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Thread: Free Range Chicken and Kids

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    Default Free Range Chicken and Kids

    I meant to post this some time ago but it slipped away until today that i found a recommendation from youtube...

    So, I meant to say about this

    On some countries, it is normal for kids to go outside and to the convenience store, or to play, or just to sit on their doorstep on their own, without adult supervition

    But, it does seem like in the west, this is not possible at all, and it can result in the cops showing up and all sorts of legal issues, with possibly kids being taken away...

    But, why?

    When i was a kid, i would travel like 2 kilometers every day just to buy magazines or other stuff i wanted, and then return home on my bike along with other friends and nothing would be wrong, and that was like 14+ years ago..

    But from all i've seen in the past 5 years, including a video where a mom had to leave her kid playing on a park while she was working and the cops took the kid away, this is not possible at all anymore on the western countries?

    Quote Mom accused of leaving child in park

    It seems like a big issue, not sure what to think about it really. In the last link the kid was 9 years old, why is this so different than being 9 years old in Japan, Russia, China or South Korea for example?

    "Free range kids" is a concept on the US for example, to me it equals "normal life", and it's a problem because someone may disagreee and call the cops on you because your chickens are running around freely, without a cage to hold them in

    In Japan, "chickens" go to school on their own starting on first grade, and they are supposed to take the train to get there, switch stations sometimes, and know their way back, all on their own. They are also expected to go buy some food at close shops, all of these things at 6 years old.

    In the US or other countries, why does it seem to be the norm that a "chiken" can't be self suficient at 11/12 years old?

    As a person note, when i went to live on the US at first, my sis was still small, and i was told in a very direct and specific way "never lose sight of her, she may go missing any time if you don't care for her" and it caused me terrible mental and emotional issues, down to hovering over her all day, constantly calling her when she was on another room and i had not heard from her in 20/30 minutes or so, and jumping out of my room in panic when she did not reply and almost running only to find her sleeping in the living room couch...

    Or going to the movies or other places and suddenly not seeing her around, and having that terrible feeling she may have been "taken away" and oh well

    That's ridiculous i think, it caused mental issues for some time, and i found it terrible repressing and irreversible in many ways, as in she lost a lot of experience in life by being caged next to me because she was not allowed to be on her own ever

    Chiken or the egg? What started first?

    Why is this not a thing on Russia, or Japan, or China mostly? or other countries in that area? Even here on Mexico, kids go buy stuff all days without any problem, as long as they ask their parents if they can go, sometimes the parents watch from the window and sometimes they don't, but this is like when kids are around 8 years old, and at around 10/11 you can see them all over the place on their own, no issues. They already know how to take care of themselves at that age

    To me, the tone of the people talking on those videos, as if "look at this wonder!" is hilarious.. "Look at him walk! as if he was already a normal human being! And ladies and Gentlement, he has just swapped that train commuter card on his own!"

    What do you think about this?
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    Default Re: Free Range Chicken and Kids

    Japan's 10 year old kids are more capable than the young adults here in the U.S.

    Kids here, from the time they're young to their late teens/early 20's, are taught nothing but grievances. They're taught to avoid any type of controversy. And not only that but are groomed to feel that controversy - even the good kind that causes us to grow and evolve - is a form of oppression and should be regarded as unsafe. All that has given birth to the "safe space" culture. Safe spaces are actually quite dangerous in that they mollycoddle and make kids weak, ultimately. And the weaker they get the more they retreat from the real world, to the point where taking a bike ride to a convenient store is regarded as a revolutionary act.

    Kids and young adults here in the U.S. actually feel entitled to mental and physical spaces free from any kind of challenge or discomfort at all. It's not entirely their fault; they're taught that from a young age.

    They're taught that the world is an evil place and they're likely at the bottom of the victim pile, and things like seeking adventure and working towards goals are forfeited in favor of a neurotic obsession with finding flaws in everyone and everything they come into contact with. And they're actually actively taught how to not become adults.

    So there's the accumulated fear of people and things combined with a reluctance to engage the world lest they be made uncomfortable in some way, along with an inordinate amount of time spent indoors on tablets and devices and so forth...and what you get finally are a bunch of overgrown infants who can no longer interface with reality in a healthy and coherent way, with a tendency to blame that ineptitude on some abstract "oppression" or whatever hipster disorder is flavor of the month, like adhd or something.

    As I said in a thread of mine recently, Americans are a silly people now. It's official. We aren't losing to Japan and China and the Soviet Union, we've already lost. We have generations of frightened, incapable kids and young adults now; and it's going to take generations of properly educated kids to undo all the damage...if we're lucky and there's still something left to repair at that point.
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    Default Re: Free Range Chicken and Kids

    When I was a kid, I certainly had a lot of freedom. From ages 6-9, I had to walk a mile to the bus stop and a mile home, every day. We lived in a trailer at the time, at the end of a small hay field backed to forested crown land. It was a bit out in the boonies, hence the mile walk. The only times I ever got a ride was in winter after a snowfall when the road wasn't cleared yet, so I'd get a ride on the snowmobile to the bus stop, lol.

    I had encounters with bears and moose on the way or home from the bus stop. Snakes and frogs would get run over by the sparse traffic laying on the gravel road sunning themselves to get warm, and the bears would come down to snack on them. I recall once trying to see how close I could get to a bear. I got pretty close, before I made him uncomfortable with my overconfident stride towards him, before he lumbered off. I had no fear of nature back then - I was a part of it for certain.

    I used to tell my mom "I'm going exploring in the forest", and she'd respond with "Ok but supper will be ready in a couple hours - be back before then"

    Even as I got a bit older, I remember taking a train to Vancouver all by myself, and I had my friends mom pick me up at the station there and stayed with them for a few days. My parents drove up after and I was able to get a ride back with them. I was probably about 13-14.

    Imagining what it would have been like without that freedom, feels like a severe handicap. I would not have traded those experiences for the world.
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