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Thread: Need Help: Electronic Harassment & RNM, I think it's my neighbors.

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    Default Need Help: Electronic Harassment & RNM, I think it's my neighbors.

    Hello members of Project Avalon,

    I have joined this forum community to find support and answers as to what has been happening to me, beginning around January 2020 and occuring to present. It is electronic harassment, remote neural monitoring, gang stalking, and such. This is my story. Nobody in my life believes me - they think that my "hearing voices" is just due to methamphetamine induced paranoia and delusions. But I know that I am being gangstalked - I don't think I need evidence to know it.

    This occurred to me in Redding, California. I moved there in September 2019, and rented an apartment on West Street, with a downstairs and next door neighbor.

    I am a recovering methamphetamine addict, first of all. I moved to Redding with only about a month clean, but in the 4 years of occasional using prior, I had never experienced hearing voices or paranoia. I stayed clean until December 2019.

    I was already concerned about making too much noise, disturbing my downstairs neighbor, because shortly after I moved in he yelled at me through the floor, because I was walking around too much and making the floor creak a little, at 1AM. That was in October 2019. So from that point on, I was overly careful of how much noise I made, even though rationally I knew I was being very quiet. But it was like walking on eggshells living above him. I was very sensitive about being yelled at.

    So smoking meth in my apartment started happening in December, and because of being on meth, my alertness and sensory perception were enhanced. I was so afraid that I would hear my neighbor complain about me creeping around upstairs and I thought I was "overinterpreting" the noise to make myself believe that I could hear him complaining about me. I started misinterpreting noises from appliances in my apartment which generated a noise or a hum, like the air conditioner or the refrigerator. I would hear voices through them because I would listen in way too closely letting me imagine words coming from the noise.

    My downstairs neighbor supposedly could hear absolutely everything I did upstairs - he could hear me rolling over on my mattress and he could even tell when my feet were up as opposed to laying flat. I thought this was absurd but I thought that maybe he had ESP or something. But I rationalized my completely normal amount of movement by realizing that I shouldn't need to accommodate someone who just happened to have magic hearing abilities. He was absurd, irrational, ignorant and stubborn.

    I wrote letters to him to apologize in case I had been making too much noise and I heard him talking about it downstairs, being stupid enough to say that I had written in "limericks". He clearly did not know what a limerick is. I wrote a formal apology and invited him to contact me if there was a problem. He never did. He thought it wouldn't make a difference. So he decided to use mind control technology to harass me and spy on me. Supposedly it was a retaliation for two reasons - 1. I made "too much noise". 2. My dad had come to visit and exclaimed very loudly "screw him" in reference to my neighbor and my neighbor got offended and started messing with me, by calling me and hanging up, and sending me suspicious texts. So it "hurt his feelings" and anyone who hurts his feelings must suffer eternally I guess. Little butthurt cowardly bastard, who prides himself in his cowardly tactics in assholery and sadism. His goal in life is to make people miserable. He's totally full of **** and a completely ignorant doofus.

    Supposedly I kept him up at night just by being awake, even if I was lying in bed completely still. He knew if I was awake even if I wasn't making any noise. And he thought he was the normal one.

    I kept smoking meth in my apartment on and off all the way until September 2020, when I finally moved because I was so afraid that my apartment would get raided and I would be arrested.

    There's so much elaborating I could do but I'll try to stick to the point here. The voices said things like "They're arresting everyone who smokes meth" ... "You smoke meth, you go to jail" ... "You're in the Taliban" ... "You're not a real American" ... "You're a pedophile" ... "We're making a difference". None of those things are true. Not even the meth part. The guy clearly didn't understand how the law works. He thought I was in the Taliban because I had a Turkmenistan flag in my apartment. How ignorant of him.

    Now, enough speculation and venting. This is what happened. I had cars sitting outside my apartment with antennas. I saw cars racing down the road at ridiculously high speeds (in a 25mph zone), braking and U-turning suddenly. People would yell rude things to me out the window of their cars for no reason, calling me a "no-life scumbag". One guy sitting in his car in a Carl's Jr drive-thru got out of his car and yelled at me about something that didn't make any sense, walking towards me aggressively. All I was doing was walking around in the parking lot of the 7-11 next door talking to my mom on the phone.

    Cars beeped their horns at me all the time. Whenever I was on the phone, I heard keytones, like someone was pressing buttons, but the person I was talking to didn't hear them. I got texts from some person I didn't know who claimed he didn't even know me. I would say "who are you" or "who is this" every time he texted me from a different number. He always just said "How's it hanging" and then "who this". I ended up going to a Narcotics Anonymous zoom meeting and there were two users on there, one named "Who are you" and the other "Who is this". They claimed to not even know each other. Wow.

    I played VR Chat one time, and all of the avatars in the room I was in turned into a swat team.

    They're agenda apparently is to pursue arresting anyone who is a tweaker, a pedophile, or in the Taliban. The Taliban thing is the stupidest one.

    I started being under the impression that REDYPAA (an Alcoholics Anonymous sect) or Bethel Church was involved with the gangstalking. It could have also been Jet Life Gang, who logged on to a zoom meeting I was in and behaved suspiciously. Does anyone know anything about Redding, CA, or if these groups could be involved?

    I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm just begging for help or if I skipped over important details. This happened to me every day for 10 months and it's still happening to me after I moved. They talk to me through "hums" like the sound my computer or router will generate. At night, they pull on my eyelids, trying to open them, they stimulate my genitals, they make it feel like there are spiders on me, they make it harder for me to breathe, or they make it so I see a strobe light when I close my eyes. They keep saying they are going to castrate me. I tried calling my neighbor and he just acts like he knows nothing and everything's normal. I don't know who to talk to because everyone refers me to mental health.

    That is the backstory. If anyone has any insights on this, I would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Need Help: Electronic Harassment & RNM, I think it's my neighbors.

    Hi Molphoea,

    I have lived in apartments, so I know how neighbours can be. I have also owned a property and rented out apartments, so I have experience from both sides.

    First thing you need to do is find a place to live where you can have a little bit of peace. The first part of your post you spoke about the bad neighbour and you said that you have moved - I hope you are in a better place now.

    I do not know much about meth except the stereotypical image that is shown in movies. So, I just read a brief overview of meth. I know and understand that what is written about different drugs and their effects on people are not always accurate.

    To be honest, it is going to be difficult to know with some of these experiences that you are having are related to meth and what is not. And I mean this for you yourself and for you trying to write it out for another person to really understand what you experienced. I have had many experiences myself and regardless of my state of mind it can be very hard to relate that experience into simple words for another person to fully understand. Gang stalking and things like that are horrible for people that have had to deal with that (luckily I have not). I can see how it would be difficult to put into words how it all happened and felt. I do know that other people have come to this site for help with this issue, so we know it is a real thing.

    One problem I see from my perspective is that from using meth there is an overlap from the affects of the meth to what techniques are being used by the people that do the gang stalking and electronic harassment. Maybe that is why they have targeted you in the first place because they would expect that people will not believe you when you tell what is happening to you?

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    Default Re: Need Help: Electronic Harassment & RNM, I think it's my neighbors.

    Hello M,

    Thank you for your brave and detailed account it's not always easy for us to share our views and experiences with this **** up ****, I used to put this down to Schiz, though in the last 5 years now know without a doubt this is what's referred to as clandestine Tagging by Freemasons or Cyber Torture by the UN's Nils Melzer.

    With all of what's going on in this world, I think we should be regarded as real as well as a clear sign of the times.

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