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Thread: Roswell...What if!?

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    Post Roswell...What if!?

    Hi everyone!!
    1. What if the American people had stood their Ground in 1947 to tell the Government
    - General Ramey is WRONG
    - Roswell is REAL?!
    2. Were certain Military officials disgusted over the Roswell Incident?!
    Did they resign??
    3. How many crashes occured in New Mexico in 1947??.
    Thank you..

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    Default Re: Roswell...What if!?

    I wanted to bump this thread.. I have little time to post at the moment, but I do wish to add possibilities to the equation... I do hope people go back and reconsider Roswell... Because that was one of the biggest scandals of our time, and in the field of ufology...

    I will add quickly, that the first verbal report of Roswell was that a disc crashed, and the "Missile" was taken to Wright Patterson.. That is always overlooked.. Missile? Weapons testing? Possibly testing missiles firing at other missile's and hence a mid air collision perhaps?

    That would explain TWO being found apparently "colliding..." A second possibility is the bombs that were being carried here in the air stream, and actually landing on American soil, I believe the story at the time was the Japanese was sending them up, and they kept it quiet because they didn't want them to know they were actually landing on American soil... Something they would want to keep secret at all costs so as not to frighten the masses that we were being attacked on our own soil...

    There are so many other things that the wrecks could have been....
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    Default Re: Roswell...What if!?

    I think you should read a book The Day After Roswell by Philip J. Corso , you will get answers in this book ...

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    Default Re: Roswell...What if!?

    Singer/songwriters Reina del Cid and Toni Lindgren broke down in Roswell
    a few weeks ago, this is what came of it


    (37) Roswell - Reina del Cid and Toni Lindgren - YouTube

    I hope it brightens your day

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    Default Re: Roswell...What if!?

    There were at least four crash sites, one in MO, one in Roswell, NM and one in yet another place in North America. The gov. release of info. documents that these flying craft were indeed retrieved and that they do indeed have three in their possession at this writing. More is to be released later as I understand it. Being very interested in this topic I tend to read a lot about it and in the files released they only tell us that they have them. From this we should be able to deduce that these craft when found were immediately examined by the most elect select of the shelf above top shelf intelligences on this planet and as a consequence of this? Well, we got fiber optics, computer chips, circuit boards instead of tubes and we went digital and now after this dump of technolgy on a, 'lesser' culture we are all connected to those that dumped it!

    The intelligence behind the phone we all carry is beyond human ability to even follow with built in back doors being found, hidden access ports and more all the time that no one knows who put there or why!? Well, it stands to reason it was the ones that gave it to us so they could examine us and our daily lives real time using those ports of access they did on purpose to learn about us. And even tho it advanced us from basically barely having motorized vehicles to get us from point A to point B in life we now all the sudden were making trips to the moon and in a record leap in advancement we literally went from horse back to the moon in about 80 years plus or minus! This feat is an impossibiltiy without outside help!
    The genius consistently stands out from the masses in that he unconsciously anticipates truths of which the population as a whole only later becomes conscious! Speech-circa 1937

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