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Thread: End of age

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    Default End of age

    Hi i also was told that its the end of the age. Believe you Are divine love. I was told i was a taget by the secret cell. The militsry have their own frequenxy. The mind is you. But within your heart and soul they know the answers.
    Love is only real. The government secret cells Are like similar to to orrow ppl USA version. They dont want you evolving and seeing their dark plan u fold.
    They Will do anything to keep you in fear. They study you like a book. Thats why you got handlers. Be aware of spirit guides and trust in Jesus christ. The governments went against him too remember.
    The loving Angels tell me we have to change and go against government and stay close. Dont do social distancing be alert and ask ppl first If they want a hug or to stand close but dont follow the government If they Are hell Bent on divide and conquer. If love binds together the government Are satanic and dividing.
    Forgive each other and your self. Watch your spoken words. Try not to swear ive messed up in All this so dont believe a Thing.
    Learn to love. The thermadtst is to get you used to the chip. They Are tiny. Be aware to cut ties with anything less than love daily.
    God is love. Love is abundant so get used to love loving you.

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    Default Re: End of age

    Incremental steps toward 100% subjugation. This need not happen
    Divine realm has more power than we can possibly imagine, in our current state that is. This grace is given at no cost. A belief in the divine and ones own worthiness are the ingredients.
    "Without the human request, nothing will happen."

    "This must never be forgotten, that the human has the power to prevail."

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