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Thread: Here's one for the COVID Catastrophists . . . .

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    Default Here's one for the COVID Catastrophists . . . .

    . . .yea, I chose that title, because I'm biased against that direction of travel in our "morphic field" as some here might call it.

    Here she talks to 'Truth Be Told' podcast:

    Truth Be Told - What's Latest In The News with Linda Moulton Howe

    This isn't the first time, or even the 2nd or 3rd time alarms have gone off in my mind about Linda. She really is a Religion of Science junkie.

    But anyway, freak yourself right out on this one.
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    Default Re: Here's one for the COVID Catastrophists . . . .

    Her coverage of CIVID is disheartening to say the least. As a truth seeker who has transcended the parading of EBE/ET/ED activity here on earth she seems almost blocked in some way when it comes to "science". That inherent bias does produce quite a lot of good in her research especially when consulting experts in material sciences for the examination of purported debris from ET crafts, her analysis of cattle mutilations and exploration of the crop circles...but it certainly hinders her on issues regarding climate change, medicine, vaccines and the like.

    As with any of the pundits she has her blind spots but I still enjoy her pioneering research and work. Her youtube channel puts me to sleep now so I may have to resort to transcripts unless she is interviewing someone but I still really appreciate her work. She is among the greats.

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    Default Re: Here's one for the COVID Catastrophists . . . .

    Instincts told me there were a few bum notes in the tune she was playing.

    In a general sense I offer a humble forecast of sorts with the scientific reporting and trends. There are finer scientific minds on Avalon than mine, but I'll give it a go because concerns have moved me enough to do so.

    Covid 19 did not evolve naturally in nature.

    It's either a bioweapon or a nothing burger cloaked in enough propaganda to make it fly.

    Because of several new symptoms traditionally unrelated to seasonal colds and flu being widely reported, I'd tend to err on the side of there being a bioweapon about.

    As a third year biotechnology undergraduate in the early 90s our genetics lecturer already had us designing bacterial and viral bioweapons. In a relative sense it's child's play and nothing new under the sun. So being alarmed about it and denying it because 'our own people would never do that to us!' doesn't work. Whilst everyday folks are having their faces rubbed in it for the first time and can't get their heads around it, those in the know have known otherwise for generations.

    What concerns me is the parasites can't tail off and back down now. They're in far too deep. Their camouflage and propaganda is falling to pieces. They have to double down and let an even meaner genie out of the bottle. This was likely in the planning all along.

    So we're not going to get another wave of virtually empty hospital beds. We're probably going to get a second wave with the hospital beds genuinely busy, full or overflowing depending on how they want to play it.

    All these huge 'camps' popping up around the globe. As well as the long established ones in the likes of the USA and China, recently I've read of ones in Canada, New Zealand and other countries. With the likes of Jacinda Ardern saying non-compliers will be detained there for two extra weeks for refusing a vaccination.

    Bluntly, these camps can be used to discretely bump off the really troublesome resistors if necessary. Something on the end of an innocent enough looking swab would be one way of doing it.

    What Ardern was saying was these 'camps' have large hospital, medical and scientific facilities. But they also have the facility to detain large numbers of people by force if required.

    Wakey, wakey el mundo.

    That's when I started to be really concerned and looked for other pieces of the puzzle.

    The parasites used controlled demolition and terrorism to bring the twin towers down and usher in a new round of wars in the middle east. Terrorism was also their preferred tool of choice away from the main battlefields. They used it to hammer most of the world in to, give or take, the shape they desired.

    Now it appears the controlled demolition of global society is afoot and the terrorists have been replaced with viruses. And viruses are going to be used as the main tool to hammer us in to shape some more. This time the gloves are really off and the stakes are so much higher. Could they actually be any higher? It appears to be heading in the direction of all or nothing for all concerned, the entire population of the world.

    If the predictive programming in the 2012 opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games is anything to go by, these people are evil incarnate. Then again we've known that forever as their track record is very consistent. Nothing new under the sun.

    The Mujahideen morphed in to the Taliban. The Taliban in turn mutated in to Al-Qaedal. When that scam was wearing out, low and behold a mutation to Daesh kept the legs of it running. And in turn this relay batton of mutation was passed on again to Isis ad nauseam.

    Well that garbage has been recycled in to viruses and new mutations. We didn't root out the great evil back then and true to form it has returned bigger and badder than ever before. It has now grown in confidence and resources to the point where it wants all of us to take the knee and sell out. Who can honestly be surprised by this? Feeding the monster only ever delays the inevitable. It's grown and grown and grown. Meal, after meal, after meal. And now it is totally out of control and rabidly desires to take on all of us at once.

    Recent headlines indicate the big virus mutation second wave push is starting now. Divide and conquer. Chaos and confusion. Hit us from so many crappy angles at the same time we don't even know the difference between New York and New Year any more. Wear us down. Besiege us until we break.

    A new bat-human mutation has been mentioned. There's the mink thing in Denmark, millions of them being slaughtered as we speak. Bird flu is back on the fear porn playlist with a bajilion chickens also being culled due to a new mutation showing up in the likes of Russia and Europe. A Covid 19 mutation has been been on the predictive programming list for this winter for many months now and is coming to the boil again. I've also seen a new ebola mutation being mentioned in another major mainstream newspaper.

    This is it, folks. The opening chapter of the main event is starting now. They've had their little warm up and stress test and phase two is being rolled out.

    Think of the camps again. They can experiment to their hearts content there. Heal who they want to heal. Kill who they want to kill. Detain who they want to detain. Re-educate those they wish to re-educate. Potentially treat large numbers of their own wounded in a heavily guarded/fortified/remote area. Perhaps the likes of wounded police and military who have clashed with large numbers of protestors.

    I don't trust those camps any further than I could throw an Alp. They are bad news.

    I'll finish on a moment of high octane speculation from 30 000 feet.

    I think the parasites want us effectively sterile and completely stupid in about 3 generation's time. Two generations being too quick and four being too long perhaps.

    It's easy to sterilise and stupefy all of humanity.... if you mandatorily inject them full of sneaky vaccines for long enough.

    Just sayin'.
    'Adventures with quackademics in Dumbf*ckistan.' - John Anthony West

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