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    Default Peter Moon Books

    Transylvanian Sunrise series by Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

    Book 1 in post #3: The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time by Preston Nichols & Peter Moon

    Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity by Preston Nichols & Peter Moon

    Book II

    P13. Jack Parsons was assassinated in 1952 by an explosion in his laboratory.
    P14. Peter Moon worked with L. Ron Hubbard.
    P27. A biofiss is a device Preston invented that balances electromagnetic fields around the body.
    P31. Book: A history of Man by L. Ron Hubbard.
    P52. There was a project called Nordor (spelling may be incorrect) at Montauk. There’s a ray gun that can make people invisible.
    P56. Preston Nichols remembers another past life where he was Preston B. Wilson. His twin was Marcus Wilson who is believed to be Duncan Cameron. They created the first electronics in Great Britain.
    P57. Preston was shown a picture of himself in the 1800’s by William Berkeley the Historian for Thorn EMI.
    P59. Pinewood Studios is where Empire Strikes Back was filmed.
    P70. 666 was Aleister Crowley’s code.
    P72. Marjorie Cameron is descended from the Gunn clan, the oldest clan in Scotland. The Gunns came from the Odins.
    P100. It’s believed the Aryans have a psychic genetic factor.
    P101. It’s suggested the grays harvest our fright.
    P107. Project Montauk signifies Montauk Alsace-Lorraine Time Archives. The project was continued in Europe in the Alsace-Lorraine Mountains.
    P111-112. Stan was sent back in time to kill Christ and get a sample of his blood. He emptied a revolver into him without phasing him. Jesus knew why he was there and said he wouldn’t be able to kill him and he offered the blood sample. He may have entered Judas and betrayed Jesus. He then traveled to Mars and gave the sample to a man posing as Jesus.
    P113. There are twelve major mystery schools on Earth. All are concerned about fostering the antichrist.
    P116. M.A.L.T.A is the continuation of the Phoenix or Montauk Project in Germany.
    P125. Alien treaties are referred to as legends because there’s no copies to refer to. There’s an alien group known as K Group.
    P132. The E.T Company is Electronic Transistors Company. They changed their name to Orion Diversified Technologies. They have Surface Barrier Transistors (SBT) which is a technology that came from aliens/Grays.
    P133. The transistors opened a time barrier and had free tachyon energy.
    P137. The early name for the transistor was the crystal valve.
    P168. Dr. John Von Neumann liked strawberry ice cream and so did Dr. Rinehart. I recall Dan Burisch saying an alien in custody liked it too, possibly the J-Rods.
    P171. There’s a sage radar like the one at Montauk at Sembach, Germany.
    P178. It’s believed the Andromedans dismantled the Montauk Project underground in New York.
    P188. The catacombs under Montauk are said to be pathways to inner Earth. Other locations are Rome, Crete, Incan tunnels under the Andes and Viet Cong used the underground passages.
    P189. German Kaiser.
    P192. The twelve mystery schools are also known as secret societies.
    P193. They’re concerned with the balance of good & evil over dark & light. Montauk is about the antichrist.
    P194. An imbalance of either the Christ or Antichrist creates a disharmony in the continuum of life.
    P197. There’s a picture of a Delta T antenna.
    P204. The scientology organization has/had a ship called Excalibur.
    P210. Most arsonists masquerade as firemen. Synchronicity carries forward from one life to another.
    P214. The Men-an-Tol stone is called quoit because there’s a circular hole in it.
    P217. Manatu who were shape shifters and time travelers name is connected to Montauk.
    P219. Sterility in twins is a sign of a virgin birth.
    P220. The eight cells at the base of the spine. Drunvalo Melchizedek also mentioned this in The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life vol. 1 or 2. The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life vol. 1 & 2
    P236. Thelma is the Greek word for will.
    P241. There’s a version of Montauk in Big Sur, California.
    P246. Mass sightings of UFO’s happened after Babalon Working.

    Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness by Preston Nichols & Peter Moon

    Book III

    P10. It went from the Philadelphia experiment to Brookhaven National Laboratories to Montauk.
    P28. Montauk has a particle accelerator.
    P45-46. Book: ‘Historic Long Island’ by Rufus Rockwell Wilson was mentioned.
    P49. The Montauk Indians spoke a language called Vril. This was an Atlantean tongue. Its origins came from the Enochian language of the angels. Thomas Jefferson tried to preserve the Montauk’s language and created a dictionary. The Montauk Indians, ancient Egyptians and Atlanteans are the only cultures in Earth’s history to use the name pharaoh. Vril is a psychic force. The Atlanteans called it Mash-Mak which is a phonetic approximation to the word Montauk.
    P52. Madam X told Peter Mars, Egypt, Atlantis & Montauk are connected.
    P53. The morphogenetic grid was mentioned.
    P55. Cairo is Al-Kahira meaning Mars.
    P60. The term Indian giver came from the Montauk land disputes.
    P68. Non-Intercourse Act of 1793.
    P70. There’s an image of an alleged bottomless pond in the Montauk area.
    P75. The Montauks are descended from the Leni Lenape.
    P79. Turtle Cove is in the Montauk area.
    P88. The platonic solids were named after Plato.
    P104. Scotland was named after the pharaoh’s daughter Scota.
    P105. The Isle of Skye was mentioned.
    P108. Pharaoh means great house or magic hiding place.
    P110. There are thirteen months in the lunar calendar.
    P113. Tahuti was depicted as an ibis and said to reside in the great pyramid. The Greeks called him Thoth and also identified him as Hermes. The Romans called him Mercury and the Hebrews called him Enoch.
    P116. The number 666 is encoded in our DNA. The Book of Thoth was mentioned.
    P121. The planet Vulcan is said to orbit between Mercury and the sun.
    P125. March means Mars.
    P126. Easter is derived from Ishtar.
    P126-127. The cataclysm between Mars & Earth happened in 1330 or 1404 BC.
    P127. The flyby of Mars happens every 108 years.
    P128. Baal was an ancient city located north of Cairo. It’s known as Heliopolis by historians. People with Rh negative blood may have descended from Martians.
    P129. Camelot means Martian city or city of Mars.
    P131-132. The Martians that settled Earth while we were still primates called themselves hu-man because HU stood for the full array of color of God or everything on the electromagnetic spectrum.
    P132. George Hunt Williamson’s books were mentioned.
    P134. There are ten major pyramids in Shensi, China.
    P135. The Law of One became the mystery school of The Eye of Horus.
    P141. Merkabah was mentioned.
    P149. Phrees & Catholies were mentioned.
    P151. Thule was the capital city of the Aryan race.
    P159. The time travel problem began in 1923 when the Thule society collaborated with the Aleister Crowley lodge according to Thoth/Tahuti. The Black Sun is the center of our galaxy.
    P160. In Project Phisummum the Order of the Black Sun wanted to retrieve the Holy Grail & give it to the Antichrist.
    P169. Etymology is the study of word meanings & their origins. It’s an ancient tool of magicians & considered by them to be a sacred science.
    P171. The first king of the fist dynasty of Egypt was name Menes. A woman’s monthly discharge is called menses.
    P175. Aiwass dictated The Book of the Law to Crowley.
    P177. Almost anything in the Military Industrial Complex which was secret was labeled phoenix. Camp Hero means camp of time measurement.
    P180. Peter anagrammed TBETISAYFA and got EASY IF BAST or IF BAST EASY. Bast/Bastet was an Egyptian cat goddess. Wordsmith
    P187. The face on Mars was in honor of the god Sukon.
    P188. Or Seth or Set. The Silver Star refers to Sirius. The ancient name for that constellation is phoenix. The Assyrians & Phoenicians derived their name from it.
    P194. Bast was depicted as the sphinx.
    P199. The color black represents the void of creation from which all things are derived. It was a sacred color & was meant to represent the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
    P200. Set was also known as Sept which is where September came from.
    P201. Babylon means Baby Lyon.
    P203. The Earth is a spheroid. The 51.51 degree distortion of the great pyramid is identical to the Earth’s.
    P204. In 1918 Crowley began a sexual magick operation called Amalantrah. They contacted LAM which is the Tibetan word for way or path.
    P205. There was an ancient land in Iraq called Elam. They spoke a language with no relationship to any other language. There is a cult of LAM. The pyramids in Mexico are at 19.47 degrees north of the equator. There are also pyramids in Hawaii at 19.47 covered by the jungle.
    P207. A yantra is a two dimensional glyph designed to evoke a four dimensional experience. 51.51 x 7 is 360.57 or the length of an ancient calendar year.
    P208. There’s a rendering of the Babalon yantra.
    P211. Crowley & Jack Parsons were both members of the Illuminati.
    P217. There’s a Jericho location in Long Island.
    P227. Part II by Preston Nichols
    P227. There are eight levels in the Montauk underground.
    P228. Level 5, 6, 7 are like an underground city.
    P239. The Montauk boys were trained to be Delta Force. They would fight aliens & recover UFO’s. They had an invisibility unit the size of a tape recorder they wore on their belts. It could also pop them into another dimension putting them in an observation mode into this one.
    P240. They have control implants.
    P243. When transmissions are emanating from Montauk it interferes with ABC channel 7 between 172-174 megahertz.
    P247. Large particle accelerators feed smaller ones.
    P253. The Montauk Project reached back 3.6 million years into the past and 6037 years into the future.
    P256. Stan Tenon’s work on sacred geometry was mentioned.
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    Default Re: Peter Moon Books

    The Black Sun: Montauk’s Nazi-Tibetan Connection by Peter Moon

    Book IV

    P14. The Nazis in the US after WWII were known as the Bund.
    P16. Duncan Cameron’s brother is Edward Cameron who is also known as Al Bielek.
    P39. Bon meetings. They call the monster Duncan manifested the Beast.
    P41. A magnet can be used as a radio antenna. The dimensions were one inch by six inches by 3/8ths of an inch thick.
    P46. The movie Birth of a Nation was mentioned.
    P48. Anna was believed to be the reincarnation of the Sumerian Innana which is equivalent to Babalon.
    P54. There’s a rendering of Moloch.
    P58. Peter Moon is part Gaelic through his mother whose last name was Sweeney.
    P61. JFK junior’s magazine George refers to gay like Boy George.
    P62. Arnold Schwarzenegger married into the Kennedy clan. In the movie Total Recall he used a chair similar to the Montauk chair. Joe Kennedy made the first talkies in the 1930’s.
    P63. There was an intelligence service called “The Link” during WWII.
    P64. The Kennedys are genetically linked to the Camerons. They trace their roots to the Scottish Isle of Skye, the isle of witches.
    P65. Kennedy means “Ugly Head” in reference to Baphomet.
    P66. There’s a rendering of Ishtar and Baphomet which looks like the Starbucks logo.
    P68. The great tree of Irmensul. Rocks of Externsteine are huge.
    P71. Hitler was called Wulf and Adolph means Noble Wolf. His staff called him Manitou which means shape shifter.
    P85. Preston said WWII was a war of time. Mark Hamill was the covert producer of the movie ‘The Philadelphia Experiment 2”. On the Wikipedia page for that movie he’s listed as Mark Levinson in reference to Levinson time equations. Wikipedia
    P86. The producer Doug Curtis said Mark Hamill had no involvement. Preston ran into Mark at a Mall and said he was working on The Philadelphia Experiment 2.
    P87. The name Decker was blurted out in the movie which was a reference to John Von Neumann. Christopher Reeves was a scientologist. Mark Hammill had a car accident in the late 70’s. His face was disfigured and he had to have reconstructive surgery.
    P88. Lt. Col. James Hamill was involved with project Paper Clip and may have been Mark’s father.
    P94. There are eighteen people on Earth who have a triple aura. They all came from another universe that was destroyed by a black hole.
    P95. George Lucas was reported to live in Montauk.
    P102. Rabbi was derived from the word Ra, the Egyptian sun god.
    P103. The ancient common tongue was Vril.
    P108. Heinrich Himmler believed the masons get their orders from a small group of Jews.
    P109. He also believed he was the reincarnation of Henry I.
    P110. Footnote: Dr. Felix Kersten’s book(s).
    P119. Book: Spear of Destiny.
    P136. Spider is a modern Nazi type organization that exists today. They have factions across the World Wide Web.
    P137. Order of the Black Stone in the Nazi brass had a connection to the black stone in Mecca.
    P138. Shaybah known as the old woman translates to Sheba.
    P140. Tahuti was the builder of the great pyramid. The black stone in Mecca could be a part of the capstone of that pyramid.
    P142. Ifrit is the Arabic word for genie.
    P145. The Cameron clan are the lineage of Christ.
    P151. The sun inside the Earth is considered to be a black orb or void.
    P154. Montauk rests on an undersea volcano. Apollo was a resident of Hyperborea. In Pythagorean teachings, the Earth itself geometrically unfolds from a void in the center.
    P156. SS is Schwarze Sonne in German meaning black sun. Thulium is element 69.
    P157. Cameron adds up to 69 in simple gematria and those numbers add up to 15 which is the devil tarot card which corresponds to Baphomet.
    P159. Point 103 in the Canadian arctic is where thulists from around the world meet.
    P160. The positive source of the planet is known as Mount Meru by the Hindus, On or Ong by Egyptians. It has also been called Og or Oz.
    P161. Manisolas or bio-machines are cabalistic vessels of creation.
    P163. The Vril society is sometimes referred to as the Luminous Lodge.
    P164. Vril is a Tibetan word meaning chi or life force and can be identified with vibration.
    P165. Another word for it is Orgone. The books “The Coming Race.” & “Encounters in the Pleiades” were mentioned.
    P166. In “The Coming Race” a triangle or upside-down V is the symbol for the Supreme Being.
    P167. Book: “Secret Doctrine”.
    P168. Atlantean entity known as Yokar.
    P171. Book: “Secret Societies”.
    P172-173. The Vril society received transmissions from Aldebaran.
    P173. The Sumeran Empire.
    P174. All information about time travel is said to be regulated by the Knights Templar.
    P184. Peenemunde means head of the world.
    P188. HAARP seeks to control Earth’s grid and the minds of all living things.
    P190. Pope John Paul II worked for IG Farben.
    P199. The National Security Act was signed after the US navy was defeated in Antarctica in Operation Highjump.
    P200. Camp X is a training facility on the north shore of Lake Ontario for secret agents.
    P209. Book: Unholy Alliance by Peter Levenda.
    P213. Tibetan man with the green gloves. He was part of a mass suicide during WWII.
    P214. The Greeks changed the name Tartar to Barbar. Veda means knowledge in reference to Vedas or books of knowledge.
    P217. The Yellow Hats are known as Dugphas.
    P219. The Bon or Bonpos. Bon was introduced to Tibet in 500 BC. Shenrab is the founder of Bon to the Tibetans.
    P231. He mentioned the movie “The King and I.”
    P233. Mon is an ancient Atlantean word.
    P234. Genghis Khan took the name “Hor” for his people.
    P243. Peter Moon never heard of the Ark of the Covenant until he saw Raiders of the Lost Ark in the early 80’s.
    P248. Occultum or Irriculum was in the ark.
    P249. White gold comes out of the forehead of initiates via secretions. Tears of Horus and manna from heaven is white powdered gold. Crowley called it occultum.
    P250. Occultum is also known as the stealth atom. In a sense it’s a prototype of matter.
    P255. Occultum turns the skin blue.
    P261. Napoleon entered the king’s chamber on August 12th.
    P265. Shilajit is a mineral that looks and smells like asphalt.
    P267. Aleister Crowley visited Montauk in 1918.
    P268. He defines Lam as the Tibetan word for way or path.
    P270. Lama was originally pronounced Lamh with the H silent. Swastika means source of spirit. There’s a Monlam festival in Tibet.
    P271. Maitreya is the future coming of Buddha.
    P272. Atlas is the true name of Atlantis.
    P273. Zro or manna from heaven was part of the Atlantean diet. Their civilization revolved around its production. It allows the user to fly or manifest objects.
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    Default Re: Peter Moon Books

    Montauk: The Alien Connection by Stewart Swerdlow edited by Peter Moon

    P14. The CIA affiliated Aquarius Group.
    P15. Stewart was Stan Campbell in the book Montauk Revisited.
    P16. Most people have seven chakras. Duncan is a fourteen and Stewart is a twenty one or triple lattice.
    P25. Stewart was born on 11/05/56. His great uncle Yakov Sverdlov was the first president of the Soviet Union.
    P27. He talked about seeing a being that looked like the Jack of Spades.
    P34. In ancient times an advanced butterfly donated its DNA to create butterflies for Project Earth. The terrestrial butterflies monitor Earth’s magnetism.
    P36. A lizard race invaded Earth thousands of years ago. The moon was their ship. Another such ship will arrive by the end of the last century. In The Etheric Crystal: The Third Tunnel by Radu Cinamar he wrote the moon was a Sirian flagship.
    P37. Stewart was told by aliens that he has dolphin DNA.
    P39. He met a being that looks like a living Ankh.
    P46. His family moved from Brooklyn to Suffolk County, Long Island.
    P58. The Grays absorb nutrients through their skin. They sit or swim in large vats. The fluids come from other species.
    P62. He has an allergy to sodium pentothal. This implies he’s had it before. His breathing and heart stopped during oral surgery.
    P65. Jerusalem means city of Peace.
    P68. Aliens showed Earth humans how to use the hyperspace subway that runs all over the world. They won’t tell or don’t know who built them.
    P71. He met a Sirian ambassador to the Israelis from the planet Khoom in the Sirius A system.
    P77. The black Jews or Falasha from Ethiopia claim to be descendent of King Solomon via the Queen of Sheba.
    P80. Stewart also has Sirian DNA.
    P82. Khoom is an ice covered world that orbits Sirius A and has no moons. The Ohalu Council sent Stewart on his mission.
    P84. The Ark of the Covenant is a communication device between the physical world and hyperspace. The Sirians gave the Hebrews the instructions to build it. The University of Minnesota created one from the instructions in the bible and it had to be destroyed because it was too electrically charged.
    P85. Marriage Project or The First Wife Project.
    P89. He worked for Sterling Drug Inc. and their symbol is the Ankh.
    P91. He was told his marriage to Mia was over.
    P106. There are people that live under Long Island. He mentioned the book Communion.
    P109. A remnant of Atlantis is located on Long Island.
    P116. The Holiday Inn in Tyson’s Corners is used by the CIA.
    P129. Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron are brothers.
    P130. A Draco named Gegeeko spoke through Stewart’s body while Preston and Al regressed him.
    P131. If Earth falls the rest of the galaxy is in danger.
    P137. Another Draco named Tubor entered Stewart’s body. There’s a planet called Umo.
    P138. A Sirian being named Mishka entered Stewart’s body. It told him he could defend against takeovers of his body. He came from a Sirian ship called the Calumbra that orbits between Mars & Earth. Sirians are considered merchants of the universe.
    P139. The USSR is/was in league with the Draco.
    P141. A four hundred year old hybrid son of Stewart’s named Elsinob came to visit him. He sired him in the 1500’s during a past life.
    P142. The Jews were created by the Dracos & Sirians. The Ohalu Council provided the Torah. Elsinob told Stewart he would learn to decipher the coded work. The Ohaluans are non-physical beings who remain in hyperspace. The Sirians are their physical descendants. Ancient Hebrew is the language of their council. It comes from the mind of God.
    P150. Stewart was going to shoot Jesus, but he couldn’t and ran. During the crucifixion he punctured Jesus’ big toe and filled a vial of his blood. He was then on Mars and gave the blood to Duncan. They wanted to have a clone of Jesus that the masses would obey in a second coming scenario.
    P155. The Israelis were given laser and sonic weapons by the Sirians.
    P157. Aliens will remove their experiments before the invasion.
    P160. Kundalini means snake in Sanskrit.
    P169. EI stands for extraterrestrial intelligences.
    P176. The USPS is a front for a British bank.
    P183. The string of pearls comet that hit Jupiter was a designed event to turn the planet into a star. It would melt the frozen moons around it making them inhabitable.
    P205. Stewart speaks over ten languages.
    P207. He mentioned the book The Psychic Handbook.
    P213. Crop Circles are archetypes.
    P232. Ohalu Council defined in the glossary.
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    Default Re: Peter Moon Books

    The Montauk Book of the Dead by Peter Moon

    First page. At age 27 L. Ron Hubbard died and when he came back he could remote view which he called exterior/exteriorization. He wrote a book called Excalibur which is under lock and key to this day.
    P18. The Hebrew/serif letter Shin/Sin has three flames.
    P34. As a kid Peter thought said should be spelt siad or sed.
    P45. There was a kid named Mike Pigg in his school and both his parents died in a car accident, just like Peter’s.
    P47. He and Mike were in a car accident together when they were in the ninth grade.
    P66. Peter spent twelve years in Scientology.
    P71. He had a past life as a knight, possibly a Templar. He was stabbed in the throat by a black knight. In this life he would get sore throats because of it.
    P82. The Sea Organization is/was the management of Scientology.
    P96. He was with the Sea Organization for eleven years.
    P98. He wrote about his LSD trip.
    P101. Thetans means spirit in Scientology.
    P115. Peter lost his wallet aboard Hubbard’s ship the Apollo and Ron got it back for him.
    P127. Scientology has been called the science fiction religion.
    P141. A member of scientology told Peter that Ron was Buddha in a past life. In 1956 Ron stated he was Maitreya which is another name for Buddha.
    P142. Ron also believed he was Cecil Rhodes.
    P155-156 Truman had a copy of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in the White House and he received auditing.
    P163. The Guardian Office was the secret service of Scientology.
    P164. The Sea Organization was established on 08/12/67.
    P165. The Apollo ship was the mecca for Scientology.
    P166. Peter boarded the Apollo in Casablanca in 1972 and it had over three hundred crew.
    P171. It was abandoned in 1975 for a land base.
    P206. Peter found out his parents were killed in a car accident on 12/15/74.
    P209. They were killed by a drunk driver and his brother was in a coma.
    P222. Satan means ultimate adversary.
    P227. Chapter 33 stated on this page which is a three digit prime.
    P228. The Excalibur ship was taken out of service because of inflationary fuel costs and all the crew were reassigned. He was transferred to the Advanced Organization at Los Angeles (AOLA). Then he was sent back to the Apollo in 1975.
    P231. Peter started working directly for Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.
    P234. Henry Kissinger told foreign countries that Scientology was persona non grata (unacceptable or unwelcome).
    P239. Hal Puthoff, Pat Price and Ingo Swann used Scientology OT (Operating Thetan levels) to establish the government’s remote viewing operations. An alien intelligence system had been set up across the universe to prevent anything from being a free being.
    P242. Peter’s mother had sent a letter to LRH before she died and he got to read it.
    P246. Scientologists don’t consider a person to be a body.
    P259. LRH had the near death experience in 1938 during an operation.
    P262. The Russians wanted him to live in their country and develop his ideas.
    P275. On 07/07/77 134 FBI agents raided Scientology headquarters in Hollywood and DC.
    P276. Project Show White was designed to clear Ron’s name from the government files.
    P313. Ron died on 01/24/86.
    P314. Church attorneys stopped the autopsy and he was cremated.
    P315. He was employed by the LAPD in 1948.
    P325. Exteriorization is a term they use for leaving the body.
    P342. Peter left his body during a blood draw.
    P347. Ron’s father’s surname was Wilson.
    P365. The Montauk Book of the Dead was written before The Montauk Book of the Living.
    P368. Jack Parsons used bitumen to power solid rockets. This was written in one of several fictional chapters with character names like Tar Baby and Turd Baby and other characters from his books.
    P376. Wilson is named after the son of will and the original will of the universe was the will of creation. Cleopatra means father’s glory. This was also in the fictional chapters.
    P382. This book was originally called The Montauk Book of the Dead. This is seemingly an error in the book, because that’s what it’s called.
    P384. He mentioned the Moorish Science Temple which is in the book Ong’s Hat: The Beginning.
    P388. John Hanson was mentioned.
    P389. The freemasons learned things from the Moors. They came up with the great seal. The Montauk Indians were declared extinct by a judge in 1909 because they were too dark skinned to be Indians.
    P390. Their dark skin was a Moorish influence. The Moorish Nation was known as Societas Republicae Ea Al Maurikanos which translates to Al Maurikan Republic Society.
    P391. The Montauk family uses the the spelling pharoah rather than pharaoh.
    P393. A crescent moon is a symbol of the Moors.
    P395. Tar Baby & Turd Baby.
    P414. Moor derives from cat and is associated with Mars.
    P424. OT in Scientology is Operating Thetans.
    P427-430. Contains Ron’s human emotion scale or tone scale.
    P448. The book Biography of Noble Drew Ali was mentioned.
    P450. The flag of Morocco was known as the cherry tree. It’s a pentagram on a red background. George Washington sold-out the Moorish culture and all of its citizens.
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    Default Re: Peter Moon Books

    The Montauk Book of the Living by Peter Moon

    Fist Page. Sirius was known as the star of women. The Tuareg or blue people live in Ahaggar Mountains in Algeria.
    P20. The Moors were Landlubbers. Tying a ship to a dock is called mooring after the Moors.
    P21. The scientologists had a ship called Apollo.
    P25. EMI Thorn is a British conglomerate. It was originally owned by Aleister Crowley’s family.
    P26. Preston Nichols believed he was the reincarnation of Preston Wilson. The Wilson brothers were the first manufactures of scientific instruments in the UK. Duncan Cameron was Marcus Wilson. Aleister Crowley’s real name was Edward Alexander Crowley.
    P28. Ordo Tempi Orientis or O.T.O was once directed by Aleister.
    P34. Carbon has six protons, six electrons & six neutrons or 666.
    P44. The Montauk tunnels were used for rum running during prohibition.
    P55. The olive tree was sacred to the Templars.
    P61. The olive is the most direct conduit to god or infinity.
    P63. It can heal the gall bladder.
    P70. The two angels on top of the Ark of the Covenant were made of olive wood.
    P71. There’s a Shekinah manifestation between the angel’s wings.
    P73. Kabbalah or Kabala is Jewish tradition. Cabala is Christian tradition & Qabala is Islamic tradition.
    P74. Because the moon gives off reflective light it’s considered feminine.
    P76. Shem, the father of the Hebrew people is very close to the word shame.
    P84. The ancient name for the bible was Helios Byblos.
    P94. The Dogon believe Sirius is a three star system.
    P104. The circle squared is a Celtic cross. It’s also known as Carfourre or Carfax.
    P106. Ronald Wilson Reagan had a Bel Air home with the address 666 after his two terms. He had it changed to 668 which is the prefix for Montauk.
    P112. Dan Rather was beat up by a MIB type group and they asked him for the frequency.
    P113. R.E.M did a song “What’s the Frequency Kenneth?” Video
    P117. Ong’s Hat, New Jersey. Ong’s Hat: The Beginning is a book sold on Peter's website Sky Books.
    P120. Donald Trump was referenced.
    P121. The number 11 is the number of Abrahadadbra.
    P133. The Atlantis Queen Antinea was translated to Athena by the Greeks.
    P134. The book Lost Cities and Mysteries of Africa and Arabia was mentioned.
    P135. The book The Ancient Atlantique was mentioned.
    P138. The cover of this book is a depiction of Antinea/Athena who brought the olive to Greece. Book Cover
    P143. 1/56th ratio.
    P148. A Martian day is 24 hrs. 40 mins. Nephilim is an Akkadian term for Annunaki.
    P150. White gold is an isotope of gold.
    P151. Moses was Tutmosis.
    P156. Shekinah means dwelling. It sits on the mercy seat.
    P158. Porphyria means purple. Urine turning purple is known as purple rain.
    P162. The eye of Horus represents the opening of the third eye. During this process white powered gold secrets from the forehead.
    P163. The word mummy came from mummia/bitumen. It was buried with mummies.
    P164. tlas meaning black is also Zro
    P165. Wilson’s disease is an excessive amount of copper in the body.
    P169. Elaia is the Greek word for olive.
    P171. Jesus translates to earth pig.
    P174. Khazzar is the 13th tribe of Israel.
    P177. Phoneme is defined as any of the perceptually distinct units of sound in a specified language that distinguish one word from another, for example p, b, d, and t in the English words pad, pat, bad, and bat.
    P179. Rhesus was named after the king of Thrace. There’s a Rhesus River in Turkey. It’s derives from Rhe or Rhea one of the oldest goddesses in Greek mythology. She was the mother of Zeus. Genes of the Rhesus monkeys are 93% human.
    P184. The Parthenon was named after parthogenesis which means virgin birth.
    P192. Peter was a scientology counselor and he worked in a bar for a long time.
    P193. Female Ejaculatory Liquid (FEL) is called moon flower or amrita.
    P197. The circle with a cross in it is a feminine symbol.
    P198. Juno was the goddess that looked backwards and forwards in time.
    P200. Sephiraat is the Hebrew word for sphere. Da’ath is the eleventh sepiroth.
    P202. White gold can facilitate shapeshifting.
    P209. There’s a rendering of the ormus symbol.
    P210. Ormus is the esoteric name for white gold.
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    Default Re: Peter Moon Books

    Ong’s Hat: The Beginning by Joseph Matheny co-authored by Peter Moon (Referenced in The Montauk Book of the Dead & The Montauk Book of the Living)

    A group of people set-up a lab in the Ong’s Hat area and created travel egg(s) that would travel to paralleled worlds or versions of Earth. Story

    About Ong's Hat

    P1. The Incunabula/Ong’s Hat Project. Ong’s Hat was a media art project.
    P2. Ong’s Hat is located in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. There’s an Ong’s Hat Road & a bar in a little triangle. There’s a little information on the area in a book by Henry Beck called Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey. Mr. Ong was the last name of a dancer who wore a silk hat. Ong's Hat Road
    P3. He threw his hat into a tree and it stayed there for months. At some point the little town became known as Ong’s Hat. It’s located near Princeton University. The book A Beautiful Mind was referenced.
    P5. Ong’s Hat was a popular weekend spot for Princeton groups. Scientists connected to the Military Industrial Complex used Ong’s Hat as the residence of their fictional characters. They wanted to leak information about projects that fell into the gray area of morality. Memes are patterns of information that behave like viruses.
    P6. Richard Dawkins coined the term Meme in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene. There were metaphase typewriter experiments.
    P14-35. Contains a reproduction catalog of rare books. They’re mainly topics about exotic sciences.
    P21. Brochure: Ong’s Hat: A color Brochure of the Institute of Chaos Studies by Anonymous Author.
    P23. Mentioned the long vanished village of Ong’s Hat.
    P26. Incunabula Press. Book of interest: A Vision of Hurqalya.
    P35. Emory Cranston's name is at the end of the catalog.
    P39. The Moorish Science Temple (MTS) was mentioned.
    P39-40. Wali Fard (Moorish name) travelled for years in India, Persia & Afghanistan and collected an assortment of exotic initiations. He purchased 200 acres in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.
    P41. Institute of Chaos Studies (ICS) was mentioned.
    P42. The Moorish Science Ashram was founded by Wali.
    P43. The ICS worked on a sensory deprivation chamber called The Egg.
    P45. Ong’s Hat was founded in the 19th century. By 1920 there was only a slight trace of it. There was a nuclear accident at the South Jersey Nuclear Waste Dump near Fort Dix.
    P56. Emory Cranston proprietor of Incunabula Books.
    P60. Solve the catalogue. It was seemingly designed as a puzzle. The Tri-Lateral Commission was mentioned.
    P61. Java2 and Earth2 (E2) were mentioned. The LAPD were referenced.
    P65. The Ong’s Hat Ashram is where the travel egg(s) was housed.
    P72. The short-wave number stations were mentioned.
    P73. Some people from the Ashram migrated to the parallel Earth. It was suggested the number station in the Ong's Hat area was being used to communicate with them.
    P75. There are smaller meditation eggs you can hold in your hand and they’re keys to the larger eggs.
    P83. The small ones were used to open the larger ones. There’s a blurry picture of one on this page.
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    Default Re: Peter Moon Books

    Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal by Peter Moon

    This book contains a lot of rehash from his earlier works with some more detail. There’s numerous fictional chapters that start off with The Following Transmission is From a Parallel Universe. It looks like he used them to vent, try his hand at fiction and deal with material he didn’t have an appropriate place for.

    P15. Apeirophobia is a fear of eternity and the book says infinity.
    P33-34. The government employed David Anderson to solve a problem with satellites drifting several meters a year. He approached the problem with time warp theory.
    P35. The word synchronicity was coined by Dr. Carl Jung who was a colleague of Sigmund Freud.
    P37. Book: Matrix by Val Valerian.
    P43. The founder of the Assassins said this about a thousand years ago “Everything is permitted.” Peter used this as an example of how the quantum realm operates.
    P45. Peter wrote something that was very similar to what was in the book Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce. He pondered whether he could be the reincarnation of James and later he concluded he picked up his stream of consciousness.
    P46. Peter compares the seven seals in the book of Revelation to the seven chakras of the body. The seventh seal being the Crown Chakra.
    P47. He wrote that this book represent the opening of the seventh seal to put you in touch with the infinite.
    P49. Zen Riddle: What is the sound of one hand clapping? This was in a fictional chapter.
    P60-61. Vesica Pisces/Piscis represents the Christ consciousness which is also in a fictional chapter. A 3D representation of it would be the shape of a football. The name Wilson is on some footballs.
    P62. There’s an olive branch in the right talon of the eagle on the Great Seal.
    P63. Peter calls his fictional chapters Transmissions from a Parallel Universe.
    P64-65. The keys of Solomon/Sol Moon were mentioned.
    P65. The German word for God is Gott.
    P66. A more ancient definition of demon was divide.
    P67. Contained in the cliff notes it said John Dee coined the word Enochian, the language of the angels.
    P80. Saturn is known as father time.
    P83. Peter mentioned white noise and the snow that appears on TV.
    P85. The horse from 6037 AD was mentioned.
    P107. The remote viewing experiments done at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) were done by Scientology OT’s who could exteriorize from their bodies. The government was concerned they could use that to spy on them.
    P108-109. If Ingo Swann was the father of remote viewing then L. Ron Hubbard was the Holy Ghost.
    P118. Peter stressed that force breeds counter-force. The test of Ma’at was explained in the footnotes.
    P119. The name Cameron was derived from Ahmroun.
    P120. Yod He Vau He signifies fire, water, air & earth and is an extension of the creative force. Peter compared Hubbard to King Solomon in terms of what they accomplished. It’s speculated LRH was murdered. There were suspicious needle marks on his buttocks. A no autopsy document was supposedly signed by him just before his death. Rumors claim it was a forgery along with his will.
    P123. Solomon was said to have the keys to the kingdom. Hubbard sought the key of it all as was alluded to by Aleister Crowley’s The Book of the Law. Peter also compared Hubbard to Hiram Abiff is the fact that he was also murdered.
    P125. Yod He Vau He or YHVH was later substituted with Adonai.
    P127. The three thugs that assaulted Hiram were Jubelo, Jebela & Jebelem and collectively were known as the Juwes.
    P131. Operating Thetan level three or OT III was called The Wall of Fire.
    P136. 435 megahertz is the window frequency to human consciousness.
    P137. The KOALA Project was an inner-light network designed to counterbalance the negative effects of the Montauk Project.
    P138. The movie Total Recall was based on a book by Philip Dick. Preston said that movie was based on experiences from the Montauk Project.
    P143. LRH died on 01/24/86 and four days later the space shuttle Challenger blew up. Ron’s friend Jack Parsons worked on the solid rockets.
    P144. Peter read everything he could that was written by Aleister Crowley.
    P145. Crowley was initiated into the highest Masonic Degree.
    P147. Princeton is said to be where the idea for the Philadelphia Experiment came from with the help of Albert Einstein. Preston said the names Cameron & Kimberly often appear in movies about mind control and time travel. Jack Parsons wrote a book called Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword.
    P150. LRH’s father was Harry Ross Hubbard. He was born a Wilson and adopted by the Hubbard’s.
    P153. Kali is the Hindu Goddess of time.
    P154. Montauk Air Force Station was named after Captain Andrew Hero Jr. His father was a 33rd degree Mason.
    P156. Crowley had sex with his wife Rose/Eros Kelly in the King’s chamber of the great pyramid on 08/12/1903. He transcribed The Book of the Law a year later.
    P157. Book: Sex and Rockets gives biographical information about Jack Parsons.
    P158. Between January 19th & February 27, 1946 Jack Parsons, Marjorie Cameron & L. Ron Hubbard worked to invoke the goddess Babalon.
    P159. Later Jack returned to Mojave to invoked Babalon where he was commanded to write Liber 49 which contains 77 verses.
    P164. Peter wanted to be a writer since age fifteen.
    P172. Aleister's alleged son Amado said the Wilson twins were sterile. An extra nipple or set of nipples are called witch’s tits. The OTO consider Amado a fraud.
    P173. There’s an account from Amado about the ritual at the Men-an-Tol stone on August 12, 1943.
    P174. Sodom & Gomorrah and Babylon were destroyed because the occupants discovered the secrets of kundalini energy.
    P176. Book: Illuminatus Trilogy.
    P177. Timothy Leary would hand out LSD in the Montauk area. Nazi U-boats would sit off the Montauk light house. Preston put out a tape called The Montauk Tour. Leary was part of the government’s MK-Ultra experiments.
    P180. Peter claims to be a Wilson hunter.
    P181. The Aviary Group is a code name for a CIA group that studies, collects & releases information concerning UFO’s.
    P183. The travel brochure Peter received in the mail was called Ong’s Hat: Gateway to the Dimensions. With it was a 1990-1991 catalog of rare books from the Incunabula Press.
    P183-184. Peter co-Authored Ong’s Hat: The Beginning with Joseph Matheny.
    P185. A man name Kit got into the travel Egg and traveled to an uninhabited parallel world called Earth Prime.
    P185-186. It’s believed the nuclear accident was a staged event to raid/disperse the Ong’s Hat ashram.
    P186. Incunabula means birth or cradle. It also means a collection of rare documents or books.
    P191. Preston Nichols & Duncan Cameron ran a lab called Space-Time Labs.
    P192. Peter and his psychic friend Margarita (pseudonym) believed Amado is really Crowley’s son.
    P196. Jack Parson’s mother Ruth took a bottle of sleeping pills upon hearing of his supposed death and died immediately.
    P198. It’s suggested a member of the LAPD spy squad may have been involved in Jack’s death. None of his relatives saw his body.
    P199. Peter wrote to the Pasadena Police Department about getting material about Jack’s death. They said it was an old case and the files were destroyed. Jack was at the ninth degree of the OTO. The tenth degree requires a person to take on a new identity.
    P204. The Ralph Parsons Corporation build underground cities.
    P206-208. Preston and Peter almost crashed in a chartered plane while circling Camp Hero.
    P223. Amado believed Aleister cursed Parsons and Hubbard.
    P231. When Margarita regressed Amado Aleister came through.
    P242. The book of the Law is the most holy book to the OTO.
    P243. Peter drove/drives a Mustang which has a horse logo.
    P265. Jack’s wife Marjorie Cameron Parsons (she preferred being called Cameron) starred in a short film from 1956 called The Wormwood Star. Film
    P268. Peter traveled to Ong’s Hat Road & the bar at the end.
    P269. There’s a location called New Egypt in New Jersey which isn’t far from Ong’s Hat.
    P269-270. Crowley was a student of an arch druid in Great Britain who was known as Old Nick.
    P270. Book: Sacred Drift.
    P278. Alabama may have been derived from Ali Baba.
    P279. On April 1, 1492 the Spanish enacted a plot to expel the Moors from Spain. This is where April Fouls Day came from because they tricked the Moors.
    P289. At the time of George Washington the flag of Morocco was pure red and thought of as a cherry.
    P329. John Dee’s book collection was larger than those of Oxford or Cambridge.
    P350. Book about John Dee: The Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age by Frances Yates.
    P353. Aleister Crowley and Ian Fleming of the James bond fame were friends.
    P354. The founding of the English language has been attributed to John Dee. It has also been credited to Christopher “Kit” Marlowe, Francis Bacon & William Shakespeare. The last two may have been the same person. Bacon was a pupil of John Dee’s. The Rosicrucian Society came about two Years after Dee’s death.
    P358. Scying is crystal gazing. John Dee and Edward Talbot Kelly contacted the angelic realm and were given a language in which to communicate with them.
    P359. English is attributed to Anglish the language of the angels.
    P359-360. It’s claimed the Archangel Michael said this to Dee “We lead time, tyme leadeth not us.” Tyme
    P360. Raphael identifies himself as Medicina Dei which is an anagram for Medicine Aid (the anagram is my addition & not in the book). Wordsmith
    P361. The Black Lodge is located in Santa Cruz, California.
    P363. John Dee had a three volume set called The Elements.
    P371-372. John Dee’s Voynich Manuscript was mentioned and Monas Hieroglyphica.
    P372-373. A metamachine was built to pull the information contained in these books from the aeyther before the existence of the internet.
    P374. SlipNet in San Francisco was one of the first internet service providers.
    P387. Peter wrote that this book opens your own personalized version of the seventh seal. Joe Matheny went on to create the metamachine 2 and released pieces of it on the internet to do its work. His patents are on Google Patents.
    P392-396. There’s several anagrams of the name Emory Cranston which is in one of the fictional chapters.
    P443. The letter Shin signifies Tooth. The old English word is Toth which is similar to Thoth.
    P446. According to Barbara Walker’s book Jesus was known as the Healing Moon Man.
    P452. Peter met Stewart Swerdlow on August 12, 1996.
    P456. Parsons is derived from Parr or Paar. It was originally Pharaoh.
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