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Thread: My underground base experience

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    Default My underground base experience


    In the early 1990s I started getting flashbacks of short light-skinned beings with big heads and large eyes walking toward my home. This inexplicable phenomenon occurred while I was sitting in my easy chair and looking out my living room window.

    At that time I knew nothing about alien abductions or “Grays”. I did remember seeing a UFO with my mother, older sister and brother in the late 1950s. However, I was never drawn to read books about UFOs or aliens from outer space.

    As my memories of ET contacts continued to surface in the 1990s I began seriously researching the subject of abductions in order to understand what was happening to me.

    I continued researching the abduction phenomenon by working with other abductees as well as family members. On June 10, 1994, I was working with another abductee “Jack Wylie” (pseudonym) when he uncovered an abduction in north central Washington State near Lake Wannacut.

    Jack was hiking in the hills near this lake in 1988 when he suddenly fell to the ground, unconscious. Several smal1 Grays picked him up and carried him underground where they drugged him and implanted him with false memories of where he had been hiking. Then they took him to a different hill about a mile from where they had abducted him. When they restored his awareness, he was not aware of having been abducted.

    Apparently, he had been hiking too close to the entrance of an underground installation. My then wife was planning a family camping trip in the summer of 1994, so I talked her into driving to this area southwest of Oroville, Washington.

    Jack Wylie's abduction in 1988 intrigued me so much that I told my wife that I wanted to check out the area and take some pictures. However, before we left I told her I also wanted to see if I could get abducted in this area. I was curious to see if there was a permanent underground base there.

    The Grays abduct me so much anyway that I no longer have any fear of them, and I thought this would be an interesting experiment.

    We arrived at Wannacut Lake on July 13th and drove straight to the only resort on the lake. The lake is an epsom salts lake and just a few miles south of the Canadian border. The resort charged over twenty-five bucks per night for a two-tent campsite. Since we were on the economy plan, we rattled back down the dusty washboard road to Spectacle Lake. We ended up pitching our tents there and camping overnight. We were now positioned about four miles southwest of the entrance to the deep underground military/Grays base.

    Later in the evening I set up a reclining lawn chair in the middle of an open patch of lawn near our campsite. I spread out my sleeping bag and pillow on the lounge chair, so I'd be warm and cozy during my sky watch. I stayed up late, watching to the north where the Grays had abducted Jack six years earlier.

    It was a perfect night for star gazing; the stars sparkled like diamond dust in the clear summer sky. My wife and our two sons were sleeping soundly in our two dome tents. I was still wide awake about midnight, my attention still fixed above the hills to the north. Suddenly, I started falling asleep—or
    rather I was being put to sleep!

    My eyes closed, and in about three seconds I was nearly sound asleep--but something to the north caught my attention. I pulled myself out of my sudden slumber, opened my eyes, and gazed in awe at what had attracted my attention.

    A bright yellow-orange object hovered above the hills to the north. Within about five seconds the UFO moved to the left and then very quickly grew smaller and then zipped off and out of sight at an angle that would be impossible for conventional aircraft.

    Two nights later we camped out on the small beach by the parking lot at the south end of Palmer Lake. Before falling off to sleep I was feeling the apprehension of an impending abduction. I woke up the next morning with increased difficulty of breathing, and my overall physical condition had deteriorated. I knew I'd been abducted.

    On August 5, 1994, I decided to retrieve the memory of the abduction that I knew had occurred in this area. I figured it was probably just the usual type of abduction into a Grays ship. However, I got the shock of my life! I uncovered not just one, but two abductions in which I was flown to a nearby secret, underground military/Grays base!

    The first abduction occurred at about 45 minutes after I had spotted the UFO above the hills to the north. There was no further UFO activity, so I decided to go back to bed. I wadded up my sleeping bag and pillow, folded up the lawn chair, and headed back to my tent.

    However, before I could get to our campsite under the tall trees, a bright flash knocked me unconscious, and I collapsed on the lawn. At least two Grays picked me up and carried me over to a bluish-white beam that touched the lawn. The beam extended upward to a disk-shaped craft hovering just above the tree tops.

    They floated me up in the beam, through the bottom of the craft, and into the circular beaming room, which was located in the middle of the craft. The craft was at least sixty feet in diameter (outside dimensions). I walked out of the beaming room and found myself in a large, open room that reminded me of a cocktail lounge. The interior of this craft wasn't like the usual layout of Grays ships. I suspect that it was designed for the comfort of Earth humans, namely military personnel, but this is only speculation.

    They led me over to the right side of the room where I had to sit down in an unusual, low reclining chair that reminded me of a car seat for infants. This adult-size, reclining bucket seat with sides was tilted back at about a 45 degree angle. I sunk down in it, feeling rather lethargic. Shortly thereafter I was escorted back to the beaming room. Two small Grays stood at my sides as we floated down the beam into an underground hangar. The disk was too large to land inside the rectangular hangar, which was about fifty wide and a hundred feet long (a very rough estimate).

    I could see that the ground-level roof of the hangar was open as we floated down into the hangar. After floating down to the floor of the hangar, the two Grays escorted me over to double doors near one of the corners of the hangar. The doors swung open, and I saw a large, well-lit room with white walls. The room appeared to be an office with computers, but no one was sitting at the desks, so I'm not certain what they used the room for. I then turned to my right, through a door, and into a small room with white cabinets and a dentist-type chair.

    My recollection of being in this room was somewhat hazy, as I was given a drug, which I thought might be Sodium Pentothal. Apparently, they drugged me during both abductions, because I felt exceptionally groggy in re-experiencing these two incidents. This also made it a bit more difficult in recovering some of the details of these two abductions.

    After they drugged me, I heard someone say, "He's out." It felt like they were interrogating me, but I was so doped up I could only contact a few of the details. I heard someone say "goddamit, " and then someone referred to me as an "asshole." They did something to my head. It felt like it might have been electric shock, but I'm not clear on this. I do know that my head hurt. I felt really awful.
    I was then led out of this room and into the large office room again. On my left and within this large room was a smaller office. I looked through the large window in the cubicle and could see a desk inside. They escorted me out of the large office and down to the end of a hallway where I turned to my left and walked into an elevator.

    The elevator was nothing more than a platform that descended and ascended in a vertical, cylindrical shaft. It felt like we descended a very long distance down into the earth. [Gene Decode described the machine that makes these cylindrical shafts deep into the ground and this is what I saw. An elevator without walls—just a platform. The walls of the cylindrical shaft in which the platform ascended or descended looked like dirt melted into a hard glaze.]

    I couldn't tell how far we went, but the elevator descended very fast. It wouldn't surprise me if we had traveled a half mile or more straight down into the earth. At the end of the elevator ride, they escorted me out into what looked like an underground parking lot. It was a large, open concrete structure supported by several pillars. A man drove a small vehicle in front of me and stopped. The vehicle reminded of an electric golf cart.

    I sat on the back of the cart with my back to the driver. He drove me across this large room to an exit where we descended even deeper on a narrow road that screwed round and round. I began feeling a bit dizzy due to the constant downward, clockwise turning.

    When the cart stopped, I was led into another area, a collection of rooms apparently designated for Grays' operations. I entered the first and the largest room, and they escorted me across the room to a tank that stood parallel to the wall. The tank was four to five feet high and about eight to ten feet long. I climbed a ladder at the end of the tank and plunged into the liquid in the tank. The Grays held me down in the liquid, and I held my breath as long as I could.

    Finally, I had to inhale the liquid into my lungs. As bizarre as this sounds, I found that I could breathe the liquid! I have no idea why they did this to me.

    The tall Grays helped me out of the tank, and I expelled the liquid from my lungs. Then they led me out of this room and into a corridor. We turned left into a small room that reminded me of a steam room at a health club. I sat on a bench in the midst of a thick, foggy white light that filled the room. The large, black eyes of a tall Gray appeared in the dense, white light, and then he led me to another room.

    After lying on the examination table I felt something go down my throat. They followed this procedure with something that felt like an electric shock. Then they extracted sperm from me with their cup-like device placed over my genitals.

    After the examination they led me back to the bright, foggy room, then back up to the top level of the base again. Then they escorted me back into the small room with white cabinets and the dentist-style chair. This was the room where the military people had injected that heavy drug in me. They had apparently designated this room only for the activities of military personnel, parallel in function to the Grays' examination rooms.

    At this point I only recalled a man in a white lab coat standing next to me while I was lying in the examination chair. The man in the lab coat was talking to another man standing in the doorway-a stocky young man with a crew cut and wearing green camouflage fatigues.

    Two Grays then escorted me back out through the double doors into the hangar where they floated me back up to the same disk-shaped craft. They returned me to my campsite, and I fell asleep in my tent.

    I woke up the following morning without any indication of having been abducted during the night.


    The following day I found a free camping area at Palmer Lake only a few miles from Spectacle Lake. We pitched our tents on the sandy beach of the public access area next to a large parking area and boat ramp.

    That evening at dusk we heard distant thunder echoing through the steep, rocky hills. It grew steadily louder until a strange looking aircraft appeared in the west. It had a large, cylindrical fuselage with short, stubby wings near the middle, and there was a red flashing light on its belly. It flew very low over the tops of the hills, heading eastward. After our vacation I described this craft to a man who had recently left the Air Force. He said it was a cruise missile, and that sometimes they launch a missile in the Pacific Ocean, direct it across the continental United States, and then dump it into the Atlantic.

    In the evening of our second day of camping at Palmer Lake I began to feel very apprehensive and nervous about being abducted. It is my repeated observation that this nervousness comes from the Grays probing my mind. Consequently, I had a difficult time getting to sleep that night. Then a group of teenagers drove into the parking lot and decided to have a party there.

    My wife was afraid they were going to bother us. However, they finally left. and we eventually fell asleep. During the night I woke up to the sound of a helicopter and men talking outside our tent. A man unzipped the door to the dome tent where my wife and I were sleeping and a short Gray entered.

    The Gray took my hand and led me out through the door of the tent. When I exited the tent I turned to my left and came face to face with a stocky man in green camouflage fatigues, the same man that I had seen in the underground base two nights before. He had a build like a football player. Another man in dress uniform stood on his left, but I didn't look directly at him. I had the impression that this other man was an officer.

    A helicopter was waiting for them on the parking area above our tent. A small disk-shaped craft was waiting for me on the shore of the lake, about forty feet from our tent. Two short Grays escorted me to the saucer, and a third Gray stood by the steps of the hatch of the craft.

    As I approached the craft, the helicopter took off and passed low above our heads. I've recalled being in many different types of spacecraft, but this was the smallest flying saucer I've ever flown in--a real sports model. The craft was the typical disk shape, but only about fifteen feet in diameter (outside dimensions). I squeezed into the tiny ship.

    The Grays strapped me into a deep bucket seat, the same type of seat in which I sat two nights before in the larger saucer. I was very nervous and my stomach felt queasy. I wasn't liking this one bit. At this point I left my body and sailed upward, high above Palmer Lake.

    In the meantime the ship took off with my body. I was enjoying the view so much that I didn't notice which way it went. After realizing that my body was nowhere in the vicinity, I began searching for it. Somehow I knew the saucer had flown eastward, so I traced it over to the underground base. In spite of the darkness of the night I sensed that this base was in a hillside devoid of trees. I believe it was on the south side of the hill, but I'm not one hundred per cent certain that I was that well oriented.

    The roof of the underground hangar was wide open. The next thing I remember I was back in my body and stepping out of the saucer into the hangar. This particular alien craft was much smaller than the ship that had transported me two nights before, so it could land on the hangar floor with lots of room to spare. I looked up and watched the stars gradually disappear as the roof of the hangar slowly closed. I couldn't tell for sure if the hangar door slid horizontally or if the doors were hinged like cabinet doors.

    Two Grays escorted me to the opposite end of the hangar and through the double doors. I walked into the large office room. The small cubicle office with a window was on my left. However, instead of turning left, we kept walking straight to the other corner of the room. We then turned right into a different corridor than the one I had walked down two nights before. However, like the other corridor, this corridor also had an elevator at the end of it. It was exactly the same type of elevator.

    We descended after a much shorter ride, and I exited the elevator and found myself in a very large, dimly lit room. It looked like some kind of lounge area, as there were two couches on my right on the other side of the room. A coffee table occupied the space between the two couches. I saw a doorway straight ahead of me on the other side of the room. However, what I saw next didn't make any sense at all.

    A naked girl with blonde hair came through this doorway and walked straight towards me! She took my hand and led me into the adjacent room. On the second recounting of this incident I began to realize that this was a telepathic implant. On the third recounting of this incident the telepathic implant completely dissolved. [I have also referred to this ability of Grays and other ETs to project false perceptions as “telepathic hypnosis”.]

    I discovered there had been no girl at all, but only a tall Gray who was projecting in my mind the image of a naked, blonde girl. Apparently, this was a ploy that the Gray thought it needed to use to get me to follow it.

    I then found myself in this adjoining room, bathed in the now familiar, dense, white light. I basked in the misty light for a short time, and then we exited through a doorway to the right. The next room appeared to be some kind of computer or communications room. It reminded me of the type of ground communications room you see in a NASA space shuttle mission. However, this room was much smaller, and it was long and narrow.

    I turned to my left and walked down the length of the room with the wall to my left and a long row of computer consoles on my right. There was a man and a woman in green camouflage fatigues sitting in front of the consoles. There was at least one short Gray in the room, but I didn't stop to thoroughly examine the room.

    After leaving this room, I entered a Grays examination room. I took my clothes off and lay on my back on the examination table, which was illuminated by a bright light. There was a tall Gray on each side of the table. They placed a band around each wrist, and then the Gray on my left opened my mouth and shoved a tube down my throat and into my lungs. I don't know what they were doing, but it seemed as if they were putting something into my lungs rather than pumping the air out, as they have done so many times in previous abductions. They must have also drugged me, because I became very groggy during this examination and remained in a drug-like state for some time afterward.

    Then they turned me on my stomach, and they removed the anal implant that was installed in April of 1993. Ironically, this anal implant and my current brain implant were installed shortly after the channeled “Pleiadians" told me that I'd never be abducted again.

    As I recovered the memory of this in session, I roared with laughter, because I had popped out of my body at this point and was looking down at my own naked butt. It was one of those situations where you just had to be there to appreciate the humor of it all. At least there was a positive side to this abduction because they had removed my anal implant. However, I wish that they had also removed my brain implant, as it is very debilitating.

    By the time the Grays were finished with me, I was back in my body. After dressing myself a tall Gray escorted me out of the exam room and back through the communications room. The woman sitting at the console glanced at me as I passed by her. Then I approached the man in fatigues, who was sitting further down the long row of consoles. Before I could walk by him, he stood up and glared at me and said, "You didn't see a thing”. His stem countenance and serious tone of voice convinced me that he meant it as a threat. However, if I were intimidated by our government, you would not be reading this report now.

    The soldier then allowed me to pass. The Gray escorted me back through the room with the misty, white light and then into the large lounge room. I was still very groggy from the drugs when I sat down on the couch. A man in dress uniform--probably an officer--was sitting on the other couch.

    He stood up and faced the tall Gray that had escorted me into the lounge room. They appeared to be discussing what they should do with me. My head slumped down on my chest; I just wanted to sleep it off. That's when they picked me up, and someone said, “Come on."

    They led me back to the elevator, and we ascended to the top level. They guided me down the corridor to the large, white office room. I turned left and walked a short distance to a door on my left. I entered the room and sat in the dentist's chair. This was the same small room with the white cabinets where I had been two nights before.

    The drug was beginning to wear off, and I had a bit more awareness of my surroundings than the last time I was in this room. The man in the lab coat stood on my right next to the chair. I noticed that he was wearing dark slacks under his lab coat and had black leather shoes. He looked to be in his late fifties, wore glasses, and was mostly bald on top with some graying hair around the sides of his head.

    He was talking with a soldier standing by the doorway just like two nights before. This was the same stocky soldier who was standing by our tent when they abducted me at the beach. Apparently, he was a guard.

    When the drug had worn off enough, the man in the lab coat escorted me through the double doors and into the hangar. I noticed that the hangar was cooler than the office that we just exited. Two Grays then escorted me to the same little saucer that had been waiting for me on the other side of the hangar. A third Gray was standing on the left side of the hatch. The hatch door was simply a portion of the rim of the saucer, and it was apparently hinged at the bottom. The steps were built into the inner side of this hatch, so that when this portion of the outer rim of the saucer swung down to the ground, you could use these hatch steps to climb through the opening in the craft. However, due to the small size of the craft, I think that these steps were designed more for the benefit of small Grays than humans. They strapped me in my seat and flew me back to our campsite at Palmer Lake.

    The next morning I woke up feeling awful. My asthma was much worse, probably because they had shoved that tube into my lungs. I knew that I had been abducted, but I figured that it was just another one of my usual Grays abductions. [My breathing problem, diagnosed as “asthma”, began in a previous abduction when there was no oxygen in the beam that they use to float abductees at the beginning and end of abductions.]


    When I recovered the memory of these two abductions three weeks later, I wasn't prepared for this rude awakening. I can't express in words the horrible shock I experienced when I realized that I was abducted not only by Grays, but by our own military personnel. It is one thing to read about it happening to other abductees. It is quite another matter when it happens to you personally--for it confirms that the military/intelligence establishment has subverted our constitutional government. It confirms that our government is no longer "of the people, by the people, and for the people." It confirms that an elite faction of our government has committed treason by aiding and abetting the enemy.

    This reality just sort of popped up and slapped me hard in the face. I knew from this point forward, my life would never be the same. I began to realize that I now had to take on the unpleasant responsibility of informing the American people not only of the truth about the insidious activities of the abducting ETs and their cohorts, but also of the military/intelligence takeover of our country.

    Base Revisited On May 20, 1995

    I drove back over to the underground base area with two friends. Our intention was to locate the camouflaged hangar doors to this underground base. However, we found that we couldn't drive into this area because locked gates barred every road into the area. Consequently, we couldn't cover much ground.

    By the end of the day we had not found anything unusual. Bill C. was one of the three members of our party. He had been arrested at Area 5 I in 1994 for crossing over the line. However, he had to go back to Spokane the same day we arrived.

    So Charlie and I set up camp at the public access area at Spectacle Lake. The two of us began an all-night vigil looking for any UFO activity to the north. We wrote down the time about every fifteen minutes to document any "missing time" in case we were abducted.

    I was the first to succumb to the fatigue of the day's hiking, so I sacked out in the tent while Charlie maintained watch from his car parked alongside the tent. At 1:00 a. m. Charlie decided to take a cat nap, and so he set the alarm for 1:30 and went to sleep.

    I began dreaming and feeling that old familiar apprehension and nervousness that I sometimes get before abductions. This feeling was so intense that I woke myself up and went out to check on Charlie. He was stretched out across the front seat of his car, sound asleep. I woke him up and began telling him about my dream when I glanced to the north and saw the UFO.

    It was a glowing orb of bright, white light. It was slowly strobing on and off at about one and a half second intervals. When Charlie saw it he began fumbling in the dark for his video camera. The UFO then began slowly descending straight down into the hills without making any sound. However, Charlie didn't get the camera rolling in time to record it.

    I maintained vigil for the rest of the night, religiously marking down the time every ten minutes, but without further incident. It was clear to me that the UFO was just about to zip down and abduct me (or both of us). When we caught it in the act, it simply retreated vertically back down into the hangar.

    At this time the military/Grays base appeared to be located directly north of our camping spot. We were unable to determine exactly how far north it is, but I estimated it to be five miles north of Spectacle Lake.


    Charlie and I made two more trips to the underground base area. The next excursion consisted of several other people including a scientist. We decided to walk in from Wannacut Lake this time. We found a bulldozed dirt road that was just north of a small lake called Rainbow Lake. We walked westward up the hill and then set up our tents as we were getting tired.

    As usual I slept lightly in anticipation of an abduction. I suddenly felt that an abduction was imminent and it woke me up. Once again, my waking up foiled the abduction. I eventually went back to sleep and nothing further happened that night.

    We hiked around the area the next day but found nothing. So we hiked back to our cars and drove home.


    Charlie and I made one last trip to the area. We first tried to find roads into the area, but at every turn we ran into locked gates. In the mid-90s this area was cattle country. Although there were a few people living on the outskirts of this area, no one was actually living in the area where the base entrance was.

    Consequently, we had to hike several miles into the area. This time we went further into the area than we ever had before. We hiked up the hill past Rainbow Lake and then Charlie decided to walk in a different direction.

    I kept walking north and westward across an area with tall grass. I kept looking at the east side of the steep ridge that separated this area from Palmer Lake.

    Here is where it gets a bit weird. That day I did not remember ever seeing where the base was.

    However, as the years went by my memory started returning and I did indeed remember seeing where the underground base hangar doors were. This was a very clear memory. It was still quite a distance away from where I was standing.

    This area was about one hundred feet long and fifty or so feet wide. It did indeed stick out like a sore thumb in contrast to the trees around it. It was a perfect rectangle. The hangar door appeared to be covered with short, young trees and other plants, at most only two or three feet high. This may have been a hologram.

    When my memory of seeing the hangar door location returned to me, I realized that the Grays had blocked my memory of seeing it. I never went back to that area even though I had spent a summer in Tonasket years later.


    In 2007 I was living in Helena, Montana when I decided to use Google Earth and Google Maps to locate the entrance to the underground base. This was a time when I wasn’t being abducted. I hadn’t been abducted for a number of years. However, I was abducted that very night.

    I concluded that there is a monitoring system in place that detects when people are searching with computers over areas where underground bases were built. I did not search this area online until the fall of 2020.

    FALL 2020

    In November of 2020 I found some videos online of an underground base whistleblower called “Gene Decode.” He showed this map in one of his videos.

    I was very surprised to see the location of the base I was abducted into in 1994. The base is in the upper left corner where Washington State is. It is next to the Canadian border and it is connected to the tunnel system coming from the cluster of underground bases by Spokane, Washington and Fairchild Air Force Base. There is a bend in the tunnel about halfway between Spokane and the Palmer Lake base, which is most likely the airport at Moses Lake.

    There are also two thinner tunnel lines coming from the Palmer Lake base—one heading west toward Puget Sound and the other heading into Canada.

    I subsequently looked at that area with various satellite maps and found that there were now several homes in that area around where this underground base entrance was. I could not see any evidence of the rectangular base entrance in any of these satellite maps.

    Back in 1994 there were absolutely no homes or developments of any kind in this area. It was just open cattle country surrounded by barbed wire fences and padlocked gates.

    Twenty-five years ago I had sent my deep underground base experience to ET researchers Linda Moulton Howe and Bill Hamilton along with my hand-drawn map of that area that revealed the location of that base.

    My conclusion was that they decided to close the entrance to this base after I exposed its location. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean they closed the base--just this specific entrance into it.

    Truman L. Cash
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    Default Re: My underground base experience

    I found another map that shows the location of the DUMB entrance wherein I was twice abducted.

    If you look at the red dot in the location of north central Washington State next to the Canadian border, you will see where I was abducted in 1994. I have provided both maps for visual comparison.

    As you can see, both maps appear to be showing the same DUMB locations, which may indicate that both maps have the same original source.

    Also, the fact that the maps show the out-of-the-way, lone dot (location) of that base plus showing the places where one would suspect an underground base to be indicates to me that the maps are authentic. For example: the dots around Fairchild Air Force Base by Spokane and the tunnel leading from there to the underground base at the old Air Force Base at Moses Lake which then leads to the lone base into which I was abducted. (There is a thinner tunnel line connecting that base to the Puget Sound bases.)

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    Default Re: My underground base experience

    As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a thin tunnel line drawn from the base into which I was abducted in north central Washington to the Puget Sound area. As one might expect there is a lot going on there insofar as underground as well as underwater bases, such Naval Base Kitsap west of Seattle.

    Puget Sound Is Home To Biggest Nuclear Stockpile In The World

    "Naval Base Kitsap, located on the eastern shore of Hood Canal, one of the four main basins in Washington state’s Puget Sound. The base is home port for eight of the US Navy’s 14 Trident ballistic missile submarines as well as an underground nuclear weapons storage complex. Together, they’re believed to store more than 1,300 nuclear warheads, according to Hans Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists.

    "This is arguably the biggest single concentration of nuclear warheads not only in the US, but in the world." https://popularresistance.org/puget-...-in-the-world/

    "Naval Base Kitsap is a U.S. Navy base located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state, created in 2004 by merging the former Naval Station Bremerton with Naval Submarine Base Bangor. It is the home base for the Navy’s fleet throughout West Puget Sound, provides base operating services, support for both surface ships and fleet ballistic missile and other nuclear submarines as one of the U.S. Navy's four nuclear shipyards, one of two strategic nuclear weapons facilities, and the only West Coast dry dock capable of handling a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and the Navy's largest fuel depot.[1] Naval Base Kitsap is the third-largest Navy base in the U.S." [Wikipedia]

    The lower, tunnel map in my previous post also shows a thin line tunnel going up into Canada.

    The maps below also shows tunnels passing through the same area wherein I was abducted underground. The bottom map actually shows a triangle at the exact location of the base into which I was abducted. The triangle indicates "HIGH UFO ACTIVITY". And that is true. I lived in Tonasket near the base for awhile and talked with people who told me about their sightings.

    As I mentioned in my opening post, the entrance to this base was closed, apparently due to my exposure of its location in the mid-90s. At that time the only way to get to the base location was by walking since the entire area, which would be measured in square miles, was surrounded by barbed wire fences and all the gates were padlocked. This used to be just cattle country. Now there are people living right next to where this base entrance used to be. However, this does not mean that the base itself is not there. I can only say that this "entrance" was closed. I can also say that they were very pissed that I had discovered the base in 1994 when I was abducted into it and they threatened me to keep my mouth shut. But I didn't.
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    Default Re: My underground base experience

    Here in Oregon a few back I met the new owner of our local laundromat. We became friends and he shared some of his past jobs and one was an engineer in the Lawrence Livermore Labs, He worked specifically on the underground air system. The design sounded wild. The airduct system is protected by a number of deadly forces to anything trying to enter but eventually he said wild animals like rabbits would get minced up by the Mach speed fan and incinerated by electricity after passing through the fan. He sounded sincere.

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    Default Re: My underground base experience

    People are finally waking up to the truth. Yes, ETs Are Controlling This Planet Via the Globalists.

    This morning Alex Jones and his guest agree that this planet is being controlled by "aliens" as "fallen angels" on InfoWars.com.

    This is what I have been saying for the past three decades after being abducted into this D.U.M.B.

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    Default Re: My underground base experience

    Quote Posted by TrumanCash (here)
    People are finally waking up to the truth. Yes, ETs Are Controlling This Planet Via the Globalists.

    This morning Alex Jones and his guest agree that this planet is being controlled by "aliens" as "fallen angels" on InfoWars.com.

    This is what I have been saying for the past three decades after being abducted into this D.U.M.B.
    I agree.
    It's messed up but yes.
    The elite are like a cargo cult repeating what they see..
    You know they were bringing Hillary up to speed when she was walking away from a Rockefeller estate carrying Timothy Good's book : above top secret".
    Charles Fort had it figured out in his 1919 book that stated it was obvious the occupants of the saucers controlled mankind.

    Klause Shwab probably knows what is going on. Joe Biden cow towed on stage to Klause saying he was privy to information above Bidens pay grade.

    It's all very terrifying.

    It reinforces the idea that a huge wave we can not hope to defeat is coming and all we can do is try to ride it as best we can.

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