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Thread: The coming age of Cyborg, humanity 2.0?

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    Default The coming age of Cyborg, humanity 2.0?

    15 or 16 years ago when I was accidentally introduced to Project Camelot, some interviewers claims were out of this world, few hundreds years ahead of present time. Technology perspective of secret projects had drawn into the rabbit hole. Frankly speaking I owed to Bill and Kerry for me to see human potential through technology and science.

    I definitely believe in Cyborgs, super soldiers have been living, improved under the secret programs.

    In academic and private sector, just two decades of research and development indistinguishable cyborg citizens. Hugh Herr is a legendary figure in Bionics. As you watched his past presentations, he got himself two legs and walk again, made a amputated dancer dancing again, helped his friend, rock climber climbing the rock clip like a human spider.

    But this movement of transhumanism in science and technology is missing one big point. Human immortality - any sentient being - does exists beyond material body.

    How we'll become cyborgs and extend human potential | Hugh Herr
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    Default Re: The coming age of Cyborg, humanity 2.0?

    The path of humanity's evolution is through organic development and the cultivation of consciousness, spirituality and being aware, which gradually leads to psychic powers, strong intuition, telepathy, telekinesis, effortless communication with other dimensions, astral projection etc..

    These abilities are widely known and experienced in our world by millions of people. But there are still considered rare. Eventually, instead of being the exception, they will become the norm.

    The path of AI and transhumanism which the powers that be are desperately trying to push through Hollywood and false (shills) role models (Elon Musk etc.) by projecting it as something cool, is actually a devolution.

    It's the silence of the soul in favour of easily manipulated robotic enhancements because of the lack of spiritual awareness. Although they could have strong mental, analytical and physical skills, they would be totally atrophied and disconnected to deeper feelings, intuition, empathy, deep contact with nature and higher realms.

    To put it ironically, in Hollywood terms. The organic path is becoming a Jedi. The AI path is becoming Robocop.

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    Default Re: The coming age of Cyborg, humanity 2.0?

    Quote To put it ironically, in Hollywood terms. The organic path is becoming a Jedi. The AI path is becoming Robocop.
    Very good analogy. Even worse than that, our organic path is becoming a Jedi, AI path is becoming Clones. Same appearance, same thoughts, same choices, same behaviour. Putting a mask to everybody on the streets is a fine first step for this.

    I always thought Sense8 shows an example of organic Homo Novus, while Black Mirror shows AI-merged Homo Novus. Unfortunately we have billions of AI path walkers as of 2020.

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    Default Re: The coming age of Cyborg, humanity 2.0?

    The goal is to replace everything natural with artificial, from GMOs to the atmosphere, and eventually turn Earth into a toxic asteroid mined by artificial life forms "evolved" from humanity to serve huge alien mother ships.

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