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Thread: Victim of psychological abuse by abductors with technology (flying in with warp drives - 'UFOs' and such), recently saying they're going to kill theirself.

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    Exclamation Victim of psychological abuse by abductors with technology (flying in with warp drives - 'UFOs' and such), recently saying they're going to kill theirself.

    This person I've been keeping up with online, reading on their website and even had some chat on skype a while ago, recently however I noticed a new update on their website talking of killing their self.

    On this page by the way: http://www.orionmindproject.com/2020September27.html

    This person seems to be heavily targeted by these abductors - the very people I would assume are same ones who carry out all these so called 'alien abductions'. These very people whom I've just concluded are just very heartless and just deep into psychological manipulation and torture, psychopathic kind of stuff. Which I myself been tormented CONSTANTLY via implants these kinds of people injected into my brain, literally been basically told 'if I don't like suffering so much then just kill myself' (while also playing some weird music in my head too) - and also to mention just been mocked a ton too, psychological torment.

    Like these people are the same people that say 'love and light' to those they drag into a mountain of deception, making people 'willing' to get farmed (their reproductive stuff taken by them, maybe even experimented on). They concoct deceptions, agreeing with what ever untrue things the person may believe in, reinforce with fake 'evidence', like maybe someone believe wholeheartedly in santa claus - they come in, flying in with a warp drive ship and via these implants they injected earlier, make some 'santa claus' appear in their vision, actually looks like are 'real', and then say "ho ho ho, I am here to collect some reproductive stuff from you, these grey people? they're just here to help you, they're with me" -- preying on vulnerable people reinforcing fake things, being decisive with all this deceptive technology - implants I would assume play a great role in this kind of deception, can literally make you see stuff that isn't actually there, like some abductor standing somewhere in a room and then they via these implants make you see a black bar image in place of where they actually are standing, so you can't see them, covering them up, or some 'santa claus', what ever, anything - stuff like that.

    These implants by the way I would assume these abductors inject implants into people when they're young since maybe do not understand whats going on in the world around them and thus when they get older can simply shut off control from their brain and spinal cord - paralyze at will, eyesight - blind at will, ears - deaf at will, etc. I would assume just very deeply entrenched throughout the brain via growing into it biologically too. These implants hijacking the senses in the brain and able to override and be able to see and hear pretty much what ever they want.

    So, this person, and perhaps many others get dragged down into all this 'love and light' stuff and these abductors reinforcing those beliefs with their decisive, deceptive technology. Do all this deception to make it easier for them to farm and collect reproductive material I would assume being a common thing - and perhaps experiment on too. And these abductors just seem very deep into this idea of 'crush all opposition', silence all opposition with deception and intense psychological manipulation, basically a gang of people uncaring and just steam roll right over the victims do not care for people's well being.

    They say 'love and light' on purpose, and when drugging the victim when saying that, make the victim feel 'very good feelings', so as they can farm and collect and experiment on. Just parasites.

    I myself one time I think when these abductors came into my house one time drugged me up and kept me in a daze - could not see nor think clearly, I felt some weird surge of 'good feelings', ie just drugs. To of which I would assume been promptly raped by someone from what I think I remember what happened then.

    And stuff like myself one time just to say woke up one time and like were blinded for a short moment of seeing imagery of a fly up close I think on a hand and I think control taken from me and my arms moving without my control to drop an imaginary pencil for some reason. And another time my whole body stiffened up, control taken and think felt my mouth say something one time, I think 'not all hope is lost'. Another time I think one of these abductors that seems to keep constant tabs on me, standing in front of me, seeing their orange eyes with large slits, felt my body being controlled against my will and mouth moving and slurringly saying 'its you'. So, just a ton of control.

    And they most likely make it so cannot think clearly, drugged up, wanting you unquestioning what ever they do, and try very hard to reinforce that - ie wanting you to call them 'master' kind of thing, which I myself I think remember been told me one time. Playing along with the deception 'yeah Im santa claus, Im here to collect reproductive stuff from you', stuff like that.

    So, telling people to kill themselves - just do not care about people's well being! I would assume want absolute secrecy as to what they're REALLY doing. Perhaps to those heavily target, just want people deceived and confused on purpose. Dividing and conquering.

    Drag people into a mountain of deception, getting people to kill themselves because of some ridiculous lie they concoct, psychological manipulation, torture.

    After reading that on the website just felt absolutely heartbreaking, seeing someone just giving up on life. Which from what I've seen on that website, I think are a victim; reinforcing what I've been through as well, they talking of like reptilian eye lids moving upwards, raising the lower eyelid - I myself I think have seen that before I think being face to face with one of these abductors doing that. So I think they really have been through something.

    People's lives tormented and lost. These people are just plain evil. Honestly to me kinda looks like a heartless gang of invaders invading and of course 'dividing and conquering' on purpose to have absolute control.

    Looking at stuff like 'heavens gate', and perhaps many other people, there may very well be something to do with all this -- perhaps people like this have been just dragged into a ton of nonsense, deceived by like psychopaths that just like playing with people. Of which from what I've been through and seen - I think these abductors intentionally saying that on purpose, lead people to walk off a cliff, in their eyes 'testing people'. Like I've heard one time one of these kinds of people talking through the implants saying 'CO2 is good for the atmosphere' and then I possibly replied with to 'no', then heard 'GOOOOD!', so I think trying to psychologically manipulate me, drag me into their cult, gang - I already KNEW like too much co2 not good, so intentionally saying that on purpose is just arrogance and deception, tormenting.

    These abductors saying things like "all you need to do is believe there's a bridge to cross that cliff" - "just cover your eyes and keep walking", just preying on the vulnerable, person perhaps very susceptible to this deception , wholeheartedly believing that perhaps, and so, walking off the cliff. This kind of stuff with like all this 'if you don't like suffering, then just kill yourself'-- which I think if I remember correctly were saying that in regards 'just imagine wherever want to live and live there', that's the lie saying can end up wherever want - no, its like drawing a 3d cube on a piece of paper and then claiming that's a real object, no it's not, anything imagine are just a drawing in the head, this is psychological torture. Just uncaring about people's well beings, these kinds of people want people to suffer.

    Also just to note, here's some other information on this sorts of stuff have talked about recently, on another post should look at if haven't already, has a lot of stuff on there with videos too, and I think going into some detail of what these abductors are planning:

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