriculture, centralised growing plots (bigger gardens), pooling resources like knowledge, labour, tools, land, seeds, storage facilities etc.
    2. Identify and mitigate any potential security threats. Enhanced neighbourhood watch.
    3. Develop community projects as needed ie, water, sanitation, education, healthcare etc.
    4. Outreach to other communities for trade/knowledge/resources sharing.

    Some Mechanics

    1. All those that can work should work, including older children. Many hands make light work. Older people and people unable to work will be supported by the community if they want to be part of the community, there are always valuable jobs that can be done by people with disadvantages of whatever kind.

    2. Look at possible system where everyone works one day a week for the community as compulsory. The various projects will however need organisation/planning by a more permanent group.

    3. Resources that are produced by the community get shared equally among the community. Surplus may be preserved and stored for future community shortages.

    4. Each household or family unit has one vote in affairs of the community group (big stuff, not day to day).

    5. Each person’s private possessions (including land/buildings) remain their private possessions regardless of being temporarily loaned to the community group or not.

    5. Basic codes of honour and mutual respect in place, possible community elected tribunal to judge on any disputes, but if basic codes are followed no disputes should arise.

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    Default Re: Community Groups During an Emergency/Disaster

    It is a wonderful idea if you have neighbors and people around you but some of us live outside the city, and would have to travel a ways to find someone to help. But I love the idea of centralised growing plots and sharing the work.

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