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Thread: How Capitalism will Destroy the World

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    Default Re: How Capitalism will Destroy the World

    Constance, someone else who would gain immediate membership to our group of 'People who get it.' ?

    Quote Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa to Sky Sports: "This doesn't surprise me. The most superior teams have managed their superiority through competition. When they no longer need them to win money they discard what they no longer need. This is a very common thing, not only in football. It shouldn't surprise us.

    "The fundamental problem is the rich always aspire to be more rich without considering the consequences for the rest. As they gain more power they start demanding more privilege over the rest.

    "The most powerful are powerful because of what they bring but the rest are dispensable. What makes competition great is the possibility for one of those weak teams to develop, not the big teams playing each other. But the logic of the world at the moment and in football is not outside this - that the powerful become more rich as a consequence of the weak becoming more poor. If this was is what guides the world at the moment why is there such astonishment. This shouldn't surprise us. It was something that was coming."
    99% of you won't know - why should you! In England today, well yesterday, at 23:15 the so called big 6 in the Premier League, (Football, Soccer), announced their intention to form a breakaway group for a European Superleague. Everyone immediately saw it for exactly what it was, a money grab - whilst killing competition. Guess what, 5 of the 6 have American controlling interests and the other is basically owned by an Investment Fund!

    Their plan is plain and simple. Ring fence the money and cement their gravy train in perpetuity without fear of ever losing.

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