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Thread: Ten Rules for Truth-seeking

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    Default Ten Rules for Truth-seeking

    This probably doesnt apply to most people here in terms of telling you anything you dont already know.

    The interesting fact is that this kind of thinking is becoming more mainstream.

    Each of his "rules" has some interesting examples of why they apply, so you might want to watch it anyway
    “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
    -- John 8:32 KJV

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    Default Re: Ten Rules for Truth-seeking

    Yes, I am encouraged that basic 'Critical Thinking' has emerged into the public domain. This really is the Keystone to all truth seeking, this simple movement away from absorption, passive acceptance of everything that is presented to people through the media channels(Osmosis). It is this uncritical acceptance of science, and 'Science says' dogmas which has led to the present day situation of mass 'Climate emergency' groups, and Extinction Rebellion, people who have been completely assimilated into the 'Borg' community of what I call: 'Billionaire consensus Science'.
    This very simple step, of posing questions, asking yourself: 'Is this really true, is that all there is to this matter'? This is Critical Thinking. I know I am preaching to the choir when I say these things, but it is valuable to review, and consider just what is happening 'out there' in the heads of the 'NORMIES'.
    So-called Normal People are the ones who vote, and who unite to bring about changes.

    It is so very critical that we who are more used to analysing, and pulling apart narratives, who accept critical thinking as being a natural part of our lives, extend this whenever we can, to add to the numbers of people who are not passive, Borg Drones, once a critical number have learned critical thinking, this world will look very differently, it only takes a percentage increase to get us across that line!
    It might be naive of me, but I think the "Q" community is such a project, basically with all of the 'LARP' aspects, the game dimension is really just a means to get people thinking differently, and for themselves. You cannot shut down such a project.
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    Default Re: Ten Rules for Truth-seeking

    Time's up critical thinkers. Pat yourself on the back then think about that line in the sand you will not cross and the ACTIONS you will take.

    Just a quick preface before I start. Think back to when you first heard that Donald Trump was running for president. I thought it was a joke. Another entertainment idiot with a t.v. show running for office. He came to prominence from the same media stew that is now the fully entrenched propaganda state.

    Where are we the people now? Help me Obi Wan Trump, you’re our last hope.

    I posit that the last hope for this shell of a republic IS the people. Why are we fast tracking the surveillance state at break neck speed? Who is it that we’re afraid of? In reality, I'm not really sure that the government is afraid since the weaponry in their possession can easily out maneuver groups of average gun-toting Joe's with pistols. Notice they have not been rolling any of that equipment into view during the protests.

    I also posit that this current showdown is another tool in the divide and conquer strategy. It is being brought to you by the global elitists for your entertainment, and to buy another large percentage of the American people into complacency in the last vestiges of a dying republic. Buying just a little more time to get those last prison bars in place.

    Okay, that said, let’s talk more about Trump. He was the guy who, last January and continuing forever, allowed incoming flights from Wuhan. He was the guy who stood up for months to talk about the ventilators. Over and over. We’re acquiring them, we’re distributing them to where they need to be, we’re on top of it. I saw a figure stating that 95% of the ill who were put on ventilators died. He’s the guy who wants to roll out vaccines using the military, starting with vaccinating every person in the military. A captive audience. Might there perhaps be more doses of passivity in those vaccines? As if we the people need more of that. We’ve been dumbed down, divided by media, dosed with fluoride and chlorine and who knows what in chemtrails for decades. He’s the guy who rants about fake news while not taking a single action against the monopolies running the mainstream media. He’s the guy who is seen in pictures cavorting with the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein. He’s the guy whose main attorney was the criminal who destroyed all telltale remains of the 9-11 false flag operation which escalated the prison in place now.

    Anyway, that hope porn video posted on the election fraud thread is another example of the playing both sides operation which is going on now and has been for a very long time. It raised some questions for me.


    We have two generals discussing the current fraud-gate fight, and the operations in Germany against a CIA stronghold involving the seizure which allegedly took place there. Flynn is the rah, rah, rah guy, and the second one says people possibly died during the operation. For brevity, you can find that second part starting around the 40 minute mark. (For the record, I do think there are still patriots in this country who are fighting for it, including many in the military. We simply do not have a government for the people anymore.)

    My problems with this video are two-fold. The president’s executive order from two years ago expressing commitment to deal with “foreign” fraud in our election process. He put it out years ago and the so called “dems” were not savvy enough or didn’t have enough tentacles into intel as to the purpose of this executive order? They control the CIA! Come on.

    Second, we have a military operation being discussed on a public forum and furthermore, posted unobstructed to you tube. This operation apparently is not a national security issue so let’s talk about it! Trumps super-secret team of Kraken elite forces dedicating to saving this great nation who are now in possession of the piece de resistance - servers proving the fraud. I sure hope they established a firm chain of custody, because I heard that anyone can hack into that system.

    Just an aside...I stuck my thoughts on this thread because if you squint really hard you can see it ties to truth-seeking. Plus, I don't feel like dealing with a huge amount of backlash today. My wimp is out today, but I am certainly eager to hear how other people are viewing the bigger picture beyond the election.

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