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Thread: Texas Members - How can we help?

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    Default Re: Texas Members - How can we help?

    Quote Posted by Anka (here)
    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    A shout-out to (or for!) Karen (Geophyz), who lives in central Texas but has been battling the elements like she's in Alaska, or maybe Antarctica. The mods are keeping in close touch with her, and she's doing okay.

    In the middle of a continual power outage caused by felled poles, she reported she was very cold, was out of firewood and candles, and that the oil in her lamp had frozen, which she hadn't thought possible. (Jeez! )

    Her cell tower had fallen, and so had a bunch of trees over her driveway that she said she hadn't the energy yet to clear with a chainsaw.

    She was very worried about her beloved 40 (forty!!) year old horse, but then went out into the snow to search for her milking cow so she could bring them together into the same stall and then tarp it down tight against the weather. Before she found her cow, she came across a shivering abandoned dog looking for help, which she rescued. (So now she has two dogs. )

    She took some food to her neighbor yesterday, who needed it, and the last we heard she was wrapped up in multiple layers to venture out in her gator (a 3-wheel all-terrain thing) to get some wood from another neighbor.

    We've not yet heard back from her after this latest trip, but she's pretty resilient — as readers may have already gathered. Tonight will dip down to 15ºF (-10ºC) but after that it should start to warm up again the next few days. We're telling her, just one more cold night to hang in there with all her animals.

    Is Karen (Geophyz) ok? Knowing that she is resilient, I have the best thoughts about how brave she can be! I want to know if she, her neighbors and her animals were okay.If you have any news, please let me know.

    Yes, many thanks! She's okay and doing well. We eventually heard from her yesterday afternoon after a long silence because she had no cell signal. And her animals are all in good shape too, including her remarkable 40-year old horse which she'd been very worried about.

    The weather is now gradually getting warmer, so it seems the worst may be over. But, after over a week, with Texas slowly getting back online, she still has no power and her local area be one of the very last to be reconnected.
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    Default Re: Texas Members - How can we help?

    Quote Posted by Sue (Ayt) (here)
    Yes! Karen has contacted us that she is OK, just has limited/intermittent cell service at the moment.
    But she was able to get to a neighbor's house a mile away and get some wood. And her animals are OK too!
    She wrote that she has plenty of food and water.
    (But she likely has lots of clean-up ahead now that it is warming up. Many trees were downed on her property, it sounds like.)
    Thanks for the reply! I know Karen can do the impossible. I'm glad she and the animals are fine, and I'm convinced she'll be able to overcome everything she has to do. I know what it means to cut down trees from cold / snow / frost and it is extremely hard work. I'm glad she has heat, food and water.

    We just wish her all the best and lots of love, always hoping for more good.
    Thank you again.
    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Texas Members - How can we help?

    Quote Posted by Mashika (here)
    Texas should ask the Russian government to send a few people to teach them how to handle this situation...

    I mean Russia has been handling this for thousands of years, it's time to share and people should stop playing around the issue, people are dying. Ask for the help! It's what i would ask for the Texas government, don't let dumb pride get in the way of people's health and life

    Think about it, how can Babushka raise children in Syberia for a thousand years and get along with the cold out there, and yet in Texas people are dying, pride and arrogance is a terrible b*tch

    And there are other countries that could also help with systems they have used for hundreds of years to fix this problem, yet we don't hear anything about it! Rather see people die than say "i don't know how to fix this, please help" ?

    I think there's a little more to it than that. It's not that the know how is not here, it's more in where does a state choose to invest their time and resources. While the extreme winter weather seen across Texas is rare, it's not unprecedented. It does happen every now and then, most recently in 2011, and 1989:

    Quote Texas has received warnings about its preparedness going back at least three decades.

    In 1989 and 2011, Texas experienced significant power disruptions as a result of severe winter storms. Following both events, government regulators recommended power plants in the state prepare their facilities for the extreme cold.

    Fast forward to this week, when severe winter storms again disrupted Texas's power plants, causing millions to go without power for several days.

    In 2011, federal regulators were already critical of the state's lack of winterizing facilities when it was clear it was needed.

    A report prepared by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, a federal agency, and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, a nonprofit, examined electric and natural gas disruptions across the Southwest during the 2011 cold weather event.

    It found 210 power generating units under the jurisdiction of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas experienced an outage or disruption over a few days in February 2011, affecting 3.2 million people. ERCOT, a nonprofit, still oversees the state's electrical grid.

    The authors of the report also determined that, while especially severe, the 2011 cold event was not without precedent. They found there had been several instances of severe cold weather impacting power prior to 2011, particularly in 1989.

    The report said that in that year, following the power disruptions caused by cold weather, the Public Utility Commission of Texas recommended several actions to ensure power plants could withstand extreme weather. Those actions included yearly reviews to check for cold-weather preparedness, maintaining proper insulation, and employee training for cold weather emergency situations.

    However, those actions were not mandatory, and more than two dozen of the generators that failed in 1989 failed again in 2011. The report criticized the repeated failures and the fact that power plants were not required to prepare for cold weather following the 1989 event.

    The three little pigs story is a good analogy, from the individual, all the way up through state and federal governments. It's a lot of hard work and resources to build your house out of brick, but when the big bad wolf comes around it will pay off in spades.

    Usually, even the house made out of sticks is sufficient, and it seems that's how Texas has been rolling the dice.

    Compare this to the changes Florida made after the utter and complete devastation following Cat 5 Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

    Quote Building codes were overhauled after Andrew devastated entire neighborhoods when it roared through Miami-Dade County as a Category 5 storm on Aug. 24, 1992.

    The state adopted the Florida Building Code as its first statewide code in 2002, mandating that new structures be built to withstand hurricane force winds and have storm shutters or impact-resistant windows.

    Houses built since these new strict codes were put in place now survive even storms like Andrew, while others built earlier are washed away or obliterated. They may lose the roofing or siding in extreme cases, but odds are the structure will remain in place.

    Florida got the message loud and clear from that disaster, and started building their houses out of "brick" for the next time the big bad wolf pays a visit.

    Will Texas finally get that message after this? I think the people will demand it this time.
    If you trust your government
    You don't know history

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    Default Re: Texas Members - How can we help?

    It was pretty tough for a lot of people. I’m between Austin and San Antonio, in San Marcos. My house only lost power for a couple of hours. Two days later we lost water for a day. But there were people in neighborhoods just across the highway who were subject to rolling blackouts, power would come on for an hour then down again for five, others who never got power back until the end. As our house is not next to a hospital, I have no idea why my neighborhood was not subject to the rolling blackouts. We are right across the street from a middle school and elementary school but it is not my understanding that schools are critical infrastructure.

    I’ve spent decades in cold weather states and nations so the ice and snow wasn’t an issue for me personally but these folks down here don’t know how to drive on ice so I stayed off the roads as much as possible and just stayed in, we had enough food from when we stocked up in the early part of Covid. I’m quite sure that this is not going to be an isolated event. Texas will respond pretty quickly to ERCOT and the grid failures but I don’t know how much will get done as this was quickly turned into a partisan battle about the green new deal and wind turbines versus natural gas and oil.

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    Default Re: Texas Members - How can we help?

    I'm trying to recall where I recently read someone mention HAARP in relation to the Texas
    extremely low temperatures.

    I can only speculate based on past info. that was written about on the internet, in the News
    etc. HAARP has been mentioned in regards to "weather wars" and we have seen here on Avalon
    evidence of world wide extreme weather.

    I never thought about it but who is HAARP responsible to? What is their agenda? Are they part of
    Government? They have power to devastate cities, countries even and play God with different parts
    of the USA and the world at large.

    Who in power can stop them? If they are causing climate change and blaming it on the environment
    they need to be stopped. And stopped NOW.
    Question Everything, always speak truth...

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    Default Re: Texas Members - How can we help?

    February 20, 2021

    Source: https://www.rumble.com/embed/vbe6hj/?pub=4


    "The latest from Greg Reese!



    On May 1st of 2020, President Trump signed Executive Order 13920, securing the United States’ bulk power system.

    In the Executive Order, Trump stated that he found that foreign adversaries had been, “Exploiting and creating vulnerabilities in the United States’ bulk power system, and that “The bulk power system is a target of those seeking to commit malicious acts against the United States and its people, because a successful attack on our bulk power system would present significant risks to our economy, human health and safety and would render the United States less capable of acting in defense of itself and its allies.”

    Power transformers are the backbone of out electrical grid and about 85% of our transformers are coming from abroad, including Communist China, who 9 years ago bragged that they supported 10% of New York City’s electrical load.

    On his very first day in the White House, President Joe Biden signed the Executive Order on Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis. In Section 7 (c) of this Order, it is written that, “The Executive Order of May 1, 2020 (Securing the United States Bulk Power System), is hereby suspended for 90 days.”

    On February 12th, ahead of winter storm Uri, Governor Greg Abbott declared a State of Disaster, due to “The imminent threat of loss of life, due to prolonged freezing temperatures.”

    With several board members living out of state, including one in Canada, with backgrounds in Economics and Environmentalism, rather than Energy, ERCOT manages over 90% of the Texas electrical grid.

    On February 14th, ERCOT requested that the Secretary of Energy issue an order authorizing the use of energy, currently restricted due to carbon emissions. Biden’s Department of Energy responded in an official document, which prioritizes the environment over human life.

    During a State Emergency, the Federal Government incentivized ERCOT to shut off the power, by charging them 18,000% higher than regular prices. And when the record freezing temperatures reached Texas, ERCOT shut off power to neighborhoods it deemed “non-essential”, thereby murdering people in their own beds.

    There has never been a time in American history where this happened before. They have already succeeded at making us so stupid, that we believe there is no such thing as sexual gender and made us so weak, that we allow them to steal an election before our very eyes.

    They will now put us on endless climate lockdowns, shutting down our power grid to kill us and break our will. As the men continue to do nothing, the women will grow to resent them, thereby destroying the family bond.

    So long as we continue to do nothing, we will be murdered or broken and brought to heel, where we will beg for whatever scraps our degenerate masters choose to offer us.

    And if we refuse to stand up, then we deserve every bit of what’s coming."
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    Each breath a gift...

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