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Thread: Patrick Wood's 2021 Technocracy News Forecast

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    Exclamation Patrick Wood's 2021 Technocracy News Forecast

    Patrick Wood's 2021 Technocracy News Forecast:

    With 2020 committed to history, what lies ahead for 2021? How can we fight back against Technocratic Tyranny and Scientific Dictatorship? see Technocracy.news

    🌐 TheGreatReset
    🌐 The-Covid-Cult
    🌐 BillGatesTyranny
    🌐 Face-It-Not-Fake-It
    🌐 Risist-Tyranny-2020-2030
    🌐 Mass-AI-Surveillance-State
    🌐 War-on-Independent-Media
    🌐 PCR-Deception-Exposed-Docu
    🌐 7ConspiracyTheories-BecameReal

    100% related:


    Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/5B3gXR8Q6Wcx

    100% related:
    • Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown:

    2,325,648+ views

    Excellent video as basis to use for more explanation & elaboration and debunking the debunkers like all fake "fact checkers" trying to frame & misrepresent her claims/assessments

    I personally met Catherine Austin Fitts & interviewed her on camera in 2012 The Netherlands talking about The Dystopian New World Order Agenda ... and Suppressed Inventions That Could Liberate The Masses from all kinds of oppression ... I will soon search for that video as I (ExomatrixTV +all 3 backup channels) was banned from YouTube multiple times losing at least over 50,000+ subscribers total ...

    Catherine Austin Fitts has a level of intelligence like Henry Kissinger but without the lying and twisting of things being 100% genuine & legit.

    Imagine she talking to him for 2 hours on a live stream uncensored unedited broadcasted on all mainstream media ... that would be the day ... I notice that Kissinger can talk for 10 minutes extremely slow (using very deep low voice) saying things that could be said in 1 minute if he was more "to the point" ... When I study Kissinger talks on Davos & "World Economic Forum" with Klaus Schwab and his "Great Reset" Agenda2030 plans .. I deliberately change the video speed-settings to 1.25 or even higher
    ⚠️ beLIEve it or not ... from the Ultra Elite perspectives: if the slaves & slave representatives are willing to "VOTE with their dollars" supporting all their schemes & products (including Experimental Toxic mRNA Vaccines violating The Nuremberg Code) ... They assume it is the "ultimate mandate" from the masses supporting their #Agenda2030 "The Great Reset" Project ... As people PAY for their own demise & downfall ... We are financing our own enslavement/imprisonment/poisons on rapid pace with great help from brainwashing Mainstream Media people support IF they CHOOSE to watch them every day ... They even openly brag about it.

    The moment you explain this to the sheeple they will call you "conspiracy theorists" spreading "fake news" from "fringe conspiracy sites". Blindly trusting George Soros & Bill Gates funded "Fact Checkers" ... No matter if you can show all the evidence right in front of their eyes on a daily bases. Their "Cognitive Dissonance", "Confirmation Bias", "Stockholm Syndrome" & "Bystander Effect" will stand in the way to face real reality. Wilful ignorance is certainly not "bliss".

    So when you combine:

    01. Rockefeller PDF Document "Operation Lockstep" 2010
    02. Rockefeller Foundation PDF "Track & Trace" ID2020
    03. World Economic Forum #Agenda2030
    04. Bill Gates and his "Event 201" exercise in Fall 2019
    05. "The Great Reset"
    06. Club of Rome "Planetary Emergency Plan"
    07. "Global Governance" run by unelected (psychopathic) Technocrats using advanced A.I. Algorithms!
    08. 5G - Mass A.I. Surveillance Smart Grid (The Big Elephant in The Room!).
    09. Supreme Court Defeats George Soros and his Overseas Groups
    10. Spars-Pandemic-Scenario-2025-2028.pdf (20,3 Mb)

    All in plain sight ... meanwhile almost all Mainstream Media refuses to ask the hard questions!

    John Kuhles aka "ExomatrixTV"

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    Default Re: Patrick Wood's 2021 Technocracy News Forecast

    I always learn something from Catherine Austin Fitts and love her work on "following the money" for the secret space programs etc. but looking at this video I am bit concerned for her health and I wonder if she is becoming ill?

    Look at the fit of her blazer, specifically the shoulders are totally ill fitting. She has become severely bloated and her hair is thinning considerably.. Is it possible that she is being poisoned in micro doses or has developed a disease?

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