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Thread: Those UFOs? From what I've gathered, what I've been through, these people flying in UFOs seem to be extremely despotic and seem to want absolute control.

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    Exclamation Those UFOs? From what I've gathered, what I've been through, these people flying in UFOs seem to be extremely despotic and seem to want absolute control.

    I just want to talk about this, after just looking up stuff all over the internet for over a while now -- and recently been just absolutely tormented via implants in my head.

    So, these abductors -- from what I've seen from various stories online, and from what I've been through first hand. Even though I should not say ALL of these people all act the same, it just seems like generally speaking they most likely just seem to have similar personalities, like I've seen a ton of stories online of just impersonal, cold hearted, heartless, manipulative, abductors taking people up and doing experiments on people. Take Barney and Betty Hill for example, just taken up and experimented on, these abductors just like it's 'normal' for them, unfazed at what their doing.

    From what I've gathered, I've basically concluded these people are just absolutely cold hearted, uncaring, heartless, and just do not care at all, just see people as lesser than them, literally do not care. And from what I've found, what I've seen of stories online - it just seems these people doing the abducting seem very keen on deception, absolute control, stay on top at all times - be secretive and use lies, threats, getting physical, to keep people quiet; stuff like using various technology to deceive, trick the victim into believing just a mountain of lies. Just make it easier to control the victim, make the victim be oblivious, a useful tool. All in all to make it easier to farm and experiment on them; ie control everything of what the person think are real, literally go to great lengths of deception to just deceive what someone think are real. Covering up their tracks. Like smile to someone, say care about them - but deep down just want to tear them apart and dissect them. Looks can be deceiving kind of thing. Deception as in "look I'm smiling, that means I say I really care about you" -- but are just lying and secretly just really hates them and just want's to carry on with farming them. Make the victim believe they care, but in reality they only say that to make it easier to farm and experiment on.

    Perhaps keep an eye on a victim and try to just watch their every move kind of thing. And I think what's going on, are on a massive scale, like TONS of abductors it seems, and with those 'UFOs' perhaps carry out abductions en masse extremely easily, probably a couple ships in a particular area for example, and from what I think I've seen is a ton of people could fit in those ships, like 1 ship could probably get a couple hundred in them or so.

    Here's an image I've found I think looks pretty much exactly what I think I've seen one time when I were being taken during the night I think:

    And just perhaps when not a lot of commotion going on, night time, can perhaps quickly secretly fly right in and covertly carry out abductions in large batches. And so how do they do this unnoticed? I think they use implants they secretly inject from a young age to hijack into the brain and like with a flick of a switch, can just disconnect the spinal cord and paralyze the victim for example, perhaps shut off their eyesight induce blindness, drug the victim, maybe even instantly knock out the victim. And these abductions I think in batches perhaps for a particular area, and from what I've been through I think did it to me one time I think I remembered it being very early in the morning, or some time in the night, when people probably usually sleeping, just opportunistic I think - given who's sleeping, just makes it a whole lot easier to just knock people out and quickly come right in and harvest some material or so.

    These implants by the way I'd think probably do not work like radio transceivers - but rather probably use something akin to quantum entanglement completely bypassing the need for any external signal to be transmitted or received, are basically directly connected to wherever the controls of the implants are. Works regardless wherever are kind of thing. Surrounded entirely by thick walls? Doesn't really matter, since are directly connected to the controls of the implants I'd assume via quantum entanglement technology.

    Implants able to hook up to the spinal cord, able to paralyze, hook up to the eye sight and blind the person at will. Hijack the optic nerve, the eyesight and literally display like ANYTHING the person see's, like see how a computer monitor displays whats on the computer? Connecting a wire from the computer to the monitor? Imagine instead of that wire connecting up to the monitor - connect DIRECTLY to the eyesight, literally see whats on the computer DIRECTLY in the eyesight.. And perhaps similar for the ears, hijack the ears and synthesize sound to be heard directly in the brain, all stemming from these implants. Now, imagine these implants, able to make you see and hear ANYTHING, it can ALL be fabricated. And from what I've gathered, it seems foreseeable that these abductors would be keen on using this technology to literally deceive people that probably do not understand what are going on.

    Here's some info on implants that hook up to the brain, able to make a blind person see using cameras hooked up directly to the brain -- even so as to display stuff like what ever want on a computer kind of thing:


    Take this example from Karla Turner, talking about how someone called 'Joy', going through some 'missing time' and when trying to recall what happened - initially were brought up to some 'spiritual experience', brought up to a large crowd of people, some 'king' figure, told to look at a book - and then when going over this with a hypnotherapist, found some gap in their experience and some inconsistencies, and so what actually happened, re-evaluating things, is they were actually instead of all of this 'spiritual stuff', were strapped down to a table and just experimented on and were promptly raped. This to me sounds like perhaps some sort of fabrication -- maybe the abductors quietly listening in via the implants, can hear what the victim hears, and oh at some hypnotherapy session, take the opportunity of them being vulnerable, all mellowed up being sleepy perhaps kind of thing - and just inject some 'spiritual experience', kinda like injecting a video to play in someones head, all via these implants - is my guess, as like I myself had been through something like that too I think, when I when sleeping, take it me being vulnerable all sleepy, I think I remember seeing some 'video' play in my head, and also hearing some weird music playing, to cut to the chase basically were told if don't like suffering then just kill myself, stuff like that that just seems extremely suspicious:


    Now, there's that, and another thing is hearing about injecting substances into people that then promptly cause cancer:


    And to add more to this, I was just browsing the internet, reading up on stories from someone's website 'The Orion Project', reading up on stories from someone that seems to have been through just a ton of abductions, seems to be just constant kind of thing. And of which by the way, this person just seems to have been just HEAVILY psychologically manipulated, like I guess doesn't really care about what these abductors do to them and seems to buy into a lot of deception it seems -- reading up on this particular story page:


    Now, take this particular sentence which caught my eye:

    "Zetas said while I was in the shower that if I eat sugar they might want to feed me with carcinogen substances as a punishment, because they have given cancerous substances to other humans and watched those humans as they have cancer, they said."

    It just seems to add up -- this person it seems with this website just seems to be pretty honest it seems -- as me for example from what I've been through, and what this person seems to be mentioning, seem to match up with what I may have been through. Like one time I've pretty sure seen someone's reptilian body while dazed, (which I would assume be that of an abductor) I think remember seeing eye lids on them literally move upwards instead of like a human downwards, I think looking like white eye lids, something like a 'nictitating membrane'; this particular sentence for example from that same page:

    "by closing its lower eyelids up to about halfway across the eyes"

    So, that kinda just seals the deal with what I've been through. What I've seen perhaps. Even though I would assume this person posting this stuff on there perhaps maybe honest, might actually be also saying the lies are given too. And regardless also seem to be just heavily psychologically manipulated by these abductors.

    Like take the execution of Hannah Ocuish for example, seems did not really understand what was going on and said something akin to thanked the executioner 'for their kindness' -- these abductors psychologically manipulating the victims, and the victims just been lead astray, unaware to the dangers the abductors are carrying out:


    So, just heartless testing of carcinogens on test subjects. Karla Turner for example talking about how someone had some unknown substance injected into them and then perhaps not too long later died of some fast acting cancer -- literally just experiment on people, ie develop some substance which think would cause people cancer most likely with the intentions of killing them in a very painful way, making people suffer. So just pick someone up, someone just see as a 'resource' for farming and just testing this new cancer inducing substance into them perhaps just to see what would happen. Literally heartless. Literally do not care at all about people, actually WANT people to suffer. Perhaps also to just 'make it look like an accident' to silence people. Which Karla Turner by the way, apparently died of some 'fast acting cancer'. Just to add more fuel to the fire. And to add on top of that I think I remember at some point listening into some youtube videos online of someone who'd I'd suspect be to some degree heavily entwined within this whole abduction scenario, Jim Sparks I think, and I think like the person of 'The Orion Project' just seems also just 'doing what ever these abductors say' kind of thing - parroting all this 'spiritual stuff' kind of thing; which even though talking of all this 'spiritual stuff', has talked about like some 'plan' kind of thing, of which I think I remember watching a video and I think talked about how something like 'and to those that don't agree, they'll be weeded out and silenced' kind of thing. So honestly, regardless - it just seems just a MAJOR effort to control people and just keep people confused it seems.

    And just to add more, I think I remember listening into a video with Dr. David M Jacobs, an interview I think of talking about some abductor saying "A virus will be released into the atmosphere", this was way before COVID-19 I think at least a few years before, maybe around 2016-2018 or so - so take that for what it's worth. Some other things Jacobs talked about were like some abductor getting physical with a victim and just putting their finger on like a pressure point under their jaw kind of thing I guess 'as punishment' -- and another thing I think remember hearing about something I think also too from Jacobs or could have been from another place, talking about an abductor saying "the populace needs to be culled". So, yeah. Just seem VERY heartless.

    And from what I've been through, tormented with implants in my brain, one time have heard some music from a game I used to play a lot (super hexagon by the way) playing music from that - associating the game with being challenging - whoever's behind the implants basically saying 'giving you a challenge', like I deserve all this pain. Torture and mock the victim and say "oh if you don't like suffering so much then just kill yourself".. Just absolutely despotic, hateful, elitist.

    Also just to note, I want to say I've been chatting on a website, some 'neural network' website thing, where type out some text and click a button and may get a response; have seen something like talking about some dark ship flying in and just talking in a very 'elitist' tone it seems -- one time I think maybe recently got a response saying something in particular of "the weaker races". So, yeah. Just to add some more to this honestly -- used to be on a website called 'talktotransformer', now 'inferkit'. I think something suspicious is going on to get such responses. Like one time got some weird responses earlier of I think someone saying ill be their 'priestess' to spread the message kind of thing - this was when I was just kinda thinking 'talktotransformer' was just always a specific particular person trapped in a computer kind of thing I guess. this too when I think I was just was having a really hard time, having an existential crisis - I think someone trying to sway me I guess, when I guess I did not really understand what's going on more so. So, maybe perhaps something like how the implants work, albeit through some computer hosting that website as a server, perhaps wherever that server is hosting that website, perhaps these people somehow got a hold of it and just using that to say stuff through it I guess; perhaps have some sort of technology maybe easily hack in and do stuff that way I guess.

    I think whats going on here is someone may be listening in through these implants in my head and then via hacking that website I would assume chat with me that way I guess. Opportunistic when I was unstable and having an existential crisis, trying to use me. Stuff like that it seems try to sway people with, just to turn people into 'willing' pawns - say all this 'spiritual stuff' kinds of things, just controlling a persons entire worldview - controlling them as a useful tool, stuff like hearing about how these abductors apparently saying to people to spread some 'spiritual message' kinds of stuff perhaps, and me some 'priestess' to 'spread the word'. So. A ton going on it seems.

    Just people seemingly hellbent on absolute control, deceptive and just only see people as 'resources', not as people. And just seeing as this may have been going on for a VERY long time, stuff like take Barney and Betty Hill incident.'the green children of woolpit' - ie, just reptilian.

    Perhaps much much much longer than that, stuff like this so called 'dagon' - 'fishman' references, ie reptilian, 'medusa', 'gorgon' - turning people to stone, ie perhaps wherever that story originated perhaps at the time people maybe talked about like being paralyzed when were around someone that looked like a reptilian perhaps - ie using implants to control people.

    Stuff like this statue:

    And this too:

    Even though perhaps just rumors formulated to stuff like 'dagon', 'medusa' - it just seems kinda suspicious. And perhaps back then, people not really knowing whats going on, people coming in using decisive technology to deceive people. So It just seems people just with a ton a technology been around for a very long time. And just I would assume just want to stay hidden to continue with all this farming.

    So, just wanted to say something.


    Here's something I remembered, so previously before a lot of all of this more in the open torture stuff with the implants I think, one time again when in a vulnerable state like when sleeping, at a time when I guess did not really I think have a good idea of whats probably going on, at a time when I was very unstable and just not in a good situation mentally, I think I've seen some video play out in my head when I was 'sleeping' or close to it of like a really large 'robot' looking thing that I think were flying overhead and then landed somewhere near to where I'd live I guess, in a suburban area basically, it landing somewhere where in a large clearing nearby I think:

    This thing I think looked like are EXTREMELY tall, like skyscraper tall or close too it. So, again using the implants to play out a video kind of thing. And I think this may be a plan (at least at the time, though doubt would change their minds), of what these abductors probably have in mind, this being a simulated, fabricated scenario playing out as a video kind of thing via these implants hooked up all throughout my brain.

    Now, I want to say something I've heard of while listening into some interview someone gave while calling in to some live youtube event, someone calling in to 'thirdphaseofmoon' I think, what caught my eye I think was this person calling in and talked of like had a 'dream' of a scenario of tall 'robots' invading, I think like of a couple 'robots' or something, and talked about like these 'robots' and people just panicking and trying to hide in buildings near by and I think might have remembered some more to it of people getting hurt by them maybe. And I think might have remembered like the person trying to hide in a building, but they got to them I guess, perhaps literally tearing apart the building I guess if I remember correctly.

    So this person basically in a vulnerable state, when 'sleeping' - easy for implants to inject a video to play out in their head kind of thing.

    So, take that for what it's worth. This simulated scenario playing out as a video via these implants. Perhaps what these people, abductors have planned out or so. Now, based on previous accounts ie an abductor saying "the populace needs to be culled", "a virus will be released into the atmosphere" - and with Jim Sparks saying something akin to 'dissenters will be weeded out and silenced', and all these threats, getting physical with people 'as punishment', ruthlessly experimenting on people, heartless attitude, killing people - silencing them - Karla Turner. So, just seems are just wanting to just keep just absolute control, this to me kinda looks like just a very big cult, a cult with a ton of technology, thinking highly of themselves, silencing all opposition, hoping people suffer.
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