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Thread: Hungary Codifies male/female Gender Roles

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    Default Hungary Codifies male/female Gender Roles

    In the draft amendment submitted to parliament by Justice Minister Judit Varga, the national constitution would declare that “the mother is a woman, the father is a man,”

    In direct opposition to gender theory, the amended text states that “Hungary protects children’s right to an identity conforming to their birth gender and ensures education in accordance with the values ​​based on Hungary’s constitutional identity and Christian culture.”


    This is how normal, Christian, neuron-sufficient politicians could handle PC and sis-gender propaganda - while protecting their borders and their demographics from dilution by non-conforming foreign nationals. All the while protecting the family unit and encouraging couples to have more children by introducing economic incentives to do so.

    This is how one ensures the survival of nationhood. As it stands in the west today, our countries are under siege by globalists who wish to abolish borders, private property, and gender from our collective societies.
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