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Thread: Is Alternative think rooted in Genetics ?

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    Default Re: Is Alternative think rooted in Genetics ?

    I don't think it's genetics. I think it's extraterrestrial. About half the population has past lives elsewhere. Simon Parkes called them Type 1 (vs terrestrial Type 2 humans), and that aligns with my experience.

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    Default Re: Is Alternative think rooted in Genetics ?

    In my view, the vaccine fraud is a giant SCAM which is difficult to finger because its construction is complex, involving a plan organized to fool you no matter which choice you make. In the case of Covid19 vaccine, the test stick is not a test, it is a trick to give you the mRNA program computer bots past your brain/body barrier, via Morgellons fibers which are alive, from the beginning. You are not informed of the truth at any stage. Each part of the program is a MISDIRECT of your attention. When they give you the actual Vaccine, which contains the same thing, this is actually your SECOND dose of killer poison which attaches itself to your DNA (and cannot be removed) and invites your immune system to attack the body, which it then sees as an enemy, and kill it. Statistics of those who die are not cumulatively reported. To further confuse the situation, the vaccines do not contain the same things. The doses vary in KIND and TOXIC content. Some are harmless. They do not tell you that if you take any of these your FREEDOM TO REFUSE FUTURE DOSES IS RENDERED ILLEGAL BECAUSE THEY NOW OWN YOU because you have a product of their invention in your body. This piece of rubbish legislation should be removed from the books IMMEDIATELY. The human race should remove every CDC-like Lab on Earth and send those who run them and profit from them to Death, as the mass murderers that they are. All like the Rockefellers and their descendants under other names who are
    involved in this program should suffer the same fate.

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    Default Re: Is Alternative think rooted in Genetics ?

    In reply to the above post by Amor:
    The prevailing sentiment, from my neck of the woods at least, is that this entire pandemic is a global power play...but those pulling the strings can't be trusted so the bug is probably real, and although the vaccine makes almost no sense it's best to take it just to be able to get back to some sort of normalcy.

    As far as the genetic component to enlightened individuals, or as I like to call them advanced humans, it might have some validity. There is certainly some kind of difference. It might just be that advanced humans need a particular type of body tuning or sensitivity or emotional quotient to allow that type of human to function in this world at all. Never mind get the job done they came here to do.
    I think it is a choice we make before birth.

    Also what I would point out is that perception infers bias. Bias can make connections between things that otherwise share no actual commonality.
    Everyone can choose an advanced human body, and the next time around choose otherwise. Why not? We are all exalted beings in our pure state, right or wrong is for temporal and material realms, when we are clothed in matter and confined to but a tiny fragment of time...
    Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water...Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend. Bruce Lee

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    Default Re: Is Alternative think rooted in Genetics ?

    Quote Posted by Wind (here)
    Every soul has it's own life path, it's just the way it is.
    Love the telegraphic nature of the post.

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