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Thread: Aye aye - the devil's in the detail - UK Coronavirus Act March 2020

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    Default Aye aye - the devil's in the detail - UK Coronavirus Act March 2020

    One of the fastest act's to get royal ascent was the Corona Virus act

    More HERE - https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga...ntents/enacted

    Amazing how this was researched, drafted, edited, debated?? and reached royal ascent so very very quickly

    Let's not forget that a PR firm that masterminded two widely criticised Tory election campaign stunts also got handed a £3m contract by the government without a competitive tender to "manage" covid and public perception.

    Aye and I could be wrong, but they've been researching and looking for a cure for cancer for over 100 years, but in less than 9 months, they not only can do the discovery of, research, testing and rush through approvals but production and despatch of 5m bottles of covid vaccine has also already started rolling out.

    Let's not also forget Serco has so far been awarded £108m for the Test and Trace programme, despite claims from those employed as contact tracers they were so under-used they were being "paid to watch Netflix".

    The firm was forced to apologise after breaching data protection rules by revealing almost 300 email addresses of people who had been recently recruited to work on test and trace.

    As for Health minister Edward Argar? Well he is a former Serco lobbyist and boss Rupert Soames is brother of former Tory MP Sir Nicholas Soames. And Rupert’s wife Camilla? She just so donated £4,995 to the Conservative party back in November 2019.

    Aye, the jobs for the boys gets very interesting when Firm Randox received £133m for Covid testing and also pays former Cabinet minister Owen Patterson as an adviser. Yet, thousands of its test kits had to be recalled.

    A £840,000 contract to survey public opinion about government and its Covid response went to Public First, a company owned by James Frayne, who has previously worked with Dominic Cummings and Rachel Wolf, former adviser to Michael Gove and who co-wrote the Conservative Party’s 2019 manifesto and it too did not go out to tender.

    Pandemic? PLANdemic more like.

    And just as I go to press [Submit New Thread], I see this headline on the Daily Mail website...

    "Spanish businessman was paid £21MILLION in taxpayers' cash to act as middleman for Florida-based jewellery designer selling PPE to the NHS, court documents show"

    * Gabriel Gonzalez Andersson did 'very well' out of deal with Michael Saiger
    * Jewellery designer Mr Saiger won £200m of NHS contracts for new PPE
    * He approached Mr Gonzalez Andersson to help find manufacturer in China
    * Florida court told Mr Gonzalez Andersson failed to help get masks and gowns
    * Government accused of agreeing uncompetitive contracts during Covid crisis

    MORE HERE - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...-PPE-deal.html

    shouldnt we just do what Iceland did a few years ago and sack the whole bloody govt?

    Apparently Ministers can now create acts & legislation without having to go through Parliament. Reminds of the nazi germany in the 1930s.

    Add to this, the us elections, and the global reset of a city centric entrepreneurship strategy getting rolled out at the same time Google tv advertising is pushing google local and we all in lockdown again with multi tiers of restrictions.

    Aye we're in reset, turmoil and Ting it up nicely for a Problem, reaction - solution scenario from the left field ???

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