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Thread: Sovereign action, the Shadow Biological Agenda … and the Oracle (pt. 1)

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    Default Sovereign action, the Shadow Biological Agenda … and the Oracle (pt. 1)

    The deep understanding of what is happening right now and the action we can take presented in this podcast provides a simple, yet powerful and practical way we can help bring a positive outcome for all humanity on this planet.

    Since near the end of May 2020, I have been utilizing my own purification space and self-healing ability as I have posted in this thread: https://projectavalon.net/forum4/show...=1#post1357986

    To this day there is no doubt in my mind that whatever Oracle Girl is doing is working brilliantly for me and a few other close friends of mine.

    So I do hope you can take the time to listen to this fascinating podcast!

    The Blade and Chalice Podcast — Get Aligned during Turbulent Times!

    Episode 012 — (Guest Oracle Girl) Sovereign action, the Shadow Biological Agenda … and the Oracle (pt. 1)

    September 14, 2020 | Jacqueline Hobbs | Season 1 | Episode 12

    Podcast audio (60m)

    Show Notes

    There is good reason for releasing this interview: it is precisely what the world needs to hear at this time. This is part one of the interview and part two will follow suit very soon!

    Jacqueline truly lays out what is happening in our world and masterfully understands the actions that need to be taken for humanity to embrace a very positive future outcome.

    The information in this episode is shocking, provocative and unlike you've ever heard elsewhere as the depth of our current situation is explored in simple and articulate language coupled with a powerful purifying vibration.

    Some of the topics discussed include:
    • How protests around the world demonstrate the physical momentum of a positive future timeline
    • How to take action in a sovereign, embodied manner to elicit positive change.
    • What the true nature of the shadow force actually is and how Earth is not its first victim
    • How humanity has given its power away to shadow forces - how we have neglected to take on the frequencies within our own being that can delete our shadow side.
    • What a purification is -- and how it transcends spirituality, politics, economics and religion.
    • Jacqueline's incredible life mission and how she has seen the success of the purification space... elsewhere!
    • What is the slave self? And how politics, religion and spirituality are all just a part of it.
    • The great lie that has kept the slave self in place and how purification ejects that false reality
    • Why we are seeing a muted response from spiritual communities during a time when real high frequency living is needed most
    • An invitation to experience the purification space more intensively (during the podcast!)
    • The purification space is entirely by donation: the meaning of “freely given"
    • What is the true potential of the human being?
    Buckle your seat belts for part one of the most intense transmissions that has been given for this year coupled with an incredible message of positivity on the other side of this!

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