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Thread: THE 6 COURSES OF ACTION: How to know what path to take in life

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    Default THE 6 COURSES OF ACTION: How to know what path to take in life

    Hey there everyone,

    I've always found this understanding of the six courses of action to be very helpful in my life whenever I am faced with challenges and I trust you will too.

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    Life often presents many challenges and stress, and countless ways of dealing with them - from medications, therapies, to holidays. We can be overwhelmed with both too many choices or a complete lack of choices. Despite all the theories and philosophies, when you break everything down, there are only ever 6 Courses of Action available to us whenever we are being challenged.

    These six options relate to every facet of our lives – relationships, careers, living environments etc. – and relate to both individuals and groups of any size. Many people’s external lives are like a hamster on a wheel, working flat out getting nowhere. Their internal lives are like a wild horse on a merry-go-round. They are frustrated and angry, not knowing whether they should stay or go, if or when they should get off, and which path to take if they did get off.

    The table below is a summary of The 6 Course of Action, which brings to light the options available to us whenever there are conflict and confusion in our lives.
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    There are many factors determining what option each individual or group takes, like responsibilities to loved ones, available resources, health status etc. However, most of the confusion starts when people are being forced to make a decision. Many people get caught up in the state of indecision and become stuck in analysis paralysis. They are terrified of making the wrong decision that feeds into an underlying fear of abandonment – either by themselves or others. As is often the case, this is rightfully so, because they have never been exposed to anything that truly empowered them.

    Most people aren’t able to stop doing the things they know they shouldn’t, or follow through on the things they know they should. Therefore, they are essentially unable to trust themselves, which is transferred into not trusting others and Life. The main reason why people get so bogged down in this state is that they have never really received any true love and support. They have never developed a true sense of Self in order to have an innate sense of direction in their life. With the lack of alignment and connection to their inner Light comes all the consequences of living in the dark. This is one of the main factors I explained in my blog, ‘Why Do People Hate People’.

    All 6 Courses of Action are, in fact, the result of this lack of Light. When the Light is present within us, we don’t need to take a Course of Action because we are consciously evolving on the Path to our Destiny. Therefore, the last 3 Courses of Action apply to those who can make a conscious change towards their true potential and purpose.

    The first three Courses of Action are for those who don’t have any conscious connection to anything outside The Dualistic Paradigm they were born into. It is like they are born in captivity within the zoo of society. They are often victims of narcissists, suppressive religions, oppressive cultures, and the general deprivations that come with a capitalistic and materialistic modern world. These are the people who require the most compassion and support, because they form the comet tail of humanity. They act like an anchor preventing everyone from fulfilling our true potential and purpose. Therefore, it is essential we fully understand each Course of Action and the nature of what causes and perpetuates the associated states.

    Remaining blind is often seen as the ‘bury your head in the sand’ approach to an issue or situation, but it is more of the case of having a blind spot. Truly speaking, it is never a choice to stay ignorant or in a compromised state. It is always a case of the dominant force that has played out in the life of those involved. When we realise and accept this as a Truth, all judgment and criticism is instantly replaced with compassion. So yes, I am saying no one is ever really ‘responsible’ for their state because they are only able to respond according to what they have inherited, been taught or innately possess – none of which are personal choices.

    Giving up is only a step away from remaining blind, but the main difference is the state of exhaustion and/or helplessness that comes with it. This state can be the result of either chronic and acute stress. It may be after a prolonged struggled involving compromise, contradiction or denial, or an intense sudden shock or trauma.

    Fighting is obviously a very primitive level of existence. However, despite the fact that it is the 21st Century, most of humanity is fighting to survive. There are clearly dark governing forces causing this global situation, where we are constantly fighting and competing to meet our basic needs. Most cultures and religions instil a sense of superiority and pride that cause separation and division. When you observe the factors feeding into people who are on the fighting Course of Action, they are limited by the conditioning and programming of their upbringing. However, we need to know how to empower ourselves and each other despite all the opposition and resistance. Knowing what Course of Action to take will put us on the quickest path to freedom and equality.

    Always remember that there is a very strong neurological basis for all attitudes and behaviours. The first two Courses of Action are primarily the result of a residual retained Fear Paralysis Reflex. Fighting is a residual or retained Moro Reflex. Knowing this removes the possibility of projecting any of guilt, shame and blame. These reflexes are in fact the reason why people are so limited in their choices, as they prevent them from being able to consider alternative paths, as well as seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. This leaves them prone to being stuck with the feeling of guilt, shame and blame, and the tendency to project them onto others.

    The last three Courses of Action are conscious choices, and not based on reactive or informed decisions like the previous three. These Courses are available to those with a higher level of awareness, where the obstacles in life are seen as challenges instead of problems.

    The fourth Course is when you have to accept that life is not always about you. Sometimes you will be forced to endure situations and circumstances purely in service of another or others. When you take a big enough step back, you will see that this is always the case and we are all ultimately here to be an Instrument of Service to All. With that said, it is a case of shutting up, minding your own business, and getting on with whatever you need to do. The best example of the highest Truth in this Course of Action is to imagine a day in the life of an Archangel. Imagine their state of mind and Being as they go about fulfilling their role.

    The fifth option is what is affectionately called, ‘Reaching the **** It Point’. This is when you wake up to the fact that you need to make drastic changing as soon as possible. You realise that you can no longer compromise, contradict or deny your Truth. The only choice you have is to walk away, and trust that the right thing will unfold. A personal experience I share is how I often came to some major crossroads in my life. I would write down all the options I had, which at one point numbered up to 21. What did eventuate was never on my list! The moral of the story is – when you find your true path it is always beyond your imagination.

    The final option is a case of hurry up and wait. This is when life forces you to Zen it out. These situations are where life is preparing something in the background that is outside of your field of vision. Use these times to consolidate and strength everything you have already learnt. This is where The 3 Keys to True Knowledge – Apply, Practice and Cultivate – play a primary role.

    I found one of the best ways to study these Courses of Action was to interview prisoners of war and concentration camp survivors. After reading Victor Frankl’s ‘Man Search For Meaning’, I spoke to many people who had endured such experiences, and survived even the most extremes of trauma. I was curious as to how and why some people came out relatively unscathed and some were left completely disabled. Studying the extremes of human survival may itself sound extreme, but I apply everything I learnt to treat victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence in my clinic on a daily basis. It is all equally relevant because The Courses of Action never change - regardless of the time or place.

    This makes knowing The 6 Courses of Action very empowering. It offers you a very solid means of establishing exactly where people are at within themselves, relative to their situation and circumstances. It enables you to maximise your ability to serve them to help themselves. To determine where an individual or group is at within themselves, you simply ask a couple of direct questions:

    Is it inevitable that you get out of this situation?

    If the answer is no, then you know those involved do not have the required pathways to begin helping themselves. These situations require guidance and intervention. If the answer is yes, then the follow-up questions are:

    How are you going to do it? And what do you need?

    If they have the answer then, work through it with them and ensure that it is relevant and will be successful. If they don’t know, then you again have to provide the appropriate guidance and intervene.

    There are many follow on questions, like, what are you prepared to do? When are you able to start? etc, but the answers to the above questions determine everything that comes after them.

    There is never any point trying to help someone with an approach that doesn’t match the true Course of Action required. Pushing someone down the wrong course only ever adds to their stress. It will cause even more fear of failure and uncertainty because you aren’t working according to the degree to which they are able to listen to their intuition and connect with the inevitability of their true potential and purpose. If they cannot hear The Beckoning, there is no point acting and communicating as if they can. This attitude and behaviour only feeds into the false positive reality, which will not stand up to any tests life may throw at them on their immediate Course of Action or in the future.

    The main underlying factor determining what Course of Action an individual or collective will take is whether they are acting from Reference Points of Truth or Compensatory Associations. When acting from Reference Points, they will accept the Universal Principles governing their reality. Their ability to honour all - Divine, Universal and Natural - Laws, Dynamics and Processes empowers them with Peace, knowing they will always stay balanced and on the right course in Life.

    If there is an absence or lack of Reference Points, they will resign themselves to their fate and live with contempt for themselves and Life. Without Reference Points on a Soul Level of Being, they have no connection to their true self, so drive themselves in pursuit of their ego’s compensatory desires. The inevitable unfulfilment that comes with satisfying egoic goals only reinforces their belief that they lack the ability to make the correct choices.

    The answer to knowing what Course of Action is ultimately determined by how well each person can connect with their intuitions. The Laws, Dynamics and Processes that govern those elements of our consciousness are immutable and equally applicable to all Beings. This is why it is important that you first BE, then DO, then – if necessary, only when asked – TELL others how to find and stay on their ultimate path. In the meantime, it is a case of honouring yourself and being ALL that you have been made to Be. Just saturate yourself with beauty, goodness and freedom, and immerse yourself in your own creativity - and the journey will unfold effortlessly towards the ultimate for All.
    Love and Light to All
    Brian Gerard Schaefer
    Source: The Whole Spectrom

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